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  1. Same Latron just downloads and just stays there not allowing mission to continue. Drone never adds shields. Should reward everyone with like 200+ grandmother tokens. Doesnt take much to actually test one mission and see it does not work. Sorry but it is getting annoying to lose your bonuses not because of what I did but what was not looked at. latron Une is already an awful mission with the awful drop rate and then you changed it into keep that stupid drone alive that doesnt add shields and health to itself. Remove the new bonus and go back to the old one. Also make
  2. Latron Une missions doesnt even finish. Please start actually testing all this stuff. Losing the points and bonuses is ridiculous.
  3. All of those were exclusive for YEARS. Dont give us that. Them giving them out after years is ridiculous. Heck Primed Chamber happened once for everyone and DE did promise to bring it back in an event. They finally kinda fulfilled that promise.
  4. Yeah but now we are capped at rank 90 and it is going to be around probably for another 2+ months. Alerts at least kept happening. I enjoyed alerts. This system is even worse than alerts because when you are maxed it is like all alerts are turned off. This was supposed to be better than alerts. At least with alerts they were always some coming around. Heck they even had miny mission challenges every mission that were enjoyable which are just the stupid 1k nw standing.
  5. Bug type: Deimos Bounties Description: Latron Une not showing up at all on bounties Reproduction: Play your game for once. Expected result: Finish the bounty and get rewards Observed result: Latron Une doesnt show up. Cant even post the pictures here so here is the one set https://imgur.com/a/iVCjmmK Bug type: Deimos Bounties Description: Stuck at complete on 5/5 Reproduction: Play your game for once. Expected result: Finish the bounty and get rewards Observed result: It just sits there and nothing happens. Lost my bonuses becau
  6. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Fishing that when hit by enemy while invis will make frame be able to do nothing. It either was me getting hit or me hitting an enemy. Get stuck waiting I think for the enemy to come to me so I can get the stupid animation that I caught it. VISUAL: Have video but since your forums dont allow for uploading of videos it is completely worthless. REPRODUCTION: Play your game EXPECTED RESULT: Be able to play the game OBSERVED RESULT: Cannot use any ability. unstuck doesnt work. waiting for my prowl to expire since I cannot even move. R
  7. Same no nightwave. No way to see what is required. Kinda annoying since I only have a set amount to actually play each week. Any chance for compensation since this seems to deal with deimos.
  8. Funny thing just watched a creator do what I think will be removed later from the helminth system. They are already almost rank 7 in the metamorphosis thing.
  9. So you will only get 1 card every hour now? If that is the case make them tradeable. I have gotten around 3 of every card and 0 of another. Maybe make it 3 cards for 1 hour so we still get the same amount of drops. It does make it unfair for people who can only watch streams on the weekends that you have decided to change this. Please think about equality for all since this is like the nerfs you do that dont affect people that have already exploited things. Either that or give everyone 60+ cards since you say some have gotten 60 already.
  10. This really sucks. So you are saying you didn't play test this and now find out this wasn't the way you wanted it? How about the people waiting the fixes now cannot get the same benefits than someone that exploited this. How about you give us the parts for free? If you have decided this then Enemy Necramechs drops need to be buffed in the extreme. It seems that you know how to nerf but not buff. Here is the issue. They remove the only viable way to get Necramech parts at the same time. Danged if you do and danged if you dont.
  11. TYPE: cannot use alad V key after using one DESCRIPTION: what the type says EXPECTED: the ability to go into a mission more than once REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% TYPE: Screen freezes when picking a mission that had the sortie 3 on DESCRIPTION: Wanted to do the non sortie 3 mission with the hyena pack. Froze and could not escape not matter what button was pressed. Had to alt+F4 EXPECTED: not freezing REPRODUCTION RATE: no clue since i wont keep trying Also can we please remove the new UI it is worse than the old one. Form over function is bad.
  12. Most of them. Sadly sold them and it looks like they are the main blueprints (Ash Excalibur etc)are not even available even at ceph simaris. Very disappointing i can't get them back since I had more than enough warframe slots.
  13. Same. Was wondering the ETA of these since this is a little ridiculous.
  14. Sorry but a two sentence blurb about the steel essence not being affected by rapisce booster is what we were wanting what weeks ago. Are we going to get compensation for this mistake since it says it was a resource and it wasn't boosted? Also how about no UX changes pr allow us to switch between the two because the feedback from many people is that you are hiding information. Function before form. Making something look nice isn't as good as something that works well. Personally I think that the original UI needed only small tweaks. I don't care how my warframe looks at the end of a
  15. Imagine a world with people who just use task scheduler on their computer to automatically open the twitch stream. Oh wait you can but it would actually take some effort if you wanted them. Don't complain about a stream in another time zone because placate you means those people will be up till 4 am.
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