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  1. im mr 26 and i did not come to this forum before i hit that mr which was like 1 year of playing so no not every1 uses the forums and as for OP other thing is (im all with u in the first place) that you can actually gift someone for example forma or potato and type a message even if that player is offline so reason for not being able just to send stand alone message to offline players looks like didint dumb decision
  2. ZeroZX4

    Should I be patient for formas or buy/rush it?

    each day just do fissures for like 30 mins for sure u will get a forma bp from it now look how much daily tribute u have and imagine u would get 1 forma for each one i am at 450+ but i just recently started doing that and i have like 53 formas ready to use but if i did what i wrote above i would still have around 300 formas atm since i doubt i needed in this game more than 150 btw keep in mind u wont get all stuff in like 1 week u will need months to do so so if u can be patient in completing that why not be patient with formas and just build 1 every day?
  3. ZeroZX4

    Plains of Eidolon: Abandoned?

    bull S#&$ at its highest level u take like 1 clanmate or if u dont have one u just ask any retard for be one and help u u buy drop and 2x boosters and u go to derelict defense mission u can get it in few hours try to farm pigments solo for ur dojo and u will wish it would be as easy as hema
  4. i go to interception i see idiots that are running all over map instead of protecting their tower and so i leave and start mission over hoping for better squad i never felt like forcing others to play as i want and tell them "hey retard your objective is to do this and that so go do it" someone not care to complete his mission why should i care to do it? but for u guys is too hard to leave? u need to force others to leave or to play as u want? wtf u are bunch of princesses or what? there are many squads to join and have allot better experience but nah lets just come here and cry
  5. ZeroZX4

    Plains of Eidolon: Abandoned?

    i would ask are you stupid? but i see ur not u well know that DE trow no S#&$ instead of making better its old S#&$ any1 who believe otherwise just look how many warframes and weapons we have? well its cool we have a big variety so evey1 can choose what they like but come on 80% of stuff u can equipe if nit 90-95% is there just to get mastery points and u wont ever see it again im mr 26 and only once in my life ive seen guy with hemma in my squad not to mention other weapons i dont see harrows wukongs atlases or zephyrs in my squad each month its so rare to even meet someone using any of that frames it feels like DF feel urge to add new stuff instead of working on existing one which leave us with half decent content to play around which makes the game so boring over time
  6. ZeroZX4

    Warframes - Build Requirements

    you all are just jealous because that was not your idea to make that thread that no1 need or want, shame on you all if someone want to make something stupid just let it be done anyway if he care to waste his time on something no1 will use why should you all care? its his time to waste anyway btw imagine when DE will change again drop locations of some frames and he will need to come back to this useless thread and hit ctrl+f (on each page) to search for each frame to update its drop location
  7. ZeroZX4

    Personal Opinions: State of the Game

    i believe best improvement for you would be not to make wall of text btw didnt read it
  8. ZeroZX4

    Farming New Frames

    grind is ok when grind is fun doing just 1 mission to get 1 part is fine but doing it over for 2 days playing 14h a day is not fun and what if u play 3h per day? how many days it will take you to farm it? there is huge difference between effort and reward and mindless grind just to grind just to get that 1 thing u need i would say F in the A ivara farm but on other hard it did in fact made me better at spy missions and now im using volt to do them to finish them even faster + ivara was pretty usefull when i needed to drop few other things but as much as i like harrow nidus or octavia farming them is just plain stupid but well ok this is how game is made and then comes garuda and barruk i had duplicates for alll parts of garuda when i was on 1st level of solaris united and barruk? i was waiting like 1 month for DE to fix that retarded bounty system and let us skip cutscenes even beofre i attempt to farm it because it just felt like a pain i believe i would make more money doing fissures in time i sacrificed farming vox solaris and solaris united to the point i could buy each frame 2 times and still have allot plat on top of that as profit
  9. ZeroZX4

    Umbra and his scarf...

    i would say we don't want to disable scarf we want few or many different types of scarf to choose
  10. energizing dash
  11. ZeroZX4

    Rank 9 test

    1st this is for 19 but u care only to look at the mods 2nd thing if u go as banshee enemy wont be alarmed by shots
  12. so after last update which had something like lowering price of cetus wisps from 10k standing to 5 i noticed my intact sentient cores are missing well not all of them but many i had over 2k now i have like 170 i dont use them anymore i just go there now to buy amp thats why i know how much i had last time and no i dont want to contact support i dont want to get them back i got more other cores than i need which i dont use anyway i just want to ask if any of u had the same issue?
  13. ZeroZX4

    Excalibur Exalted Blade MOD !

    ow sorry i just noticed you mean actual Excalibur not umbra Excalibur Blade you still need yellow/red color on your excal
  14. ZeroZX4

    Excalibur Exalted Blade MOD !

    Excalibur Blade press 4 and hold LMB while attacking to heal yourself pretty much self sufficient build hard to die with it you will also need to have yellow/red energy on your excal not on blade for chromatic blade to give you most benefit