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  1. Oh my, I'm so much down for these changes. Wondering why haven't some of them been implemented initally as they seem to be way too obvious. Especially that one: · Visually, make her do the landing animation after she hits the ground instead of her doing it in mid-air.
  2. Ain't bashing anyone, was just fooling around whilst being hopelessly sleepy. My bad if it that actually sounded way too tense. I will strongly disagree on that comparing weapon and warframe Exilus slots is the way to go, as they contain completely different types of mods. Warframes have Exilus mods that deal direct damage that scales off your weapons, those that massively increase your mobility, modify your DPS-affecting stats (damage, range, max. energy, etc.), augments, and much, much more, which is on the other hand absolutely not the case for weapons. On top of that, we have set bonuses (including magazine regeneration), but as Vigilante set has shown, they aren't being taken into account at all. Exactly! As I mentioned earlier here, practically everything that is being proposed in this thread is objectively better than what we currently have. My all-around build with 155%/45%/235%/206.5% wants to disagree with you. From what I learned about her, there's such a huge difference even between 190/235 range values, given that your intention is to be an awesome teamplay focused Garuda for arbitrations and other high level content, so my only candidate for removal (and the only chance for this augment to be fitted in) is not on the list anymore. The same thing applies to my Seeking Talons spam build, but I don't really play it much as I find it rather selfish. Yep, you read me well! Even if not Exilus, it would be awesome to have some sort of a buff. I should probably rename/reorganise this thread to make it more inclusive for all ideas proposed here.
  3. I remember Scott mentioning recently that he as a developer does not want players to feel miserable in any way, which I totally appreciate. Honesty is always welcome, especially if your job is delivering fun to people. Yet, the one who designed this, heh, augment seems not to share his position at all. Owie. Garuda's augments still need to be revised. Bumping this thread in a hope of a change. DE, prime your cannons with hotfixes and blast them all over our faces already!
  4. Like, what? Are you serious? Garuda’s Bloodforge augment is poorly designed and takes a slot of mandatory mods that modify Duration, Range, Efficiency, Strength, or those that drastically change the way she is played (such as Quick Thinking). Please make this mod Exilus to give it a chance to be fitted in our builds, or tweak it in a way that justifies the use of a non-Exilus slot. A good example: Baruuk’s Endless Lullaby that came out along with this augment that not only modifies the ability in an appropriate manner but also gives it 50% extra duration, which justifies the use of a slot, unlike Blood Forge. If it was planned to be used in some sort of synergy with Ocucor’s quirk or something like Primed Chamber, then there’s really no reason to choose this augment over countless magazine regeneration methods, such as Synth set bonus (+20% per second, can be stacked), a number of Weapon Exilus mods (+20% per second, can be stacked), or even Blood for Ammo Parazon mod (instant 100% magazine refillment). It does not give you any objective advantage over aforementioned mods but takes a slot that could be used for other necessities. I’m hoping for the best. DE, we need a massive augment overhaul for every single case like this one (namely, Chroma, Nyx, Revenant and many others are in need of treatment). Please don’t make the same mistake again. Here's a quick compilation of all ideas proposed in this thread as of 4/6/2020:
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