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  1. SinKershel

    Harrow skins/helmet

    yeah I figured that was part of the "why". If creators don't work on any Harrow, well, we won't have any. thing is, if creators don't care, we Harrow players care and having at least one alternate skin would be great. From what i've seen, we about to get Limbo deluxe, Titania deluxe , Nyx deluxe, Atlas Deluxe and Equinox deluxe. Looking at the usual release schedule, that's probably all the skins we will get in game in the next year, a part from Tennogen and Mesa Prime, Equinox Prime and Atlas Prime. Nobody plays Titania, Nyx or Atlas, still we about to get deluxe versions for them. Everybody brings an Harrow when it's time to hunt Eidolons tho. DE should try to prioritize skin release schedule with frames that player actually use.
  2. SinKershel

    Harrow skins/helmet

    Graxx helmet looks weird from the side and it's Tennogen. That's like saying Nidus doesn't need anything else than the Deluxe because it's badass. But they keep releasing stuff for Nidus.
  3. SinKershel

    Harrow skins/helmet

    Most frames have different skins. Most frames have more than 1 helmet. Harrow has no alt skins, and only 1 alternate helmet. (Which looks like you have a plumbing pipe going through your head) I think he's the only one in that situation a part from super recent frames. Nidus Chroma and Limbo keep getting skins and stuff. Even if we look at Tennogen the only thing for my boi Harrow is the Graxx Skin.
  4. SinKershel

    Log in Error. Check your info

    I'm in Quebec Canada and I need to enter my password like 5 times minimum to get in for the past week or so.
  5. I'm playing on a laptop. Chat is fine at home, never disconnects. Chat never connects when I'm at one of my friends house, UNLESS I type something in chat. Misbehaving router would be my bet. Tried resetting the router at my friends, didn't change anything. I'm in Montreal, I can take a train to T.DOT all expenses paid for you to diagnose whatever you want on my 17 Inch HP Envy I5-3230m, 2GB Nvidia 740m, 12 GB Ram.
  6. SinKershel

    Limbo Prime Coming June 19th!

    They "fixing" Limbo. "We're changing Limbo's Stasis to only stop time for enemies"
  7. SinKershel

    Steam Workshop Launch + Faq!

    *3 years later* Soooooooooooooooooo ?
  8. Nothing against Danielle but I don't want to hear a voice everytime I cast something. I could maybe deal with a nerf, but a voice is something that is going to make me shelve Saryn. Valkyr scream got on my nerves two missions deep. Also : LOTS of issues with her skin. Her hands are literally going through the skirt.
  9. SinKershel

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.6

    Fixing a unplayable mode ? We want to know what's up with Host Migration, I ain't about to jump in this and lose parts from Host Migration freeze, again.
  10. Don't know if I can make a second request but Avengers Theme or Agents of Shield Theme
  11. SinKershel

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

  12. SinKershel

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    " The Conduit has opened " doesn't mean we're getting the update. the topic also says " Rebecca and Megan are no longer playing by their rules " meaning they could be playing on the dev build.
  13. SinKershel

    Where is Update 22.16.0!?

    Why are you guys crying about Khora when you all know she ain't coming out because damage 2.5 was trashed. She needed a FULL rework, and the rework started the day the last devstream aired.