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  1. SinKershel

    Elite alert/arberations requirements

    I think i read somewhere that you need to be the one with the key to get completion on derelict missions.
  2. SinKershel

    Okay, but why aren't they new weapons? [New Melee Skins]

    Yeah I don't get it. We are a bunch playing with Lesion, yet we only have the Rashasi skin that comes with the Nova Asuri Collection. I bought it only for the weapon skin and realized it was looking too small in my frame hands so I keep using Lesion without a skin. 1 polearm skin only available in a collection/bundle is really awful imo. Yet we keep getting skins for weapons that already have a bunch, or weapons nobody use.
  3. SinKershel

    Elite alert/arberations requirements

    disgusted by the move. MR 22, skipped every Archwing mission I could. So now I have two days of Archwing missions to go through to play the new mode. I have to force myself to play a half-broken mode. That's awful. Like I said on twitter, should have been MR locked. Or even better, make us go through 5-10 harder MR tests before. Probably going to pass and play MTGArena until Fortuna drops.
  4. SinKershel

    Good Gaming Laptop and Controller Combo?

    I'm playing on a 6 year old laptop with a slow HDD and I'm loading POE in 10 seconds max. 12GB ram, 3.2 GHZ I5-3230m, 2GB NVIDIA 740m. Pretty sure your laptop has other issues if it takes you that much time to load POE.
  5. SinKershel

    Is DE gonna balance the disposition or not?

    so much anger. you think it would be better without Rivens ? My Hystrix would be barely viable making the top 5 guns even more used all the time. Don't know whats the problem a part from the fact you might think some Rivens you want cost too much plat ? Otherwise, how does it affect how you play the game ? What did Rivens change ? There is no debacle, Rivens are fun. Yeah disposition could be adjusted, but remove rivens ? lol btw, you can keep looking, Warframe is far from the "gambling" problem. They even removed a "gambling" mechanic with the Kavats 2 days after they released it because somebody spent 2000 $ in one day on the feature. (you would know that if you would've watched Warframe documentary)
  6. SinKershel

    Is DE gonna balance the disposition or not?

    And that's DE fault ? I've been playing with a bunch of guns that ain't top tier because of rivens. It's totally in the hands of the players. They want bigger numbers even tho they don't need it.So they stick to the top 5. I can still do all the content in the game with a Hystrix. Yes, a Hystrix. A secondary weapon that people hate. Rivens are not the problem, player mentality is.
  7. SinKershel

    Red forum text

    No wonder what ? It was fine like this, at least everything wasn't the same color like it is now. You need some kind of difference, now everything is the same, nothing pops out, it looks super drab.
  8. SinKershel

    Syndicate Medallions

    Is there a way to make them available for pickup even though we joined late ? I always abort missions because I join games that already have more than half the medallions and I wanna start fresh. Being able to pick them up after after loading would actually reduce the aborting (especially for defense missions, since you don't really have to backtrack to get them) I'm betting it's something hard to code ? I don't know. I just feel we should be able to pick them up. Anybody knows the reason that we can't ?
  9. SinKershel

    Red forum text

    There was red text everywhere, it's the same boring blue now. Nothing feels like it has any impact. Here's the only picture I found online
  10. SinKershel

    "Khora BP When": Can we have tokens please?

    Running Fissures for a couple hours will pay for your Khora. Don't burn yourself. Running fissures bring variety, you can stumble on vaulted items etc. I was at 11 plat when Revenant was released, I played Fissures for a few hours, just having random fun playing the game, and was around 500p at the end of the day.
  11. SinKershel

    Red forum text

    I dislike the new forum look, a lot. Would gladly have the red text back. Looks like we back in 1998 using premade forum templates.
  12. SinKershel

    Looking beyond Crit + Status

    Your assumption that only 1 build is viable per weapon is wrong.
  13. 25 down 5 up is kinda bad. I'm on 30/10 and it's the minimum here. No idea if this is why you have problems tho.
  14. SinKershel

    Looking beyond Crit + Status

    I don't like the first part of your post but you do have a few good mod suggestions. But like another player said, such mods would then become mandatory. People will always find the best builds.
  15. SinKershel

    Spy Sorties

    So your solution is to remove PUGs so you can keep Spy in the sortie rotation ? So now the LF chat is a mess like trade with only people looking for sortie squads ? Amazing solution, 10/10, would hit. lol Why do I want to queue with random people ? Because that's how the game was designed ? It's unreasonable for me to ask DE to remove a mission from sortie rotation because kids with no experience are messing the whole thing, but you think it's reasonable to remove the PUG option. fo' my thread.