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  1. it was still bearable and most players stuck to the honour code, but with the over the top mod set ups we have now it gonna be disastrous.
  2. That sounds like a survival mission ngl
  3. sounds easily exploitable... the AI would be required to not run in circles and not have quick to catch on patterns. Would require some vets to contribute command chains for efficient moves and positioning data etc. and how would you determine the AI's difficulty scaling? Otherwise some regular players would just farm them as if it was casual pve missions while newcommers wouldn't survive any encounter...
  4. Just never add collision for these...
  5. Wasn't it the pve players who already boosted through Conclave that got vocal against the uni meds? Pretty sure most pvp regulars didn't give a shiet and even if they didn't like the idea it would've shut up the idiocracy of those who'd constantly pull random conspiracy against pvp outta thin air, just so they could get easier ways to obtain the rewards or kill the entire section of the game entirely... so they kept quiet about it beside some small discussions. Putting the ridiculous suggestions aside, that would wreck the entire uni med system to begin with ofc
  6. But then they'd miss out on the money the still hooked players would provide in the future.
  7. Or use the time required to delete all these random posts for years to foreward the named problems to the dev so the problems get fixed and such messages die off themselves instead... smh
  8. idk man Conclave is basically the only thing that keeps me playing Warframe since Dark Sectors died... + others just play Warframe for the pvp aswell, pve is extra for them but money still flows
  9. therefore DE already implemented a seperated balance system for Conclave, imagine that 🤪
  10. The Opticor Variant mode was a blast to play! ❤️
  11. while yes the player number decreased since poe launch and the missing dev support, its not dead. If you have trouble finding lobbies with that unfitting matchmaking system here is a video that could help you: They actually do. 2020 was supposed to be the year of comming back to pvp, but that was announced before Covid hit the globe and with the following reorganization their plans got discarded since pve is the main focus of Warframe. Atm they have no officially announced plans for approacing it again. We got the player hosted dedicated servers on pc for several years now... But even if that kinda stuff wasn't within DE's possibilities to implement for consoles, a simple server/lobby browser would bypass the entire issue about not finding active/full lobbies which is caused by the unfitting matchmaking system from pve.
  12. this... https://gfycat.com/tensewellinformedhorseshoebat
  13. idk if they ever fixed the bugs there either tbh... last time I tried playing it was bugged beyond comprehension... both sides unable to move and such. Defo would need a fix. Yea iirc it was only planned as fun mode similar to flappy zephyr and wyrmius. True if they'd really wanna build on it there should be some more unique move sets... eg. similar to Conclave balance that you get light, mid and heavy character animation/attack/move sets at least.
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