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  1. I wish we could customize the interior, and layout of the inside of our ship. Meaning, we can place the gunners turrets anywhere we want on the ship for tactical advantage in case of a breach. Or build and place internal defenses to help CC, damage, and temporarily block off or trap enemies during game play. I hope Railjack could be added in for pvp. Would be fun to have different pvp modes like 5 railjacks vs 5 railjacks, 3 v 3, 2s, and 1 v 1 ect. Then post what clan or teams are the best. Another idea I wanted to add was adding in a custom single pilot ship. Well, it doesn’t h
  2. When you logged into warframe, did you make sure to sign in under the right console? Sometimes I accidentally type my info in and hit enter, then realize that I just logged into my old PC account. So sometimes that’s the issue, or it could just be that when you went to check your inbox to see if you got the drop, then noticed you didn’t at all. When you went to relink your twitch, and Warframe accounts, you missed the time frame. Another possibility is that when you are watching twitch on any device with headphones on, sometimes the headphones(especially ones with lots of mileage) regist
  3. I remember to wait 29mins then log on to check if you got the drop. If you don’t get the drop, just do a quick relink, and then 10 to 15 mins into the stream You’ll get the drop. I’ve noticed that they say you need to have 30mins of the stream playing before you get the drop. However, it’s about 15 to 20mins to get the drop. whenever I never got a drop from a stream after checking my mail 30mins into it. I’d relink and within 10 to 20 mins max I’d automatically get the drop. The major disappointment when you do watch the stream and need a drop that is hard to farm for, and don’t get
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