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  1. Yup... sadly there are some individuals who grind rc and won't give any #*!%s about other people... just for the ez standing or kd farm (when kd in this game means nothing... the really top notch players usually have something around 2.x to 1.x kd which comes naturally from facing off other players of the same skill lvl or even better ones from when they did the climb)
  2. Because and despite what some toxic meme trolls might wanna say Conclave was never dead and the casual pve match up system worked fine in the days when it received dev support. You could find matches literally almost every time. And if not it ususally was the ping limit, already all existing lobbies were full, or it was something like 4am in the region you tried to search lobbies in and the people of that region who would play even at that hour were either in private matches or sleeping once in a while. Still... a server browser was already requested at that time, but it did not have that much of a priority. Because with all the freedom that eg. the movement system gives and the weapon and Warframe variety we have in Warframe it creates a big pool for individualized gameplay approaches. Like it is in every other games it needs some time to learn the things and build experience. But even then I have witnessed players that started off completely new with no prior Warframe experience and they made the climb in Conclave (and also pve) to be fairly decent and respectable competitive (cuz that was their ambition) within less than a month. That fast time does not count for everyone, because some might wanna approach the game more casually than others, but thats also what makes games with such variety and skill gap interesting. Because you can see different skill plateaus with different gameplay approaches and it is nice to see how players tweak their gameplay and manage the next step up there. Often learning from observing others or straight up asking for advise and teaching and training also plays a role there, which in my opinion, is a pretty wholesome human interaction. The Conclave rework we play atm has an old road map, but with the big ambition DE took when they tried to create the first open world PoE they miscalculated their time and resource investment since it was a pioneer project in terms of Warframe. So to not let the resulting content drought go on for much longer they involved every available dev to the poe development. The pvp dev included because it wouldn't have hurt much since pvp had its best balance state directly before poe launched and because pve is the main focus of the game. Sadly they never returned the dev to pvp, but had more such ambitious projects planned for the next years (Fortuna, Deimos, Railjack, melee rework etc.)... Actually they announced on stream that 2020 was supposed to be the year where they'd came back to pvp development, but then the global covid pandemic happened and they had to postpone lots of plans including the pvp thing when they had to spent time for the work from home restructure. During Tennocon in Tenno Live Scott mentioned work or discussions about pvp briefly, but thats all we know so far.. not what it is, neither when. Its actually balanced pretty well. You got your effective hit points (ehp) and you got your mobility stat. E.g. the less mobility the slower you are, but the tankier your Warframe. imho its a pretty well balanced system. There are a couple outliners now due to new Prime Warframes making it into Conclave during these 4 years of dev neglect without getting balanced. But its just a very few. Lunaro has other causes. The pve community at that time asked for a Conclave mode that does not include killing other Tennos. So DE decided to implement a Rocket League alike ball sport game, which these players never expected. Lunaro suffers from 2 major things. The first would be that those players were just ranting about Conclave and never intended to play it, even after DE decided to implement something that fulfilled what they asked for. And the other problem is the poor netcoding of Lunaro. You can see that Lunaro got put together in a rush. On launch it had a couple bugs, but was fairly playable. Later on during the couple early fixes and changes other problems got introduced. For example the weird coding and ball behavior and lag causing more trouble than before. Depending on the ping some people can catch instable balls, players that are behind you catch the ball earlier than you and with the later implemented tackle resistance laggy players can ignore your one chance of interrupting them and continue to score easily. Its a shame that it has come to that, but DE dropped development on Lunaro pretty quick.
  3. Ah reasons? Let me tell you: Poor balance state through a couple unfixed bugs and unbalanced reworks from 4 years of dev neglect (where most of them are simple single 1 to 0 flag changes in the code if DE could be arsed to move a pinky already) unfitting match up system for 8 player endless lobbies with 48 delimited 'spheres' (6 regions * 4 modes * rc enabled/disabled) and this doesn't even take ping limit, private lobbies, already filled lobbies, different server hosted lobbies within the same 'sphere' and bugged lobbies (not full but can't join em) into account... can be easily fixed by a server browser btw big skill gap between regulars and the usual pve player cuz in pve your mod build makes up for your gameplay mistakes against a brain dead zerking AI (most players are barely capable of the very basic core mechanics and many even fail at that cuz there is no need to learn them in pve), while in pvp you face other players with equal chances who punish these mistakes and learned to go beyond the basics... flow charts, strategies, player behavior for prediction can all be learned rather quickly, but ppl would have to step down their power fantasy ego to do so... "nice mode, nice gameplay but cba to go through that huge pve grind wall to begin with" yes many players from other games like the idea and gameplay of Conclave, but they have no intention to sink months into the game just to get the gear they might like... also to little dev support on Conclave for them to even make a casual slow entrance to the game itself years of petty parroted meme and troll posts for forum and /r rep points from toxic ppl, many aspiring small and (in terms of this game) big content creators who lack insight, knowledge and reason when talking about Conclave, who also do the parroting to gain ez trust with the toxic bunch I already mentioned before in hope to get a fame boost... while DE barely ever promotes Conclave in their streams to begin with, neither do they bother to shut down the mass of misinformation and the resulting gossip through clarification, not even sure if such even reaches their radar to begin with
  4. but now some people are missing from the score board during matches and at the end of match resume. It only shows the 5 guys who joined the lobby first if I'm not mistaken.
  5. yup none of the prime access made it through but the ghoulsaw is in and here are the base pvp arsenal stats
  6. Hello there! I've been thinking a lot about Variant recently. For those who do not know what that is, it was a ffa insta gib mode where everyone had the same mobility and 100 hp only, abilities were disabled. The charge time of Opticor Variant was reduced so it was the same as a Ferrox primary fire. It was fairly fun and balanced. Even DE and players who couldn't settle with the normal Conclave modes enjoyed playing it. I understand that it merely served as a place holder for the Snowball, Quick Steel and that Valentines Day Bow event, but there was no reason to remove it back then. At that time Conclave was lively enough to find matches around the clock and around the globe. It also was fairly balanced due to everything being the same and no reworks affecting it. So what do I mean with Clan emphasis? Conclave in its current state suffers fromt the 4 years of dev neglect where the reworks bleeded over and some things broke. Thus the player numbers are low and especially players who try to test Conclave have a hard time finding matches or go up against the regular players who have way more experience up their sleeves. With Variant alive again more players would play Conclave again and earn Syndicate reputation in a more balanced setting due to its simplified nature. Adding a Team Annihilation Variant mode can also help us to teach and train newcomers the basics of the movement system and Conclave maps. When I look back we had lots of Conclave clans that did exactly that already with the normal modes and it made Conclave as a whole more lively to begin with. Variant can serve as an ice breaker and training ground for lots of players in that way. That also inlcudes Conclave unfamiliar Clans, since they simply can set up TA Variant matches. So with Variant and especially a TA Variant mode active again more players would be willing to play Conclave and earn their reputation, which also helps with finding matches more easily and can contribute to reviving clan activity in the Conclave. I'm sure it'll also contribute to the next Tenno Olympics as a fetching mode choice.
  7. oof screen shots would require a lot of murex grind and lucky tile spawn.. Was thinking of the heavy rotated Scarlet spear rooms mostly. If that helps. Or the room from Teshin's new war gameplay trailer where the doors locked and we got to see a lot of Orvius slingshot action in it.
  8. I got like 3-4 bigger rooms in mind that could fit a pvp setting with a couple touch ups here and there. Would love to see these room types in Conclave aswell.
  9. These are bots, those are bots, we all are bots. Jokes aside thats literally the first post on that matter with valid reasoning behind that I've read here so far and while reading I've been thinking about Titanfall's Attrition. One could take it as inspiration for a Conclave implemention. I'd love to see an AI improvement for the Warframe bots. It'll also contribute to the pve specters.
  10. Yea and thats what they do... Most Conclave players aren't fundamentally against the bot idea, but how'd you code them to be better than that and how would you compose their difficulty so everyone is engaged? The reason of them arguing against it is because nobody came up with answeres to that.
  11. cope? Multi accounting to waste other ppls time and derail threads with troll posting is a thing on this forum. I bet you know what I'm talking about.
  12. Did you just use a new alt account to rephrase the same line twice? Bruh... Inb4 his next alt account starts posting.
  13. Why should someone who's enjoying a game go to another? You know thats a customer less for the devs? You know that Conclave existed as one of the oldest game modes way before the movement rework? And that DE seperated the Conclave balance from pve balance so they could e.g. tie ehp to mobility as balance factors? The poor state Conclave is in atm is a reflection from the 4 years of dev neglect and bugs and exploits bleeding over from some reworks. Not to mention the unfitting matchmaking system. 6 regions, ping limit, matching bugs and rc which doubles that again... Bug and exploit fixes and a server browser or such would path the way to fix that. Before poe you literally could play around the clock if you wanted. How do you make up that number? Look... if you reeeeeaaaally want the mods and skins and ignore that stuff to get matches: You can still gather ppl in recruit chat, forums, your friend list or where ever to get matches done. Even some of the content creators play it every now and then.
  14. We already had that with the current version. OG Conclave were nodes on the planets where you could play with your pve loadouts. The only balance restriction was a Conclave score limit where everything you used had its own rating. Later DE scrapped that concept, detached it from pve (more or less.. still the same code but with multipliers) and rebuilt and rebalanced it. I can tell you that Conclave had its best balance state right before poe launched and the devs decided to stop the development. It wasn't dead either. You could literally play days through and always find matches. I doubt that most of the pvp players are against adding new things to the syndicate pool as long as they're somewhat related to pvp/pvx and reasonably inclosed. Its just that the demands very often snap from add it to replace/remove with no valid reasoning behind.
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