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  1. i purposely did not buy the mesa accessories. its the only one i have not gotten in the 4+ years ive played. will not buy operator items while the last ones i bought are messed up with no response by DE even acknowledging it. i wanted that helm too, but not enough to give in. i personally think enough of us need to boycott buying things until they fix it or they never will. this is months with no response across every thread ive looked at and its unacceptable.
  2. i personally would like to see a category of item that can only be traded for another item in that category. for instance, ephemeras n the old arcane helmets, if they were made to only be tradable for something else in that category, u still cant technically just buy it, you would have to earn one of them to trade for the one you want. i know it would take more coding work than some ideas, but i think it would be interesting, n possibly allow trade of these things without allowing anyone to have them just by opening their wallet
  3. did u think we'd get wisp prime sooner? the regular frame isnt even out yet.
  4. i think its kinda funny watching you guys go back n forth on this. i personally dont think the nightwave seasons are something they'll keep up with. it'll be like most other things, synthesis entries for example. they'll do it until they get too distracted by working on a cinematic quest, or reworking grass (cuz we know how much steve like messing with the grass looks on earths tilesets) and you'll see a nightwave last far too long and them reintroducing the old alert system again. just about the only things they've consistently kept up doing regularly is things they can directly sell us, like prime access packs n such. nothing else is consistent and alot of it falls by the wayside. so arguing about consecutive or overlapping seasons just seems pointless to me. either enjoy it or dont, this whole nightwave thing wont last past them getting really into working on railjack n the new war.
  5. im more worried about equinox at this point. like... exactly how long do we have to wait for it just so they can sqeeze more mesa purchases out of Nintendo users?
  6. personally, i think in its current state its annoying to the point that i dont even know why they bothered and certainly dont understand hyping it. for the most part, it feels the same, until you get into the details. at which point, most of the changes you really notice are negative, except for things like directional slams, and instant swaps, which could have been added without an entire overhaul. and even those additions created issues. i know that its a multi stage process, but at this point i wish they would've waited until it was finished. quick melee being gone is a detriment to many weapons. auto block is extremely annoying. directional slam needs tweaks as it often seems to want to go a certain distance and will often overshoot what youre aiming at. i wish you could hold the melee button while in air to still slam straight down. the inability to rebind the channeling has messed with many people's ability to get their controller setups to feel efficient again if they didnt stick with default. instant swap introduces small yet extremely annoying things like the fact that the mining tools get put away if you melee, requiring you to pull it back out everytime you need to melee the enemy interrupting you as you mine. i would assume this is true of any gear that replaces your gun in your hand, such as scanners. im just disappointed overall at this stage, and seeing as i play on console, its not getting fixed soon. being that i tend to melee alot (probably more than i should, as in long runs i tend to melee until its getting me killed) this feels like its going to ruin alot of my playtime for the next few months. guess ill be playing alot of sekiro, but i wish they wouldn't have done this with nightwave active, as it feels like you get punished for not devoting time to warframe right now.
  7. same issue. figured id try out the new decoration n see what i can do with it, turns out nothing. just fyi, im my clans founding warlord, and can confirm its just plain broken, rank doesnt matter
  8. they arent going to make equinox 9 parts right after changing trade to have 6 slots explicitly for the reason of every set being tradable in one trade.
  9. nope. as far as ive seen, they are completely ignoring every single operator outfit issue, doesn't come up on stream n no replies here.
  10. ive had my dramatic moments lmao. but no, i dont usually make a fuss anymore unless its over blatant 'why isnt this fixed yet, you said you wouldnt do this' type problems. like this, they released it, recalled it, said if they changed it again theyd do it right, then an update later released it wrong again. its ridiculous n they know it, they just had a prime accessories pack coming with operator items, n the new update with operator items. pushing out new content took precedence over our items maintaining quality, and im sure they'll get back around to it once fortuna part 2 n fixes following that arent looming over them. however, it shouldn't have been pushed out in this shape n it would be nice if they could make one statement saying 'yes we we'll look into it, we're just working on more pressing issues that directly affect gameplay first' so we know they actually hear us n get this this is a problem.
  11. i think u miss the point. theres 20+ threads dating back to november n de hasnt acknowledged one of em.
  12. to be fair, if you cant barely play on orb vallis due to lag n computer specs, you wont be able to play the heists either due to lag n computer specs... they are out in orb vallis. maybe im crazy but that doesn't seem like a valid reason to make heists open to players who just dont bother putting in the work, or players that started a week or two ago n wanna moan about how they cant do the new thing when they havent done most of the old things. also, try turning off a bunch of the particle effects n other visual effects, it may help your playability.
  13. not really a damned if u do damned if u dont situation imo. people complaining doesn't make it so. theres also threads about how people dont like being able to crush all the new content in a week. making what should be endgame (or at least a challenge) into easy new player fodder makes that problem worse. DE makes plenty of content geared at new players. some content just shouldnt be easy n shouldnt be designed for new players to do it without putting in work. mmos dont get expansions with raids built for people that have been playing two weeks, they get ones with some content for everyone n a raid designed for people that have already played the rest of the content. these heists are that raid. between elite onslaught, arbitrations n these heists, the vets have just now been getting the endgame content they've wanted for years. let them have it. DE gets on strings of design, right now theyre catching up on long overdue challenging content, after this they will be back to new player content soon enough. i agree with you entirely except that last sentence, just making it clear i did read more than that sentence. this post is more so to spell it out a little more for the people saying it should be easy content than a rebuttal to you.
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