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  1. "Limbo is one of th emost complex Warframes" - yes, 4 Limbo spam time stop at interception and message 76 is as easy as message 1. And those farmers dictate prices on the market when new thing drops as that is most efficient way of farming, you are wathcing a movie and letting macro spam ability. Tho not everyone can write a macro so it is complex.... jk, I know you have to be nice when introducing nerfs Sarcasm aside I am glad they are reworking him in right direction, I really wish they would make Limbo fun one day. As is he is kind of manifestation of a Cheat Engine and as such I am not a fan of it. This will make days of Limbo Prime a bit easier on everyone
  2. No_Quarter

    Devstream #112 Overview

    I like design of Vlad, seems kinda more of a solo warframe than a warframe that can synergize. So far from what we saw, none of the abilities effect your allies. My only idea with it would be to have his 3, the rush cloud thingy, grant life steal to allies who got effected by it. That way he could get sort of support role because right now he is more like "yo I mess stuff up and make them explode". with ability to share life steal he could be useful in some endurance missions as combination of CC and support is not that often, Equinox has some of it in Night Form, Harrow has some of CC but not as much as Vlad so it could be a fun twist. In any case, adding any ability to work with other warframes would be nice and would make him more of fun and popular... it could also be augment, maybe that works too
  3. new Bow charge rate brings us closer to this I like it really tho
  4. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    you got it all wrong. Let's remind you of few things 1) Resonating Quake nerf - reason for it is AFK CLEARING MAPS that needs no skill or player involvement, you can press 4 and go grab your self a drik Ember Nerf is the same thing, people running with ember and killing everything before you can see it is just bad for the gameplay, no one is having fun, not even guy playing Ember as he is not doing anything. AFK defense ezpz. Recent reworks and reworks mentioned on streams are to change this so players have to actually, you know, play the game in order to complete the mission. I know, it is insane but there you go, take it as you like. You can still wipe out rooms, just you need to use more keys for it, press buttons, aim.. can't wait for Limbo rework outrage, oh boi I'm gonna get me a truckload of popcorn.
  5. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    what you described on lvl 30+ is like a nerfed version of Equinox's Night Mode.... not utterly useless but you don't see them around very much on such levels because just tipping over enemies is not really useful compared to other warframes
  6. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    but you said that game should never nerf but only buff, I explained where that leads..... hard to remember what you are talking about when your only goal is to win argument, cheers
  7. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    cause if you place her on Sedna she would still be useless against anything over lvl 30 duh
  8. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    use reading when you can, I said later on that if they keep the Chroma unintentionally overbuffed they have to buff others, and if they buff them they have to buff enemies which is stupid as you only end up working with huge numbers - goal is to have certain relations. So in this case, buffing Eidolon would rip other warframes, and that woul dbe stupid, but your answer is to buff, sure, let's buff everything and what we get at the end? 2 hour duration abilities that do 98 zillions of damage and enemies with with quadrillions of armor.... that is what you are suggesting as game would have to have same relations and things would only be done larger numbers that are beyond ability for most people to do quick math with them. so nerfing Chroma to put him in line is the same as buffing everything else, in terms of gameplay it is perfectly the same as you would get same combat effectiveness, this way you are also having it described with readable numbers. Not many people know math, it's sad how loud are those people
  9. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    this is the most dum dum thing ever. video games have certain dynamics that need to be maintained, if you jsu , for example, buff Chroma more, Eidolon would have to get more HP, then other warframes would have to get more and we will eventually end up with like 979080987% boosts. So either buff or nerf - it is about keeping the relations in place. 1=1 and 999=999, it is same thing just without stupid high numbers but I am glad Ember mains are salty about this as it it one of the worst things to have in the team
  10. No_Quarter

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    if Rhino comes to Chroma's range and gets armor boost - will it effect Iron Skin? I like these changes, it is awesome and I cannot wait to get them live
  11. No_Quarter

    Tennobaum gifting center

    My wishlist only consists of ship decorations as that is the part where I am lacking. Ostron Rug Collection Artisian Pack If anyone can afford and has heart to gift me it will be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays!