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  1. first of all, im not blowing up. big difference between blowing up vs letting de know how i feel n asking whats going on. if its unintended, an eventual reply from DE that it is unintended would be nice. unfortunately i dont believe that to be the case. we shall see.
  2. i play on xbox n we just got the railjack revised revisited whatever update. the sentients are now harder. what exactly got changed on them i dont know, but i have 50 murex III badges. ive played enough to feel the difference. a guy in my clan with over 80 murex badges cant keep frost bubbles up to save his life when before today he had no problem even on the last ship. im pretty fed up with how many nerfs and changes dont get into the patch notes. what exactly is going on here de? u do know that being 'transparent with players' doesn't work when u cant bother to put things in the change log. kinda sick of this n would really like DE to consider this before they conveniently leave more stuff out of patch notes.
  3. dont suppose this has that nightwave tucked inside? im on to u de. i really wish it had protea though, not obtainable, just there so if no fixes are needed on pc or nothing more than a hotfix, we wouldn't have to wait for a second cert process for it to go live. when pc has stuff just about to release i feel like this really should start being a preemptive step to reduce console wait times n possibly reduce the amount of console certs that need to happen
  4. i honestly think it had more to do with how she was using the 3rd ability. just before this DE made it not work on the wolf of saturn six and i believe they adjusted more right after. but the exact strategy she was using at the time was already being looked at by DE as being exploitative.
  5. ur talking about olga, and i believe getting ur facts wrong. she got trade banned, not banned from the game. not too mention that this most likely had more to do with how she used revenant n his abilities getting tweaked afterwards as an 'exploit', using the 3rd ability and rapidly switching her mouse sensitivity to kill with it. thus i believe her method of gameplay is what was suspect. its quite often that pc players get trade banned for 2 weeks when doing something like this, but its far less common for console users, as we dont have cheat engines or macros or aimbots that could be causing this level of gameplay in an exploitative way.
  6. first off, he did nothing that is bannable. i dont think u quite understand what people have gotten banned for during long runs, cuz its never been the long run itself. its been things like blocking off areas with drop ship supports, people purposely causing enough lag to slow down a timer, and people other than host exiting n reentering the match to throw down those supports quicker or activate buffs n powers that never deactivated due to oversights in the code... stuff like that. thevirusgalaxy and his clan hold several long run records, and he doesn't 'exploit', he just runs as long as he can with the tools at his disposal. i should know, i help him refine builds, n i have several top runs on previous events that we've done together. if we know of a bannable exploit, we avoid it. if we know of something that seems like an exploit, we show it to DE. case in point, if DE considers any of this an exploit, they can change it, they have video documentation linked on their forum. if we are being honest, virus and other long run people are some of DE best testers. without virus would u even know that defense literally breaks down after 560 waves? in case u were unaware, he had a previous one cut off at 564 just like this one did at 561, the next wave just never spawned. he's also got video up of that. i think if DE considered long runs themselves a bannable offense, most of my clan n most of virus's clan would both be perma banned. just to be clear, using ivara like this to cloak the target only works on defenses with a living, moving defense target. she cant cloak the cryopods.
  7. they still havent bothered to fix the last one that they broke. this is exactly why i didnt get the mesa prime accessories, not paying for operator stuff when de doesn't care to fix it when they break it. as far as the orbiter, i wish they primed the orbiter... its a prime liset skin, and doesn't affect the orbiter at all. then we got the prime filigree scene, which is cool, but we really need these 'scenes' extended past the front room, or made into sets, where we can choose the scene in each room. that said, they still need to fix orbiter coloring in my opinion. its just kinda lazy that while colors apply throughout the entire ship, the color slots are mismatched in different rooms. for instance, the tertiary color is the metallic in the front, but the accent is the metallic in the operator/transference room, n crap like that. that said, a prime railjack skin could be pretty badass.
  8. ill comment on the rest of ur post after i get some sleep, as i want to answer thoroughly, but you made some very valid points and put forth very interesting ideas. ember fireball exalted weapon? shut up n take my money! lol as far as resources costs, i normally would 100% agree with u, and yes, DE does this all the effin time, but i feel like they actually made some good effort in dispersing the new resources this time. ive seen pustrels from mining on the plains, ive seen the cubic diodes from corpus missions, carbides from grineer, copernics from the void (and i believe orb vallis as well) so for the first time in history, i dont think that including them in all the new blueprints and research is bs. i actually think they did that well this time.
  9. interesting. guess im busting my veritux back out. always been more of an onorix guy.
  10. im going to start by saying that both of u made very valid points that i dont want to argue against or dismiss. that said, im going to attempt to show u my pattern of thinking on this matter. i feel like restores are necessary and add to my gameplay experience (and that of many others) for multiple reasons. the first and biggest being that powers are a major component of what makes this game unique to me. powers are what make the frames different and unique to me. i dont play most shooters, and in fact hate most shooters. games like CoD are, imo, repetitive, pointless, horrid games that are turned out every year or two with little to no value added, no progression thats meaningful, and have no reason for existing other than being cash cows. i do indeed realize that im not speaking for everyone, or even close to a majority of people when i say that, but it is how i feel. this is a big part of why warframe appealed to me, because its not those games, and it gave u multiple ways to play. u can play it as any other shooter, u can play it as a ninja, u can play it as a power spamming void demon. in my early days of playing warframe, one of the most fun things to me was team building for long runs, finding synergy between power sets of different warframes. this also mitigated alot of the grindiness. in my opinion, many ealier attempts at limiting powers, especially at the start of fighting the 'press 4 to win' mentality, came too close to forcing the shooter aspect. granted i completely understand fighting the press 4 to win mentality, but id rather it be through power synergy, still leaving playing a power spamming void demon viable just with more nuance, technique and choice between viable builds, like what they've been trying lately. the removal of solar rail conflicts and introduction of conclave was a big scare to me. 'oh crap, they just removed something unique for the matches in literally every shooter ever' i said. the introduction of energy restores was one of the first signs that DE wasn't trying to slowly become an mmo CoD. they made it viable to use powers to kill things without having nuke power on 4, because u could give urself energy to use a combination of lower dmg output powers as needed. many other changes, like the fissure system, again returned that feeling 'oh crap, its becoming just another shooter' though not as directly, because it made more matches into 5 minute, rinse n repeat style things by removing most of the motivation and desire for most players to stay in a match longer. that change in particular also made several match types virtually identical (pick up 10 reactant, do other objective), not totally identical, but close enough to make it all feel to me like some homogeneous soup that has no unique parts, much like repetitive matches in a shooter. i would much rather hang out with my friends for hours in one or two missions while spamming powers and having a raised risk reward as we go along, than loading in to 40 different matches that all feel the same and arent challenges. again, i realize that this is very much a playstyle preference that not everyone shares, but warframe gives me that option, and restores help make it viable. moving on, cuz that first point got far too long, i feel restores help new to medium players. its a middle ground between 'i dont have energy' and 'ive farmed a full set or two of arcane energize'. i feel like this is the demographic that restores were made for. they are still at a point at which there is a real trade off between using resources to either build restores or focus them into new gear and progression. they keep them in the game with more experienced players when things get a bit rough, where as without them, there would a bigger divide between the 'haves n havenots' granted all of that boils down to points that you two raised, where it becomes a question of economy and game design. im open to seeing those factors changed, as long as it doesn't invalidate variety of playstyles, which i believe to be a core principle of what makes this game better than other shooters. i hope that if u read this far, u can see that while i completely agree with u on many points, i feel those aspects need to be adjusted before im ok with parting with the use of restores. hopefully u can also see why i become defensive (probably overly defensive) when people push for things that could even unintentionally reduce my option of playstyles to one more in line with 'its a shooter, should be played like all other shooters, n powers are just flair'. just to be absolutely clear, im not saying either of u, or anyone else, said anything close to those words. its just that removing or limiting restores could lead down that road if the underlying reasons i stated for having them dont get addressed as well.
  11. really? that in and of itself seems like its got to be a mistake.
  12. here's my thoughts: why are u trying to discourage spamming plates? does it hurt ur gameplay to have other players running around with near infinite energy? why ruin the game for people that like using powers? this game isnt call of duty, its not pvp based, the places like conclave where it is, the gear wheel is disabled, and if it was meant to be a straight forward fps, it would be, and we wouldnt have powers. gd, get over urself, not everyone plays like u, and thats perfectly fine. u dont want to spam plates, then dont. but u dont have the right to choose how other people play or choose what the devs of the game make available to us to allow for various playstyles.
  13. in my opinion, not really... unless its already what they want to focus on. theres a list of things i could point to with countless feedback threads that never got answered.
  14. thats funny, you should do standup. they talk when they feel like talking, they listen when it falls in line with what they wanted to say already. if they were trying to be more communicative, we would know the what the deal is with things promised long ago, like when the solar rails are coming back (or at least an admittance that they arent), when raids are coming back (again, or at least an admittance that they arent), why operator outfits are still broken, etc, etc. DE's M.O. is hype for what they want, radio silence for what the community wants. they didnt decrease the cost of railjack because players asked for that, they lowered it cuz railjack is dead and they want to inflate the number of people playing it, but railjack isnt dead cuz of cost, its dead cuz its tangential n most people dont care to play it. soooo, reduced cost, arcanes from event, and a newly constructed need for those arcanes to force the numbers up. its not about the players wants, its about DE getting player numbers where they want them.
  15. they are larges. u can see it in the top of the screenshot
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