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  1. Please tell me you didn't remove the credit booster from sorties and kept that god awful drop chance booster. How about we decide which booster we get.
  2. Yeah I optimized my game even with 30gb free it wouldn't let me say bgg I didn't have enough room. Strange and you might want to test your fixes. Also when are you going to fix the bug that updates aren't tested at all before being sent to PC. Been an issue for a long time. Also if the universal medallion isn't universal because of people already doing the grind then they the heck was the lua focus lens allowed? Buck up. Forgot about the bug that conclave has no players. Been years so maybe it shouldn't be abandoned by you. Please Plagarize..err copy...err "gain inspiration" from other games games to get people into conclave. Either that or all rewards can be gotten elsewhere or all conclave rewards are non tradable and only usable in conclave including cosmetics.
  3. Yes I have watched now over 4 hours of streams that were directed straight from https://www.warframe.com/community/partners. Whiskeycat i was watching which is nice since it actually gives you points every 10 minutes so can easily show that I am watching it. At 585 points so minus the 300 for the follow I am at 285 which divided by 15 equals 19 so multiply that by 10 you have 190 minutes which is over 3 hours. This does not include the other stream I watched for over an hour which was DKdiamantes or something close which is a twitch warframe partner.
  4. As the title says you need to figure out how to fix this if you are going to have twitch partner drops. Have over 2 hours for this latest drop and still nothing.
  5. Then that means that streams are considered "content" so no more real content for you. Giving most people not any way to get something is not an event it is a privilege and probably takes a bunch of sucking up.
  6. Yes one extra week since we didn't purchase the stupid money grab digital pack. I have to look at the stupid thing saying Baro is here (why cant it be for everyone just a normal set for people that didn't purchase it?) when he isn't then I cannot even get Baro on the normal schedule. Heck I lost a trade for something I was looking for but lost because DE BUGGED UP TRADING and caused everything to be a solo instance.
  7. So you are saying due to a console cert that PC is not getting the event at the promised time. Okay so if we are all the same THEN ALL TENNOGEN IS PURCHASABLE WITH PLAT ON PC. I am sick of holding things back on PC because of this incompetence of bringing everything out at the same time. I did not buy a console and I am on PC and am a beta tester since we seem to find the bugs that the consoles never have to deal with. I would love that you cert some of the original patches that had game breaking bugs and see how the console players feel. This event was promised months ago and for some reason it wasn't tested till when? Today? Please promote your QA testers to the unemployment line. Promises were not met. I remember even on the last streams they were talking about. Please give the non broken consoles some perks due to xbox being a failure.
  8. So looking at your rotations a person soloing needs to defend 3 terminals at least to get C rotation. Why are you forcing people to group? There have been an increase in trolling and leaching in the game which you seem to not care about but are forcing us to group with these incompetents. How about rotation being also changed with how many PEOPLE ARE IN THE GROUP. Arbitrations was changed with no thought of solo players since how can you revive when you are the only one in the group. Also why does it seem that the updates are right at the end of the day when there will be needed hotfixes?
  9. Really think this is stupid. They should instead of informing people what got nerf give Kuva for the rivens that have been nerfed since we now have to smash our heads again to get kuva from extremely boring content.
  10. Really wish we could pick our reward since KHORA IS AN AWFUL GRIND.
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