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  1. No your a player who is playing the game. I wasn't given every node on the star chart or every wf either I had to grind those out. It's not a privilege to be on A strangers ship. It's a mission. This isn't you going over to a house warming you're playing a video game with randoms whom you don't know our care about after the mission. Expecting something from a random is why you all get disappointed an come back here
  2. Remove revenant first
  3. It shouldn't be a time attack vs x amount of enemies spawn in x zone for x amount of time with different modifiers and you have to survive until the time is up in that zone to which you can leave or keep going forever
  4. That's subjective and again an expectation vs actual reality. People play how they want to have fun and being completely realistic their fun may differ from yours Yes if they are having fun what are you going to do about it yell and scream @ them on the forums? "So effective!" Afk is a different story report and move on but again it's being realistic here not holding your expectations and beliefs towards someone you don't know and care about and vice versa. In rj pubs you join with the frame you want on a ship with other players who objectively want to complete the mission that's enough to be said and again being realistic here it's publics you can't expect someone to care about how you want them to play. It's seems like an issue if you're upset on the forums about it. And I always say you attract the energy you place in this world. I never ran into afkers or leeches and usually get pretty chill people because I don't care how a random does in a public setting it's warframe not a trial on eso the missions going to be completed regardless
  5. Me and my friends used to do endurance runs and I would always literally fall asleep within the 1 1/2 2hour mark cause it got boring
  6. It'd be so nice if we didn't have to play for hours to actually stretch out limits thougj
  7. If you join a pub mission. You play how you want to play. Stop holding a random who doesn't care about your expectations up to them. It's never going to be realistic and always lead for disappointment. If you take that much of an issue with the reality of that don't play in public matchmaking. Isolating the game to much more controlling features leads to much more griefing and overall a negative experience for everyone involved but at least you can get your way in a mission now is all that matters right?
  8. Nobody cares m8 and I'm not being rude But No minmaxer really cares Cas players don't really care Heck de doesn't even care I'm just here watching it burn as of late
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