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  1. There was never a question as to if Condition Overload was better than blood rush/crit mods... There are so many things you can do with Condition Overload to hit insane damage that will last you all the way to level 9999. @The_Bloodsaber Congrats on studying warframe math! Much respect! Keep researching a bit and you may find some interesting things with Condition Overload.
  2. Mistake on D.E.'s part to force people to grind an unnecessary thing * Low percentage of players actually get to operator usage in game * Umbra really makes no difference imo with his passive * Specters are dumb AI These echos are unnecessary and another bs reward that is not achievement based and is not worth our time.
  3. Eidolons were a good step in the right direction The only problem is they require amps. To implement the clan system in this game is to implement true Co-op and relationship building The only reason I have played warframe for so long is the friendships I have built on it. I am excited for trials/dungeons/whatever future content there may be for my clan to work on Right now we run Eidolon in 4x3s and 5x3s and teach players how to do so.
  4. At this point, a Veteran player is basically an Elder of the game. It has nothing to do with their "skill" or "knowledge" of the game itself.
  5. @Voltage Speaking of Kuva Disruption, help me make the rewards actually good before it is too late. https://youtu.be/uk7iiEJCwuE ^^ This will not work I assure the player base that.
  6. Very good feedback! Higher because Disruption is an intense game mode! A higher Kuva count would be more productive for certain.
  7. If you did not get above 40k score with Inaros... Something is wrong. (Or maybe thats not as efficient). If you are a really really good player you would know oberon + magus lockdown team was the most effective method. Looking for rewards for Disruption? From a true Veteran player of 6 years + teaches MR15+ how to build in warframe (clan).
  8. Take a peek tenno if you dare This should counter your kuva argument as not many would be able to hold their own in this game mode.
  9. Take a peak here for an endurance longevity idea. Trials and New War are coming up so we should be seeing content there!
  10. Kuva Disruption Hello! I would like to start by saying me and a couple of my clanmates (all 2k+ ingame hours and a lot of experience with the game) have decided on an idea for disruption to benefit players that have grinded to oblivion. To start we'll be talking about scaling kuva rewards (capping at 3500, equal to one riven reroll!) Cosmetic untradable rewards, and the benefits it brings to team play. Disruption Overview During Operation: Hostile Mergers, my clan fell in love with Disruption. We all used discord to coordinate our keys, Demolyst locations, and to prepare for team oriented combat like trials. It got to the point where me and my clan did not have to communicate at all because everyone played with their map open + marked keys and had a specific key each time. Everyone ran redeemer prime to kill upwards of level 600 demos (recover 14 million hp in half a second). It was a real push for endgame players and a lot of them felt challenged by it. We spent a total of 24 INGAME hours in disruption which rewarded us with a leaderboard position in the top 10 (personal achievement we set for ourselves, no real value though!). The pros of Disruption is team play completely. The cons are essentially the rewards as always. Kuva Disruption For Kuva Disruption, we came to the conclusion that running each demolyst individually would reward less Kuva than running all four at once. This next idea we had was capped scaling rewards for Disruption. "NOW HOLD ON MIDAS we have had this discussion on the forums for 6 years about scaling rewards! It just won't happen!". My response to that is yes, that may be true but we have never had CAPPED scaling rewards that require extreme coordination and effort like Eidolons to successfully complete. The cap would be at 3,500 Kuva total, this cap would start at around level 150+. Level 150 is considered the star chart cap imo (Sorties). Going beyond that will take pretty strong weapon and warframe builds. YOU MUST RUN ALL FOUR DEMOLYST for 3500 kuva per round. Finally I believe Ephemera/Cosmetic rewards based on how far you get (level 200, 400, 600...) should be given out as an achievement to players who work hard to get that far. Pros Would provide great group coordination to prepare Tenno for trials mindset Would open up communication and coordination only seen in one area of the game A form of Endurance that is extremely rewarding and time occupying 3500 Kuva per round if done perfectly and elegantly starting at level 150 Cosmetic rewards per every 200 enemy levels Reduced Kuva Grind! YAY More expensive Rivens are created, helping D.E. by allowing people to spend more plat. Cons Requires Coordination (Warframe is a casual game, this is hard to do. My Argument is that this is for endgame players and requires experience!) Requires all four Demolyst be capped per round for 3500 Kuva. Not certain what percent of the community is interested in Endurance in 2019. I have seen a lot more people interested in Eidolons and harder content as of 2019 Conclusion Please respond with Feedback! Does this idea sound nice? Want to add something to it? I would love to hear it. If you are commenting about Endurance content i'd recommend under your profile you have 1500 hours on in-game experience. If you are from a casual side of play, go for it and say how you would feel here or how we can implement it to help you as well! Please provide POSITIVE criticism, and good ideas! Feedback Suggestion to provide more Kuva per 4 caps in a round to compete with other game modes! - Midas Guns N Roses
  11. DE should be updating textures soon with railjack... hopefully it works.
  12. Maybe you should learn how to play the game, you can inevitably wait for next week, or prepare for next time.
  13. Max graphics. top is HD, bottom is 4k... Hopefully system graphics lightning overhaul or whatever (hopefully there is a better texture pack D.E.) Looks like a paint smear, sorry to be blunt but this is gross haha.
  14. Impact and puncture do not need mods, they need like just a bit of damage to proc impact for condition overload that is it. They are useless elemental effects.
  15. Fewer and fewer players will be playing excal prime so I doubt it. The facts are that those players are done with the grind game and are beginning to move on or wait for more content only to play it briefly.
  16. Dog days is secretly a grind test. *This post was made by redtext gang*
  17. no unless you are some csgo god. Even then most mobs die during the time it takes to aim. (Run with Harrow if you are a csgo god, you will out ev trinity).
  18. I feel that getting the Gamma Pallet again and the Rift Sigil should be changed for people that already have these rewards, why would I grind for something when two out of three of the major cosmetic rewards are already in my hands? Allow your older players to get x5 forma or 10k Kuva if they have grinded those cosmetics in the past or obtained them.
  19. I believe you got a 46k score it certainly is possible if you have big pellet shotgun monsters etc... We've had a lot of peeps wiped from scores even at 24k (scores simply not registering). A ghost clan with digital extremes officials came out of nowhere and took first, the clan in 1st for ghost had spents over 24+ hrs running people to get their score only to be "magically outplayed".
  20. Would Advise Nidus for solo and Revenant for team content as Nidus is a kill hog. I assure you your teammates will leave you starved without kills. I would throw blind rage over narrow minded and constitution for more duration over augur secrets. Also Umb vitality on Revenant is not necessarily usable. Escape to an area where you are not attacked. no point in hp if you sit at 2 hp while skins up (just protective dash yourself). Especially for endgame scaling.
  21. ^^ Rewards need to be better, harder content is always adaptable there are many things in game that you can use. It may be costly material like pads specters, cosmic specters, etc... but it can get the job done especially with full cp gas faction setups. You will own the map with that...
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