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  1. I was fortunate that my ghost clan was very helpful, 4-5 hours, and an ok amount of endo on the side for both grinds.
  2. I bought him so I could get the riven from his quest, then proceeded to get all his parts to help my friends in just a few hours. Oddly enough Saryn has been my most difficult farm.
  3. No I still appreciate it, I didn't even know they were Canadian until years later.
  4. Good idea, but as soon as we are done setting in forma, the aura will be swapped for min maxing. The only incentive I see is to slightly change power leveling strategies.
  5. Lunaro is the only balanced thing in Warframe, change my mind. Dedicated servers would dramatically help.
  6. Oof, and here is where relics fail and the old keys succeeded, this same statement would be complimented by building a forma blueprint daily before 2017. I bet some of the hardcore vets are still sitting on several hundred forma blueprints.
  7. Hmm that was in sacrifice also if I'm not mistaken, so its not new, but not actively used as of right now.
  8. Trinity & Dual Kamas are probably going to get dropped during a big streaming event is now my guess. But my problem always was the cosmetic. The things you can only get with money.
  9. So how about additional goodies for ticket purchaser if you are unable to make the deadline this year?
  10. I love my vectis. A really reliable weapon anyway you build it. I think a lot of people are underestimating the combo builder, and various builds it can hold. Punch through and gas on lined up groups is fine. Viral is pretty obvious, bolt action fast reloading. This and my Hydroid right after planes were my best buds. Tentacle distractions over there, shoot them over here...
  11. Throw out a Nidus specter in any nightmare boss room and be stunned as you open the most ludicrous free for all, and Nidus will wreck your life. Any T4 void nightmare. You sure you're ready for it to be more difficult?
  12. I had this idea too, but it really makes no sense. There would need to be a way to alternate between your usual arsenal and your prestige setup. Ultimately I thought that this would be the mastery test itself, having to do it all again, you can't gain affinity from the same successful mission for a set time so we can't just sit in the power leveling areas. It would start us out with any ultra rare equipment like machete.
  13. So.... will there be a chance of failure, and if we never get cross platform, can different platforms have different outcomes? It's a real shame, a certain someone wasn't supposed to survive on PS4.. but let's ignore that.
  14. I haven't played with recent changes to melee, so I assume glaive + secondary is still a thing, you can hit over 250k with little effort just having condition Overload. And if you really wanted some meta bs a corruption build pretty much instantly insinuates mobs because that kind of see damage carries over. And if you can get frame perfect anything that briefly opens them to finished damage & procs gas will reach in the millions.
  15. Oof. I don't mind grind, but I should be able to do other activities in my life without feeling like my love for Warframe is the only thing I can play to achieve specific things i may want in it. That includes 100% collections. Back when key prime farming was the pinnacle of the game, our garbage loot was valuable to other players or in the form of ducats. And forma bp were a necessary trash loot and pretty much was the most important reason to log on for just a minute. This was a state of the art grind that all factors felt great. They could have continued everything else as a secondary thing, like the story or other fun activities. And players who choose to buy every PA & Unvaultings need a reason to relic farm, beyond plat & ducats it just isn't as fulfilling. And with all the complaints of power creep, players also are astonished by how powerful a T4 void (also nightmare mode) is. Hard to believe older players deliberately went there for their farming needs. Every day. Sometimes just for fun, farming/grind felt like a side project back then.
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