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  1. 3. The clone's damage and kills won't add up to your mission summary if you are not the host, and the same thing is happening to Duality Equinox. As I saw, there are some reports already, but I'll contribute on my part in this thread too, just in case. Hope they'll fix the same issue for Equinox, it's been here for ages. lul
  2. So I returned to Warframe after a long break and noticed that after all the updates I missed the issue still hasn't been resolved, although it prevents from using a whole arch-gun on the surface. I guess no one talks about it just because normally no one in their right mind would give Dual Decurion even a try, but since DE introduced arch-gun rivens it should have already been fixed. Just in case the gun turns out to be usable in the hypothetical future. In case the original post above doesn't provide enough information on the problem, I just captured a short video sorry but it's pretty lo-fi of what's going on and how to replicate it. Here it is: DE pls fix. It really pisses me off.
  3. Nah, I think Ordis' just in the middle of metamorphosis. Mastering this ability takes some time. Ba dum tsss
  4. After the Wukong rework reveal I just feel like Equinox Duality needs some attention too.
  5. In short, the bug is all around that unequipping Dual Decurion makes you unable to perform any melee attacks after a sort of ten seconds timer expires, resulting in your melee being completely unusable until you leave the mission and join another, avoiding use of this cursed arch-gun at all costs. The only temporary solution I've come up with is equipping and unequipping this arch-gun over and over to open a short window of being able to perform melee attacks again, but it doesn't solve the problem entirely and rather locks you in a cycle until the mission is over. Also, tried other arch-guns and found out that this happens exclusively to Dual Decurion in atmosphere. DE pls fix it.
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