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  1. Went from making no money streaming to almost being able to pay a bill streaming dude this is so cool
  2. Lurking for tennocon salt and I can say it’s not even funny anymore it’s sad
  3. This forum is literally golden I have to Skidadle before I enjoy it too much again In short tencent isn’t going to do any worse then leyou has. And if you feel like they are it’s a shame but not playing the game may be the best option for you. Therese no substanal evidence on the table that tencent will turn. WARFRAME into a terrible microtransaction ridden p2w mess. With certain things said tencent isn’t out to only purchase warframe either and is likely to let warframe and any other successful part of leyou continue to do the same things they’ve Been doing because despite belief warframe is still going strong as is successful amongst the casual community and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Fearmongering and arguing personal op and heavy speculation because tencent leyou and every other game that’s place in China pretty much has greedy and terrible montization within China dosent mean the western counterparts will be the same. Having a rational fear of the unknown is fine. Subtlety disliking the company because they are chinesee but trying to be dodgy around actually just admitting it because one knows that’s quite “ahem” interesting is hilarious (to read at least) but shows how some of you guys view the lads overall I don’t care I barley play warframe and I only intend to get back into it to build like 5 more ashes to put different abilities on them once this new system comes out. Other then that u can catch me in other places vibing Rn. Sweat out
  4. Last post on the forms for a long time. I got to endgame on the forums and the game so I’m moving on cya guys round -sweat
  5. https://discord.gg/qES9VcH Between me streaming and working I don’t check the forums often rn! If you guys wanna keep up and chat here’s my new discord
  6. As a shareholder no they can’t impose such https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/shareholder.asp
  7. Look in almost every thread where we’ve argued I’ve sited multiple
  8. I quoted you a few articles to read before and even in our last response as to how shares are managed within companies at simplistic level
  9. Aww shucks that’s all you had to say! Sucks though I would love to hear you voice these opinions though no jokes I love actually debating with others
  10. If you’re able to write it down your able to express it with your words
  11. Yes but with verbal communication it can be displayed in a better way and for a larger audience
  12. Hey I’m going live around 2-3 pm est would you like to go live and debate these topics? Respectfully of course! I plan to make this as professional as possible ❤️
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