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  1. Gotta say I'm kinda disappointed not with the overall design but its going to cause me to use the deluxe skin. When i thought of a primes nidus i was pretty sure it would get rid of the Asymmetrical stuff a lot of people hated about it. Personally I think that an Orokin Nidus would be perfectly symmetrical. its still a beautiful design and while it is a great concept i cant help but think this would even play into the lore.
  2. I’ll be honest. I hope you don’t tie the ranks to the new segment because I will never use the invigorations and will genuinely look for a way to turn it off that UI. So much for making helminth better but eh it’s whatever I guess
  3. De will never implements any of my fixes even though I’ve thought them out and people generally seem to like them. But here we go. Passives can be trained at ticker at level 5 At level 10 you can tell them to interact with things like the forge basically the commands can get more precise another thing they could do is use the artillery or allow the pilot to get the artillery as long as it killed the movement but eh
  4. They probably can do this just like how the clan advertising is probably a way to test for an auction house the countdown we usually see in relays during the Famoria for example could be something like a window of the live twitch chat. It could come with us explaining things if the relay teleported us like last year. You could do in game games and everything
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