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  1. Jack-all? Big doubt! Despite its huge potential Conclave always was just a side gimmick to the main game. The very few stream features aside we had the popular Variant events and thats it. It was mostly one dev aka DEJoebuck working on Conclave and doing a pretty well job about balancing the whole thing from scratch. As long as it got dev support (until poe launch) it always had a fairly active and by no means dwindling community behind. Do not mistake match making flaws with nobody playing it either. Also do you remember the pie chart about the popularity of mission types they presented? Keep
  2. Hi there! I always wondered why Gunblades never got introduced to the reworked Conclave.. Was it a balance issue? The lack of stance moves back then? Not enough feedback/threads about it? idk... But I do remember that I always had a blast using Redeemer myself or vsing ppl who used the only Gunblade available in the old 1.0 Conclave system. If they ever were to be added to Conclave, how should they behave and what role should they take on? My thoughts were that they'd be some neat tool for chipping off dmg from players that stay close but out of the ordinary melee range. So
  3. good point... beside cs go, cod is pretty much one of the biggest shooter titles out there and thus it also attracts lots of immature audience below pg16/M or whatever players... cuz its cool to play a big trending adult game and what not. therefore social interaction and mutual respect are taken light heartedly/are forgotten even faster if the online ego kicks for some players on the other hand I can say from observing and experience that pve gamer rage can be hell on earth aswell.. up to a point where personal feuds and even clan/guild/alliance vendettas led to even more grief and destr
  4. They already had that from scratch... but as you said they let em down :(
  5. And what about those Conclave Sigils that even show in the stats?
  6. Don't forget about the bug fixes and re-/balance of the new reworked/added stuff since poe launch
  7. y... you mean... the game's core mechanics? 😲
  8. As you said its just a touch which shouldn't even be a problem to begin with because there are the very easy ones aswell. You mean stuff like "Kill 3 enemies while Airborne in a match"? Sure they exist, but we also got stuff like "Complete 1 matches" and a lot of other versions that are not limited by one match. "Capture 4 Cephalons", "Kill 4 enemies while Airborn", "Return your team's Cephalon 1 times", "Complete 6 Successful Passes to teammates" as examples. That makes 5 unlimited vs 3 with the phrase 'in a match' of my dailies rn. Solid ratio tbh. Isolation? I
  9. Cherry picking are we? Most challenges are done while playing for the daily cap anyway. Don't tell me stuff like smashing ctrl while getting 3-4 kills is the Everest kind of a challenge... Depending on your daily challenges it actually could complete up to 2 challenges at once. Crap-load my arse... Its additional rep on top of your daily cap while you already play and 2 possible dailies each mode. Even at 2.0 Conclave's launch time everyone was laughing about how ridiculously easy the challenges were and thought about harder ones that'll be deemed worthy the name challenge. Meaning in consider
  10. Quite the brainlet moment... here click this, I dare you: You get me wrong quite fast, but let me rephrase my point for you: Conclave is great! The way DE is treating Conclave and its dedicated players for the past 3+ years is terrible. wdym the skins that are meant to show your dedication towards Conclave? The handful redundant mods that aren't included to pve yet, which purpose is solely for pvp balance? Well yea its a Necramech not a Warframe... The idea is bad and overhyped because it dosen't matter what the newbies are starting to play, if you
  11. You can get the regular standing cap AND the rep from the challenges as additional reputation on top AND you get additional 50k from Teshin for doing some weeklies. The reputation gain is based on your performance during the match. From Conclave you get the most standing shoved up the arse by far. How fast you gain it depends on you.
  12. I mean sure... you do you... But you could do that easily aswell in a random match.. https://imgur.com/a/74MrxL6
  13. uh... DE even stated officially that the AI looses accuracy depending on your mobility/moves/whatever you wanna call it... And lots of ppl already went so far that it broke the engine without any i-frames being needed and for some not even being available lol Scaling dmg multipliers and so on still makes 9999lvl enemies look like a rank 1 grunt... thats not even close to be an endgame cuz there is no return in player investment... only the same rewards one gets at low tier/time/lvl/whatever missions aswell... The Dark Sector Solar Railwars were an endgame system. But instead of fixing
  14. Index: PvE Rathuum: PvE Conclave: PvP Conclave Syndicate Rewards: Mods that help you altering your playstyle within Conclave (yay DE was generous enough to make some mods and augments work in pve now), Cosmetics to represent your dedication towards Conclave Warframe's PvP mode. Hope you see where this goes. 😉 And no the bots won't make it better just easier to exploit/cheese standing so that DE would have to make them not give any standing at all like private lobbies... The Conclave Syndicate already is the fastest and easiest to max out. If you have trouble
  15. Conclave existed before the dark sector system and later we had both. They simply used the moment when they scrapped dark sectors to rework the conclave system
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