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  1. SinKershel

    How would the railjack ship work

    First : Why would stay in a inactive Clan/Dojo ? There are hundreds of them active. Second : You can still play the mode solo with two NPC driving and shooting the ship while you infiltrate. Buying new ships and customizing is "locked" to the Dojo. Just like 50+ weapons and stuff are locked to the dojo. Third, making it a clan thing make Clans even more interesting. Never really cared about mine. About to care a lot.
  2. SinKershel

    How would the railjack ship work

    you will probably have a "default ship" if you solo queue in Railjack without an assigned Clan ship.
  3. SinKershel

    How would the railjack ship work

    They already said it will by a clan thing. Clan Dojos will have their own ships and that's what you will use when playing Railjack. This is all in development but I think that won't change. Maybe you will be able to research more ships, maybe you will add your own to the clan fleet. No idea. But they do said it's going to be a clan thing.
  4. SinKershel

    I die so easily

    You shouldn't die with Rhino. Mod for strength. Activate Iron Skin. Win.
  5. SinKershel

    I die so easily

    Some frames are better to take a hit. So your depends on what frame you are using. Do you use your abilities like you should ? Is your frame modded accordingly ? Do you just walk and shoot or you jump around and roll and bullet jump ? Could be a bunch of things.
  6. SinKershel

    Please allow console players to use market discounts on bundles

    Consoles have it better, they can buy Tennogen with plat. As a PC player, I need to uninstall and re-install my game through steam just so I can access the skins. Then it's real money only. And between me and you Tennos, Tennogen is where it's at. The fact that there's barely any skins available on the real market makes Tennogen a must when you reach fashionframe.
  7. SinKershel

    Amprex Builds

    Point Strike, High Voltage, Infected Clip, Vital Sense, Serration, Split Chamber, Heavy Caliber... HUNTER MUNITIONS.
  8. SinKershel

    Petition: 24 Hour Ban For Host Migrations On Cetus

    Tell your friend he can practice the MR test in every relay on the starmap. Join relay, press start, fast travel to Cephalon Simaris, turn right, go up, and all the MR tests are there in the stairs. You can practice them as many times as you want.
  9. SinKershel

    Vaulted Relics Droprate...

    That much ? About to log in, I hope it ain't that bad. But at the same time. Maybe it has to ? I mean, Rhino was around 500p, Nyx 300 I think ? Both of them getting unvaulted raised concerns for me. Market wise, I bet the price will fall. I suspect the price to be around 200p for Rhino p in a couple days. Prices have been going down like crazy lately. Mirage is what, 40p now ? If Frame prices go down like that, less people buy plat. And that ain't good for DE, which isn't good for us down the line. I could deal with the fact that unvaulted relics are hard to farm. Anyway, most people will just buy relic packs, so we'll see.
  10. SinKershel

    Increase Riven Slots Cap PLS

    Let's say you use 5 primaries daily. 5 secondarys, 5 melees. That's 15 rivens that you REALLY wanna keep. Then you have the "well this weapon sucks but I could throw a riven in it and it's going to be viable for 90 % of the game content". I don't think there's a huge number of those, since you already play with 5 different prim/second/melees. Let's put the number at 10. That's 25 rivens total. Which is way more than what I personally use or plan on using. Then you have all those MR Fodder rivens that are barely worth 10p even tho veiled rivens sell for more. Because nobody wants that stuff. I bought 3 slots and that's it for me, I won't need more. I understand people wanting to "collect" things, but Rivens...why ? You really going to play with bad weapons that perform 75 % worst ? Invest the endo and the creds in them ? For 10 minute gameplay per year that you go "well, this weapon still sucks with a riven" ?
  11. SinKershel

    Oberon + Nekros needs fixing

    Experienced players using shadows ? In a survival ?? Weird. I only pop shadows when my team lacks any kind of defensive ability to protect something. Heard the shadows were taking spawn slots, meaning that less enemies spawned with shadows up. And we don't want that. Nekros is Desecrate boi and that's it. All his other abilities suck compared to shooting people dead. my opinion.
  12. I support this. My Rhino looks totally badass without Iron Skin. Looks like a walking shiny booger with Iron Skin.
  13. SinKershel

    How do i not feel useless

    Just a bit of advice, don't compare yourself too much with other players. Let's take the sortie today. I used my fully modded Amprex and I was in front of everyone during the Exterminate "path". I think i finished with 80 % of the dmg People in my squad had good weapons, just didn't have time to hit anything. I was in a hurry, sorry bois
  14. SinKershel

    There is some things need to be done DE

    "Also DE, please, make so we can stack Warframes one over the other so they become stronger. I think it would be a great idea. Another thing would be to enter a mission, and you can tap your screen or your mouse and watch your warframe fight the mission. The more you tap, the more you are fast at killing enemies. For rewards we could have boxes that have sometimes skins and plat in them and we could trade 5 same skins for another skin if not lucky. Also I think the missions are not good and you should put the maps in one big map and have 100 warframes fight. Thank you DE, you have the best game"
  15. SinKershel

    FOr the love of something about PS4 region chat.

    PC region chat is usually pretty clean. From my point of view, console players are a bit younger. Console players are a bit more casual. Being toxic on consoles is somewhat of a trend. Any games. Warframe PC community is another world.