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  1. They shouldn’t even touch the mastery symbols... don’t touch what isn’t broken...
  2. This seems to be fixed for the sigil (except the name still shows legacy for some reason) but the ugly card looking things for mastery (which i assume is a bug and god i hope it is) still shows up beside our name and on our profile. it also still shows up as the icon for the mastery sigil.
  3. On xbox it isnt fixed still shows up on our prifile and beside our name
  4. is the bug that this change was made in the first place? like why change a part of the UI everyone loves?
  5. What did you do to the mastery sigils... like wow what happened... we had these beautiful sigils that grew with us and now they are just cards that you cant tell their rank is this going to be revereted?
  6. Now they are cards... honestly it took away my favorite sigil too. This change wasnt asked for by anyone in the community and now instead of being able to identify ranks easy and see the lotus bloom we have these weird cards... can we go back like tomorrow?
  7. nothing worth getting excited over right? yeah was hoping for something good like the mech mods but oh well...
  8. i also stated that i knew some changes werent live or did you not see that i posted that?
  9. so basically no changes? just logged in saw the grab bag kinda thing and was like oh cool maybe its cheaper now... nope. 15,000 copernics??? seriously? 400 Isos??? mind you i played railjackfor monthsevenafter everyone left it and i only had 3000 and 1000 fresnels even tho in all the time railjack has ever existed i have only ever had about 10,000 right now i have around 6000 and dont mistake me for a minute the railjack resources are hilariously expensive here. and lets not forget the bile sack should probably be in the bile category. Now granted I'm on xbox i cant feed hel
  10. kinda dont want to just have lenses in some weapons and dont want to just acrue focus since it doesnt stop acruing after you max everything. it doesnt zero out. I dont care if the lens breaks just want it removed.
  11. Will the things that you mentioned beforehand ever be put into the game a great video I have watched several times over is QuiteShallows video "why I'm so cynical about railjack" and it brings up a fair amount of points. tilesets fully built but never seen by players as well as mechanics that are in the game files or changed. the mod system seems to be the best implementation for getting it out as soon as possible just to offer wide-scale testing for damages and numbers. I'm wondering if we will ever get the center console to reroute power or have things like the market and codex and thin
  12. lol it actually can go up to 15 tagets max (i did power strength at one point) which would be 1500 percent if it was 100 but only 900 if it was at 60 the timer could hasen if you were aiming which would give people a good reason to cast the vast untime there are ways to make it work 60 too much? fine 40 percent is 600 The point is you can make an idea work and jt because my mod setup makes it 15 doesnt mean another build will. Shocker i know but mag has a build i made that makes level 200 plus enemies mince meat and i figured out the puzzle that was ember where you dont ever have to cast
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