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  1. New mods same content. I don’t think me changing my build for 1000 times is gonna help
  2. It’s not about superiority it’s an item that neat to earn and look at if it looks nice. Personally I don’t see me as better then anyone for having the conclave Syandana but I do feel good for putting in the work for it personally
  3. Adding more earnable cosmetics won’t kill fashion frame because the people who are paying for premium skins aren’t going to stop buy them because “ you can earn this one set for doing one thing” people who spend money are pretty much always going to spend money for the premium cosmetics myself included
  4. The market of Rivens may be set by people who own Rivens but it’s also controlled by those who buy them. There’s people buying those Rivens for 3k plat if. Not they’d be selling for lower. The highest I’ve seen on console is ab 1.3-1.5k and once people realize nobody’s paying a prime access for a riven modd they lower their prices
  5. Honestly they change riven disposition based on popularity primarily. We both know this though. So until they stray away from popularity and actual usefulness of the weapon we’re never going to get anything to really shake the meta up
  6. As a cultured man who’s has been maiming the daikyu for 3 years now pls don’t nerf my riven. I live a simple life you see. Me ash prime and my daikyu. I found my little riven during a sortie and rerolled it till i got146cc 158cd 120cold and -55 zoom. I looked at this new toy for my good ol boy and cried. I reckon he was just as excited as me. When I gave it to the boy the quiver lighted up in excitement. I could tell he loved that good ol toy and I did too. I fed my boy 7 forma that day. Although that was a little to much and I reckon he only needed about 5, he sure did enjoy them fixings so he could enjoy his new toy to the fullest. All my friends told me to put my daikyu down. They told me to go get a dread. ”it’ll do you better” ”that dread there he’s a real beauty he can do wonders” ”it’s time to put your daikyu down bud. It just ain’t a good for you as them other bows” well I’d look at them. My boy would look at them and we’d just smile. The face wed make had a distinct look and you could tell we were gonna say ”well let’s go out into mot and see if the boy can outlast you.” and we did everytime. Me and my boy have been though a lot of people telling me he just ain’t the one. And after this good ol buff everyone been getting their own. We’re happy to see more of our kind even if it’s just because y’all wanna be on the meta train. but my boys scared he ain’t never been this strong before and I reckon he like it a little too much. That toy I got him is his favorite please DE don’t go messing with. My boys favorite toy. It’ll break my heart and his to know after all this y’all goin take my boy toy away and hollow it out?. Please don’t thats all I ask sincerely - simple Sweatshawp
  7. If they pay more attention to twitter maybe we can get them to get an endgame through with enough #s
  8. You said Twitter is too casual? Have you seen these forums
  9. Edit wrong thread I’m a dummy Removing revives from Arby’s pls...
  10. To a lot of people it’s not about working faster and harder but for me personally it’s aboht working smarter and harder. Constant delays and push backs from any dev isn’t okay. Ignoring a parts of your community isn’t okay. Long standing issues from within the game isn’t okay and can’t be excused. Personally I’m for De taking their time. You can’t force them to work at inhumane speeds but the quality of these updates feel like they could rush these out. Therese no excuse for 6 months of work to be put in for 3 weeks worth of content. With railjack being in development for years now I’d be massively disappointed if it only has a few weeks of content vs a few months. For the PvP to still be in game and for their decision to keep UM separate from conclave standing (which I support) and they haven’t tried to revisit or try to make PvP appealing for the playerbase isn’t okay. For all the great things in warframe (because warframe is a great game) there’s just as many if not more off putting things currently. For warframe to be going on this long and there’s currently no sustainable content. It’s sad. For the veterans to feel ignored and left out that’s sad. For people to bully founders and try to make them feel bad for keeping the game afloat that’s disgusting (I know the last thing dosent tie directly into DEs own faults) for the game to have the exact same tilesets and gameplay from when it’s first started it’s sad.
  11. Productive conversations with people unlike you for example me And @844448 And many others you just don’t understand the concept of having a different opinion than others and it’s OK but stop trying to hinder others opinions because you don’t like them that’s ignorant and close minded like I said if you disagree with me and you don’t have to reply to me and same to you but don’t sit here and try to DD rail the conversation because you don’t like the conversation you can simply leave if you don’t want to have a conversation but other people here being productive goodbye
  12. Sorry m8 I was tired and yess while I understand the backstory of the Tenno and why were strong it’s still no option to scale or make things harder or at least present a challenge. Being a god would be fun if I can get a challenge here and there not going to lie. Being a god was fun for the first few years and I loved and still love warframe. But this god wants his powers to be pushed. I want to use more then 1% of my power. also nah it works pretty good in the void solo outside of endurance the Corinth is strongk. and id like more bosses like the orb. It was designed GREAT! But you have to understand most of the community is used to being able to mindlessly reck things. Or just kill things without too much challenge short of eidlyons so it’s not going to get reciprocated we’ll. Also you need archwing weapons which people have achwing so.....
  13. Nobody dislikes de here just because our opinions are different. If you don’t like the post you can leave. If you don’t like how people interact with each other in a productive way the door is there for you child
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