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  1. I'm just pissed that someone gets paid for creating frames like this. Do the creators even ask themselves "Will this frame be fun to play" "Will the skills work good in missions in a group" this is one of those frames that angers me cuz it's so badly thought out. The community drops awesome ideas for frames. Yareli, what's up with the surf? There's a reason why the Devs haven't given us the option to summon our K-Drive in normal mission. It's just useless. It have no place there. This is one of the worst frames they have given us. Fire whoever thinks of stuff like this and give someone with a ideas of concept with abilities that synergies with each other a chance. It's like they don't even know why frames like Nidus is so popular. Or they just stop caring 🤷🏻‍♂️ Fans needs to stop covering for badly created stuff. Or they will never change
  2. This fix did not fix the back to back bounties. Same bug without infestation spawning
  3. Could you change back where we can decide to host or join a public railjack mission? As it is right now , most common is joining in on a railjack that's burning and isn't upgraded at all. It's not worth joining a public cuz of the chance of failing the mission. Let us choose to host again so we can get rid of this. That update was a big mistake from the start. it's forcing players to do something they don't want.
  4. You rly need to fix the drop chance of Holokeys. Farmed for 2h , each mission taking 3 - 4min . Got 2 drops. Thats around 30 runs
  5. No?, clearly says it applies for those didn't re-link after the 2.0 ::)
  6. Can we now use the app while playing with out it messing everything ::D thats the most important thing.
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