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  1. I mean modern blizzard is bleh, but they had good stuff man that kept me BUSY for that amount of time.
  2. You ever heard of blizzard and how they had an expansion each year with tons of new raids/pvp etc... back in the day?
  3. I just spend a lot of time on this game and just want it to grow man, says you have been here since 2018. Imagine waiting 6 years... I spent a lot of time teaching players how to play and the love I have for it is really unreal. I just hope it goes in the right direction truly.
  4. We shall see when trials return.
  5. @dw3t Just ignore him, he is trolling at this point. I am done arguing/debating. The cards are on the table. The problems have been stated with the game, nothing much I can do.
  6. That is how every game is it seems now, nothing but money.
  7. Exactly, group content should exist with cosmetic rewards. You do not need cosmetics for progression in the game, it is a reward for doing a challenge by working together.
  8. They should have kept it a multiplayer game imo. The problem is the rift in solo players, not wanting to do teams, and those who want teams. This rift has caused casual and hardcore players alike to not be sure of themselves on what content needs to come out. Honestly i'd be fine figuring out a solution to this game with literally strawhat voting on various sites and discords/in game.
  9. I don't understand why it is so hard to use recruiting chat to form a team? People are just lazy imo People do this in every other game. In fact, the clan system really has no point going about 30 players imo because no content requires grouping right now really. Almost all the clans in warframe are completely inactive because group content does not exist to provide them with something to do.
  10. What does disruption reward? Absolutely nothing I need/no new cosmetics that look nice What does arbitrations reward? Absolutely nothing I need/no new cosmetics that look nice
  11. that there tenno... that there is the problem with this game right now. I feel the problem with raid is that nobody knew how to build the key or refused to grind it out. Honestly this route really needs to go down that line right now. Heck I introduced at least 10 players to Eidolons already after teaching and critiquing them and they loved the mechanic/speed run. Although it is basic I think people really just need some form of guidance. Vets need to decide if they want to be rewarded for not trying at all, or rewarded for completing a challenge like a game should do.
  12. It would have basic mechanics in any other game boss fights. "Crowd control the units before it mobilizes with the sentient to heal it or wipe the raid" "Your teammate is freezing up use heat elemental damage to free him from an ice prison or something whatever but he also takes damage while being burnt or take mass damage" (on hardmode you insta die no revives). (run revenant, chroma, or rhino for this, even nezha can work OR USE THOSE USLESS HEAT RESIST MODS FINALLY). Any game modes that require coherent thought and coordination are what appease veteran players I assure you. That would make them happy. If it does not then people need to evolve from farm frame really bad... This game is like a train without the tracks right now and it is going to crash.
  13. The playstyle is nice, the game needs to have the star chart area.... AND THEN the NEW WAR area... Which will be for harder content. Holding out to New War really, if it has repeatable clan/group/static/friendgroup oriented content (Disruption, Eidolons, Bosses) i'd be down for that. Something like trials without requirements to start it. Mr 20 at the least to start it no key like trials to go in (which was the biggest turnoff imo) or an amp for EIdolons (another grind intensive turnoff, which I have grinded out btw). Reward the players who have grinded their warframes and weapons to oblivion to test them in group combat.
  14. Listen to the people who have been here for 6 years. If you are starting now do not defend them, tell them to get a move on and expand their company already.
  15. Thinking... this is really really not a good idea to implement for a reward.
  16. I think you should all take a look at general discussion about echoes of umbra. People are very unhappy with endless grind for a bs specter. The specter ai in this game is literally garbage right now... This reward is not a solution to increase playtime in disruption.
  17. I'm pretty sure on one of Steve's streams he stated Digital Extremes literally makes more money teasing content than dropping it lol.
  18. Sorry to wake you up but only 1% of the community cares to learn this haha. Mr15, Mr20, Mr27... it matters not, people are still very not knowledgeable on building and game mechanics.
  19. This is actually used but not listed, we do a verbal communication when we prepare to promote people during the review, the next position after is based on experience after taking notes from the lecture and mastering building/grading rivens etc...
  20. will update that I have a progression point (gathering mods to make builds) before you learn about the game. Minimum MR is 15 because of high turnover rate ingame (lots of time invested into teaching players + I do it because I enjoy it). Learning how to mod independently is also a choice not forced in the clan 🙂
  21. channeling damage multipliers as well I should throw that in.
  22. This is going to be a very long discussion of necessary things to implement into our clan training list. The current list Status setups for weapons Crit setups for weapons Faction damage setups Order of building for weapons The importance of augments on warframes Building around clan team setups How to use Arcanes correctly and which are important The difference between additive and multiplicative in various instances in warframe (arcanes, modding (proton snap etc...)). What ips is and to correctly apply it to rivens (removal for more gas ticks etc...) Status effects and their quirks Unique operator school abilities (protective dash,wisps, etc...) overstripping finisher damage and other factors that affect it The relationship between Affinity and teammate's radius Channeling efficiency and Channeling damage in Melee Discussion The overall goal is to teach all my members everything about warframe. I know there is a lot more, if you see anything that does not require you to learn through experience and can be taught via mathematics (chroma and serration is an example) please reply! I would love it! Would really appreciate feedback Tenno! Thank you for your time. Disclosure Wanted to state that the people learning how to mod at this rate are MR 15+ and have gathered what I deem necessary to start building independently No new players are allowed to begin learning basic/advanced modding before gathering mods, we do have builds premade for them to work towards and a mod list to help guide them in the game. This is all voluntary on their part to join our clan seminars where we talk about math mathematically and verbally (Visual and reading demonstrations for all viewers).
  23. join my discord in about 10 minutes, I can teach you everything about damage in an hour.
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