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  1. I guess the confirmation isn't the problem here... This is: https://imgur.com/a/QQpiVdL 3+ years without development or even a plan for it
  2. at least that one got removed again on pc now
  3. tbfh almost any solution sounds like a blessing as utterly broken it is even a simple poll about what they should work on pvp or whatever would solve so many issues... but that'll require to move a pinky after 3 years of neglect...
  4. don't bother he just gonna ask shallow question and bait out reactions so he can be nitpicky on whatever he feels triggering lol
  5. Idc about Destiny tbh.. I play Warframe since steam release. Thus I can say so much for Warframe's pvp. Since its rework it is still tied to the pve code (reason thats causing imbalance through reworks or newly added unbalanced stuff which gets even worse because DE is ghosting Conclave for the past 3 years due to toxic pve purist tantrums), but it has its own multipliers to balance things out. As an example for the Warframes it'll be ehp to mobility. Simple and seperated from pve balance and it does its job formidable. The majority of the weapons is balanced in a way so that prime, prisma, va
  6. Sorry but thats just stupid... with all honesty. That fear is completely unsolidified and the way it makes you (and so many others within Warframe's community) act is self destructive at best. Scare away more dedicated and potentially new players who'd support the game you try to hold dear... DE stated so many times that the game's primary focus is pve, but this dosen't mean that it couldn't have a successful pvp aswell. Alone how the entire game was build through the years you'd either have to play pve and get Warframes and weapons if you wanna play pvp with diverse loadouts, or trade/ca
  7. So you wanna give the vets a free pass to stomp even harder? Do you know what bypasses shield gating? headshots do. Do you know what ratio increases drastically as you reduce the mobility? headshots do. The mobility isn't whats keeping Conclave down. In fact the movement system is whats keeping it alive and unique... Whats holding Conclave down are 3 years without notable development/balancing and being a side gimmick in a game with toxic pve puristic community. :/
  8. For the last time, despite Warframe being advertised as coop pve game Conclave as in pvp is one of its oldest existing systems. And DE wouldn't have reworked it if there wasn't an audience behind playing it. The BR idea aside you do realize that with such commands you're rather doing harm to the game you try to defend? Not quite the elaborate way of stating things.. However I have to agree that BR in Warframe isn't the best idea. Alone the effort needed to optimize the game's coding so that its able to support such huge lobby size in realtime... You can see it in the relays a
  9. Thats simply competitive pve... pvx or how you call it pvevp has to implement direct pvp elements.... and what do you do in a shooter the most even if its 3rd person and has melee + space magic elements? Kill ppl... therefore my reasoning. What he's asking for are basically the ranked events from back then where a task had more priority than just killing the ai.
  10. Actually Conclave was pretty well balanced during the time when raids got removed and it was never dead to begin with. Atm its at its worst state in Warframe's history due to 3 years of dev neglect. Oh and the players who play Conclave... Beside the couple remaining pvp purists that get drawn into the pve grind sooner or later nontheless. (yay more ppl for the pve player count)
  11. Yet again you're... ...enough to ignore the fact that a lot of the Conclave playing ppl enjoy the... ...instead of uh.. for example brain afk one button nuke camping against endless hordes of zerking AIs. 🤔 They enjoy the change in scenery for some exciting mix up between the dulling grind sessions. Conclave's main issues about new player retention that come to my mind atm are that: - its badly advertised, so many players don't even know that Warframe has pvp - the moment you start your first Conclave match (without miraculously knowing how to edit your Con
  12. etc... Ngl I'd advise you to go over your homework again, because it contains a lot of the typical parroted misinformation that is circulating within the bubble of pve purists and especially the bIg CoNtEnTcReAtOrS for many years by now. Also why should people abandon Warframe and play Destiny when they want to play and support Warframe? What kinda nonsense line is that to begin with!? By your logic: Hey, Destiny has raids too ya know!.... Would be much apprechiated if you'd stop facerolling your entitlement about a couple redundant Conclave dedicated mods and skins on the keyboar
  13. You know that the Dark Sectors were pvx and not pvp only? Thats how it meddled with the pve experience (less with the experience and more with the ressource gain on the dedicated nodes) unless you entered the rail wars which was the only pvp of it. Conclave as it is now and was developed until 3 years ago (when DE literally stopped to work on it) never fkd up anything for pve. It's literally the pve code with other multipliers dedicated for Conclave and a very few mechanic/ability changes on Warframes and weapons to be balanced in a pvp environment. That balance state gets fkd up once the
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