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  1. SinKershel

    DE when will you acknowledge ember?

    Everytime i play my Ember I top the damage by like 75 % It's super boring tho. For me, and my peers.
  2. SinKershel

    Please add an option to disable loading screen music

    Maybe DE could turn down the volume a bit instead. I personally really like the music. Sci-fi with a war vibe to it.
  3. SinKershel

    Arsenal displays two Hystrix models [Fixed]

    Same thing on my Saryn
  4. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    From the patch today : " Tweaked Harrow’s Penance impact sound to have a less high frequency ringing. " Thanks DE ! 🤗
  5. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    I'm talking about the sound in general. I'll try to put it into words you will understand. It ain't in the "bird chirping" category, it's in the "nails on a chalkboard" category.
  6. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    If that is the reason they put a ear ring with Penance, I get it, but still don't think it was a good thing to do on the long run. You can compare the sound to a flashbang in first person shooters, but that's totally different. You don't get flashbanged every minute. Also the frequency is different, because FPS devs know that players need to endure the sound for the whole duration of the flashbang. Harrow is not long in duration but the frequency is very aggressive to the ear. Warframe is a game where you spam a lot and the choice of sounds that goes with your actions is crucial to enjoying the game. again, I didn't ask for Harrow to cast fireballs, rewind time and summon angels. I asked for a sound that is known to be hated to be removed.
  7. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    Next time you reply to a thread, read the whole thing before stepping in. I already pointed out that "turn down the game volume" is far a solution. Lots of people have no problem with nails on a chalkboard, some people feel like dying when they hear the sound. I feel ear ringing falls in the same category. Also, this is the feedback section right ? I ain't "asking the devs to bow down my every whim". Otherwise the list would be way longer. This is something that I find annoying, and it's not like I'm asking a whole rework for a frame. I'm talking about removing a sound effect. Some of yall came in the thread defending the sound like crazy. But i really doubt you would miss it if it was gone. "Oh man, I miss that Harrow ear ringing after Penance, I'ma main Limbo now"
  8. SinKershel

    Steam Workshop Launch + Faq!

    *3 years later* Soooooooooooooooooo ?
  9. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    Oh, short term I don't care. I ain't in a hurry. But it's something that needs to be addressed in my opinion. I would entirely remove the ear ringing. Since most people don't even hear it. I'm even surprised someone said in the thread that he likes that sound. But hey, some people like getting chained and whipped sooooooo, i guess there's something for everyone. Honestly, I thought community would pretty much agree with this. I ain't asking to remove a song. It's one high pitch noise at the end of one ability.
  10. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    Not deleting, maybe you need to clean those ears bro-dog. I was playing at a friend's house yesterday, he was 8-10 feet away on his sofa and he was hearing the high pitch from my laptop speakers. talking bout "there's flashbangs in Warframe ?" Maybe some of you guys don't care because you don't hear it, but from my point of view, it shouldn't be there. You use Penance every minute or so. It's repetitive, it's annoying. /thread
  11. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    I work in a recording studio. Never should you say "well if anybody hates that high pitch noise, they can turn the volume of the whole thing down". That is not a solution. I don't wanna turn my gunshot volume down because of one ability on one frame.
  12. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    It ain't "painful". It's annoying. Why would they keep it ? It's one of the most annoying sound ever and should only be used when i walk on a flashbang or a grenade just blew next to me. Not like people are gonna be sad that the ear ringing is gone.
  13. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    You can clearly hear it at the beginning of this random video I just picked on youtube, right after the two "whips"
  14. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    What, you don't hear that awful sound after using Penance ?
  15. SinKershel

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove this ? So annoying. Also, question DE : Do you have a sound director ? You guys want to give Saryn a voice ? Ear Ringing after a ability ? I can't believe the person who thought it would be a good idea is actually playing the game. Offer me a job DE, minimum salary + paid travel between Montreal and T.DOT. once a month and I'm in. Sorry sound director guy. thanks.