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  1. You both are talking as if "buy a new slot" is the only option. Are we not allowed to sell old (and possibly duplicate) warframes anymore?\


    Anyway, that is not the point here. The point is, the current UI design (for rushing an item that requires a slot) is prone to cause players to make irreversible mistakes. Which is not a good thing.

  2. Please change the behaviour where, upon attempting to perform an action that involves spending something, the UI presents a confirmation dialogue for a different action that involves spending something.

    Specifically: when attempting to rush a warframe build in the foundry (an action that involves spending platinum) without an open warframe slot, the UI presents a confirmation dialogue for purchasing a warframe slot (a different action that involves spending something).

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  3. 3 hours ago, kapn655321 said:

    No, because the creators wouldn't be able to get any of it. Gotta figure, a lot of the plat floating around is changing hands from trade to trade, until it settles into the pocket of a whale. The plat market fluctuates in ways real currency does not. Tennogen being real money prevents an instance of DE having to pay out money they don't get, to fund cosmetics from creators.

    I'm not quite sure how to interpret your words. Are you saying five times the money value in platinum is not enough overhead to enable DE to (comfortably) pay out to creators? Or are you saying platinum that's already been sold has no monetary value anymore, and having it go out of the system via tennogen sales is not a viable way to generate more purchases of platinum?

  4. I get the feeling different people are describing different problems here. For instance, the original poster is describing the (currently existing, since explosions rework) issue with any explosions being too bright (to the point of being almost entirely solid colour), which I can also confirm; it should probably be posted to the bug reports subforum.

  5. That's... what dynamic lighting is supposed to do? The light inside Liset is never white, so with dynamic lighting on the light colour mixes with surface colour. And different surfaces have different "material" assigned, which affects how light colour combines with surface one.

    It would make a much better example if you did it in a scene with actual white light. Doesn't Captura have that?

  6. On 2020-02-06 at 9:27 PM, CyborgJellyfish said:

    I can confirm, I've also tried shade in a few missions. I was thinking I could use it for when my Ivara's Prowl runs out of energy so I could drop a restore without having to use a cloak arrow. I wasn't shooting, I wasn't detected, I was even standing still. Triple checked that Ghost was in my Shade's first slot and it was. The "Ghost" precept is also maxed out, no Revenge or Assault Mode precepts equipped. I've tried with and without a weapon on the shade thinking maybe it was like Taxon's energy restore and that it might've needed the burst laser to apply for some reason. Extremely disappointed since as a relatively new player it is quite disheartening to see what is (to me) a pretty serious bug.

    Yeah okay its not gamebreaking, and it can fairly easily be lived without. That being said. when there are only a small number of sentinels, it makes me wonder how it hasn't been noticed and fixed. I know people are all about the speedruns, but with Ivara Prime being the current release, a fairly obvious counterpart would be pairing it with the shade, no? And yes I know about the Kubrow, but I don't have it - even if I did, that wouldn't solve Shade's precept not working. Guess I'll stick with Carrier for now... *grumbles*

    It hasn't been noticed because even when Ghost was still functional, it sustained so much nerfing that it was practically useless. For example, your idea about using it when prowl runs out of energy wouldn't be feasible, because Ghost had a activation delay of 10 seconds after coming out of any invisibility effect. And then you would have to move so your sentinel was in melee range of an enemy to get it to actually activate. And after the effect is active, the moment your sentinel is 10m away from that one specific enemy which was used to activate Ghost (or randomly decides that it no longer has line of sight) - no more Ghost.

  7. The shimmer effect I'm talking about is like looking throw billows of hot air. I saw that originally on the ephemera preview, but when obtained and equipped it only has the colour lines stretching upwards effect.

    However, when I first logged in after 27, the shimmer effect was instantly noticeable and very prominent on all frames and companions that had the ephemera equipped. And then, on the next login, it was back to colour lines alone.

    So I'm wondering if there's something that affects the effect showing or not. The only change between the logins was performing download cache optimization.

  8. On 2019-11-15 at 4:46 AM, Maxim_M_Payne said:

    I'm going to politely-as-possible state hell no to removing held melee again; and instead further approve the suggestion that it being bound to Mouse3 should be an optional toggle in game settings. I found and still find it inherently smoother and less unnatural to use heavy attacks with held E; and in my opinion literally no control should ever be bound to mouse-wheel, in any game. It's like trying to shake a hand or tie your shoelaces using only the middle fingers.

    If your issue is with heavy attack being bound to mouse 3 - you can rebind it. I fully agree on "nothing (important) should be on mouse 3", and my "heavy melee attack"/"secondary fire" is bound to "C". As said earlier, we have an entire keyboard of buttons.

  9. The "multiple functions on one button" is one of the worst "features" that ever spilled from consoles to PC gaming (and I don't mean just Warframe). We have an entire keyboard of buttons! We don't need to cram a pile of actions onto every single key. It's bad enough we still aren't allowed to unbind "sprint+roll" even after having multiple bindings for both "sprint" and "roll" assigned.

    Please don't add to the pile - or at least give us keyboard+mouse players a toggle.

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  10. Dodge-rolling no longer prevents knockdown (from any source) during the roll. Consistently observed on Kelpie (grineer disruption node on Sedna): rolling through eximus fire wave, heavy unit ground slams and scorpion harpoons results in the roll being interrupted and warframe getting knocked down.

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  11. 7 hours ago, MirageKnight said:

    That was fast o.O

    Thanks again for another update / hotfix. The implementation of fixes and changes (and the work put into them) that help benefit the Warframe experience (including the rework to Wukong) are all greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I don't see any mention of fixes and solutions for the following bugs and issues in the update notes, so here's a polite reminder. Quite a few of these are long-standing issues that have been reported elsewhere by other players.

    - Broken animations and fx / sfx for Sarpa if attack speed is modded too high.

    - Occasional loss of functionality of Exalted melee weapons when playing as a Client.

    - Completing Cyanex research removes 17k xp from Clan xp progress (confirmed this myself).

    - Completing Komorex research removes 20k xp from Clan xp progress (reported by other players, could actually be 3k xp).

    - Baruuk's Desolate Hands' orbiting daggers targeting and killing wildlife, including animals that have been tranquilized for capture as part of Conservation activities. This makes Conservation activities impossible to complete while Desolate Hands is active.

    - Host Migrations on Defense missions can randomly reset some player scores to zero while leaving one player's scores intact. This happens after players elect to leave or stay for the next set of waves.

    - Host Migrations NOT "pausing" the game at times, wherein enemies will still attack and do damage to the player. This has been an issue for years and it can be game-breaking.

    - Failed Host Migrations resulting in a failed mission with a loss of all rewards and pickups. I know there was a recent fix to address fail migrations - but I'm not sure if this part was actually addressed or not.

    - Garuda's Talons resetting to inactive / un-deployed position after performing a melee stealth kill (naturally when no other melee weapon has been equipped).

    - When an Exulted melee ability is active, right-clicking switches from the melee weapon to the last ranged weapon used, forcing players to turn the ability off and then on again which wastes energy. 

    - Nekros Shadows being affected by Renewal, thus posing a massive and unreasonable energy drain on Oberon players.

    - Nyx and Vauban being underwhelming and almost completely out-classed by meta damage 'Frames such as Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox, Octavia etc.

    - Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox, Octavia and Mag (at the very least) still being arguably not co-op friendly by being able to dominate / nuke small defense maps with overpowered abilities. All players should be able to contribute and participate in missions in meaningful ways with whatever 'Frame they choose, not be bored to tears because someone decided to delete most of the enemies for everyone with an extremely powerful and easy to spam ability that also has massive range.

    - Ability to turn Banshee's Soundquake on and off quickly and repeatedly, generating pulses of high range and damage that can readily and easily clear small maps.

    - "Spin 2 Win" tactics dominating melee due to Maiming Strike being always available while conferring massive bonuses to an easily spammable attack move capable of rapidly clearing maps. Maiming Strike being made reliant on Channeling to circumvent this...when?

    - Nitain being locked behind Nightwave credits and a very unreliable reward system (Sabotage & Cetus Bounty, the latter only when Ghouls are present).

    - Prosecutors fail to spawn on Exterminate, Survival and Defense nodes on Ceres.

    - During PoE bounties, Hacked Drones will occasionally get stuck on terrain and refuse to move, causing the mission to ultimately fail.

    - Weapons glitching occasionally when Baruuk switches out from Serene Storm.

    - Loss of sfx for Baruuk's orbiting daggers when they transfer to other players when playing as a Client.

    - The Wolf of Saturn Six being a boring bullet-sponge and gear-check enemy that punishes players for head-shotting and who rewards us for our troubles with a sub-par drop table that has mods you can easily get anywhere else. Yes he's "weaker" now...but he's still a boring sponge that requires little skill but substantial effort to neutralize. A Nox is a more interesting and reasonable opponent than the Wolf. I mention this because it's more than likely that he will be back at some point.

    - Energy colors still bugged / broken for certain Warframes, weapons, accessories, and abilities. You're getting there though!

    - Domestik aka "Corpus Roomba" - a mobile cosmetic - costing significantly more than a Sentinel. 100p for something that does nothing but run around when 75p gets players a Sentinel with a weapon and useful abilities? 35 - 50p would be far more reasonable.

    - Using Melee while using a Synthesis Scanner defaults to the player's Primary or Secondary weapon when aiming instead of the Scanner after melee. This forces the player to re-enable the Scanner.

    - Numerous missing Codex entries.

    Also, it would be really appreciated if you all could:

    - Allow us, if it's possible, to opt out of certain Warframe abilities (such as Volt's Speed and Limbo's Rift portals) via a game preference toggle. We can turn off Octavia's sounds for other players because of how intrusive they can be, so why not potentially intrusive abilities? Not everyone wants to be Banished or wind up running around like a Russian Dwarf Hamster on meta-amphetamines. Win-win for all, with no need for a player to have to "manually opt out" by rolling / dodging every time an intrusive ability is activated and winds up adversely affecting said player.

    - Buff fashion frame / customization a bit and give us a color wheel picker to choose colors from instead of having to scroll though numerous pallets to find the color we want. Grey out color blocks on the wheel that are associated with pallets that a player doesn't own.

    - Bring back manual blocking for melee. Because 1. stances and a couple of mods use blocking and 2. auto-blocking can be really inconvenient and irritating.

    - Stop defaulting RMB to equipping the last ranged weapon used while using a melee weapon. Some of us hate this "switch" feature and want to be able to turn it off. Work in a toggle so that players can "lock into" whatever melee weapon they have equipped - exalted or otherwise.

    - Make Ogris fun again and give it a semi-auto trigger. Make the rockets only detonate after they've traveled 6m (at least), for obvious safety reasons.

    - Bring back regular Alerts for players that either can't or don't want to deal with Nightwave. We players appreciate having options and Nightwave has not been particularly new-player friendly.

    - Lower the credit cost to build Ephemera to 10k credits and drop the resource costs by 90%. It's a purely cosmetic item that does nothing but leave footprints / trails that disappear after a few seconds. Also, if these are supposed to be a prestige item / badge of honor...they need to be a GUARANTEED reward when reaching a particular milestone. If not, lower the grind needed to acquire them please.

    Thanks for reading. No, I couldn't care less if certain points I've made here are unpopular or not. Yes, I know this is a hot-fix and that Tennocon is coming up.

    Resonating Quake is an Warframe Augment Mod for BansheeIcon272 Banshee that replaces SoundQuake130xDark Sound Quake's channeling feature for a single, large shockwave that deals bonus damage at the epicenter, but decreases damage as the shockwave spreads.


    Personal agreement/disagreement with some listed stuff notwithstanding, I feel like your list would benefit from separating facts (e.g. PoE drones sometimes getting stuck) and opinions (e.g. pricing of cosmetics).

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