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  1. It's jealousy has driven it to some serious issues. It's a dark time to be Carrier.
  2. I have no idea what to name my ship. But my Kubrow will be named Olaf Olafsson the 7th Son of Olaf.
  3. Well actually the helmet is too small for a human head to be inside, unless it's paper thin... or Banshee has a tiny head. Look closer on her knees. She has no kneecaps... unless those things on her suit are artificial kneecaps and her legs are messed up. Oberon's arms really aren't OK.
  4. I've been thinking... they can make machinery work together with flesh using augmentations... what if Zanuka still has the bodyparts of dead Tenno inside?
  5. Oberon's arms, Banshee's knees (and head with the Chorus Helmet), Nekros's everything. Just to name a few.
  6. Tenno are often referred to as one in the same with their warframes, which shows how important the exo-armors are in Tenno society. - Lotus This little snippet of information could either mean that they are fused to their suits, or that they are just really good with them. Like when you say a warrior is one with his sword. Though, with the deformities on several of the warframes, I'd say it is safe to assume that whatever flesh is inside is not exactly meant to be exposed.
  7. Accelerant is useful. Ember needs some love, yes, but she won't get her Overheat back. She's meant to be about damage and crowd control, and not a tank. This is why they first nerfed Overheat, then removed it. It didn't fit.
  8. Excalibur, Loki, Zephyr, Valkyr and Hydroid. Sometimes Ash. Edit: I have all abilities slotted at all times, if that's what this is about.
  9. Bullet Attractor Sonar Roar Molecular Prime ALL the damage!
  10. I guess I missed that. ...can I still add you as a friend, though?
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