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  1. Are you actually going to say that with your track record? Nemesis, Deimos, Railjack, Nightwave being short? Maybe no promises since it seems it is hard to make good on any promise. Also what people said is true that you are not going to give us less alerts so maybe add more in at the same time or just every 2 weeks give out an alert to thank the players that have stuck around. Umm the 29th is a Friday. You should be thanking the pc players for their sacrifice being your beta testers. We suffer without extra rewards to give you guys a better exper
  2. Yeah but we have to deal with it while i believe console will get the better version for a whole month. That is not even close to fair. Unless there is a benefit like discounts it isn't fair.
  3. Is there anyway to have this fixed I watched it fully today and got nothing. It is annoying since my connection has been good for months then suddenly look at warframe and it says unknown and to unlink the account. There has to be a way to make this work 99.9 repeating percent of the time.
  4. You had what 8 months to figure out intermission. You need even more time? Great that it is finally going to be ending. No more glass type enemies EVER. Also what happened to nightwave being short? Is intermission going to be 13 months long and the next episode being 2 years long?
  5. Ib4 huge bugs while it is abandoned the whole time. Also why necramechs? They suck royally and now an event that is just a waste. What are the ways to heal that are actually viable?
  6. The PC will need to have that too. Console already gets many things easier (tennogen) then PC. We pay not using plat. Hmm maybe because DE has kept saying they want everything to be the same on consoles and PCs. Console keeps complaining about not getting the new stuff right away and now you are complaining that they are taking steps to try and have everyone on the same cycle.
  7. How can you not? Unless Dan Trachtenberg did it for free. DE paid him = DE has the resources.
  8. Acolytes not showing up even after 8 mins. Kinda annoying since it is a downgrade for getting steel essence. Even more to put it into a format that seems to not make a difference if they will fix it. Also command intrinsics must be bugged since it is still not in the game after a year.
  9. That is one of the only times they fix these bugs is when it hurts them. People have been complaining about it since it came out. They really need to do all 3 ISOs solo on stream. Would love to see them actually trying the content and seeing how bad it is. Even better if you can select the frame they have to use.
  10. The test cluster is just PR. Nothing said during it was changed before release ergo completely worthless. Also where is the giving back when you changed mods amounts from something nice to something almost completely worthless? You have to unlink it from the Warframe and twitch account sides then redo it. Worked for me.
  11. Your kidding me right? No juggernaut fix for him just sitting on his polyps? It is always on the same spot. There are numerous big resorts showing his exact Latin that he does it but no fix? I wasted an hour yesterday due to this in which I only got the stupid arcanes that no one will use. Fix this immediately since you people keep dragging you heels to make it so that we can just do the bounty without wasting time on a bounty we have already did too many times for bad rewards.
  12. This is the exact same spot for multiple people. This is ridiculous.
  13. Also another bug. Voidrig in tier 3 will have their feedback on for 5+ minutes. No way to stop it. You can keep dinging it away but come on there should be a timer on that. Not wasting my time with the stupid way you are wanting it since it doesn't seem to be helping fix these bugs.
  14. I just spent the last hour finally getting to be able to do the new tier 3 bounty. The stupid tier 3 voidrig was bugged in having invincibility for like 5+ minutes it was so annoying. There is so many bugs (not deimos ones) including one that I had the juggernaut just sit and do nothing. I tried it twice. It is already ridiculous that we need to do these stupid bounties that we have already did 50+ times but now not even getting to get what we want that we need to quit and go back to the necralisk to just try another time and of course have to do the stupid iso vaults again.... WTF. How i
  15. LITERALLY WASTED AN HOUR OF TIME. JUGGURNAUT JUST STAYS STILL. https://imgur.com/a/LX4GAhn Literally just stays in the same spot. REMOVE THE STUPID ISO VAULTS PART FIRST BECAUSE OF THIS. not going to waste even more time with the stupid results becasue any through testing should have caught this.
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