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  1. So a forgettable, subpar weapon is being added to a lab containing a forgettable and subpar frame. Yeah, I'm still not building that junk in my dojo. Not to mention that a Grineer weapon is being added to a Fortuna/Ventkids themed lab. That's just bizarre if you ask me and looks like a very meager attempt at making that room at least slightly more relevant. It should be added to the Ghoul-Purge event reward-table, because that just makes the most sense.
  2. Nidus's Prime Mutation is perhaps the most unique effect tied to a frame up to date. I really don't understand why it was deliberately removed from his tennogen skins, but I give up on trying to. Various comments and a widely supported thread have cropped up, all asking for the prime mutation to be implemented again, but even they were unable able to break through your silence. Sad thing is that I realize that if this was a female frame, you'd be all over fixing it ASAP like you did with Mesa Prime Tennogen back in the day, and you'd be very open about your intentions of doing so. This whole thing is just sad and it sucked out all of my enthusiasm for my favorite frame getting primed.
  3. Bumping once again because the issue wasn't fixed with the latest update and it's hotfixes.
  4. I'm all for it coming back. Golden arm is nice and all, but I bought the PA for his unique mutation effect. I'm really hoping that they're actively working on it and not trying to sweep it under the rug.
  5. Still no Nidus Prime stacks effects on tennogen skins. What's stopping you from simply adding it back on the model? It worked fine before you "fixed" it in the first hotfix after his release. Is it the slight difference in their models? With the stacks effect on we wouldn't see ANY clipping anyway, because his model would be covered in tentacles. There is literally zero reason for it not being present on the tennogen skins.
  6. So the most important and unique aspect of his prime appearing on regular Tennogen with decals on was a "mistake / bug"? Are you serious? It's nice to have his golden arm present on Tennogen, but why are you excluding his stacks effect? It's Mesa Prime all over again.
  7. And aside from all those needless body parts, you also had to delete the one thing that made me buy him? That stack effect worked great before the hotfix and looked nice. Are you bringing it back? Edit: He's also now missing the back of his thighs with prime details turned on.
  8. My go-to for specters is Proboscis Cernos for it's crowd-control and AoE. I always use it with my Nidus specter whenver I'm in SP.
  9. All warframes already have the same exact height at their necks and the same rigging, so it'd be feasible technically. But we've been asking for simple toggles of particular additive clothing parts like Mesa's cowboy chaps, which would be just as simple, if not even easier to pull of, and got nothing out of it. It's a very nice idea that will most likely never see the light of day.
  10. It's not the game's fault that you have trouble with rolling once to evade a simple and telegraphed ability, and killing the acolyte in between his cast-times. Just do what everyone else does and bring a status primer like Epitaph's quick-shot, shoot few times and wail at him with regular CO melee. It's the easiest way of killing all acolytes in seconds. Sometimes I even kill him before he can cast his magnetize, so that's that. Yes, he's unfair, but only before you understand how his attacks work and learn how to evade them.
  11. It has distinct visual and audio cues when he attaches it to you, so it's not that hard to avoid. All you have to do is pay attention next time he's about to spawn and you'll pick up on them. That and not shoot like a madmen everywhere, so you won't kill yourself by accident while he's around.
  12. The sooner we get to off her the better. I'm hoping that we'll get a chance to end her suffering in the New War, but I doubt they'll get rid of one of their favorite mascots. It's probably going to be a big forgiveness scene and we'll get her back in some capacity. That, or maybe this https://www.warframe.com/lotus-packs/ will stop being a joke and finally become reality.
  13. If this was a certain cringy site, you'd have gotten so many downarrows and be called mean names for wanting to take away someone's validation points. But yeah, I'm all for removing their visibility, or the entire system altogether.
  14. I've been waiting since 4th of August and it got approved like two or three days ago. From what I've seen and been told - they have someone come in and skim through the emblems at least once a month. There is still time for yours to be approved before the next update (8th of September).
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