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  1. There's already a skin in the works from what I've seen on the Steam forums, the one of Amalgam collection if my memory doesn't betray me.
  2. Yeah, that issue has been here for ages. It makes Ocucor best avoided against high-leveled enemies due to its lackluster damage. No clue why they haven't rolled out a fix for this.
  3. So... you're suggesting a 'mass spam' button? Doesn't seem quite right to me.
  4. Accent (metallic) color channel is getting heavily desaturated in darker areas in the game, noticeably diverging from the rest of your accents—those on accessories or syandanas, for example. This issue makes your warframe look awkward in the hubs or missions where a lot of post-processing filters are getting applied, literally slapping your cheeks with these agonizing accents. Scroll down for more info and examples. Now, let's look at the screenshots below. She looks just as fine as everything else in the arsenal, right? Well, except the metallic patterns around her belly being a bit darker than those on her knees or her fabrics, but it is not that lethal so let's jump straight to where the real hell begins. (Open pictures in a new tab to see them full-sized please.) With this in mind, look at the next pictures below. This is where the real problem—her nice and cozy Baruuk's orange metallic turned into what you see after alcohol overdose, literally attacking your eyes. This 'orange' is definitely not what I asked for while making this scheme (can you even see it on the second picture aside from accessories?). There are clear and rainy weather conditions, respectively. Also, she doesn't seem to be affected by that bug in the latest added tileset, and according to my hypothesis, the issue is not around the skin but rather around the lighting system used in these locations.
  5. Yay! Our voices have been heard.
  6. Yep, a good half of my gameplay is entirely around using the schools and running around in Operator mode. A few days ago I finished and maxed out Vazarin, which helps me a lot now as I'm maining Equinox Duality, Hildryn, and Garuda, giving me and my allies unlimited HP and invulnerability, as well as lets me to stun enemies on dashes instead of displacing them (tied with Magus Lockdown does the job perfectly, not allowing them to bounce away on the speed of light). Speaking of the Amp, I prefer using a status-focused one based on Lega Prism, Lohrin Brace, and Phahd Scaffold. In addition, I use 1/3 Virtuos Trojan for that 50% Viral damage to literally paint enemies with Viral and Void statuses altogether. Edit: Ah, sometimes I also use Magus Melt to add a third status to the list which is fire, as well as 100% additional damage over it to burn 'em all the way down.
  7. As well as making allied AI ignoring invulnerable enemies under certain ability effects, such as Garuda's Blood Altar or Titania's Lantern. Otherwise these two would make a perfect combo for trolling players with 'umbrified' warframes.
  8. It's funny how people started discovering cooperation with an AI only after Wukong's and Umbra's implementation, putting it in that way as if Duality has never existed.
  9. I'll just leave here what I posted in another feedback thread.
  10. Uh-oh, I just realised a thing that needs to be said. Straight to the point, there are going to be such weird things like sentient Garuda targeting her own Blood Altars, just as all the pet/specter AIs do, rendering herself or other sentient warframes completely useless in that mode, and exactly the same thing would happen to Titania and her Lantern. As you can see, these poorly designed in terms of friendly AI behaviour abilities are literally blossoming with a trolling potential. Not sure if there are other warframes that have similar abilities. I hope some dev will read this and do something before rolling out the mainline.
  11. How about having this effect permanent for warframes with Umbra Forma installed? Seems fair to me.
  12. I neither want to be rude nor I want to make any assumptions, but I'd agree on that it looks horrible by all means, including textures and, oh god, the way they made this model from the concept. If you want to find any confirmation of my words, just read the twitter reaction. I am not alone who thinks so. Aside from personal tastes, just compare how detailed are Ivara Deluxe, Limbo Deluxe, Nyx Deluxe and this skin. It is such a shame that they even allowed this to appear. The night form looks mostly all right, except that she lacks the texture details or/and bump maps a bit, making her look overly plain and unnatural in several parts, but the day form is... I don't even want to make any comments on this. Twitter has already said it for me. 😅 All I want to say is that DE are incredibly brave for showing this on a devstream.
  13. Wondering now what is the reason of everyone being so quick about Wisp (there are already three skins, if my memory doesn't betray me), and nobody being really bothered with Hildryn since her initial release. Sigh. Well, let's hope someone will eventually bring us something.
  14. You know what you just reminded me? This. ;D "THAT'S A LASER-RAPTOR. I THOUGHT THEY WENT EXTINCT THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO."
  15. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that all these dino-related things mixed at once result in the concept being a wee bit farcical. How about making emphasis on a certain prehistorical creature instead of slapping everything together? Like, an Arthropleura-based Warframe, or Arambourgiania-resembling one. Just named a few random ones that came into my mind. 🤔
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