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  1. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    Zephyr is not that bad

    Her do it all button, with turbulence augment. Apply your favorite shotgun. She is actually amazing. Mind you gun blades also suffer from damage fall off if I remember correctly, so her and Redeemer P could probably snipe things..
  2. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    What I want to see in Warframe 2019

    Arcanes for normal weapons is deserved to make them competitive with zaws/kitguns. Then again even as good as they are I still don't use them due to terrible fashion and poorly placed sugatra that I pay for.. Looking forward to the Prime list this year. So many Warframe I refused to touch knowing their eventual prime, but not bothering to see released dates. I hope for Zaw, Kitguns, and MOA get Prime parts also. All of which would be lore friendly as is. The underwater portion could be used by Grineer in Plains, would be a nice improvement as nearly 1/3 of the map is water and if done right could make plains more sizable to Fortuna. I really love the idea of a large hidden underwater/underground base. Curious if there will be a conflict in Fortuna similar to plague star & ghoul purge soon. Plains didn't wait very long for it to happen. On that same note Plague Star should have new rewards with the large list of weapons, swords, nikana, maybe a kitguns piece. Plague star should also have new missions as the text when it returns seems to indicate its spreading. New infested foes, like the lurking Ostrons themselves that unfortunately get caught out there. But most of all, I'd like just some simple weapon & cosmetic bundles like they use to release all the time.
  3. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    Umbra and his scarf...

    My issue is why the cloth is so beautiful on him, but Garuda has like.. Thick rubber/leather arm cloth.
  4. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    Rival to Warframe?

    It's an all or nothing thing for me. I rather pre order like OP just in case I do love it. Besides game prices really haven't gone up in the over 20 years. What $10 usd? Anyway. As a completionist if I don't end up pre order ingredients Anthem I won't play it. It's a big company that doesn't need to do this. Warframes founders are different. The game literally may not have made it without them. Heck it may not have made it even with their investment. I wish I would have heard about it at that time.. I saved for the ultimate bundle for Elder Scrolls Online. And that was a mistake.. Pretty sure they gave out literally every pre order bonus as a sell able later. That would have been around the same time as the early access for Warframe... Money could have been better spent.
  5. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    Nitain Extract

    It really isn't that hard. Ghoul purge pops up often and has a chance multiple chances to drop nitain extract.
  6. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    Does the community deslike Exalted Weapons?

    Eh Cobra and Crane is very situational.. And usually to most of the community I believe see as useless. First hit puts to sleep. If everything wasn't so fast paced.. It may have been a fun alternative to stealth play. I do see where your coming from. To be fair there are some certain weapon/builds that really compliment specific frames however.
  7. Someone mentioned once that they do it because they can completely cap the next round. Meaning.. You should work twice as hard to finish this round to insure they don't die, also.. This makes Limbo the best compliment to a Rhino player to keep them safe. Keep enemies goal in a huge long lasting bubble. Rhino won't have issues. If your gonna do pugs.. That's what I suggest, if it's premade I still suggest Rhino and Limbo, but now you can reliably pick two great kill frames. While you have a free round frame and a god goalie.
  8. Against it my clan likes to take noobies in for a welcoming gift to get them a few arcanes.
  9. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    The point of secondaries

    Its about the intense multishot mods, if you have them they out class a fair amount of primary weapons, if not.. Yeah they aren't that great.
  10. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    This is how doing the Profit-Taker feels like...

    Was expecting "this is how it feels to chew 5 gum".. And then a video of someone literally... Edit: well some of you may know. That part of the internet. This is why you shouldn't make click bait.
  11. Can solo Plague Star bosses with base health Hydroid. You need to be tranquil as a forest, but on fire within. Once you find your center, your sure to win. Be as Swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon. With the strength of a raging river, and mysterious as the dark side of the moon. Be a Warframe.
  12. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    can we get a good man butt

    Nezha Deluxe butt out classes female butts. It's S rank.
  13. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    can we get a good man butt

    Hoping Atlas Prime is a naked Beawulf now..
  14. (NSW)Evilpricetag

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    His swap can be used on operative defense and then be blocked by spectees or Atlas walls. Then mass disarm.. If you choose a good hallway they just keep running in like zombies... It has great range and goes through walls Also a high range can help, swap with that slow drone in plains speeding missions up significantly especially during plague star.
  15. Mah Shaku would out dps you :3 and be stripping Ambulas armor like a God with just impact damage.