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  1. I can't agree any more to this... The count of random teleports through the map caused by Stormpath's pull that I had to go through the previous weekend alone... incredible!
  2. In fact the shield gating, with its current invulnerability phase, gives a great new template and chance to rebalance ehp and mobility values on warframes and rtk, fire rate, accuracy values etc. on weapons.
  3. While Telos Boltace's problems with Stormpath still did not receive any fix yet, here is another thing that can be caused by it due to the Ragdoll effect ignoring the map boundaries. You can't get out of there unless you die somehow.
  4. Shield gating itself isn't that much of a problem tbh, neither is the invincibility phase. You know its gonna happen and you know how to bypass it. Its just another layer to increase the average ttk with some actual tactical and skill based aspects to it, while it makes things harder to land easy one hits. However what is a problem with shield gating are for example a missing distinctly and noticeable indicator to when the shield is depleted for sure. Players can be left with some silver of shield, but during the thrills of a fight it is barely possible to see that tiny pixel of shield that can be left. Leading you into false decision making in the expectation the gating has taken effect already. Another problem with the current state of shield gating is that you enter shield gating whenever you have 1+ shield. So if there is a hasty and rather long dragging on fight the shields are very likely to regenerate and enable yet another invulnerability phase on top to the extra regenerated ehp right away. This being bad doubles down with the missing indicator. You may just take your kill shot, but the shield regeneration kicked in in just that moment. So you did not only miss out on that blue pixel (maybe there wasn't even a chance to see it), but you just made your opponent invincible yet again, which gives him a huge random chance to turn the tides while you were just about to finish him by the result of your gameplay. For that I'd like to suggest that the ability to enter a shield gate is only activated once you fully replenish your shield bar (including respawn) and will be disabled once activated until the shield bar is fully recharged again. This function should take away the disruptiveness of random shield gating and incentivise tactical decision making of whether you stay in the figth or disengage. As I implied before in my opinion the shield gating itself isn't that bad of a thing to exist, but a better indicator e.g. a small symbol next to the hp bar or another shield color when it is available for you or your opponents and generally for the invincibility duration would be a great thing to exist.
  5. Thats your point, but not the theme the author's thread is about yet. As far as I could follow he tries to get into a discussion with the regular pvp players to create a consensus what the actually playing pvp community's thoughts about the rewards are. Which in the end DE could use as some sort of agreement or to lighten the hardship on the mind that a decision like removing the exclusity of rewards can bring. As far as I dare to guess the post was made as a help to get things moving again, you gotta start somewhere. But a pvx mode can be a valid option to execute the removal of the pvp rewards exclusity. A good example for such a pvx mode would be this: "The Proving Ground" suggestion from @sanghije
  6. whats that thingy to the middle right below that kuva bramma 🤔
  7. that face is kinda creepy ngl
  8. You might like this idea then:
  9. Thats some quite subjective rant there ngl... I mean... In a shooter its literally the main goal to keep your crosshair on the opponent as much as possible to keep the ttk as minimal as possible and don't give your opponent an inch. In short: to shoot your opponent better than he shoots you. And afaik Warframe ever was and still is advertised as a "Looter Shooter" despite all that one button aoe nuke stuff. Beside the mikro skill for aiming you also got the movement as an important factor in Warframe. And on top of these two mikro skill factors one can build some makro skills with tactics for example: how and when and where you want to engage or disengage from fights or simple positioning that allows you to have an advantage over your opponent by simply being at the right time at the right place. These both skill sets, mikro and makro, will grow with your game experience. And thats literally what Conclave is about... A training ground to train your shooter skill sets within the game in an arena player versus player setting. Conclave is a classic arena shooter with the simple and traditional game modes 'Free for All/Deathmatch' (Annihilation), 'Team Deathmatch' (Team Annihilation) and 'Capture the Flag' (Capture the Cephalon). (excluding Lunaro for Rocket league reasons, but even there you have to aim and 'shoot' the ball with your crosshair) The only major difference between Conclave and other pvp shooter games is the unique movement system. Sure it has balance and bug issues due to its code being tied to pve development and sure Ccpt. and Lunaro have their own issues as modes aswell and sure... a lot of people would like to see other game modes being added to Conclave. (pvx and pvp) Even something objective based similar to pve missions in a pure pvp setting like mobile def or interception, etc could work. But that'll require DE to work on and polish Conclave again, which this post is about. Btw even these objective based Hero shooters like Overwatch require basic shooter skill sets to disrupt your opposing team as much as possible and succeed in the end.(even as melee character you'd have to point your crosshair into the direction you wanna hit) 😉
  10. I know the misunderstandings are cleared by now, but I just wanted to add that video here on that matter... Yes with Warframe's unique movement its rather hard to shoot someone who is utilizing said movement quite versatile and efficient. However you can be very successful with a decent common-pvp-shooter skill set aswell. It'll just need some 'getting into' learning time to get used to the mostly used movement pattern and paths. (even if you don't use them and just shoot at them) Over the years we used to have quite a bunch of dudes by now, who were barely moving, but instead very efficient at shooting based on their shooter experience. They could (literally) stand their ground quite good. Imho if DE manages to attract more pvp players of other games, we won't only get the pvp infants as new players. Rather a decent mix up.
  11. That train had missed the station a couple years ago... I'm playing this game constantly since release and can say so much, that with the reduction of competition the toxicity grew in Warframe. Not only player vs player drama, but also towards the devs. A noticeable big amount of the rising toxicity is literally caused by spoiled gluttony akin content greed that forces DE to push the updates faster and faster with less time to think things through or balance and fix stuff properly as Warframe gets bigger and much more versatile... That kinda causes a vicious cycle imho. Ppl sitting on op stuff and crave for a challenge, DE gives new bullet sponge boss or new boss with extra kill requirements, or tries to slow down the grind for top tier stats with rng and the mass is in turmoil while demanding MOAR CONTENT yet again. Kinda understandable that Steve called Warframe that monstrosity they had to feed.
  12. Ivara Prime's ehp/mobility balance has to be rebalanced. She's basically a 0.9 Warframe ehp wise with 1.0 mobility. Also while we're at it... Mesa Prime is a 0.9 mobility Warframe with 1.0 like ehp and needs a rebalance aswell!
  13. You also can get shot in the ragdoll state and die before falling too far out of the map.
  14. Especially because it only requires one of four players from each team to confront the opponent directly. There were so many discussions were people wanted to compete with each other in, as they called it: "pvevp" (short pvx), while almost all the suggested modes were simple competitive pve, kinda similar to Warframe's old ranked events. This mode however implements a direct pvp element which gives the mode the right to be called pvx. The pvp aspect is also a mere tool to boost your pve progress in that mode. Truly a win win!
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