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  1. Bickering aside, I'm actually baffled by the amount of Quasars in this topic. I can fully understand you guys trying to defend the run of your clan-mates but if you're part of clan of notorious exploiters you kinda loose a bit of your credibility in the eyes of other players even if the points you make are valid. People will get mad at the fact that your clan has not been banned from scoring after two wipes and numerous stories about your use of exploits in previous operations. There will always be some bad blood if your clan is widely known for using exploits. Unless you're acting like this guy, then you loose all your credibility.
  2. DE did plenty of goofs like the one you described. You're trying to compare system hiccup to deliberately exploiting the system to gain fake internet points. You have to know what you're doing for the exploit to work. Having a specific loadout and using mechanics that are obviously not intended to exist is called exploiting. Everyone who uses exploits in any online game is in violation of their respective TOS and should be punished accordingly. You don't have any right to use exploits just because they exist. They will always exist no matter how thorough the devs and QA testers are. It does not mean that you are legitimate to use them.
  3. I love that everyone who's calling DE's actions as 'unfair' decided to ignore every comment calling them out on their childish behaviour ( Hawker summed it up perfectly ) and instead focused on their one single point of defense being 'it's in the game therefore I can use it and should not get punished because it's all DE's fault'. Face it some of you used an exploit that de-spawns mobs and/or negative damage bug and got punished for using them to gain your scores. If being a competitive clan/player means that you have to find more elaborate ways to exploit the system than the others then the competitive side of Warframe is a joke in my eyes. Learn to play fair, stop throwing temper tantrums and finally realize that the fact that your score got wiped, you're suspended or got banned is your own fault, not DE's.
  4. No need to be so passive aggressive. I don't even see the reason why you're so angry. Are you one of the people that got their score wiped? Apart from that I'm still shocked that some people are willing to waste few hours of their life per run to have the biggest number next to their name. I love competitive measuring contests.
  5. From what I see you're the only one that's assuming things without much evidence. IspanoLFW is just stating facts that have been part of this game for a long time.
  6. Guys stop one-upping each other. This discussion is meaningless and wont bring anything new to the table.
  7. Just calm down. Your accusations mean nothing until you have ANY form of evidence other than "I can't do it therefore they must be expoiting".
  8. The fact that you're unable to do it doesn't mean that it's impossible for others without using exploits. Don't assume anything if you have no solid proof that they used any foul play to get that score.
  9. I'm always baffled by people trying to be competetive in this PvE game. I do them for fun but endurance runs become a measuring contest for some poeple who are determinated to have bigger numbers than all the other players. Calm down guys. Not having the biggest number next to your name is not the end of the world.
  10. This. And maybe add that you have to do it solo for added challenge.
  11. When will you fix color channels of Kubrodon Ventkid outfit? The primary and lining colors are switched.
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