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  1. The video from Warframe VIP event in Japan said "This year"
  2. I think Nora just punished us, the lazy arse. Nora: I gave you this mission 3 days ago, and yet you wait till last day to do it. Here is another one. However, I curse you to do it for ETERNITY. Edit: just find out my Xbox A/C already complete it, but still has 2 duplicate mission anyway.
  3. My Xbox account (that link to both Twitch and Mixer) got drop. But my PC account, that only link to Twitch, got nothing.
  4. I'm on Xbox, and have both tWitch and Mixer. (Didn't expect double drops, just wanna hang out with Mixer friends) If there was a problem with tWitch, I should get from Mixer. No, I got nothing from both. There was few times when it (Ducat drop) didn't work on PC, but did work on Xbox.
  5. For a ghost clan with only 1 member, Does it mean I have to get 20k point in single run to get gold?
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