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  1. Does this patch make it so Clients can hunt with friends without black screening on capture?
  2. @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan CRITICAL BUG: Clients in hunting parties get Black Screen upon capturing a creature for conservation. Unable to continue, must Alt+F4 to close game.
  3. Thanks DE! Don't see any fixes for: Mission UI not showing for Clients. Minimap failing to load for Clients. Host Migration immediately upon loading with friends for Clients. Bullet Jump killing tranquilized animals in Conservation. Some mining spawns have a mining point spawn inside terrain when spawning with 2-3 mining points. Keep up the good work! EDIT: Seems to be a bug with Clients joining session mid-game and then hunting. Black screen during the 'Capture Screen' resulting in game hang.
  4. @[DE]Taylor is there any way these overviews can NOT autoplay every single video at once? My 700kb/s internet cannot handle the page as is, and it takes me longer to pause every individual video as it does to read the content.
  5. Will we see events for the other relays as well?
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