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  1. yesterday i joined mot on void as 5th player there was 3 guys around but i think below mr10 and 1 guy mr19 well and me ofcourse and mr19 was trying to sound could and this is how it went guy A asked how is that possible then guy B said "its my doing" and i said it is known bug then guy A asked "how?" guy B added "i dont share my secret for free" i added that it happens from time to time randomly and then i follow it with i will be more than happy to report u to support for admitting of bug using if you care to keep claiming its ur doing guy B reply that i dont know anything about game my answer was "yeah at mr27 i still know very little about this game" and so i stopped to bother to even read what was on the chat and keep looking for argons today i login into game and look what i see i left him with this i believe threatening is when u want to force someone to do something i believe i just informed him of what i am going to do but whatever i at mr 27 know very little about warframe so i ask u guys for help plz comment on his behavior and on should i report him or not since most likely you will be more qualified to judge than me so he will have few nice words of advice when he read ur comments
  2. this is like most stupid post i ever seen let me point that out elevators - when u waste ur time waiting for others to get into elevator its ok but if u waste their time making them to wait for elevator to come back that is bad open world host leaving - instead of saving your time let squad members waste it while u wait for them to get to exit rushing mission - yeah no1 can leave mission after its started so again waste ur time waiting for others but if u rush it and waste their time with loading screen that is bad changing loadout before mission start - no 1 can leave squad if ur not ready so feel forced to inform them that they need to waste their time voice chat - we know warframe have no way to mute others let alone no volume bar of voice chat synthesis target - other players did not come to mission to help u but to scan target any difference between them and AFKers since both do not contribute to the mission? wanna good advice? help who u can and how u can IF U WANT instead of stating what is etiquette
  3. and believe or not even so its bad its good everything that makes u feel bad will push u into getting better and give more out of ur ass just to avoid that bad so in the end its good
  4. ZeroZX4

    Selling Magus

    idk if its a bug or not but i sell magus repair rank 3 and each time no matter which i select (i have many) first from the left from the right or any in the center it always sell the the one i have euqipped but i always equip the last 1 i see on the list so could there be a marker on which magus i have equipped on operator or by default if u have multiple pieces to sell always the ones that u dont have equipped and sell equipped one only if its last in ur inventory?
  5. im well aware to what im responding to if you would in fact read what is in op you would understand that u go for plants for one and the same apothic to craft and use it 3 times scanning during day or during night for enough plants on earth is like 2x runs on cervantes and when u are doing it in group with ppl u gonna share it later it is just 1 run so each of ur squad members including u have enough plants scanned and thats why i wrote what i wrote english isnt my main language and its not hard to see but either i didnt get what u mean or u misunderstood something
  6. wtf u are talking about? and this? wtf?
  7. i rmember OBS had 1 feature u need to check it it was something like "turn of aero" and that dramatically changed FPS and quality i believe u click settings on the lower right side of window then click screen on the left and turn of aero
  8. it require u to scan plants that spawn only during night and day cycle on earth so in the end maybe its easiest but it will most likely consume most time if u did not start doing it at perfect time frame
  9. To all that gonna cry about silver grove bs on nw There are 3 apothics (BUT U CAN CRAFT AND USE SAME ONE THREE TIMES AND CHALLENGE WILL BE COMPLETED) ============================================================= to tell you the truth dont check if its day or night go to E PRIME on EARTH and if u see sunlight jadeleaf go with frostleaf and vestan moss next if u see moonlight jadeleaf go with ruk's claw and lunar pitcher next -------- Sunrise -------- * Sunlight Jadeleaf: Earth E PRIME (Exterminate) * Frostleaf: Neptune SAO (Sabotage) * Vestan Moss Mercury M Prime (Exterminate) -------- Twilight -------- * Moonlight Jadeleaf Earth E PRIME (Exterminate) * Ruk's Claw Mars Ares (Sabotage) * Lunar Pitcher Lua Copernicus (Capture) ================================================================= xxxxxx Nightfal xxxxxx < not worth ur time REQUIRES U TO COLLECT PLANTS DURING DAY AND NIGHT CYCLE ON EARTH (1 CYCLE = 4H) * Dusklight Sarracenia Ceres Palllas (Exterminate) * Moonlight Dragonlily Earth E PRIME(Exterminate) * Sunlight Threshcone Earth E PRIME (Exterminate) ================================================================= in video below u have location of each plant and visually presentation of where they spawn and how they look it took me 40 mins to scan enough of them to do this challenge 2x times solo (but on other hand i have widget from simaris that sometimes make 1 scan count double) but be lazy get 2 more ppl from recruit chat or friends or clan mates to do exact same thing with them and u can do it faster so each of you just craft 1 apothic and then just share in video description there are timestamps for each plant so u can click on the ones u wanna get instead of watching full video all info i got from here
  10. i just did it with redeemer + banshe twice without a problem so whats urs again? maybe 1 tip i can give u if do have redeemer or any other melee that is ranged 1st u kill guard in front of u and then 2 ones on the sides for the last part
  11. youtube will be ur best friend here
  12. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eY6ZZUbLoZwFDmf1WgdOMnM_bjG8ooqV_osHCCxu3Yw/edit this is all u need to know for anything eidolon related
  13. well i was like 3 times on different disruption fissures and each time not enough reactants to open a relic and it was for my whole squad of random ppl
  14. any1 else noticed bad reactant drop rate on disruption or is it only me?
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