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  1. Rebecca also said the Lato and Braton Vandal wouldn't return, and remain exclusive to those who have them. She's not exactly at the forefront of decision making all the time. All other Deluxe skins alter the Warframe significantly. No Excalibur skin replaces Umbral bits. He doesn't have a Deluxe. I actually was expecting his Dax skin to have a slightly more flashy body to essentially be a free annual Deluxe.. but nope. As for making Umbral a skin? You want this for your regular Excal why? Prime wont happen. I'm sure there's founders selling their accounts, but don't be surprised if you fork out $1000+ and get permanent banned later. Founders were fighting to use Prime on Umbra, & it has nothing to do with other players, I could care less if DE allowed it out of respect.
  2. Ok... so it on average would take 25 hours or so for 4-5 nitain of cache farming. You know if RNG is actually in your favor. You may be able to do it faster with 3 others. And I'm not sure if resource boosters would work.
  3. Yeah wasn't aware of the wait period... going to take this time working on builds , getting rep, and playing other games. Idk I was really anticipating season 2 tonight, but there are other things I would like to do.
  4. Tigris is outclassed by Redeemer. And probably Khoms, Pyrana... Tigris has high damage, but what matters more? That high damage % or kills? So many secondary shotguns can outclass Tigris simply because its slow.. unless it's the Sancti with its buff & aoe.
  5. Nothing more than a skilled theif. Typical martial art, trained to kill, but not supposed to use those skills unless necessary. But it's interesting to run into individuals who don't understand Excalibur isn't intended to be a legendary Sword.
  6. One time on my speed Loki.. I was in solo mode I had finished a mobile defense,and rushing to extraction. It was a corpus crashed tileset, a visual mess, but I witnessed what appeared to be a Tenno reviving like a Warframe after you die, with sound too. I ran right past it, turned around and there wasn't anything, no enemies, or something to explain what I saw.
  7. Idk nightwave helped me push my way through the system. But it definitely rushed me. I didn't get to enjoy questing in order to unlock sorties or kuva survival. And next I need to rush an Edilon build & profit taker (plus Fortuna rep) So I can do elite challenges that will make the start of the week easier and I know I won't worry about my rank. And can finally just stroll through every challenge and then play the content I would prefer to be playing. For the love of God why we're two of them nightmare challenges on the Sunday/Monday reset every nightmare on Switch on every planet was energy drain and only having a well built Nyx made all of that impossible. I was like, "I guess I have to do this tomorrow". Squishy frames rely on energy x.x
  8. A lego of Tennogen skin of a Warframe you say?
  9. Yeah.. I would mind it getting it's own farmable version... with a unique prime effect for its segment ability. But it was sold as a cosmetic, nothing more. Still got plenty of unvaultings to go through before we get back to Valkyrie. I want Banshees syndana. Glad we almost back to Trinity get the golden pupper suit and fur pattern.
  10. Wasn't aware of this, cant wait to fill my codex.
  11. Primed Chamber is given out once a year or so randomly during Devstreams. They didn't transfer to Switch.. so I'm hoping soon it will be available during an event.. maybe Railjack stream view rewards??? (@DE hint hint) Weirdly I thought sentinel rivens stopped dropping, and rivens never transferred, so how do I own one?... It's not exclusive if its tradable.
  12. It works great. High dps, true damage, mild cc in both the targets being attacked, and the clones get targeted by others. The only issue is Ash as a whole, he really needs Naramon's passives to succeed, his 4 will benefit from combo multiplier, and he quickly outperforms any frame that isn't a nuke. Which is why melee 3.0 scares me. I mained Ash most of last year the only thing that stopped me were Toxic ancients in sorties, one shot me like a fly in an oven.
  13. It's not just arching, this was meant as an improvement. Loadout issues - Switching to scanning and then doing a melee, if you aim it quick swaps to scanning. If you actually were trying to scan prior to the update and things would get in the way so you quickly melee, you'd have to go back into your gear wheel and that Samaris target just runs off... now that's not the case, but it seems you can only swap from melee to secondary if you're codex was previously used. So Archwing suffers with only a primary, and you must go in the gear wheel. Same issue in normal missions if you don't have a secondary equipt. If you only run a primary & melee and are carrying a datamass aimgliding always drops the datamass. And those corpus maps with chasms become annoying. But you can aimglide with a a scanner and a datamass, but the first person is kinda annoying.. there are some really annoying things with melee quick swapping. If you want to run a good force target on you for blocking, you aren't pressing any button or else you swap away from melee or are attacking preventing melee. I'm sure there are plethora of issues with open world archwing/weapon/gearwheel swapping. ... I got carried away. I don't think any of this is a glitch, it all really belongs in feedback as we pioneer these new mechanics. While we are at it, Switch's motion aiming on Hildryn's Balfire + her final ability doesn't work.
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