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  1. Since we are getting new skeletons and new tech I was wondering how difficult would be to get something like this. Drew it at 5 AM. The abilities I am not 100% on so mabe people could come up with idea but the PASSIVE: Arachne can walk on any wall and walk upside down ( where possible) can walk on water and she has infinite all latch. Jumping on a wall stucks her to it unless you drop on the floor. Metal like texture on the web on her body, rotten feel for the chest, leather for the gloves and boots that would be awesome to have a "flame effect" at the ends like the material is pulling away kind of like melting up. The holes in her boots are see through and she would have the biggest booty well since she is a spider. Either have her walk on all legs or just the "normal" and use the legs for wall walk and abilities. It would be awesome to see something like this. Thoughts?
  2. Drew this during my streams. Mag has been in the game for so long and my sweet girl needs a rear buff. Mabe that will make Shy like her more. From one girl to another... please...buff Mag - OddieOwl (read as Odd-E-Owl)
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