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  1. Dont forget to forge your nidus specters for that extra 28% power strength link. I always pair mine with scourge so he has a nice aoe armor stripping weapon. http://imgur.com/gallery/ZypGJyC old but I'm sure it hasn't changed much. My other foot in this argument, Rhino sucks if you go all in on roar, so of course you don't see it outside of edilons, , he gets sniped between iron skins and cries on the floor, adding it to a stealth frame could be ludicrous, boosting Ash's slash is good enough for me, I'd get rid of teleport tbh.
  2. Time to get yourself a console keyboard. Little outdated with that controller. Idk could do without an ease of access for riven flipping.
  3. He could turn inside out rather than open up as he builds mutations. Looking like an oddly normal Warframe until he transitions completely.
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