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  1. Totally understandable, looking forward to using my necramechs in normal missions, the grineer and corpus need to feel the smackdown. :)
  2. It's something about this last update. Effigy has worked fine with my Chroma that I have Fire Walker on for the longest time, now after the update sometimes Effigy will work, sometimes it won't and I've yet to figure out why.
  3. Happens with Fire Walker too. I, like many Chroma players, replaced spectral scream. Something about the interaction is broken.
  4. The bile change is quite welcome. But... adding nav coordinates is kinda a punch in the gut after making them "worthless" to be sold off for credits, any of us that actually did that are kicking ourselves now, because many of us sold hundreds of thousands of them...
  5. Just to chime in with the others, I hate conservation. It's not entertaining, fun or even diverting to me (and obviously a lot of others) What's needed is some sort of token change system based on their "value". So they could be swapped, LOVE fishing, but hate conservation, easy, earn daughter tokens with fish and then convert them to son tokens. Grandmother would make an excellent vendor for that functionality. Sure, but in some sort of penalty/tax on it, but at least that will allow folks to PROGRESS. I don't expect to be "finished" with HoD in a few days, but damn, it could be a month
  6. I actually wish that the installed option on the frame being subsumed increased the power/functionality of the power. Got a mastered frame with 4 forma, a potato and exilus gives a "better" subsumed power than just a fresh built unranked frame.
  7. Definitely not a fan of the new mission end UI. It definitely seems like a step backward to me.
  8. Yep, tested it a couple of time and happened every time. Hard lock that only the 3 finger salute (ctrl-alt-delete) can recover from.
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