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  1. Concise A player-controlled sentinel that summons a loadout specified warframe as an Umbra-like specter OR can scan a warframe in mission and replicate it instead of it's default anchor specter ( one ability ). Can swap between sentinel and bipedal modes. Can anchor to another players warframe in sentinel mode Can use any robotic precepts as it's abilities Expanded An old Corpus Technicians' Folktale A Tenno's frame was badly damaged and downed in a battle to save an Orokin tower. The damage left only the common transference mechanism functional. The few Technicians left alive in the tower knew that without the Tenno they were lost, and so slaved the transference mechanism of an Orokin Perihelios Adaptive Sentinel ( OPAS ) to the Tennos' signal as a lifeline until help arrived. To gather intelligence and continue guerilla actions against the forces wreaking havoc in the derelict tower they modified OPAS to mount the salvaged frames weapons in addition to it's own armament and sensor gear, and added a set of compact foldaway legs to allow movement with significantly reduced energy signature and improved defences. This enabled the Tenno piloted bi-modal sentinel to effectively harass the invaders long enough for it both to become obvious no help was forthcoming, and for the technicians to salvage a spectral frame synthesizer. The latter was subsequently bolted to OPAS for a last ditch attempt to escape the tower, thereby delivering the Technicians to safety. OPAS dutifully remained to cover their Heroic Escape. As the Technicians skiff accellerated toward safety one swore he saw OPAS throw itself out of the landing bay and use weapons fire to alter trajectory towards Lua, then fade out of view as the ship jumped.
  2. Read the first few pages, figure it's time to chime in. I'm a proponent of self damage. I like the existence of weapons that with error or inattentive use have consequences. I'm not a fan of flat out oneshots. They're generally un-fun ( even when they logically should occurr ), just as scripted deaths are. It's a game, it needs to bend the rules to maintain a balance between fantasy fun and Rogue sim consequences. Self damage as it was needed updating with how and to what degree being the issues that drew the battle lines. Thanks for finally looking into something that has been a low key brushfire affecting a small segment of your gamer population for a while... ... even if it was in part due to the verbal smoke from larger segments that refused to engage any risk at all while chasing the new boomy shinies. As to patch changes and feedback - - The concept of stagger is a good one - it's variably debilitating, so as a general consequence it's a decent element of consequential weaponry. I feel that player self damage should be limited to slight to heavy flinches of varying durations at all ranges except point blank self damage, which should be the only instance where the player is moved - they should be pushed or aerial somersault away from ground zero. Full on knockdown should be reserved for enemy actions like harpoons or giant blue walls and such. - Current 90% Damage Ramp needs to have a 25% impact point radius sweet spot where stat damage is delivered, beyond which the ramp begins and slopes more sharply to 10% at the edge. Also, this ramp should affect critical multiplier and status chance for the shot with results further from impact point reducing them as well. - Shield gating should stop 100% of a self damage event. It's in the game now, it can be easily special cased to acccount for this if it does not already. - Actual self damage should still return to the game. Stagger is an inconvenience, actual damage is a consequence. Personally, I believe self inflicted damage should cap at 45% of a frames maximum health per trigger pull ( IE - one shot from a bramma will inflict no more than that much damage regardless of how many submunitions you stand on. In the case of triggered explosives, it uses a timed detonation window ). This allows a player in health to make one mistake without serious issue, but repeating the mistake puts you in the territory that if ANYTHING else goes wrong you're gonna have a bad day. Different frames will require diffferent strategies to manage this based on their stats. - Self damage/Launcher/AOE class weapons gain up to an additional sweet spot bonus of 8% target health damage to all enemy targets except bosses/special targets in addition to their listed raw damage. This is the reward for choosing to risk your safety, the knowledge that 13 shots will kill ANY target except bosses/special targets, which are few enough they can be special cased without undue effort. Given the small magazine and ammo counts of launchers, this incentivizes taking them on deeper runs against higher level enemies, as they will continue to grind away after raw damage has become ineffective. This value should be a variable one, as it bypasses reason to have a pox tickling a level1000 bombard to doom, whereas an ogris or tonkor to the faceplate should recieve full benefit. - Cautious Shot becomes a frame exilus mod reducing self damage on health by up to 21%, while also reducing self stagger duration by up to 80%. This change is to free up the slots on the weapon, allow it to apply to all current and future self damage weapons, and because its' effects are acting on the frame not on the weapons. Fully upgraded, this will reduce self damage from 45% maximum health to 24%, and allow a frame to sustain 2 additional instances of self damage on health. The above provides a player 3 renewable chances unmodded to explode themselves and still not actually die, and 5 chances when modded. Enough room to play, not enough to play mindlessly.
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