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  1. This also applies for the Derelict Emissary Assassinate / Zealot Prelate keys.
  2. I found simply playing in the first two hours of each wave and not starting a new Flotilla in the last hour to be a pretty solid tactic for consistently getting the bonus. That aside, calculating without any bonus is just dumb. That would imply you playing always in deserted Flotilas or close to the end of the period, which is frankly just player error.
  3. Dude(s), don't for get about the bonus Credits that potentiallly reduce the number of runs needed by a factor of three.
  4. To be fair, with the new Credit scalings 1k is not too much any more. Play twice to 17 in two different Flotilla that finish and you have a max rank Arcane and still credits to spare. That's less then 1hour.
  5. Oh yes please. Otherwise playing any Scarlet Spear until to Hotfix is live is dumb 😛
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