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  1. Aceofgods

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.6

    Does this patch make it so Clients can hunt with friends without black screening on capture?
  2. Aceofgods

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5

    @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan CRITICAL BUG: Clients in hunting parties get Black Screen upon capturing a creature for conservation. Unable to continue, must Alt+F4 to close game.
  3. Aceofgods

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4

    Thanks DE! Don't see any fixes for: Mission UI not showing for Clients. Minimap failing to load for Clients. Host Migration immediately upon loading with friends for Clients. Bullet Jump killing tranquilized animals in Conservation. Some mining spawns have a mining point spawn inside terrain when spawning with 2-3 mining points. Keep up the good work! EDIT: Seems to be a bug with Clients joining session mid-game and then hunting. Black screen during the 'Capture Screen' resulting in game hang.
  4. Aceofgods

    Devstream #116 Overview

    @[DE]Taylor is there any way these overviews can NOT autoplay every single video at once? My 700kb/s internet cannot handle the page as is, and it takes me longer to pause every individual video as it does to read the content.
  5. Aceofgods

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.6.0

    Will we see events for the other relays as well?
  6. Aceofgods

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    Umbra Polarities please.
  7. Aceofgods

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    *Deep sigh* If there's really nothing the community can do to dissuade you from these changes, then at least be ready to roll back the changes after the community backlash when they drop. Like you said at the start of the post, everyone uses melee. Warframe is a fast paced game at its highest level, and while these slow attacks and animations look nice in videos, and are certainly something to interest new players, actual Warframe players won't use something that is slow, inefficient and far more complicated than the reward it provides. Let us not forget that there WILL be bugs, and with a change like this that means melee attacks not registering, which is extremely frustrating. As a lark, when this update goes through, I will probably play Limbo with maxed Duration and Range to place Cataclysm everywhere so everyone is forced to use the new Melee. We'll see how long it lasts.
  8. At first I was concerned. After reading the details, I am excited.
  9. Aceofgods

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    Thanks for letting us know. :)
  10. @[DE]Aidan What if instead of 'weekly' leaderboards, the Kills leaderboards were changed to display LAST WEEK's kills statically? The kills could be tracked on the server, without the need to constantly update on the player's viewable surface. This would allow the leaderboards to remain in the game, without as much workload.
  11. Aceofgods

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 +

    So now that we can equate time to Kuva, at a rate of 200 Kuva per 90 seconds, we now know how long DE wants us to spend farming each Riven reroll. 27 minutes, by the way. DE wants us to spend 27 minutes farming Kuva for every riven Reroll. Do with this information what you will.
  12. Aceofgods

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Pfft, this is Warframe we're talking about. You need to throw it in a bottomless pit.
  13. Yeah, that would be nice. I thought you were saying that they are already in game, and applied to every Endless mission... frankly, I wish they would. We need more reason to stay past 20, if DE isn't going to add anything challenging to do besides spending hours in a single mission.
  14. That is literally only for Fissures. Which don't appear in the Kuva Fortress. That would be fine, if the next 20 minutes would be 600, 600, 700, 800; followed by 20 minutes of 1000, 1000, 1100, 1200 and so on. A single Rotation is not the end of the mission, and missions need to start respecting that instead of resetting the rewards while the difficulty scales higher and higher.