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  1. -THT-Sariel

    Atmos and Repeller Systems

    Yes ready to quit this RNgrind just put them in the market.
  2. -THT-Sariel

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [Investigating]

    Please fix this soon..
  3. -THT-Sariel

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [Investigating]

    Had to stop using mine and not because there is no universal vaccume -_- They all look horrible
  4. -THT-Sariel

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [Investigating]

    My beautiful Kubrow is no more, Oh well back to the carrier -_-
  5. -THT-Sariel

    Hotfix 19.0.5

    Trying to finish off getting 1000 kills with a melee after the update Kesheg. My kill stats are going down After each mission instead of up.
  6. -THT-Sariel

    The Vacuum Within 

    Seems like you missed the part we all wanted, Kubrows and Kavats. No real reson to switch from carrier prime till then -_-
  7. -THT-Sariel

    Coming Soon: Devstream #78!

    First, still the best game ever. Second Will the Nekros Prime Access be released on the 90 day cycle date? Getting tight with less than 2 weeks to go.
  8. -THT-Sariel

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    Well I guess since we get no action and no response from Digital Extremes perhaps we should start voicing our frustrations and concerns elsewhere as well keep posting here defiantly. Like if you downloaded the game from Steam file a complaint with them. WARFRAME made a huge mistake with player inventory and only fixed it for 80% of the players. You are part of the 20% that have been discriminated against. Maybe start posting warnings on other Steam game hubs or any, and all online game hubs you can think of. Email PC Gamer and other industry mags Paste warning in YouTube comment and Tweet #RestoreOurRelics
  9. -THT-Sariel

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    Another hot fix completely ignoring this issue. Maybe we all need to start posting outside this forum to get this problem fixed. #RestoreOurRelics Also I believe tonights Prime Time should be a perfect time to ask about this, As the Warframe Moderator on Steam banned me from the discussion boards and told me to "Wait for Reb to fix this then you can post again" so hope to see you all there voicing your concerns
  10. -THT-Sariel

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    Almost a week now still no fix. And as I have bought two of every FULL prime access since Prime Access and two Master Founders packs one for me and one for my wife. Both or us have player over 4,000 hours each. And as I would buy T3 and T4 keys that my poorer clan members farmed for 5p each to help them out with plat. I had a huge investment in my key collection with almost 5000. My lowest stock was T4 Sabotage with just over 80 I was all set to help friends, clan mates or alliance members with farming. I love this game and encouraged friends to play and support this beautiful game. Yesterday a friend and clan mate asked me about Prime Access he had bought the big plat pack a couple of months ago 75% of he's newish to the game and didn't login to get his inventory fked on Friday. First time I talked someone out of supporting this wonderful game -_- It felt wrong but unavoidable... At this point it feels like the developers of Warframe as well as the bosses at Digital Extremes really don't care about us at all.. Probably to late but everyone this # is live #RestoreOurRelics Hit up every Warframe or Digital Extremes twitter you can with this
  11. -THT-Sariel

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    Five days and six hotfixes later you still have 20% Angry players I think much longer and anything you do will not be enough. This needs to be a priority. If you cared at all about our time and money this would have been fixed on Friday. You know how many keys we had just re-roll the script.
  12. -THT-Sariel

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    So you know how many keys we all had. Rerun that with the proper script. This should have been fixed day one, as you have just proven there was no data loss. What is the problem??? After 5 days with no fix or info I believe you should credit everyone in the 20% the 2 missing keys in each category equal to the highest number they own in that category right now
  13. -THT-Sariel

    PSA: Void Key to Relic Repair Script

    Something feels horribly wrong.... Please fix this mistake