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  1. At this point its just the same stuff that has been said over the years. i hate to say it but if you dont enjoy the game just go to something else. Wf will remain to be whatever the devs wamt it to be and thats okay. BUt if you dont like the current state of the game pick up some others and have fun elsewhere. Pick up warframe again if you feel like itll be fun or you like changes in the future
  2. any updates on croosssave
  3. Is let’s toxic though
  4. Hope everyone is doing okay!
  5. just went back and read some of my most sarcastic threads that aren't deleted. feeling inspired
  6. personally im still a troll and always will be. but most things i said on this forum i still back and stand by %100. i just dont care to express it on the game as i dont play it anymore and felt like it was useless shouting into the void (no pun intended) edit idk i dont even think i was that bad as well ive seen much worse .
  7. could only imagine the amount of people who would ignore me back them if this feature was something
  8. former ps4 nerd here just wondering if cross save has any strides since i sold my ps4 wanna come back to complain and kill time while im not playing other games that i enjoy
  9. This 100% we’ve been saying this for how many years now
  10. Time for my check in. How’s my tenno friends doing?
  11. Well de has admitted that they suck at balancing the game on multiple occasion so it seems as if the players do know more about balance lmao
  12. i dont plan on getting a console at all anymore as i play most of my games on pc including bdo Eso and much more so like ahhhh its just not worth $500 to play warframe with reduced loading times rn imo plus i just ordered my 3060 so like :D
  13. use polarize i think it fits you better
  14. nah about over 2k spent on my ps4 account with too much history and such. unless they drop the account transfer or cross save im just gonna be here chilling on the forums
  15. saddened my ps4 is gone and now that i only have ps4 i lost all progress to my warframe account :) except for this forum account. only thing i have left in regards to wf is my memories and me growing on the fourms
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