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  1. so in other words ur problem is not with alts but with other players taxing players with less time to play? well sry to break it to u but thats pretty much how free market works and in same way players who have more time to play have higher levels in any game and believe it or not i see it stupid that someone can buy 10 arcane grace for 100p each = 1 000p and then sell it as 1 arcane rank3 for 1 500p later but its not like they abuse system because u see someone need to invest their time and plat to do so and then waste more of it try to sell it for higher price same principal as with clans and multiplier for resources u care to have higher rank clan? now u need 3x resources for everything u care to build which is also stupid but well this is how it works
  2. i dont believe u are stupid im sure ur not and that is not sarcasm but what u say its retarded to the sky lets go to real world for sec ok? farmer sell 1 bag of potatoes to shop for lets say 5$ do u believe even for second that shop will sell that bag of potatoes for 5$? i believe u have good intentions just retarded idea to implement it but i have solution for ur issue with alts (btw i dont have idea why u have issue with them i dont give 2 F**s about them so plz explain) anyway solution to ur idea is not to limit item trade count but set item auto-pricing sine then re-selling items would dont matter and alts would not matter but wait does not vaulting and un vaulting items goes around idea of price fluctuation? u know free market isnt called FREE market for no reason and u care to try to control it and every1 who knows something about economy will tell u that pushing regulation into free market destroys it only regulation should to keep that we all play by same rules and have same fair chances so if i can buy lets say arcane grace for 100 plat at morning and sell it for 400 plat and night and you also can do that then where u see a problem?
  3. i was browsing trough imagur and find this by accident and whatever its correct or no itself alone its piece of art in my eyes and i feel every teno maggot skoom sura should see this https://imgur.com/gallery/mpZdNzD
  4. ignorance is when u think u have any right to tell others how to do THEIR business when baro comes some of us are too lazy to farm relics and we buy primed mods which he bring and re-sell them when there is higher demand on market for them and its not like we use players who dont know propper price its same mechanics as in winter price of apples are higher than at summer i often buy stuff for a clan mate who cant be online as much as i do and sellers are not always online when he come online and there are many of us that do so also so in the end ur idea would hurt more ppl than fix any problem since there are less alt users than ppl who in fact benefit from re-trading stuff
  5. https://www.google.pl/search?source=hp&ei=BvEHXb7pDI-MrwSNkaLIBw&q=sands+of+inaros+faq&oq=sands+of+inaros+faq&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i19l2j0i22i30i19l8.376.5166..5298...0.0..0.126.2203.0j19......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..0i131j0j0i22i30.QKtmqfM3gEg
  6. i cant say warframe is pay to win but for sure its pay to progress faster while u have other options of getting stuff u normally could buy with $ u have option to just buy ur progress faster prime example of that is fact its kinda same mechanic like in browser and mobile games where u pay to get something faster like diamonds gold or energy in ur or in my eyes it is not like u can trow 100$ into warframe and speed ur ass trough since u will still need to level up that stuff but it will let u bypass farming for many things of make farming faster so if u look at it as someone who create law warframe will fall under that category of games which offers faster progress for money difference is we just dont feel forced to pay because we want in fact play the game instead of just run trough it
  7. wanna someone to address fundamental issue here? well just think for it for a sec we receive mails about ghuls and about baro ppl are lazy ppl are dumb and stupid and some ppl dont even know what warframe is but in the end there is no real reason we couldnt get a mail notification about spending our creeds or they get lost mail like that would not hurt any1 and would not be hard to do and that is the fundamental issue here
  8. well i and many players as u see did not know that and i would agree with u 100% but when we have mail notification for baro or ghuls about their comming and for ghuls we even have notification when they are gone which in all 3 cases u can just see as u enter star chart there is no good reason for not to have notification about something is ending and u gonna lose ur resources if u wont spend it before it happen and yea its my fault and any1 else who didnt read all stuff and not even bother to check it but simple warning in place we ALL visit which is star chart would not hurt any1 i dont care about creeds i dont need from wf nitains potatoes or anything else since i got many and i dont need to craft anything anymore i just say it was stupid move to do to just cut it off without CLEAR notification like for baro or ghuls u are free not to agree with me and keep defending this bs but keep in mind i and many other players simply could be just not like u so just u feel obligated to check everything does not mean every1 else feel the same and as i mention above simple notification via mail or something every1 check would not hurt any1
  9. stop arguing with them it wont take u nowhere and in my opinion news feed should be in star chart where u actually look not by side of it where most of us dont look but they will defend it because it was there just not in ur face so it was ur fault u was not checking it every day in case something change same stupid logic as if u make 2 posts in 1 forum each containing half of ur question but then they would not see a problem that 2nd part of information they need is next to each other so trust me its not worth to argue with them at all and well what can i say de just plain dont care about ur experience they just play u waste ur time doing things in game which lead into waste of ur time and resources so what can we expect? a warning u gonna lose something? yea right
  10. i see and well u for sure see it also that my engrish isnt quite perfect not even close and ur is far superior than mine thats for sure but i see you have farm more bigger problems with reading it while understand what u just read than i -One major flaw in your view (and there are several) is that "all players" really i did write that? -there for sure are types of challenges all or at least most of us 1st line in my post so i think not yea i know forums are not whole wf playerbase but just look on forums on which nw challenges ppl complain then go visit few alliances and region chats and look on which challenges ppl complain maybe this will be a shocker for u but they pretty much are the same here and there which on other hand following ur logic as u ASSUME that i can be in minority in a same way u should consider i can be in majority about 3 formas challenge "broccoli" good for us would be challenge like go farm 30k plymer bundle or do 20 excavators or maybe even farm 400k nano spores so your argument about players meeting new players and collecting resources fall flat here mom would make kids do something they dont want to do like farm so they get something in return and broccoli are full of vitamins so thats an good example but mom would not take her kids on a beach tell them to build 3 sand castles and tell them that if they destroy them she will give them a lolipop and trick here is that kids would first need to work for that sand to get it in a first place lets say carry it for over a mile to build that castles keep in mind NOT ALL so u wont say that im not everyone but most players dont have something to be formed under their butt any1 could form something they use but that would create need for leveling it again to level 30 so forma challenge would in fact devour alot more time than just getting 3 formas +yea crafting something just for sake of forming it and trashing it is brilliant idea idk how u call it but in my eyes and i believe many of other wf players that is flat out waste of resources and time ow and keep it mind u still need free slot to store whatever u will craft just for forming another waste there are no such thing as old resources there are only 2 types of resources in wf those which we have enough and those which we have not enough either way i wont believe any1 would be happy wasting them just for sake of wasting them and by all means grinding after forma is what keeps wf alive? yea? damn i can admit that you are 100% right here but then i would need to start to wonder how wf was alive before there was nw idk maybe it was "broccoli" who knows? i sure dont so in conclusion let me put it simple since i see u have some heavy problems with understanding the point here - im 27 mr i dont need anything from wf since i have all i wanted - i play with only 1 friends and always 2 randoms and we are doing his missions sorties and stuff since I DONT NEED ANYTHING FROM WF - but even if there was a challenge "use 2 argon crystals" i would still say its stupid and its waste of resources and time me and my friend are skipping far more challenges on wf just because we believe its time and resource wasting and i dont feel like something need to be changed because i dont need a change but u see as u noticed i am not ALL and if i am obligated to say anything for other players i would say that content in a game should not be created so they dont like it and skip it but in a way they will care to participate in it and enjoy it and remember just because im not ALL does not mean everyone dont like 3 formas challenge in same fashion u are not ALL and not everyone like u are ok with wasting their resources which they are not getting for free and if u bother urself to do some digging into different chats and see about which challenges ppl complain u would see that there are far more players like me which think its stupid and should be replaced than like u which think its ok to waste opportunity for better challenge end players time and resource and in the end lets face it keep in mind that JUST FOR EXAMPLE lets say there are like 3mils of active wf players and like 1k of them think like i do (that proportion should satisfy u) u are still defending something that part of players just like u simply dont like and does not want just because for u its ok that its there if we are community shouldnt we go for making it better for everyone and not just for group of it bigger or smaller? where it is absolutely possible to make everyone happy in this case
  11. there for sure are types of challenges all or at least most of us do and dont complain about so if de have metrics and know what ppl skip and what not why not expand challenges that all or most of us do instead of shoving there challenges some or most of us skip? so in other words mom knows what her children already like and what not so she would go for preparing breakfast of food all of her kids will eat and wont consider skipping it and dont bs urself or any1 here de know exactly that most players dont want 3formas challenge since its waste of resource and if you think im wrong well look at nw complains did u see any1 complain about kill 150 enemies with certain damage type or primary or secondary or melee? or help clem or complete 3 exterminations sabotage or mobile def? well i sure didnt so if there are challenges that every1 or most of us accept and dont see problem with dealing with just think why there are challenges after as u say "DE ("mom") already reviewed Season 1 and DID adjust things" she left things ppl dont like instead of expanding what ppl like? idk if u are aware but u are defending statement that in nw there should be some challenges that ppl will skip and that its ok and better than if de would change that challenges so they apply to more or all players its like literally you say "hey de i know some players wont do it but keep challenge X in game instead of replacing it with challenge Y which all players would do" idk whats your logic behind it but from any angle i try to look at it thats not user friendly you dont need to care about any player or his or hers experience in the game same as i or any1 else can just dont care about some or all nw challenges but lets be clear on 1 thing here are you really trying to say that its better to have some part of the game being skipped by some players and that is better instead of simple replacing it with something different something that every1 would enjoy?
  12. part with use 3 formas each week was just an example and i stated it clearly and seems you still miss the point you talk about options you talk about players are not forced and you insist on fact it dont need any replacement and well i can agree with u all the way but just for a second wonder consider or even just think about the fact if 90% of nightmare challenges will be so stupid or annoying so players will skip them then whats the point of them? but if we have different challenges which would make every1 happy and players would not even think to skip them would that not be a good reason to reconsider what types of challenges are served each week? and if you still dont get it its like your mom makes u breakfast each day lets say bacon eggs bread and tea and you would eat bread and bacon but would skip on eggs and tea then what would be next logical move from your mother? would she keep sacrificing her time to prepare 2 ingredients of your breakfast that you wont even touch or would change what she serves you each morning so u eat and drink it all? idk is it so hard to understand or what?
  13. try holding bait button instead of pressing it at least on pc it works like this u need to hold 2 instead of pressing it to make bait selection menu to pop up
  14. you totally miss the point its not each week but try to read and understand IF there was use 3 formas challenge each week AND IF in place of that challenge use 3 formas each week was kill phorid 3 times just (for example) what you think players would choose and why? its not about how often it is its not about how many formas u need to use its about what challenge asks as to do and damn i give you 100% being right here we can just skip things we dont like but plz answer this to every1 here and in a 1st place to yourself is it good idea to create challenges that players will skip? someone took their time to create content for us its someones work its not created for us to skip it imagine if not half but lets say 30% of playerbase would skip on like 60% of warframes i dont mean dont play them but i mean dont even try to get them at all just because they decide they can skip them or same analogy with weapons would that be good? look forma challenge is not a bad thing any1 can do it with little effort its not hard to get forma from relics and use it 3 times but this challenge could be replaced with so many user friendly challenges like for EXAMPLE complete ODD protecting cryopod at least 30 mins or complete survival on ophelia saturn staying in missions for at least 30 mins this would be 1 of best challenges of nw and ppl would not tell others you dont like it then skip it you know why? because by participating in that challenges you would get resources that are useful for any1 and not wasting formas just for sake of wasting formas content in game should be attractive for players to experience it and not giving them pain in the back i personally dont need anything from warframe anymore i have all weapons and warframes i have like 6k of energy restore large and around 5k ciphers crafted already i dont need to farm anything but if i could choose a type of challenge i can do each week or each 4 weeks i would prefer that one where it asks me to go farm something somewhere which can be useful for me in the future if not right at the moment of getting it instead of challenge where i trow 3 items i collected which in natural fashion takes 72h to make if you dont see that content should be designed in a way we want to experience it and not in a way we even consider skipping it nothing i write here can make u understand it
  15. Really im not attacking u here so dont get me wrong but if u believe i want something from nw challenges u didnt get at all what i meant i got everything i wanted from warframe im not into fashion im not into decorations im not into skins im not into rivens im only into leveling all weapons and getting highest mr i can which i accomplished already so let me put it this way in my country there is saying "if u care about something u will find a way to get it if you dont care about it you will find excuse to not get it" so tell me does de would want us to care or to find an excuse? if they give us challenges from which most of us dont get anything we want what is the motivation of doing them? doing them just for sake of doing them? and thats why ppl complain but if we could do it just for sake of doing them and then get a reward that in our eyes would be or at least feel worthy would that be a bad thing? or would it help players just play the game without complains? i would agree with you but imagine if 3 forma challenge would appear each week would it be hard to complete? nope would it be welcome by players? also nope if we get "kill phorid 3 times" challenge each week instead of use 3 formas would that annoy any1? nope now figure out why
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