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  1. its 2020 and people still complain about public matchmaking?
  2. Just gave the wiki a quick reread and I was wrong this whole time! Welp I never really noticed a difference in attack speed with the clones
  3. we havent seen it in action yet. calling it bad is speculation. Im not too keen on it but it's not a BAD change at first glance
  4. While void traces arent the best mechanic and i personally favor void keys in terms of actually giving a reason to play. The void traces are in place so that the free market in warframe dosent crash as well as other balancing things the simple fix to "newer" players is getting their mastery up so this dosent become an issue and it really isnt an issue amongst the mid and lower -mid MRs. after all a new player shouldnt be farming primes really... they should be trying to get a grasp at all 1 million other things DE leaves up to the players to teach them This is a subje
  5. until the augment for mesa was dropped its a stationary ability that would've required you to lose your mobility. embers new four yes is a press all to nuke but while respecting los (somewhat) and also slows down movement. overall i enjoy the new target system for ash but i do think the targeting reticle should be bigger to allow more marks at once and the newest change isnt that bad
  6. what would be your suggestion for removing the one and done mechanic but keeping the aoe easy kill? also id like to state even with embers 4 being redone to another one and done ability her playtime still has not been well
  7. personally again i never really found it an issue using ash in a group setting. but im not everyone and i actually i didnt mind marking because i play on max sens anyway
  8. they made the marking system even easier to use yet unlike some in the thread with genuine reasoning as to why they don't enjoy it i mostly see "i dont like it give me back Cone los one button me kill"
  9. again you do realize why it was removed right? and if them adding a mark mechanic made ash "ugly" to you afterwards im taking that moreso as personal. also i'd like to state that objectively limbo is one of the best frames to date to kit but due to lack of experience + players who constantly put down limbo players or only tend to put negativity on a pedestal you'd not see that
  10. Take it as you want nobody here is trying to gaslight but you. I’m just happy I feel like a suggestion I made was implemented as I stated the smell of hypersensitivity?
  11. eh nerf one tileset without actually balancing the game players will just exploit the next one de never learns.... im aware this isnt a "tileset" issue but the statement is very true
  12. you do realize they removed it one and done for a reason. and id say if you dislike the marking mechainc that much ash really isnt for you. no disrespect
  13. there was a strange outcry for ash over these much needed frames tbh and i agree
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