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  1. Will it be better if it look like this: In 1st stage, she (Profit-Taker) only circles between 3 physical damage types (IPS), and raw elemental damage. (Fire, Toxin....) = 7 Damage types If you hit her with combined elemental damage, it will reduce by half. In 2nd stage (4 min countdown), she only circles between combined elemental dmg. type (Rad, Viral...) = 8 Damage types For Arch-Gun Cooldown: Every times she does ground slam (Magnetic wave), it should also act as an EMP that reduce Arch-Gun cooldown by half. If anything above doesn't make any sense, please be gentle to me >_<
  2. Last weeks challenges were OK for me. All were solo-able. And for a brief moment, I was like "Oh good, DE is listening to player's feedback" Today, that "with friend/clanmate" is coming back. WTH I'm in Ghost clan. It's me the founder, and also me the only member there. People on my friend list (Xbox live) are mostly from another game. They were MR0, and last time they were online (in Warframe) was 2000 years ago.
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