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  1. And yet still Batman is capable of predicting Flash's moves usually earlier in the writing of the story. Batman is grabbed by the neck from Darkseid, and slammed through a fortress wall, a villain who gives Superman difficulties. Mind you, Superman has lifted infinity. Has weirded Excalibur, green lantern powers without a ring, a suit putting him up to celestial power, defeated a godlike little girl bending reality almost limitlessly. Oh yeah and handles incredibly terrible drug induced trips quite well. I hate to be that guy, but most Warframes still lack standing up to the most overpowered non 'super' hero. Baby steps. Gauss is probably no faster than a bullet, and all Warframes have incredible reaction time. Even some humans can learn to stop a bullet with a sword. The only real quality is withstanding the vacuum of space.
  2. Ever think your reading between the lines to much?
  3. Monster Hunter recently introduced cosmetic pendants for weapons, and they fit on bowguns just fine. Lol capcom beat you to it, and warframe is all about fashion today.
  4. For fashion reasons I wish I could opt out of some ability visuals. Rhino.. I need my attachments all to be shiny metallic to match ironskin that is up a majority of the time. Atlas.. needs more turds all over him. Unlike nidus.. who only looks cooler with his stacks. And I have a pretty cool Atlas I think, who is only downgraded by abilities. Ignore headless Rell.
  5. I initially quit because the market came off as hostile. I bought a few things, pre parkour btw. I bought, Oberon, Silva & Agus, Akfuris. and they seemed inferior to Mag, Lex, and Bo. And for the price I felt cheated. I came back on xbox this time about a year later. I intended to give it a better chance, immediately a few friends joined, a I didn't even get a chance to solo. We had a blast for about a year and a half. I bought Saryn PA the same week, Nikana P remains my most used weapon. Fast forward to now. I started again on Switch, I really didn't mind grinding, got to Sacrifice fairly quickly, made a few friends. I'm not really sure why, but I think the login rewards really put me in the dumps. I don't want to wait 3+ years for all of that. I've tried to play again, with a several month break. I had to immediately uninstall because I cant play without collecting it all, I would have bought PA and had to feed my family garbage food for a few weeks, I probably wouldn't have even played after buying it because certain solo benefits are missing now, I can't get more done in specific missions, to kill two birds with one stone. Clem's mission stops giving life support after its complete. I believe that syndicate survival started doing this too.so now I can't solo collect rare caches, syndicate rep items, or sweep the area for ayatans without wasting an additional amount of time. I cannot pause in open worlds. This is huge being a parent of a youngster, I need to be able to stop, sometimes for lengthy periods on the fly. The game used to provide nearly everyone with a huge amount of quality of life features, but were stripped for individuals who didn't get along with others? Even affecting solo players... and I'm a whale when it comes to this game, I know I shouldn't, but I feel at least a little entitled after plopping like $480 (not including plat sales) dollars a year on this game. Warframe is simply in an impossible state right now for me. I admire the cool features you add for color blind players, but I simply can't understand why my QoL has gone down, I can't minimize my tasks for the day because of aimlessly though out updates kicking me out of "endless" missions. Anyway i installed Kirby clash Delux or w/e its called, for free, and it looks like it offers a "insane deal" for only $40 dollars making it the only thing that I should need to ever buy, it's a weird mobile theme store, but I really appreciate the NOT $200 for the best deal, and making it basically all a player should need. I still stop onto the Warframe website/ forum hoping for something I guess... but seeing a few limited items I missed will detour me pretty quick, not wanting 2+ years for something again.
  6. His passive requires meta weapons in endless games, as soon as he cant upkeep his armor & healing there's no point, his current kit doesn't belong in a scaling game. He actually would work really well in a stand alone game where proper difficulty were design for him. I actually really love my Atlas, but its weird, hes design to be a tank that petrifies enemies. Once petrified they retain all status procs, but no more can be applied. If they have a 10 million armor, you can't strip it with most preferred methods. His rumblers are a decent cc as in they flinch or knock down enemies, and draw attention to themselves. Tbh I've turned my Atlas into a beastmaster. With his decently high armor and even more with his passive he easily can run in and melee. With the proper link mods your dog/cat is a super tank also, and will receive healing while you heal it also. Raw damage, decent speed, & range melee work best, it needs impact so you can apply shattering impact, it will strip armor even if petrified.
  7. Need Dijinn and Gazal Mechete prime synergy. Hopefully undying sentinel will be with undying Warframe Inaros
  8. Oh is that a boxing shrimp? To bad we have 2 punching frames, but yeah that tiny thing could f-up a human hand trying to grab it. One punch shrimp is the real deal.
  9. Yeah far back it originally was just a white haired monkey.
  10. No cross save unless I can merge my two accounts that already have several hundred dollars invested into them. If that's possible I'm all for it. Exclusive skins only usable on their respective platforms obviously.
  11. Mutalist opticor. Edit: ancient mutalist opticor.
  12. It says health in the description, but I believe it pops out when you aim glide with your melee... roll maybe? It should fold back in when you aim. Similar to Nidus syndana
  13. Copy Zephyr P's color, good for all other primes
  14. From what i understand you can name your kid Andy and pronounce it John. This is DE's baby. They named it. You can say it how you want. Few of my friends got in an argument over titania's pronunciation, someone dug into it, we were all right, depending on where you prefer to originate it from. I really don't think it matters, I appreciate Japanese history, going back far enough and you find important figures changed their name every week: "Today I have united city A & B, forget Lou Shoe Cray, some of you may now call me Tim." I think the only real name issue is the Kepesh longsword skin, as it literally isn't a Kepesh and that's nothing but cultural ignorance. It's a shotel. anyone know about Dakka Prime? The sword with a name based on the sound of gunfire.
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