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  1. I don't care what the other warframes look like since I was in a squad already and knows which games they used. Please stop stealing other UIs since you can't get the correct information to show. Also really item labels should always be on. Having to scroll over everything to know what it is and how many you got is just stupid. Functionality over form please. Also if you are going to hide relevant data like people getting afk leechers then make the game auto ban them cause it is already a hassle. Also don't listen to @Gabbynaru since people still Want to know what other people are doing because it is a TEAM GAME and as they say We all lift together. If you want to fix things then the lich history search do you can search for important things like weapons or type of damage. The search function is completely worthless. Or the paragon screen which could have the known mods needed. You know stuff people have requested and not stuff that people have been having no issue with for years.
  2. AND in a couple of months none of these things will be added since DE digs their feet in when they think they are right. We have complained for months and they are just giving a pittance of fixing to an awful system. They need to learn if they are going to steal a good system from another game it better be better than the original. Remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery unless DE does it. They are like those memes on the internet saying about copying homework and it just looks so bad compared to the original.
  3. Just happened again. Host migration and then bam even if I complete the ending I only get the first 3 parts. WE need to find a way to exploit this so that DE will actually fix this issue for years.
  4. Yeah just lost my rewards for a mission. Host migrations losing all progress is beyond incompetent. I think the bug is actually DE and not being able to do their job since I can submit a ticket about lost rewards but they just say "sorry complain on the forums" and then you do that and DE does nothing.
  5. I figured out and put it on reddit. Move away at least 50m so that the drone just stops. Then get close and it seems to figure out how to actually do its job unlike other people.
  6. Man this is pathetic. You took out the "universal" in universal medallions so because of 1 stupid conclave person. The Ivara farm you now changed for intrisics when I guarantee more than 1 person would like this to stay. Also WHY DID YOU NERF RAILJACK WEAPONS??? Do you play this game or just throw a dart at the board that says 1 buff multiple nerfs? Lowering armor but nerfing weapons is stupid.
  7. Well thats crap. So you are saying not to watch your streams if you already got it. K thanks. You should give something to the people that still watch it instead of just the middle finger.
  8. Yeah the drop didnt work. Had both mixer and twitch. Watched around 45 mins probably more but i cant remember the exact time. Might need to look into that.
  9. When are you going to actually have the things you showed? Liches are not even close to what was shown. Empyrean is not close and is an extremely buggy mess after 8 updates in 5 working days. Why are you sending out extremely bad updates and are you actually playing this more than 2 minutes?
  10. They also showed how great liches were going to be and how great Empyrean was and look what we got. If they add that tech in then we will all be playing 8 bit since they seem to bug everything. Questions: You have had 6 updates in 5 days. Are you going to figure out how to do more bug fixes since this trend is getting worse and worse? You say you are listening to feedback but only gave lootshare on 2 blueprints in railjack. Why did you not have all loot shared like was shown on stream before? Will this be implemented since it is a common feedback escpecially if loot is on certain ships. If so when? Edit: Also AI crew when? Also why did you think that rng on weapons was something of value? Also are you actually listening to feedback or is it just PR and you dont listen to actually good feedback? Also can I play a game of Mastermind with Steve in which a wrong selection allows me to punch him in the face? Since he seems to think that is enjoyable.
  11. Please stop nerfing things. Buff other ones. This incompetence is so annoying. Kitgun nerfs shouldn't be happening. START LOOKING AT WHY THEY USE THEM.
  12. You guys really need to fix the bug that this stuff isn't tested before being sent out. Really bad bug. Also get us solo mode. Really stupid not having that right away.
  13. So disappointing. Maybe next time don't promise something that you can't do. Good excuse saying this will last a year but people still expect things you have back burnered this year.
  14. So when are we actually getting the liches we were shown? The weapons suck and you need to fix the stupid rng about getting duplicates. After all of them are gotten THEN YOU DO RNG. Also if you are keeping liches this way then how bad is next update since it was promoted for so long and with the latest update you really are making some people annoyed by your "best rng we have did".
  15. So glad that it is argon crystals since I am not going to watch it since it is a holiday here. Also middle finger to you too about giving argon crystals since you can get more in one mission.
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