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  1. Oh btw I found out another thing. Telos Boltace's ragdoll effect makes you ignore map boundaries such as the invisible sky wall or the respawn boundary when falling off.
  2. I got a few more points to add. Misplacement on rmb combos (dash/jump combo) This occurs quite frequent and primarily when you've performed other actions and start to use the rmb combo again. Then its only happening on the first dash, if you dash repetitively the rest will be fine unless there was a brief pause... Haven't had the chance to find out more detail about this except its happening in pvp as well as pve equally: As you can see in these gifs it suddenly warps you to the side. Zoom (aiming down sight) keeps bugging/toggling regularly As far as I can say this bug does not seem to depend on the weapon you use. It happened to me while using any primary or secondary weapon class so far and even while using melee or the scanner in pve. I'm not quite sure what the cause for that bug is, since its appearance is rather inconsistent so far. Respawning does not solve the issue. Using rmb (zooming/aiming down sight) again does.
  3. Talking about bugs beside a much needed big weapon and ability balance overhaul? These boosted wall attacks still occur, but not as frequent as they used to before old blood: The levitating-state bug While I try to cut corners better by catching the rear wall of it with a wall latch (e.g. by passing door ways) and the overall given 2nd midair momentum pause beside double jump, that the new air melee gives us, my wall interaction got even more frequent and thus the occurrence of the levitating-state bug increased equally. Up to now its no dramatic biggie to me anymore since I found my ways to deal with it or even suppress it or use it to my advantage in some situations, but its existence is still a noticeable bother. Due to other things having a way higher urge to be fixed I didn't investigate more into depth, but as far as I can say from the number of occurrences there are two major trigger factors to it: Ground interaction (e.g. a quick slide + ads dip on an edge or small obstacle) Wall interaction (quick wall latches with and without ground interaction) As I already mentioned you can suppress that effect if you don't bug out too much. For example with aerial movement (bjump, djump, melee), rolls, other wall interactions. However sometimes that will result in yet another bug. Upward slams: Names and the hp bar refuse to disappear or they fade too slow: Weapon sounds and other sounds are simply not there sometimes. For example when you rapidly tap a weapon or try to shoot a Vectis as fast as possible from my own experience through the feedback of others. That aside I know the sound design is meant to bear the pve side of the game and thus many sounds get layered or reduced beyond being recognizable to minimize the cluster#*!% on our ears and to lead the attention of the player along the important events through the various missions. But for pvp this is rather detrimental. When I play I'm not only focusing on the visual, but also on the auditory input to keep track of my surroundings and for decision making. One of the most common situations would be standing still while trying to shoot something afar and someone bumps you over from behind. Yes we are supposed to be space ninjas and ninjas move silent. But I find it rather weird when your own sounds are vastly louder than a guy doing his thing right behind you or the door idk 5m away will be barely noticeable while it is loud for the guy who is passing it. The fall off for sounds volume is too drastic imho. (while stuff like Zenith shots can be heard across the map) I tried to fiddle some with the reverb etc. but couldn't notice much of a difference to my experience in Warframe. Thats what came to mind at the moment, might add other stuff later once I remember or stumble across something new. Oh and all these are bugs on PC, idk about console experience.
  4. That happened to me through the past years every now and then, but I'm not sure whether it is caused by a poor host/server or other reasons. Actually we got to differentiate here. What happened to me back then up until now is: On respawn your weapon only has the default amount of shots in the magazine despite the +mag mod being equipped. (iirc I had the same with mods that reduce the magazine size somewhen, but wouldn't bet my kidney on it since its a rather rare case and been a while) This wasn't too much of a problem, because a simple reload would give you the supposed amount your magazine should hold back. What we got now, whats new beside the holster reload mods not working (only for the host if you're not playing on a server): Considering your mag and mag reserve are full, once you've shot and collected ammo before reloading it used to add the already shot amount on your maximum reserve amount to be back to the initial situation. That does not work anymore. It won't let you collect ammo if your reserve is full, until you reload and draw from your reserve. Another thing is that you don't spawn with fully maxed magazines/-reserves recently too. But iirc that has been around for some months already.
  5. And nobody can say we wouldn't be vocal about what stuff goes wrong the worst at any time in Conclave... But with the Old Blood update the whole melee changes overshadowed everything else dramatically. Like that stuff:
  6. I'm seriously bewildered why DE isn't putting more work into Conclave to keep its player base alive and healthy. Sure the game is pve... etc. etc., but there used to be so many geeks grinding hard and forming play styles on the maximum possible the engine would allow, discovering and figuring out many problems with movement or weapon/warframe behavior at first... incomprehensible But instead it got left to die, ignored for more than 2 years now with little to no significant development or communication towards the community behind it, despite its high replay value.
  7. Eh... Can't really see where that is gonna lower the skill gap. Highly doubt they'd bring back a stamina bar for pve, so if you're already familiar with the game and its movement and decide to play Conclave with a separate pvp stamina bar you'd most likely be a sitting duck while the regulars know how to manage their stamina eco, positioning and tactics. That aside atm a tanky dude who focuses on aim is at least as efficient as the fast glass canons. And as a completely new guy you'd had to get into it from scratch anyway. Experience makes the difference here, but thats a given factor in any game. Would say some proper work getting done on Conclave again, followed by a new influx of players that'll cover most if not all sorts of 'skill tiers' would lighten the skill gap problem for good. We already have a welcoming and helping community behind that game mode, Conclave just needs a significant reason that'll make people want to try Conclave again (a decent balance pass, server browser, etc.) regardless of these few tempting skin rewards. Many of the old waiting players are likely to come back too.
  8. Then let me tell you that the tiny Conclave community offers scheduled school-bus sessions and I quote: "...aiming to introduce new players to PvP, equipping them with the knowledge they need to get a foothold and playing some games on a level playing field." Here in this partnered Discord server. That includes the pve community as well. Beside pve I am playing Conclave regularly for years now and if I had to make a list to compare the occurrence of toxicity between pve and pvp, the pve side out weights by far. On top of that within the past couple years many of the pvp toxicity radiated from ppl that lately came from pve and were still kinda new to pvp beside the few and well known problematic individuals pvp had. Yes balance issues and other flaws, DE could eliminate with development on Conclave, increased that effect. The balance problems aside I highly doubt that this is caused by whether it being pve or pvp, but rather the individuals themselves. Hard yes. Warframe gameplay does translate very well to PvP if the problematic edges got worked on by DE. I say that as a regular Warframe and pvp player remembering the feedback of a hella lot of other primary PvP players from other games. (whatever it'll be: Quake, S4 League, Titanfall, Gunz.. rip, CoD, CS, Battlefield, add any BR title here and so on) The current balance issues and bugs aside the core gameplay offers a very high potential for successful PvP modes. A big problem is that Conclave ever was just a little side project and as a result to that many choices had been made to minimize development time and effort. Conclave can be a very decent and competitive fast paced arcade 3rd person arena shooter in the future, if DE finally decides to put that potential into effect.
  9. I agree, a team that finally starts to work on pvp again would be the first step in the right direction. Idk what these 2 devs that had been announced to work on pvp worked on in the past year(s) except these few bug fixes including lantern changes in the Conclave relay room @Kontrollo mentioned before... I'd be gladly proven wrong by a ninja Conclave overhaul, but the likeliness of that to happen is very small. Some other points that already have been mentioned by players and some of them even were addressed by the devs in interviews are: a server browser to give a lobby overview and let us choose where we gonna take part in: This should also give Conclave more transparency and get rid of misconceptions. The max player count each conclave lobby is 8, if there are 2 or 3 full lobbies in your region you won't know that there are actual matches happening atm, but assume that Conclave is dead, because you won't get connected to full lobbies but a new empty one instead. (pro tip: adding Conclave players to your friend list will tell you if there are matches happening atm) several bug fixes and a big balance pass are required in Conclave's current neglected state: Considering we have dev(s) working on Conclave again, lots of pve changes and reworks including bugs translated over into pvp as well and never really got touched and have to be balanced. That caused a noticeable gap between the former decently balanced weapons and Warframes to the in pve changed mostly overpowered stuff. The most recent examples would be the Staticor rework and the melee changes of which you can find a discussion about here: a spectator mode: This one is a rather small thing of importance value, but has been asked for ages ago, over and over again. It'll play a big part in service for tournaments and accelerating the learning process of every player and depending on its implementation it can also be a decent tool to spot an aim hacker or get rid of such an accusation. (not everyone has a powerful rig that can record Warframe while playing the game) a match making option: ngl I kinda struggle to see how this can be implemented correctly. Conclave is an arcade 3rd person arena shooter with a very fast pace due to an unique mobility system and melee system. Once DE did a decent balance pass and got rid of several if not all exploits in Conclave, the environment for a match making system would be present. Considering the sheer amount of weapons... a ranked mode to determine a solid matchmaking will be more likely to happen with a reduced number of weapons and Warframes. That should limit the amount of possible exploits, help the dev team to set a priority bar for future fixes and overall benefit a more tactical mindset within the given possibilities. On the other hand this mode would cause a strong shift towards the meta gear.. different seasons with different use able weapons and Warframes could solve that, but requires DE to constantly work on Conclave! Which wouldn't be a problem if Conclave got more popular again to be a valid option and keep the players within the franchise, while offering a completely different alternative in contrast to the constant pve grind.
  10. Yea about that.... finally had the pleasure and discovered a couple bugs right away. 1. You can keep shooting an automatic rifle and aim down sight while getting rag-dolled until the stand up animation starts: 2.The rag-doll effect is just too much. A simple knockdown was already a pain in the arse, but a rag-doll effect and a stand up animation lock is game breaking + it keeps bugging out: 3. Apparently you can suppress the rag-doll effect with a melee animation, but it'll desync you and you gonna get teleported to the place the server/other client rag-dolled you into: Now that I've experienced that rag-doll effect first hand I'd say remove the effect or Telos Boltace from Conclave! Even as a mere crowd control tool it has no place in Conclave's fast pace and balance. Melee already has a lot of balancing issues that came along with the rework of our melee system, but Telos Boltace is game breaking in Conclave. Edit: Here another nonsense teleport caused by Telos Boltace...
  11. private(invite only/friends only/solo) lobbies won't give you standing. Only the public setting.
  12. What happened? Some Variant similar Events, pve purists whined about being forced to play pvp to get their Oro and heart decoration...even tho it wasn't that bad (rather fun modes for fcks and giggles). In the end DE even put that heart decoration in the market. Well and around that time Conclave was in a decent balanced state. Reb and Megan even used to play some Conclave on Primetime. Later our 1 Conclave dev had been given other tasks to work on. With POE many pve changes and reworks translated over into pvp aswell, but little to no development... as in balancing was done. There was a patch note or so somewhen stating that now 2 devs are partially working on Conclave, but despite a visual Relay lantern glow fix and some minor mod changes not much had been done for ~2 years or so. (Well... Ignis and Zylok got added with one being utterly broken and having a 'solar flare problem') Until now everything translated over into pvp and not only destroyed the balanced state...seeing for how long no development on Conclave was done and nothing being in sight the majority of the pvp playerbase went on to other games for the pvp... or quit Warframe entirely. Well yea and during that time ppl seemed to like spreading misconceptions about their precious resources could be wasted on the filthy pvp mode and other stuff.... smh. At least DE disabled Wukong, Vauban and Ember since their recent reworks for balance reasons. Yea uh... that was a quick rewind,probably forgot a lot. Currently things are looking especially bad in Conclave. Melee 2.99999999999999999998 as fun as it is brought also a lot of flaws e.g. spamable one hit slams and copter and balancing issues into pvp. Kinda turns off the active playerbase and yea others are busy with grinding the new Old Blood goodies.
  13. Eh... its rather an attitude problem of the hard concentrated pve player base imho. If for example all those who simply bash on Conclave would invest the time they would spend on the nonsense bashing into playing Conclave and giving constructive feedback you'd be surprised how many lobbies there would be and how quick DE had some ppl back at fixing broken things on the game mode.
  14. I haven't played THAT much Conclave since the update, because I had fun with the pre-ridiculed Lich system (thats another story), but I dare to give my 2 cents from the experience I made thus far: 100%damage block Yes the angle and complete dmg negation aren't suited for this game mode. And considering how far across the globe Conclave's active player base is spread it gets even worse as soon as you tackle opponents with high ping or inconsistent connections. The 45° angle or what it is can suddenly turn into a fully 360° for some miraculous reason (delay) and even playing around ppl ain't help you then. I can understand that blocking can be a decent strategical option, but within its current state blocking is outrageous ridiculous in Conclave. The suggestion I came up with so far would be a smaller value of damage reduction that is falling off from the center (crosshair) to these 45°. And for the center a very short energy consuming 100% (or close to that) block on 'channeling' similar to an ability. The energy cost should either be a fixed cost drawn on activation or a fast energy draining toggle activated on 'channel blocking' so it'll be a quick tactical option instead of an impenetrable fortress. (the toggle probably would be a fitting option for pve aswell with the auxiliary weapon slot and 'channel efficiency' mods) Please deliberate a fair value of energy drain/cost for both sides, considering the inherent energy gain value in Conclave. During that 'channel blocking' the falling off dmg can get an increased blocking value aswell, but should still fall off in value to the outsides. A fixed minimal cost for activation should limit the extent of exploiting this blocking mechanic. I'll condense my intention: In Conclave, a competitive pvp mode, I see blocking rather as an optional tool to get a short instant of space to think about a counter, re-positioning,etc.. a brief moment to stay alive a little longer so you get a chance to turn the tides after blocking instead of it being the devastating steamroll it is now. Thus it should reward skilled/tactical gameplay with its blocking focus on the crosshair and energy economy. A balanced 'channel blocking' mechanic would be a great foundation for that. Animation cancels with rolls, especially on slams Imho I love how smooth the melee system works in Conclave since the Old Blood Update, especially the transitions into and between combos. However it brought lots of problems with it. Many damage and range values are over the top and simply have to be re-balanced for Conclave across the board. In addition many slams and copter attacks are one hit kills, which is problematic considering how spam-able they are. And as we all know... all this gets even worse with an increasing ping or fighting people with a bad connection. I like how melee has become a greater threat and fits the movement system better through its new smoothness. Thus grounded combat has gained more of its former importance back since the friction increase from a couple years ago. The aerial movement combined with air melee as well as grounded melee form a great versatile repertory which benefits the flow and pace of the matches. Being more wary about taking the risk and going close quarters or rather depending on spacing has become more critical than ever. That said it is still possible to break loose the momentum a combo gives you and just catapult yourself around the map like this: While talking about smoothness and a versatile repertory I think cancels within these combos are important to stay on par with the game's pace. For that being able to roll out to any direction (or how some mods would describe it as dodge) is a great option. Rolling might stop your combo and changes your direction at an instant, but still locks you into the roll animation as a little drawback one has to remember. On slams however should be a little drawback too, canceling its whole animation on ground contact is broken. Slams are already quick, you can steer them to a decent extent and in the current state of the game many one-hit-kill and are highly spam-able as it has already been shown here: (A midair cancel before hitting anything would be something else though) Of course this bug should be fixed aswell: In short: A re-balance of damage and range values is necessary, as well as bug fixes on slam bugs and combo momentum breaking bugs as shown above. Balance issues: knockdown/impair combos are spammable, with blocking working during animations; Telos Boltace can ragdoll players; one-shots; etc As already said blocking, damage and range values have to be balanced and bugs fixed properly. I don't think a guy spamming dash combos would be that much of a problem then, because if everything works as intended it makes him predictable again. Many dash combos also work like this: 1-2 hit for the dash and a 3rd stationary as a little downtime. Brain dead spamming them won't get you anywhere and blocking during attacks/combos shouldn't work like that either. I haven't had the pleasure to meet one of those Telos Boltace users since the update, but remembering how ridiculous it already was before the update there should be an intervention from DE asap. Either remove its effect or the weapon itself from Conclave. (Or maybe turn down its damage drastically to a Sonicor-Talon similar value for being a mere tool for crowd control?) Please fix.
  15. Uh not sure about console land but on pc I know a bunch of guys, vets one could say including myself, that actually take the time and teach new players tips and tricks to accelerate their learning curve if they're willing to take advice. Because matches on eaqual skill lvl are preferred and the most fun. We also have the Conclave Discord server to aid that. Yea we really need DE to get back at Conclave soon tm. Too many pve changes had carried over into Conclave which made most of the the affected weapons ridiculously strong. Also a server browser was asked for so many times by now... It'll help with some of the match making issues
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