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  1. well, bi-weekly format wasnt really utilized properly anyway, so it might be nice if we can count on 1 devstream a month
  2. why not make it so we can heal mechs using repair gun from railjack?
  3. now [ph] is a new variant, like vandal or wraith!
  4. how come we can't launch underground bounties from necralisk as well? what's the point of removing prerequsite of doing vault first if we can't matchmake into underground bounties anyway
  5. i had a crash somehow related to Firefox, but after PC reboot it dissapeared
  6. What do you mean by "before" and "after" with kingun arcanes? they were upgradable on test cluster till rank 5 already then
  7. aint that like an issue for Windows Vista or smth? Windows 7 should have DirectX 11 support
  8. wasnt it announced on previous devstream that next one's gonna be october 9th?
  9. "to make the Vault following Ember and Frost Prime offer new-to-Vault contents" wonder if it means something completely new, or its just about introducing something from existing Prime items that wasn't in vault before
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