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  1. Finally 😄 Will the Tenno Tool we use for hacking and assassinations be usable as a default melee weapon when nothing else is equipped? Will the Tenno Tool have its own selection of mods? This would be a great time to move mods like Intruder to somewhere more appropriate. In the teaser, we saw a Kuva Lich leading a fleet, but will they be encountered on normal missions as well? Will there be any way to influence what weapon a Kuva Lich will use when generated? IE, will a Lich generated from a shotgun kill carry a Kohm, etc? For that matter, will there be any notification in game when a Lich is generated? I'm sure many players, such as myself, will do an Endless type mission until a Lich/numerous Liches have been generated. Now that Kuva Liches are in the lore of the game, will the Grustrag 3 see any significant changes? They are kinda meant to be the 'big bads' for the Grineer, but now Kuva Liches are popping up from the rank-and-file, Tengus might decide to amp up his little pets... And of course, When is Update 26 launching? When can we start building our Drydocks, as well? Will each member need to build their own ship once the Drydock is completed? What resources can we expect to be used for ships?
  2. They mentioned in the post for last devstream that "Dojos will receive a small capacity to accompany the change," though we don't know if this will be an exact increase as is needed, or if we get a few extra rooms to make it look nice.
  3. If anyone has similar suggestions or ideas, or just wants to talk about how hyped they are for Railjack and the Kuva Liches, feel free to comment!
  4. Do we know if Kuva Liches will give Kuva? Because I hope so. I had a few ideas about how the Kuva Lich system that I wanted to share. When you defeat a Kuva Lich, imagine if you had a few options on how to deal with them, from making them stronger, rerolling their rewards or siphoning the Kuva out of them to put an end to them once and for all! Spare Augment Disgrace Siphon Spare You defeat the Kuva Lich, and instead of finishing them off, you let them go. Tell them to do better next time, or to make it worth your while to kill them. Make them earn their death. This could allow the Kuva Lich to grow stronger, rising higher in the hierarchy of the Grineer, possibly amassing a larger fleet or stronger weapons. Stronger Liches, better rewards. Augment Kuva Liches are Grineer that we killed before, and must kill again. They become augmented by their means of death at our hands in their previous life. Now, imagine augmenting them further. Sever a limb and send them back to the Queens crying. Next time you see them, they have a replacement that empowers them. An arm cannon, a bladed weapon or blunted weapon, or perhaps even an electrical coil. Spring-loaded legs, or animal-like appendages, all made of metal and resilient to damage. A Kuva Lich can only suffer so many augmentations, but they will become stronger and foster a greater hatred for their tormentor. Again, stronger Liches mean better rewards! Disgrace This one is special. This option can only be chosen once for each Lich, but it will cause the Lich to become far stronger. Carving the symbol of the Lotus Or something else relating to the Tenno into the forehead of the Lich with their assassin's blade, the Lich will know no rest, no peace until the Tenno who shamed them dies by their hand. Again and again, if needs be. This could have LOADS of implications, depending on the depth of the system. A disgraced Lich may even become an outcast, an exile. They could turn to the Corpus for stronger weapons, incorporating machines into their armies or very bodies. They could turn to the infestation for greater strength. They could undergo experiments that would destroy a lesser Grineer. They could enlist the aid of the Stalker or his Acolytes. Whatever they do, this Lich will give the utmost challenge, and the utmost rewards. Once Disgraced, a Lich will not accept any option other than Siphon. They fight to the death - yours, or theirs. They no longer care which. Siphon Put an end to the Kuva Lich in the most gruesome and rewarding way imaginable - Siphon all of the Kuva out of their augmented body. The stronger the Lich, the more times they have been defeated, the more they will be pumped full of the stuff. The more kuva they carry, the more dangerous they become, but always more and more rewarding.
  5. Does this patch make it so Clients can hunt with friends without black screening on capture?
  6. @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan CRITICAL BUG: Clients in hunting parties get Black Screen upon capturing a creature for conservation. Unable to continue, must Alt+F4 to close game.
  7. Thanks DE! Don't see any fixes for: Mission UI not showing for Clients. Minimap failing to load for Clients. Host Migration immediately upon loading with friends for Clients. Bullet Jump killing tranquilized animals in Conservation. Some mining spawns have a mining point spawn inside terrain when spawning with 2-3 mining points. Keep up the good work! EDIT: Seems to be a bug with Clients joining session mid-game and then hunting. Black screen during the 'Capture Screen' resulting in game hang.
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