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  1. Please add Necramech mods to Necraloid Syndicate. Necraloid syndicate has little use once achieving rank 3, and having 16 mods drop from a single enemy with 10% drop chance is absurd.
  2. What we know: Subsuming (Sacrificing) a warframe to gain its ability takes 24h, and requires resources gained from Helminth in exchange for old resources, destroying the warframe entirely. Each warframe will have a single ability granted from doing so. The resulting ability will not be a 4th slot ability, or a signature ability (Ivara's Quiver, Loki's Invisibility, Wisp's Reservoir, Nezha's ring, etc.) Prime warframe can be augmented with the swappable abilities, but cannot be sacrificed. Any warframe can equip the ability once unlocked, replacing any of their 4 a
  3. btw, could we get a section of Feedback forums for 'upcoming/unreleased content'? The Helminth Chrysalis system shown on the Tennolive reveal has me more than a little excited, and I'd like to share my thoughts on requests that players may have for the system. As always, if anyone thinks of something I missed or could have done better, post it below! Subsuming a Warframe: 24 hours to subsume is fine. However, let's respect a player's investment and sacrifice a little more. This only really applies if we cannot rush the subsuming process with Plat (Which I hope we cannot)
  4. An hour of trivia is perhaps the cringiest thing I have seen, not only from Warframe, but the entire year. Megan clicked "Random Page" on the wiki for a few minutes and came up with the most obscure facts of the most obscure content she could find, and made it worse with idle conversation between questions. This is made all the worse by having it in the 2nd most important timeslot - the hour before Tennolive reveal. If it wasn't for the excitement I felt for the new content, I would have left the stream after the first two questions. The only scrap of good that comes from this is the implement
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