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  1. Submission for clan Alternate Intelligence. platform xbox one. course and footage by Gold Glove 3B ran with an unmodded atlas. thank you for having a look.
  2. to be fair, if you cant barely play on orb vallis due to lag n computer specs, you wont be able to play the heists either due to lag n computer specs... they are out in orb vallis. maybe im crazy but that doesn't seem like a valid reason to make heists open to players who just dont bother putting in the work, or players that started a week or two ago n wanna moan about how they cant do the new thing when they havent done most of the old things. also, try turning off a bunch of the particle effects n other visual effects, it may help your playability.
  3. not really a damned if u do damned if u dont situation imo. people complaining doesn't make it so. theres also threads about how people dont like being able to crush all the new content in a week. making what should be endgame (or at least a challenge) into easy new player fodder makes that problem worse. DE makes plenty of content geared at new players. some content just shouldnt be easy n shouldnt be designed for new players to do it without putting in work. mmos dont get expansions with raids built for people that have been playing two weeks, they get ones with some content for everyone n a raid designed for people that have already played the rest of the content. these heists are that raid. between elite onslaught, arbitrations n these heists, the vets have just now been getting the endgame content they've wanted for years. let them have it. DE gets on strings of design, right now theyre catching up on long overdue challenging content, after this they will be back to new player content soon enough. i agree with you entirely except that last sentence, just making it clear i did read more than that sentence. this post is more so to spell it out a little more for the people saying it should be easy content than a rebuttal to you.
  4. i disagree personally. should u be able to access them, get smashed, and have goals to work towards? sure. should they be easy so they bore everyone thats not new? no. not everything should be a cake walk. players that have been playing this game for years and are prepared still want challenges. these things arent supposed to be an easy planet boss you can railroad through. they are supposed to be an epic hunt that takes planning, cooperation, good builds and team builds. it shouldnt be so hard you have to become a hardcore vet player with a team pulled from the tops ranks of a leaderboard to beat it, but it also shouldnt be made easy for new players. it shouldn't be so easy you dont need a team. if i can oneshot these things because ive been playing this game for 4 years and know how to put a build together, im going to be pissed.
  5. is there any plan to fix the operator outfits' clipping, color mismatch, and alignment issues that theres 20 or so bug n feedback threads for? i must admit, new operator items would be much more exciting when it doesn't mean all of our old customization goes out the window. id love new hair, but not as much as i want the items ive paid money for to maintain a level of quality they are currently missing.
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