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  1. People have been asking for it since the Old Blood dropped. Did DE give any feedback on this?
  2. Now IMAGINE faces of those who were buying 60% kuva weapons for over 2k plat. HAHAHA
  3. Well well, here comes hope for the hopeless. Although I am who brings you good news this time. Unlike Tiker, I'm selling old but pretty good and cheap rivens here, and even if you don't have enough plat but have something equal in exchange, we might work something out. It's better to wear out than to rust out after all, isn't it? 🦕 So, here are the rivens. Negotiable and tradable, all of them. PM me with your offers. ✨ [Battacor Vexiata] 125: ✨ [Synapse Vexiata] 225: ✨ [Corinth Acri-visiton] 275: ✨ [Phantasma Visitak] 125: ✨ [Scourge Geliata] 125: ✨ [Catchmoon Feva-critatis] 150: ✨ [Gorgon Toxiata] 225: ✨ [Mewan Critanem] 75: ✨ [Twin Gremlins Hexa-visicon] 75: ✨ [Azima Igni-visidra] 125: ✨ [Hikou Crita-visitin] 75: ✨ [Rattleguts Toxiata] 150: ✨ [Akzani Insiata] 100: ✨ [Shaku Loctiata] 75: QUICK, GRAB SOMETHING! I'M IN SEVERE DEPRESSION AND ABOUT TO DISSOLVE ALL OF THEM! RAWR!🦖 heh got 'em 👌
  4. Starting price: 825 Buyout: 900 Here's the auction link: [REMOVED] I'm also up for straight trading or platinum + rivens if you wish, but please make sure your offer is equal or at least acceptable if you're offering other mods with platinum on top of that. 🔥 SOLD! 🔥
  5. Basically any relay is being swarmed with these, aside from super rare examples lul. I'd send some screenshots but I'm just too lazy to hop into the game rn. But I'm just rolling down the road of some kind of antagonism against non-lore-based fashion works, e.g. Infested skins with Orokin schemes, or even worse, unequivocal black and red combinations that fashion trailblazers tend to slap onto everything just because they think it makes them look 'diabolical.' It's hardly surprising that as a result we get hundreds and hundreds of identical warframes in hubs (especially Umbras and Rhinos, the edgelord frames), coalescing into a horrendous mass of edginess. It's also funny when some people assume that the Sentient have purely 'white and red' scheme, which is about opposite to what is described above. This thing has affected even some of the recent Tennogen works, and I'm quite disappointed with that.
  6. Oh whew that's some pretty good roll. If I were you I'd save it for Boar Prime since this thing shreds everything into tiny pieces. I'd put it on sale for at least 1-2k.
  7. So, I've just noticed that all Kuva Lich chestplates are constantly being 'smudged' in player profiles and captura (when you're pausing the game) and weirdly pulsating on top of that, which hurts my eyes. That's kinda annoying, especially when you're fooling around in your captura scene, so here are screenshots:
  8. It took me a bit to find the thread, but luckily it's still there. Wondering if the author is still working on it though. Quoting, "That is the plan! Would love to do more in this Amalga- series. I am working on a Hildryn skin as well that I couldn't get done for this round, but I will attempt to get it done before the next round!" https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1843451237/1637542851355653130/?tscn=1566907812
  9. Oh gosh thanks, I feel silly now. Turns out, I somehow got Particle Ram and Shatter Burst. Not sure which one was the first though.
  10. Been playing since launch and haven't gotten any so far lol. Everything is at MK 3 already, including top-notch Vidar stuff, but still no luck with battle avionics.
  11. The console has bugged for everyone in the squad and became noninteractive. I as a host had the only option to abort the mission, losing all loot (the loot that we were farming for the past hour). On the other hand, my squadmates reported that they got everything. I feel frustrated as hell. That's the only screenshot I found. Just a tiny console hacking UI that I got before the console got broken.
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