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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After getting the cache from the Ice mine and destroying 4/4 Security nodes on Mammon's Prospect, just like I did probably a dozen times before, instead of opening up the big Corpus vessel so I could progress to the Orphix stage, all mission markers and objectives just dissappeared (see first screenshot), however, no mission end screen appeared nor was the Navigation console unlocked (also see first screenshot). However, after some searching around I decided to abort and try again, but when I hit Return to Dojo in the ESC menu, I got a mission end screen (see s
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After leaving the Corpus vessel with the Orphix', this orange orb thingy was all that was there to see. It's texture kinda flimmered. Complete loss of functionality, except chat. No ESC menu, no abilities, no movement. /unstuck moved me (and my friend) a tiny bit according to minimap, but did not fix the issue. Visuals and loss of control was the same for my friend. When I closed the game (Alt+F4, since no ESC menu) he got a host migration and could finish the mission normally (ie return to Railjack, the only thing that missing to get the rewards >.>).
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After repairing an electrical hazard on my Railjack, the UI was still fizzling (see screenshots) and when I tried to open the tactical menu it told me to repair the electronics first to use, but there was nothing to repair (Full minimap of RJ visible in 1st screenshot). Fizzled UI persisted during the 'recalibrate/overheat reactor' stage (2nd screenshot) and even after successfully finishing the mission and returning home to my dry dock (3rd and 4th screenshot). VISUAL: Screenshots taken with F6, no idea if uploading to imgur preserves meta data. But it s
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but here goes: TYPE: In-Game, Volatile Missions DESCRIPTION: In the on-bard phase, where you have to recalibrate the reactor, the overheating will randomly start after spending some time on the vessel. If you rush straight to the reactor room, you can push the button to start the process (as expected), but if you take your time to explore the map first it will start on its own, regardless where you are. The first time this happend I was already inthe reactor room, so it was fine, The second time, I was far away and hadnt found the room yet. I
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