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  1. Railjack came in on the hype of linked space and ground squads, in addition to the straight railjack content. When that was not delivered after literally seeing it working live during Tennocon there was alot of disappointment. For the record, I liked what it presented on launch but it needed bugfixes, polish, and extension towards the elements we saw on display during the demo. I understood it was one step in making a grander vision come to life ingame, but as it didn't take off it was hard for me as a player to keep playing something disconnected from the Warframe core mission game loops even though I enjoyed it, and difficult for them to justify spending time on something that wasn't being played as much. This stalled it being iterated and finished properly and in a timely fashion I think. Add to this the chorus of ' it's a content island! useless unless you connect it to other things! ' and you get the railjack we have now, which I feel is a good balance of the two but still far from a complete realization of the possibilities for RJ.
  2. Nothing says ' unnatural flesh killing machine run amok that killed it's overseers, who then waged a remorseless bloody guerilla war on every faction then and since - simultaneously - for a thousand years with incalculable loss of life ' ... ...like a kawaii drenched anime magical girl frame blowing water hearts and flashing a peace symbol, then splashing her toes in invisible water and clumsily slipping off her floaty. It is so far from the spirit of literally every other frame and can only be viewed as a focus group theme pick to boost players in certain markets at any cost to existing property. I know DE chooses some weird stuff, and has fans of the genre with varying levels of rabid, but this is literally grafting on a cartoon limb onto the body of lore, themes, and style warframe has spent years building. It's almost like a caricature of a frame designed to diminish the lore as a whole to make it more accessible to people that don't care about warframe and just want so much cute they're gonna explode in confetti. ( For the record, there's nothing wrong with cute overload, but it's not Warframe ) DE, you are building in the aftermath of a storied ancient empire betrayed by space ninjas, and you just wrote a chapter in rainbow crayons. I respect the technical execution, look askance at the concept of a child frame but acknowledge it could be made to work with sufficient backstory and iteration as it does with Nezha, and am shocked and mildly repulsed by the complete clash of game-versus-contemporary culture and fracture of immersion you've presented with Yareli. I'm not going to apologize for a burgeouning dislike of this entry into warframe even before it has finished baking in the foundry solely on the demerits it presents in design direction being driven by pop culture pandering. Unfortunately, this is one of those situations where you've added a pink giraffe as a mount and now cannot go back, which is what your players were telling you before you made it canon.
  3. TYPE: in-mission DESCRIPTION: Vaubans Vortex blocks Simulor DoT ticks EXPECTED RESULT: both vortex and simulor AoE DoT should affect targets influenced by either. Formation and detonation of the simulor singularities still apply damage as expected. REPRODUCTION: equip simulor on vauban, throw vortex, combine simulor singularity. see only vortex damage being applied as targets are protected by the vortex from getting any DoT damage from the simulor air mine.
  4. First off - THANK YOU. I am 100% in favour of this bugfix. It heartens me to see you addressing bugs in any form, whether to my advantage or not. In this case, it's the avenues in which melee power bug usage has become enshined as required. Please continue in this vein and sort out the Vigilante mods on sentinel weapons crossboosting your weapon, as well as your equipped kitgun arcane crossboosting your sentinel weapon ( assuming the kitgun and sentinel weapon are of the same class ). The only thing crossboosting should be the set bonuses of sets specifically designed to do so ( Tek set, Synth set, etc. ) Once it's fully sorted out you can get a better idea of actual usage instead of getting stats distorted by a family of overpoweringly advantageous bugs and finally get to proper rebalancing. This bugfix/change should have been announced earlier, but I can understand not mentioning it if it was a further step you weren't sure would be ready for patch drop. I'm glad it was ready though, and look forward to the day when this is fully propagated to all buggy interaction cases. Thanks for mentioning it before we discovered it cold in the patchnotes. Again, Thank You.
  5. Given I said the same thing, that these additions are not the end of Warframe, you should re-read what I posted and maybe calm down a few notches. When you do, you might catch the theme that is being repeated with these changes - one round of removal of stacking bonus options has already occurred - now it's on to the provision of an option between base guaranteed funtionality and potentially larger gains ,BUT with multiple conditions attached that cause the mods to have no significant improvement over the stacking band-aid model that was already implemented and then removed. Further the removed stacking model STILL did not compete with the melee DE are pointing to as the reasons for implementing them, which clearly indicates these changes will not impact that balance. They at most result in the same bonus to a single frame and single weapon as that which you get from a self buff like eclipse, Not even to the entire loadout, but only one weapon. We are in agreement what they are offering now is not the solution to fix them all, nor is it intended to be. We are in disagreement that the direction of the offered changes is the correct one in order to reach that final solution that equalizes the playing field between options while maintaining their distinct style. 'They can reverse it later' - either you are unaware or in denial. If the changes do not occur in the first three weeks, it takes literal years and reliably never in some cases for DE to admit they've made a terrible mistake and modify/reverse it. This is why veterans are vocal now - to head off the implementation of changes that convolute and still do not apparently fit into a rational solution of the problem. DE is are getting better, but that closet is chockfull-o-crunchy-skeletons. This not the hill you want to die on. 'There's no secret ..' ...Correct. Just a pattern so far of making changes that do not address the problem they are stated to spurred by and appear to be random stabs with near-complete silence on any feed back we give. Credit where it's due - DE did respond to the location of the mods, but stopped short of fully re-assessing their scheme. Good and bad respectively. More information about the modding framework they are attempting to build that does NOT look like ' remove everything and reset it all to conditional ' would be good... ...But this is not what we're getting. 'Let them do their thing, it's their toy anyways' is only half true. It's OUR toy as well and one that doesn't work without us. Never forget this, never allow them to forget it, but keep in mind you don't have to say it everyday. It works on mutual respect or one side begins thinking their half is the 'importanter' half and ignores the needs of the other half...like informing them of the goal and how the current changes fit into it, or not providing feedback when something is clearly not going to reach the goals it's stated to step towards.
  6. ... if you place your brick not level but instead angled 31 degrees upwards in a swamp, the house you build will neither be true nor long above groundlevel. This is not the first brick. We already have conditional mods that used to be useful as augments with others providing base functionality. They have been changed so they are exclusive and add a condition to marginally varying function. If you have a choice between having +150% crit chance in all scenarios, and MAYBE having 160% IF you land a headshot and nerf your movement by aiming down sights but only for 9 seconds, in a fast environment like Warframe it really isn't a choice. IF they allowed stacking with the conditional having reduced function, then you again have a choice to move beyond base functionality and into focused give and take as stacking means you cannot slot something else. But that's not what we're getting here. Additionally, if you get your brick from an existing house by breaking the six surrounding to extract it and expect there not to be structural repercussions, damaged material, or perhaps angry tenants you're doing a craptastic job of telegraphing the plan. It's standard practice to inform those you require to be involved in the execution and success of an endeavour as to exactly what the plan is, so everyone is on the same page with you. But that's not what we're getting here. In case you haven't noticed - WE, THE PLAYERS, are exactly half of the success of Warframe. They provide a good experience, we play and support it and both parties benefit. And we're telling them this is not the right move but they've already committed to it after having slid inconsequential versions through because they only affected a small percentage of players. From the looks of it, they figure the frog doesn't noticed it's being boiled. They are incorrect. Is the sky falling? Not with any rapidity, and nor will it significantly with the current batch of changes ( except for the min/maxers, those few % are gold to them ), but continuing on this course fundamentally changes many of the things most of the playerbase enjoys in one fashion or another, and so far there is scant indication they are significantly positive changes... even at this early point. If you pilot project meets no success or accolade, ramping into full production without significant reflection or counsel is an unwise choice, which is what we're trying to push through the radio silence.
  7. Watched the teaser video when it was released, read the descriptions for Yareli in the news pages. In the teaser video, I saw evil corpus sister theme almost immediately countered by super kawaii bubble surfer frame. in short, the video unsuccessfully tried to mesh two incompatible additions, and so missed the mark for me. I'll catch the next hypetrain, my ticket is still good for a while. On Yareli directly - Passive - increased secondary crit when moving for 1.5 seconds looks good. Probably too good honestly. If you have the primed crit mods for secondary you'll have alot of options for instant redcrits for the low price doing the twostep. Sea Snares - depending on how it scales, could be interesting as a CC ability. If it's locked to only three targets it's going to be much less useful. Merulina - in mission damage reduction/absorption k-drive. Has potential, but also the baggage of k-drives. If we're expected to relinquish all the parkour movement benefits and primary AND melee weapons we're going to need this thing to be REALLY tanky. And maneuverable. People are commonly moving fast enough to run into boxes and damage themselves, k-drive boosting through a grineeer hallway sounds cool until you eat a pipe and get a 4 second dismount animation which then removes all the DR you had and locks you in one place under fire. I'm willing to give it a go to see what happens, but from the initial look it seems the larger portion of players will be doing exactly what Reb did in the first looks - twostepping in a small area on Merulina for the passive damage bonus and DR then dismounting voluntarily to reposition and recast, while occasionally being knocked off their k-drive from any random knockdown or blast effects then murdered on the ground while prone. I'm intrigued to see how and IF it works with tempered expectations that it's going to be very trying to integrate to mainstream play. Aquablades - cool name, looks neat. Also functionally looks like a reined in version of Garas' Splinterstorm than you can't stack so has finite limits. Seems like a solid base but also pre-nerfed, so cautiously optimistic on this one. Riptide - ... Larvaburst. Waterskinned and with increased energy usage. It's nice you're giving another version of the Nidus' augmented ability. Unless it does something else it kinda falls short for me. ( this is just the sense I get from what I've seen so far ) Additionally - those are some really supercute animations. The motion seems ... frantic... though, like you're trying to show a hyperactive loli playing up for the camera. If that's what you were going for then you hit it. Personally it's not for me though I know there are those that cannot get lolicons ( or Nezha ) saccharine enough. I like anime, but the animation and model looks more like a parody of it reduced to lowest common denominator. Well executed but not to my taste for a weapon of mass destruction. I hesitate to call it pandering though because I haven't seen the whole package yet, only the snippets you've showcased and highlighted. Again, if you're trying to distill the essence of modern pop culture anime you've done a solid job of it, though I do remember seeing an old TV show that used the phrase ' when you have a thoroughbred racehorse, you don't do it justice by dressing it in showpony livery ' which seems to encapsulate the over the top sense I come away from the graphics with. All that said I'm still cautiously optimistic you've noted and tweaked out a number of issues before we ever see it, so I hope Yareli got a good shakedown pass when she hits. Addendum - I'm surprised you called her ' Ya, really.' instead of 'Oh, really?'
  8. It's straightforward - I can pump out 20 rounds a second from a number of weapons without stretching. 12 rounds a second is garden variety RoF, about average. This means full max buff in under one second on a single enemy - the condition becomes so trivial it might as well not exist. I wouldn't even have to do damage, just register a hit as it doesn't gate based on actually doing damage. The other options you mention lead into an obvious functional solution I've mentioned elsewhere which they've chosen not to implement - a universal combo counter which the gun mods key off and charge differently from melee weapons. Melee kills count as current, gun kills charge multiple kills or even a full multiplier. Gun mods key directly off the multiplier teir for their buffs, while melee combo buffs continue to act as they currently do. This allows you to build and maintain combo with whatever weapon you wish, use and recieve benefits from it with whatever weapon you wish, and still requires maintenance to keep. They could even vary the amount of combo gain from different weapons based on their power or ease of use or any other metric, allowing weaker/less desireable weapons to get more return for kills made with them as incentive to take them in your loadout ( in addition to their riven disposition ). I honestly don't know why they chose not to encourage synergy with melee through the combo counter and instead decided to staple on pre-nerf 'on kill' conditions that further cement the divide between melee, the current best guns, and everything else but for whatever reason they did. It would be a shame if the reason was ' Even if it's exactly the silver bullet solution, it's boring. We've done that before, and it made melee too powerful so we're just not going to even look at it. ' Once you've invented a wheel that rolls nicely and built a car around it, you don't need to make tank treads just to keep auto design fresh. I can understand why they would be hesitant to go universal meter though - prior to the melee reworks you couldn't get out of the starting area without three zenurik circles on you, now it's rare you see them ( except on ability nukes ) because everyone at higher levels is running Naramon for the melee combo conservation to supercharge their big blades. The changes they are presenting so far won't make us warriors of blade and gun, they'll make us warriors of gun-until-it-doesn't-retrigger-buff-reliably and then blade-forever-more. They do not bring the synergy and fluid exchange between melee and weaponfire that has been a playstyle goal at DE for a while now, but instead encourage homogenous play in either until one fails and the meta has to take over for the imbalance.
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