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  1. Avionics have been made tradeable with the latest update. Looking to sell the following: (All are rank 7 unless otherwise specified) LAVAN Conic Nozzle (Ship speed) VIDAR Phasic Weave (Ionic damage resist) Warhead (Ordnance damage) ZETKI Polar Coil (Turret overheat capacity) Bulkhead (Hull health) Tactical (Rank 4) Battle forge (Reduce Forge cooldown) Breach Quanta (Stall breaches) Void cloak (Ship invisibility) Battle (Rank 4) Seeker Volley (Homing missiles, up to 50) I am currently interested in trading for/buying (Rank 7): Hull Weave, Predator, Form Up, Ion Burn, and Section Density.
  2. As a player with 8/8/8/9 I am surprised to see I'm in top 1% 😮 Are you aware that there is bug where enemies in Railjack (Cutters, Crewships, Outriders) are dropping ground loot like ammo boxes and energy orbs instead of Railjack loot like Pustrels and Avionics? This problem affects every enemy in the mission until players extract to Orbiter and start from there rather than host's dojo.
  3. Make Kuva Survival fissures prevalent. This should be the go-to for all Kuva Farming, since boosters from the fissure apply to harvested kuva. Personally, I would rather have it be Kuva Survival fissure all the time. None of the other missions appeal to me, because they do not reward kuva. The Kuva Liches themselves do not reward kuva, lending to some confusion. Kuva Liches should reward Kuva. It's in the name!
  4. I'm still 0 ephemeras with 45 defeated liches. I'm not sure doubling the drop rate will be enough, personally. The trading restrictions seem odd. Making the Converted lich into an Active lich means that trades will be terribly restricted. I personally believe adding a functionality to converted liches to seize their weapon makes more sense, and allows players who only want the weapon/ephemera instead of doing the content their option. I know nobody wants to see players skipping over their work, but forcing players to do something they don't enjoy for 13 x 2-3 hours is only going to aggravate and alienate them. If a player would rather pay to skip, then it would be a boon to the economy of the activity.
  5. Any update on co-op incentives? I still have no reason to play with friends if their lich has control over different planets than mine. It was alot more fun when them failing their lich provided me with 10 murmurs. Can you elaborate on how the trading system will work? I'm glad to see Converted Liches will have further use, but I'm a bit worried on how they will look in trade. Will we be able to see, at least, the weapon, element and % bonus or the presence or lack of an ephemera? There's alot of room for toxicity and scamming without proper implementation. Lorewise, the Kuva Liches are very interesting, but gameplay wise the name is very misleading. It would be interesting to see Kuva thrown in somehow. A few suggestions: Allow Defiled mods to be recharged with Kuva. 2500 to go from Defiled to Full would be logical, and make the 1200 kuva common reward from the requiem relics useful for the content. Use Kuva to reroll % bonuses on Kuva Weapons. One idea would be to make it so you HAVE to keep the new value. This makes rerolling an already high weapon less appealing than farming or trading for another lich. Spend Kuva to charge murmurs, using a charging value similar to Focus schools use, where holding the button spends kuva to charge the meter, and the selection can be cancelled if the result isn't desirable (Without revealing the Requiem Mods, of course!) Use Kuva to bait out your lich, making their appearance more likely at the cost of perhaps strengthening them. Potential to make the weapon stronger %? Would be nice to have some way to influce the weapon's rolls after the lich has been generated. Can the Search Bar in the Codex > Universe > Kuva Lich History be improved? As far as I can tell, it doesn't search anything. I've tried searching for both lich names and for weapons, but nothing seems to populate when using it. With trading being added, it would make it easier to find what you need to trade. Some toxic, or perhaps unwitting, players are leaving their liches and not mercy-ing them. This is causing player frustration as it prevents others from spawning their lich. Some argue that the lich will spawn more thralls this way, while others simply say nothing and go to extraction. Please incentivize eliminating your lich as swiftly as possible. Keep being awesome DE. You'll polish these edges in time, I'm sure.
  6. Please bring back Team-wide Murmur progress when failing to execute a Lich. I've seen people extract while others were fighting their lich, or people being abandoned to fight for themselves and dying because of it. Furthermore, I have no reason to play with friends because their liches are on other planets, so I literally have nothing to gain. Please do not promote this toxicity.
  7. Please bring back Murmurs from lich going to the team, perhaps at half the rate of the original player's amount. Taking down a Lich is a team effort, and the team should be rewarded. Otherwise, people will see a Lich spawn, go "Not mine" and leave the assaulted player to fend for themselves. This is a toxic mentality to encourage.
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