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  1. Literally 2 years without an update with major content that lasted over an hour... Youtubers/Twitchers have to quit reviewing warframe because of the lack of content to review.
  2. The difference is only slight, you won't notice it at level 150+ as it becomes ineffective.
  3. take a look at his 1s augment and his 3's augment... You become an unstoppable mad man if you incorporate your entire kit correctly. I ASSURE YOU, if you try hard enough you will get an amazing Excalibur build. You can get up to 24k armor on Excalibur Umbra/Prime easily while dishing out millions if not billions of damage very quickly.
  4. Excalibur itself is a broken warframe if used correctly, it can exceed many in damage and endurance if you know what you are doing. Personally don't see the point of taking primed parts off of excal, but sure if it is a bug i'm certain they'll fix it.
  5. You should absolutely NOT touch banshee. She has a great endurance kit going for her right now if you think a bit, if for some reason you cannot figure it out, I can help guide you there. Banshee is one of the most powerful debuffers in this game. I have been playing Banshee for 6 years since her release.
  6. He may simply not understand mechanics and may be embarassed. Some people get yelled at in other games for doing something wrong like it is against the game's culture lol. Like skipping grind in wow is a big no no.
  7. Generally when people tell you that, they are talking about melee. Blood rush is the crit monster on melee builds along with the gladiator set on deconstructor. There is a lot more too it but basically Status has a mod called condition overload. This is used for very very very high level enemies. Building crit or status really does not matter for general play. Condition overload gives you 60% per stats on the target These statuses stack exponentially. Condition overload can easily reach over a billion damage. Crit cannot usually get that high.
  8. Gold still looking like yuck, this is max graphics on a 4k monitor with a gtx 1080 i7 processor. Gold still looks like garbage after 3 hotfixes one stating metals were cleaned up ever so slightly, even if it is a bandaid it still looks like yuck. "As mentioned back in 25.7.2, the team has been relentlessly working to fix issues brought up with the Rendering changes brought in Update 25.7.0. The most prominent feedback was related to ‘dull looking metal’, and you weren’t wrong! We’ve applied a shader change to the entire game for an overall wash of the dull metal textures to reduce roughness. This should be most noticed on characters (Warframes, Operators, etc) where your Fashionframe eye is trained to spot imperfection."
  9. ^^ If the above choice is true you simply need to explore the game more.
  10. I'd do: *Dedicated Servers OR *Change the reward/effort ratio to be "Those who work hard get rewarded"
  11. Reward/Ratio system in warframe really needs a rework for incentive to keep playing. More effort = more reward for players.
  12. IDK... the bar with Kuva is at now may have been set deliberately for grind. Digital Extremes's endgame problem is simply the effort/reward ratio is not there. Medallions are another casualty of this, they are marketed as endgame rewards but are time sinks for you to play their game.
  13. Do you plan to make changes to Kuva Quantity in Kuva Disruption for rotation C and onward?
  14. @heartpurity I know it is frustrating, but please use positive feedback! 🙂 Hopefully our Kuva change is implemented.
  15. We have it, would you like to see it?
  16. Even so, I am at an excess of 100+ Nitain rn and spent all my points on Kuva from 1-30... It is still to help new players. This just gives me the idea to log in next NW and grind my way up in a few days to 30 With an extra catch up mechanic. Instead of progressively because there is no fear of reward loss.
  17. The new units (after testing at level 150 in sim) Are very very terrifying 🙂 These Units revert to a pod state that IS NOT affected by status chance rendering most aoe frames against them useless. You would require a crit weapon to eliminate all them quite fast or Nidus stacking/Magus Anomaly. These units alone are really simple to deal with, with 3-5 against you, it is another story and will present a challenge for experienced players.
  18. I swear I was ready for this with Fortuna, what was the point in wasting resources on Fortuna if not to run big groups to fight massive amounts of corpus at a time?
  19. I see, the first part of this statement I utilize (holding keys into the next round). I agree on the trolling part but I rarely see another player trolling in warframe. Increasing key spawn rate will be a good idea (mainly for Kuva Disruption).
  20. Again it can be solved by a simple toggle option in the options.
  21. I guess at 150 it is still easy to kill, you switch out for floods after an hour for efficiency then return to disruption, that should be the plan.
  22. They should make an option to toggle it on or off.
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