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  1. for all the times we can not willingly kill ourselves out of a glitch like a ropololist fight please please please let us to /kill to kill ourselves we need a quality of life update...
  2. does this mean that affinity is also shared? I like doiing the Adaro farm i find it the most fun believe it or not and this would be a great way to get my girlfriend to catch up.
  3. Changes ive noticed on Xbox going from 27.0.5 to 27.1.0 that are errors or that I hope are errors Void Hole for some reason no longer sucks in light. breaking immersion and can no longer be used to judge distance. (plus all of my friends who did not get void hole thought this was awesome myself included so hope this gets fixed if this was intentional then ive no idea why as it was cool if people want the effect slightly tuned down ok but still the best thing about being on console was using it so much with how cool it looked weird black dot on any scrap screen that happens on the 12th scrap piece Railjack UI needs estimated heat per second or shot count per second to full heat capacity as well as cooldown (E.G. estimated 4 shots to overheat on cryonphon when +50% fire rate) (side note never thought id be trying to get a lower fire rate percentage in this game to manage heat) Minimap now freaks out and shows giant symbols also freaks out on occasion and rotates at mach 20 shawzin using the orokin theme uses the what appears to be the grineer theme which uses yellow and green making it hard to see. suggesting using white lines an whites dots with black/gold outlines Omni tool gets put in your gear twice if you put it in your gear wheel railjack theme also needs more contrast when using orokin themes may also be needed for other themes If you are going to use a hold to upgrade system for avionics you need to hold and continue to hold if you want multiple levels instead of holding and lifting the button. request to use the system we have for modding to make things faster and easier as it is more fluid. (select mod select level and confirm) Suggestion wear and tear needs to have levels inside of rail jack Severe problems on console and possibly PC - ANY INTERRACTION ON BOARD RAILJACK CAN BE INTERRUPTED BUY YOU PET. THE SAME GOES ON RAILJACK WHEN YOU HAVE STUNNED AN ENEMY ON BOARD YOUR RAILJACK AND ARE TRYING TO ASSINATE OR ENTER GUNS. SUGGESTION MOVE FINISHERS AND PETTING BACK TO THE MELEE BUTTONS Will continue to update EDIT Holding B no longer heavy attacks Just learned this was an intentional instead of asking why ill ask can i literally design a system for free where custom controls are in fact a thing
  4. A long time ago i posted an idea to update kubrows whic talked about a genetic seguencing window and how it could be used for both cosmetic changes as well as traits that you would have passed down from generation to generation. in short eventually youd be able to breed your perfect Kubrow or Kavat similar to Fish tycoon if you ever played that game. now that this is getting overhauled what are other ways we could improve the system?
  5. For those of you who get the reference in the title good on you for the other people not getting the reference you can look it up youself (I recomend fact fiend on youtube to hear this hilarious story which you can watch here) . but does anyone else think kinda crappy "mobile game art" art for mastery sigils? I really dont want to give up the intricate and beautiful mastery symbols that we have. its like an actual lotus blooming. Every level you get to watch it grow and develop and the new ones that are just rings are well... Meh... to say the least does anyone else think this? I figure someone beside me must think this as it fits with the vitruvian theme and themes in general at the very least show both of them. We like how these sigils look on our warframe to become even more intracate. when i look on the profile and i see that (for instance) im a golden dragon then i can see how every point of the sigil has developed. even in the relay seeing how it develops as you walk up the stair in simarises sanctuary is cool. ive been playing 5 to 7 years and I will love the day when I can where that mastery sigil on my chest. if you are wanting to do something with our sigils that are in a loading screen please reconsider not giving us a simple ring...
  6. Imnot saying it cant be improved everything can be improvedeven the improvement can be improved. its how wemove fowardas a society however it shouldnt be a downgrade. and this just seems like it was meant to "look pretty" cant tell what chassis that it in the screenshot that was teased. the point is that it needs to show information. this part of warframe is a stats screen not an art galla. its primary function is to tell you everything about the game you were just in. also side note about the psychology thing. anything you design in a game needs to be able to be easily plugged into and we like things in order of importance its how we are built it wasnt a flex at all and it wasnt in highschool it was colledge oh how i wish i could have taken it in highschool though! lol
  7. Ok you want constructive? The thing we have now is a stats screen all visuals that show our frames which at that point don’t matter since it after the mission should probably be discarded, show me the stuff I want to see. I don’t care for some dumb ass visual that takes up 50 to 60 percent of the screen when what we have now does it’s job well without having to literally hover over absolutely everything. What we have now is fine and should be left along when there are issues that have plagued the game for years affinity towards the bottom? You crazy? I’m sorry but I took psychology and most of us want the more important info at the top like Affinity. Currency like everything else is a resource hence why it isn’t tradable. And I haven’t kept track of standing unless I was curious and went over to the secondary screen and then immediately flipped back to stuff that isn’t in the background. you can make a UI as pretty as you want and upgrade it as long as it’s not a direct downgrade to what we already have. See the thing is UI stands for User Interface. The USER needs to have a INTERACTIVE experience with the UI while keeping functional otherwise the UI will stand for Useless Interface nadidrather have a Useful Interface. So yeah.. just... no...
  8. I know it may be the fact that Clothe is hard to animate but Ivara proms head dress clips through her face. I play on Xbox so I’m not sure if it has been fixed but when she walks and her head dress bobs it goes in and out of her face. I don’t know if the material needs a bit more stiffness but I thought I’d post this here. also when using a Kavat there seems to be a weird line with her prime invisibility effect above her head not connected to her warframe but it’s under the same starlight effect when she is invisible and just not there when she is visible.
  9. If only there was a dislike reaction... you want to get rid of one of the only places where good UI exists? Lol XD ok
  10. Before you think about implementing this bull$hit which is garbage anyway... fix this bull$hit first...
  11. welp guess the drop still gets tuck and still isnt allowed to clip through the floor
  12. eh i havent been complaining so dont know about patience all i know is im technically spitting in the face of you guys when i heard you limited intrinsics i can proudly say i have 10 in each and enough for command so i can also have a life lol
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