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  1. I was wondering if we could change up a dojo decoration item I'm talking about the tribute statue. i am hoping DE reads this and thinks this is a good idea but i want to be able to link it to a players profile and make them easier to edit. the reason why is im wanting a place in my dojo to honor the decease or the ones who can no longer play. this could also be done to honor tenno in other ways. for instance id want to be able to type in there name and if the player changes their name the statue also changes the ability to walk up activate the statue and it load their profile the ability to say something about them i would also want to be able to change the colors easier. even if the functionality was a little tedious i wouldn't mind really if i had to do "/profile "name" had the kindest heart" (or something similar in the tribute statue id want to be able to do that. here is my tweet that got me inspired to do post this. I don't expect DE to do this but it would be awesome.
  2. PLEASE REVERT THE LAST OF THE DISRUPTION UPDATE!!! seriously who thinks that was cluttered? i enjoyed being actually able to plan out and teach people what to call out and things of that nature. now it just seems like it would be more of a headache to teach. or play for that matter. granted i could be wrong but from what I've seen so far on twitch I'm not a fan of the "declutter"
  3. Im not the only one that thought to send Meg a loadout of absolutely nothing right?
  4. Haha I'm on Xbox so not only is my dojo closed buuuut Taylor would be the only one invited 😈 bwahahahaha
  5. Not trying to strawman you and that the first time I've ever heard that saying but they just had an update as far as I'm concerned they don't need to update on the forums every day they probably have more important things to do
  6. Are you saying there's an update right after they did the saints of Altra? And why can't they be on vacation? Does it matter they are human just like the rest of us
  7. I don't get what you mean I read what you wrote and again as requested we get forum updates whenever there is something noteworthy and my point still stand about overlapping vacations and stuff
  8. They literally said that there wouldn't be a Dev stream due to holidays and the trip to Japan and stuff how does no one listen?
  9. DE if I could walk to your office and get all of you in a room i would get on my knees and fall flat on my face and beg you to turn off everyone's inline messages. it confuses new players and old players alike and out of the over 100 I've talked to about inline messages and what they do their immediate response is one word. WHY??? as in why would they jumple up your messages and trades and different chats sure if you want that enabled that's on you but do you know how many people get confused when you in a private conversation with someone like a friend or trader and suddenly just random things are filling up your chat? come on DE not one of my friends even has it enabled... not any of my clan mates and the game is better for it. love someone who really really loves your games and wishes they even had a skill worthy of your company
  10. Will there be a prime version of the rail jack eventually and will you be able to equip different cephalons to your Railjack
  11. Both gotta live English syntax as he said
  12. Ok see I thought that may be the issue hopefully they get this sorted out I still vote that it should be given the 5th ability (transference) since you never actually use transference in archwing it is the most seamless transition for a rework
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