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  1. since hotfix Adaptation not working for me.
  2. I am pretty sure huge part of playerbase will be happy when you nerf stuff like Saryn, Volt, Equinox who walk around and prevent their team mates from having any fun, with popularity of such rising up spamming 4 is what this game is brought to. You wanted to use your weapons? Well though luck, Saryn wants to spam 4 so you will never see any enemies. It is no wonder it is popular as it takes no effort to do so, for some aiming is an effort so Sayn is there, Volt, spam energy restore and spam 4..... I feel bad for what will happen when Equinox Prime gets out, I hope you have a rework for her as her Maim is WELL beyond her other abilities. Other abilities are great, they work great for the most part and could use minor tweaks but no one cares as walking and spamming 4 is easiest thing to do on any level. Hydron will be bad for few months.... So yeah, I am the one who will be happy when you nerf, power level is trough the roof and I see health of the game being at steak and not Saryn. Mesa does kinda need a nerf-ish for her 4 but that is hard to do - it is an aimbot with fast fire rate. She could just loose some of base DPS by reducing damage per shot but that is meh.... Maybe make her 2 buff her 4 but take away a lot of base damage per shot out of her 4 (tiny little bit more than 2 can buff it)? It is a slight DPS nerf and people will have to manage energy better so those all strength builds that are OP will go away.
  3. Got few questions. 1) What is the reasoning behind holding off all reliable sources of self healing for players behind high level content? On star chart we can get it on Sedna, Warframe augments that provide it are behind last level of Syndicate standings, in Plains of Eidolon it is again so far away, same for Fortuna. I remember struggling with that when I started the game so maybe more people feel like that, it is a common feature in games to heal your self and having it so far made me struggle a lot, once I got Medi-Ray game just made more sense to me and was far more enjoyable since. Would some "mini Medi-Ray" be a bad option for newbies? Lifesteal of channeling is not something newbies understand so putting Life Strike on Fortuna does not really count. Hunter Synergy is again time gated by an event.... Again, for common feature in video games. 2) How do you pick which Warframe Augmends go to Exilus Slot and which don't? As is Exilus Slot and Adapter are kinda not necessary to do anything in the game, you can do everything without ever unlocking it, it is only min-maxing where it comes to play. Would allowing all Warframe Augments to go to Exilus slot break the game? I think it would make Exilus Adapter much more attractive because as is it is a rare sortie reward no one wants to get. 3) Equinox rework before it gets a Prime? Maim seems a bit too strong, no one uses Night mode or any other abilities so.... I'd love to see her become more of a Jack of All Trades as she was initially intended, as is she is only walk-around-AoE-DPS
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