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  1. No_Quarter

    Old UI bug in Orbiter still there

    I have been playing this game since just before PoE was released. Since I can remember it there is an issue where you like stop looking at your collection of mods, press ESC to leave and UI bugs out and you cannot do anything. In old UI there was a button to open pause menu. That's was the only thing I could click and it helped me move to arsenal or something and evade the bug. Now it is impossible, I just have to ALT+F4. And it happens way more often now while I did not change anything on my system since I started playing Warframe. It is very frustrating, I do not mind small bugs but this ruins the fun. Please, give me option to refresh this. I do not need bug fixed, just let me go around it and not force me to exit game twice in 10 minutes, give me chat function to force this bug to reset or whatever, let me activate my operator, anything please? Bring back the button I can click on? Anything PC specs: FX-4170, some ASUS 990 chipset mobo, R9 270x, 16GB HyperX Fury, 3 hard drives, XFX 650W PSU and sound blaster sound card. Not sure if it is somewhat relevant but I have my riven capacity at 91/90 so I get that message all the time...
  2. "Limbo is one of th emost complex Warframes" - yes, 4 Limbo spam time stop at interception and message 76 is as easy as message 1. And those farmers dictate prices on the market when new thing drops as that is most efficient way of farming, you are wathcing a movie and letting macro spam ability. Tho not everyone can write a macro so it is complex.... jk, I know you have to be nice when introducing nerfs Sarcasm aside I am glad they are reworking him in right direction, I really wish they would make Limbo fun one day. As is he is kind of manifestation of a Cheat Engine and as such I am not a fan of it. This will make days of Limbo Prime a bit easier on everyone
  3. No_Quarter

    Devstream #112 Overview

    I like design of Vlad, seems kinda more of a solo warframe than a warframe that can synergize. So far from what we saw, none of the abilities effect your allies. My only idea with it would be to have his 3, the rush cloud thingy, grant life steal to allies who got effected by it. That way he could get sort of support role because right now he is more like "yo I mess stuff up and make them explode". with ability to share life steal he could be useful in some endurance missions as combination of CC and support is not that often, Equinox has some of it in Night Form, Harrow has some of CC but not as much as Vlad so it could be a fun twist. In any case, adding any ability to work with other warframes would be nice and would make him more of fun and popular... it could also be augment, maybe that works too
  4. No_Quarter

    Let's talk Equinox

    *her well no one will commit suicide in the aura to give Tenno ability to heal so yeah, team has to do anything to get damage racked up for heals to happen.... Unlike Maim when no one needs to do a damn thing. But that's the same thing, like, actually play the game, and just walk around, same things. Not like me suggesting that Maim should gather damage the same way makes it actually the same depends on PoV, I'd like to see you go infinite on the damage, please, prove me wrong without trying to look like better player by using words, go on, get into the mission and gather as much damage as you can for the nuke. Do that 10 times, 100 times and you may start to see the pattern. And then try to go 10x higher than that? you can't, that's the "cap" I am talking about, it's math, you can "risk" and go over like 5% but it's still withing the margin.... as I said, math is hard, when I stated "too much damage" I figure it represents number out of balance, like you cannot gather 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 with Maim, you just can't. I never said you cannot clear rooms with Maim, I just said the way you gather damage for it lacks usage of skill, unlike Nova where you have to hit her ball which take skill to aim and it can still clear room. term "too much" is used to approximate the cap, or to call it better, the "maximum number of damage goal" that exists in statistical form for her Maim as you cannot use Maim to one shot Lephantis - as the "maximum damage goal" I am talking about prevents you from doing such thing. Stating out that number for the public and making Equinox gather damage faster by using skill would make some people cry, but not the skilled ones As Ember lost her walk-and-clear-low-level kind of gameplay without letting team do a damn thing we can be sure Equinox will get the same treatment, you can like it or not, you can ignore the math but it is very likely to happen Dude you can stop trying to find meaningless differences, because Equinox totally lacks range so in like 99% cases this would not matter unless in PoE, but in regular levels everyone is close enough to ignore the difference between Bless and what you stated.... in theory you are right but I cannot see it being any different in terms of gameplay, tho I can see why you try to point it out...
  5. No_Quarter

    Let's talk Equinox

    @Soketsu I am still 105% sure you did not get what I said on the suggestion and how math of it makes it perfectly scale with ability of the team, making Equinox's 3 and 4 abilities team dependent in every form. As it Pacify, Mend and Provoke are team dependent (with augment which should be standard part of Equinox builds) so do not see the issue of this being team dependent.... because as is you do not have a cap, but you cannot make too much damage so there is artificial cap to it, you just cannot see it but it's there - and Equinox's damage per tick and AoE scaling, with average chance for energy orb drop and number of rendered enemies, has been such to make sure Equinox does not exceed that expected damage number (in statistical sense,with certain margin or error, like in 99% cases Equinox will go over that). So just putting a blatant number to it so you can see it will not change things in terms of effectiveness. But then again, you are against it because as is Equinox can totally gather 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 damage ez pz. Stating out that expected maximum number would not change a goddamn thing and yet I can totally see that many people would rage over it... math is hard.... truth be told statistics are hard and there is a lot of stuff to it that makes people who do not know statistics to lose their minds over it as you have so many variables and relations in the system that has to land the expected output within acceptable margin of error, blabla, those people said Quartakk got nerfed.... and I can see them saying the same for this you could gather damage 100x faster this way and have 100x more dynamic gameplay with the nuke without removing ability to scale it, only thing Equinox would lose with it is ability to walk around on low level missions, do nothing and auto-win... guess too many people would miss that part, especially with Ember requiring more buttons to be effective. I know I wouldn't. As for suggestion that Equinox's 3 should work exactly like Trinity's 4 - I do not think that is good for the game, warframes should have unique mechanics to them so everyone can find their own cup of tea. Trinity's 4 is better but as a package I prefer Equinox, you trade bit of flexibility on damage reduction to get some other things, that's what it's about and that's what makes a cup of tea THE cup of tea
  6. No_Quarter

    Let's talk Equinox

    I can see why her 3 and 4 cannot stay when you switch forms and I kinda think that for me she works in both forms, tho on really high levels I am trained not to think that Day form exists as it simply lacks any form of survivability. Which is fine, it is her aggressive form and her 80% boost is something special. About Metamorphosis duration - I think this was devs call to that had to be made in order to balance her. Because having constant high boost to damage kind of negates the need for many other warframes, especially considering that such boost can go up to like x2 (or numbers close to that, in any case it is too strong for constant boost). Way I see it is that having Armor boost in Night mode does not break the game, number is fine to have it 24/7, just damage boost in Day mode is too much, so they had to cut it. Way it could be done is that tapping 1 would switch the forms and holding 1 would refresh the Metamorphosis boosts for current form (both consume energy). This could work actually, please DE, make this happen As for Pacify and Provoke - it has to be different, you cannot compare them and in most cases you will be fine - and holding off 30 enemies should really be energy consuming as with Peaceful Provocation they do not have a chance to deal any damage to you (as long as you move) so yeah, I am yet to find a warframe that does that level of CC and protection for low energy consumption. So I think Pacify is fine as is, it would be broken if you make it cost less. Provoke is as it is, made to boost allies. Dunno, they both make sense to me in terms of design Mend it a great additional dimension to her ability to be everything in a team. At first I had issues as it is really expensive to maintain it - but then I realized that you should not maintained it but time it properly to gather damage fast, close it and that's it. As such it works pretty well. If DE would introduce sort of "undead" augment for Mend that consumes HP pool gathered with like -500% efficiency when Equinox or someone else die - then it would make sense to talk about maintaining it or even make the augment such that makes it easier to maintain. And idea I shared in original post for Maim could actually be second part of her Mend and Maim augment (without efficiency increase for Maim) I am kinda impatient when it comes to her changes, I love her so much. Not like I am afraid DE will mess he up as so far reworks are pretty good, I just don't see better timing to lay out ideas for it, like your talk about Metamorphosis made me think of that idea to hold to refresh, so kinda hoping this all will make DE think of something good. Honestly I do not think she needs much changes, again, I love her just as she is now but some minor QoL changes could be introduced to her design.
  7. No_Quarter

    Let's talk Equinox

    I am aware that kills trigger gathering damage done for Mend, point is kind of the same that things need to be done in order to gain effect - unlike her Maim. That or you use the 2nd night to OS anything. Yeah, I am not sure how does it work to use Night's 2 in Day form as my suggestion was related to gathering damage for a nuke which is different from night's 2 as it is AoE damage, not sure how your finisher damage compares to what I said Tho I have a tingle that you did not understand anything of what I said the way it currently scales is by damage done, heavier enemies have more HP and only thing preventing it from going crazy is low-ish damage per proc. Now, what I suggested is removing proc and damage done by 4 and just making Equinox and team gather damage done in her area. Since this damage could be done by some INSANE DPS, this ability, as I suggested it, should have some sort of cap. I do not see how that fails to scale, as if some random DPS is killing lvl 10 targets you will get low damage towards the nuke, and if your team is killing lvl 100 targets you will get 20 000 damage in 1 second for the nuke, so in such case, people could do some stupid numbers so somewhat limiting it should be done to maintain form of balance, like limiting for 200 000 damage and if you can gather than in 1 second then you can nuke that in 1 second. As it is now - you do not have a cap but you also cannot do too much damage so there is sort of cap there - gathering hundreds of thousands of damage with Equinox's nuke is not reliable. But way I suggested it - it could be done, but with help of the team and with buff I suggested for Metamorphosis so it would be more flexible than what we have now as you could potentially gather damage for the nuke WAY faster - you would just have to work for it as opposed to what it is - you just have to run around long enough. Many will tell you that at is right now, it' not worth to using it since energy drain scale with the number of your foes. ----- this goes off-topic: Zenurik makes is very easy to use, even when I have Corrosive Projection on her, it can be consuming but it is a very strong ability to save your entire team and damn worth it on high level missions. So I will disagree with "those many" as my team dies more easily when I do not have it on, also slow from peaceful provocation makes it easier to kill targets with headshots fast so you do not have to use energy for Rest and do finisher which saves your energy and gives you chance to get energy orb. I find it pointless to run Equinox without using Zenurik and Primed Flow, I do not have 638 energy on Equinox to look at it, spending 300 to save team out of bad situation in high level missions is worth it in my book. Also, enemies drop energy when they die so you do not really lose energy with energizing dash and whatever the name of thing that gives more energy from orbs, I almost never run out of energy on it. And it comes down to your ability to build for it - most engagements in this game happen on less than 30m so you do not need more range to waste energy on enemies that are not even part of the fight. I really have 0 trouble maintaining it in 99.9% situations while also having 229% ability strength, 175% range, 105% efficiency and duration suffers on my general build with 40%. Role defined builds could probably suffer if you add more range and sacrifice efficiency for stronger boost (tho my general build gives 76% boost) but in such cases you already have team in place and you are a boost, so you do not need to do Night's 3. I can send you my build if you are interested to see that it can actually work, just contact me in game
  8. No_Quarter

    Let's talk Equinox

    Since Ember's rework a lot of players came out to try to roleplay their click-and-forget kind of play style with Equinox. I spent a lot of time playing Equinox without using her Day's 4 that often or at all really, think she is now my most played warframe. So first of all, I'd like to say that I think doing fire-and-forget with Equinox is not really possible, if you add strength then it eats energy, if you add efficiency then it does nothing and each tick for her 4 is also effected by ability duration making it really hard to make it sort of almighty as we can only make 2 things strong, never 3. so it is either eff+duration or one of them + strength. People will still try as her nuke kind of scales but not really well against armored targets as ticks do low dmg What I love about Equinox is her ability to be everything, but only few things at the time so you have to change pace and work around it. She is just great design, I find her 3 to be her strongest point in both Day and Night mode. I am not a fan of her Day's 4, I mean, it kinda derails from her design where her 3-rd ability's Augment works but with help of her team or by her own damage. Her Night's 4 heals by using damage inflicted by Equinox and allies - why does her Day's 4 deal damage? Wouldn't it make sense for it to gather damage done in AoE to an AoE nuke? have multiplier to it to be effected by ability strength and it would make sense. Since that would be a nerf to her own output, I would suggest buffing her Metamorphosis, add bit stronger boosts to it and add some decent duration so she can be the one effectively gathering damage for her nuke. That could work to make strong bursts of damage by stacking her 1 and 3 boosts for 4 and being able to gather nuke fast when needed I think her 2 and 3 are in perfect spot in her both forms and I would not like it to lose range and effectiveness, her metamorphosis is not really commonly used to gain advantage so figure boost to that would work with removing AoE damage from her Day's 4. Only problem with this is that Peaceful Provocation boost kicks in only after you deal some damage, that's why I suggested a pretty strong buff for duration of her Metamorphosis effects so players have time to make it work. Just my two cents, after Ember's rework all Ember mains switched to Equinox I figure Equinox's Day's 4 is next on the balancing desk. I do have in mind that Damage 2.5 could effect this as in theory slash proc should be slightly nerfed and other 2 damage types slightly buffed, so that would be auto-nerf for Equinox, but we'll see. Again, I do not use her Day's 4 very often so I do not care if they remove it 100%, I would still play Equinox. Just figure I add suggestion that kinda makes sense for me and it would make me use her Day's 4 much more often as in such case it would be skill based to time it with your allies to get insane results. Some damage cap should probably exist to it but in my eyes this sounds kinda fun, like, you could have some strong DPS like Mesa enjoying +80% boost from Peaceful Provocation and Equinox using all that to clear next room. And that would fit her design that she takes team effort to give strong boost and then gives boost to gather damage to make use of it depending on her form. Her Night's 3 is not a direct boost but damage reduction of -80% scales things in such way that it is an indirect boost to the odds of beating enemies before they beat you. Don't know, I do not find her Maim very strong as is,apart vs lvl 20 where it kills everything before you can use nuke, but at the same time I find it out of place with current design, this could make it stronger while also requiring player's effort to do damage. Figure a lot of rage would come towards it but I do not like walk-around-and-kill-everything kind of gameplay, if someone does it's fine, DE may not even rework Equinox. Just wanna hear people's thoughts and opinions on it, and maybe some ideas
  9. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

    new Bow charge rate brings us closer to this I like it really tho
  10. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    you got it all wrong. Let's remind you of few things 1) Resonating Quake nerf - reason for it is AFK CLEARING MAPS that needs no skill or player involvement, you can press 4 and go grab your self a drik Ember Nerf is the same thing, people running with ember and killing everything before you can see it is just bad for the gameplay, no one is having fun, not even guy playing Ember as he is not doing anything. AFK defense ezpz. Recent reworks and reworks mentioned on streams are to change this so players have to actually, you know, play the game in order to complete the mission. I know, it is insane but there you go, take it as you like. You can still wipe out rooms, just you need to use more keys for it, press buttons, aim.. can't wait for Limbo rework outrage, oh boi I'm gonna get me a truckload of popcorn.
  11. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    what you described on lvl 30+ is like a nerfed version of Equinox's Night Mode.... not utterly useless but you don't see them around very much on such levels because just tipping over enemies is not really useful compared to other warframes
  12. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    but you said that game should never nerf but only buff, I explained where that leads..... hard to remember what you are talking about when your only goal is to win argument, cheers
  13. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    cause if you place her on Sedna she would still be useless against anything over lvl 30 duh
  14. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    use reading when you can, I said later on that if they keep the Chroma unintentionally overbuffed they have to buff others, and if they buff them they have to buff enemies which is stupid as you only end up working with huge numbers - goal is to have certain relations. So in this case, buffing Eidolon would rip other warframes, and that woul dbe stupid, but your answer is to buff, sure, let's buff everything and what we get at the end? 2 hour duration abilities that do 98 zillions of damage and enemies with with quadrillions of armor.... that is what you are suggesting as game would have to have same relations and things would only be done larger numbers that are beyond ability for most people to do quick math with them. so nerfing Chroma to put him in line is the same as buffing everything else, in terms of gameplay it is perfectly the same as you would get same combat effectiveness, this way you are also having it described with readable numbers. Not many people know math, it's sad how loud are those people
  15. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    this is the most dum dum thing ever. video games have certain dynamics that need to be maintained, if you jsu , for example, buff Chroma more, Eidolon would have to get more HP, then other warframes would have to get more and we will eventually end up with like 979080987% boosts. So either buff or nerf - it is about keeping the relations in place. 1=1 and 999=999, it is same thing just without stupid high numbers but I am glad Ember mains are salty about this as it it one of the worst things to have in the team