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  1. Yeah i agree just remove it or add a toggle to be on/off, we already have a way to perform the heavy attacks we dont need the hold to perform the heavy attacks.
  2. With the recent change to alow you to perfrm a heavy attack by holding down the melee botton i came cross a problem (Probably a personal problem). Ok so im trying to build up my combo with my melee for blood rush/weeping wounds, then rondomly I heavy attack when i didnt want to perform a heavy attack, now i would like to ask can there be a option to turn the hold to perform an heavy attack on/off please? (this might be a bug or a sticky botton idrk but the option would still be nice to have)
  3. I have 3 questions. Will we be able to finlly see the out side of our orbiter when railjack comes out? And will we maybe get more rooms with the new orbiter interior like a kitchen and or a disply room that shows all the weapons and frames that you have in your arseal? (i think new rooms will most likely be a no lol but a tenno can dream right?) I remember in a dev stream modular skins was mentioned is there anything new on that?
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