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  1. We thinking about the same system? I don’t think so
  2. At the same time once sources have been provided said person can’t nitpick them because he dosent find them valid enough on a personal level. To which at least I feel like they were trying to do. Reading the first two articles and some comments made it clear to see lmao but he chose to not read or just blatantly ignore aspects of them to push their narrative still
  3. Your whole argument comes off as disingenuous at times mate as if your don’t care even if he did provide you evidence and skimmed over it. Also a good deal of form post are difficulty complaints from time to time on here. Been on the forums and in game for a free years now and I’ve seen it to be pretty common at times.
  4. For all those interested in stock right now please be careful with investments into those poPular stocks such as game right now. There’s going to be another hedge fund tapped into in a week or so and wait for that so people can trade and get more profit from. Start on the upward trend. It the peak!
  5. The thing is most people who ran premades knew about others internet qualities I never said it never happened but the chances of such happening were significantly less because in general most would go with the best host in regards to raids
  6. In My honest op they should change how Instances work to benefit from dedicated servers
  7. It’s a toss in the air no matter what. P2P is reliant on a player having good internet. And overall yes for solo play it’s better but I thought warframe was a multiplayer game /s (but seriously wf is a multiplayer game)
  8. Dedicated servers is much better for p2p in general and would mitigate a lot of host issues from warframe. And in general most people who ran raids in warframe were premade groups we’d always go with the person who had the best WiFi’s to host so we didn’t face connectivity issues so again while pubs likely faces that issue raid content (which was mostly premade groups) in many cases seldom faces them due to organization
  9. Warframe needs dedicated servers in general for everything. But again raids are usually optimized best for premade groups and. I never really faced connection issues as we had all this planned
  10. 60 meters is for the non ash mains. Once you become one with ash and surpass over 800- hours you learn a cheeky exploit that makes his range almost limitless a focus school can also pretty much negate los. while archwing has gotten better it’s still not fluid and as smooth as on the ground gameplay. i never said it was a bad thing and I understand the tradeoff it’s jsut not as fluid and fast movement wise is what I was saying. also check my thread history I’ve been begging for balance for 2+ years now. I am sadly aware that we need Balance in warframe
  11. Compared to what wf usually is which is a smooth based parkour action shooter yes. In theory as long as ash has some sort of sight on you he can teleport to you for example meaning if ash can spot a glimpse of you thousands of kilometers away he can do the same technically. Canonically revenant is just as fast in cloud form. Vault and gauss are as well. same thing as above about the smooth movement and nice flowing combat. Mechs look move and move clunky while the controls I’ve heard to be solid. even then the moment to moment gameplay is halted per event drastically in between thing
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