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  1. @schilds has hit the nail on the head. A while ago I had a convo with another Vauban user, chatting about how we play him and at one point we seemed to both be questioning if either actually did and checked mutual stats. It's a mark of how differently a single frame can be played that our styles were largely opaque to each other for about 20 minutes, while we both had literally hundreds of hours in Vauban. It underscored that there are indeed wildly different ways to play every frame, and varying degrees of success with them in different situations. We both came away with improved perspectives and ideas, though they too were divergent it was still quite productive. I also understand that not every frame will be to everyones liking, and that's fine as we have 40+ to choose from. Vauban is one I like. The context of that comment is that one user who likes many elements of the frame as it is and has actually been using it is ambivalently cynical about the WIP state of a rework awash in a frenzied sea of opinions, many from others just jumping on the latest bandwagon because they can and not because it affects a thing they use and enjoy frequently. Having watched a few months of feedback after suggestion after GD topic from folks that outright admit they have only played Vauban to 30 ( and might play him more if their concept to completely change him is implemented! ) has worn pretty thin, I'll admit.
  2. The rollers look neat, no idea what they will actually do so that's about all there is to say on it. Minelayer - we have no info on what's happening with it, so again all we have is that many people ( even some staunch Vauban users ) use it differently and have vastly different opinions on what is good and bad within it. I use tripwires, concuss and shred regularly, but only rarely use bounce if at all. One of the real problems with it is the number of taps to get to the flavour of mine you want before you then have to hold it to actually do something. Unless the situation is hard CC already or you have luckily guessed right ahead of time the next engagement requires a certain mine, by the time you've setup for it the opportunity has often passed to maximuze potential return. Inverting tap/hold scheme is a bandaid but still does not address the pervasive and accelerating frontloading of more control layer lag onto the game. ( Editorial - We can feel you sludging up our controls with animation script branches. Stop it. ) Bastille/Vortex - both useful skills, and the buff to vortex range as well as conversion are nice. Unfortunately, it adds another instance of tap/hold aim/hold ( I'm assuming it will use the same mechanics as Wisps breach surge and require you to aim at the desired bastille to convert ). In either case another instance of input control mire of differing degrees being inserted, which is bad. Combining the skills looks like it can work, but overloading the controls will quickly defeat the actual application of the skill. Orbital strike - Neat. how it synergizes both with his passive and with enemies under the influence of his and other CC will be key to it being a glittering upgrade or a shattered dream. Speaking of which, after the torrent of 'change everything about vauban' posts from people that don't actually play him, I'd largely accepted he'd be retiring his 'tactical' theme in favour of more boom and schwing. So far, it's a mixed change based on the info we have, but it is looking like he'll lose all finesse to a button mashing frenzy which is sad.
  3. As title. Quick thinking, Gladiator finesse, wukongs passives, sentinel sacrifice, and venari bodyguard are all bypassed by the self damage dealt by the aura. GIven some self damage does bypass these mechanics it's not completely unexpected, however in this case it also universally bypasses bleedout and instantly kills you. If this is not a bug, please state it explicitly in the description of the mod. Editorial feedback - I gave the mod a try a number of times, and while I only caused my own death once by having munitions out and taking an unlucky hit, the mod still seemed to make no diffference to the surviveability of the team. Those that brought tank or alternate healing means received little benefit, those that didn't were still mutilated quickly by scaled damage hits, and the team was additionally hampered as I had to throttle my own killing so as to not die. The idea is neat, the numbers are off, and the denial of other mechanics to transiently bypass instant death also kills the solo useability of the mod on any but a completely pacifist warframe. Outside of Rahatelius' single known instance of that, the mod as it sits is not functional enough to warrant wasting respawns on equipping it. And as it cannot be guaranteed you will have multiple copies of it in anything but a premade group, the mod itself likely won't be equipped except in that circumstance. It's not a functional if obtuse tool, it's a toy that kills you. Please note I'm not saying it's not good enough in comparison to other options for the aura slot, I'm saying it's not functionally reasonable enough to equip and/or use in its' current state.
  4. The Arcane says it activates on 6 melee kills within 30 seconds, and heals companions by a variable amount based on rank. Testing with multiple frames, companions, and melee methods ( weapon, frame melee ability, etc. ) and not once has the mod triggered. Also, no icon is shown on the buff bar at any time, no extra icon beside the pets ( if it's them that need to make the kills, the arcane description is unclear whether I need to make the kills or they do ). It's inert.
  5. Was a nice to see you folks having fun on stream, nice going! Also, thanks for giving Vauban some airtime, nice to see him out and about on someone elses' screen.
  6. Thanks for the insight into the issue with it. Hm... so it can't be a physics object, as those are rendered clientside like particles and vary client to client ( not broadcast and so instanced per client independently ). Doesn't that lend itself to being spawned as an NPC ( neutral or enemy ) reactive to physics with a stub AI that simply waits to be kicked and then broadcasts its' movement as any enemy would? Wouldn't even require a new AI I think, you could just recycle or inherit from the obstacle course AI already present. Heck, just make them another flavour of it - it's a good sized space and can be modified by the player as well. :)
  7. I've enjoyed the event since it started, and adding rewards per kill is also a good refinement. The pearls and time investement for the pearl shop items was not a huge issue for me, as I enjoy the actual play. That soaktron is a slippery little weapon to get a handle on for varying range. I do wish you'd have used reload for pumping the gun, instead of secondary fire though. Also - I'd realy like a plaque with a soaktron to mount in the orbiter like the fishing boots, or a Soaktron to take on missions when I'm feeling silly. :) A further refinement towards balance is to have each target log how much damage each player deals to it, and returns a percentage of a kill to each of them. Players are only awarded a pearl for each whole 100%, at the end of the match the sub whole pearl remainder is discarded. If you do half the damage to a target before it dies, get half a pearl. Do the same again and you have a full pearl in fair proportion to having laid out enough to kill a target - pearl is awarded. All this would take is changing the pearls variable to a hundredths clamped float, and having targets track and on soak return the ratio of damage per player ( not hard in this scenario ). Afking gets you your base number. Solo kills are fully rewarded as now. Team kills are dispensed without inflation of pearl counts from multiple aggressors engaging a single target. Do more, get more. Work as a team, everyone wins more. Thanks for the soaking fun, DE! :)
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