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  1. Can't interact with the terminal(s) you need to hack. At all. Trying to get one of the last Trophies I'm missing (6 bounties in 60 minutes) and literally can't progress since every bounty seems to want to push me to the same broken objective.

    I have a suspicion that tripping the alarm has something to do with this but I've yet to confirm.

  2. The more I play with this the more inclined I am to think that it IS linking and transmitting damage, it's just failing to receive the damage reduction bestowed by my warframe's Power Strength.

    It's a shame. This is a REALLY fun build... when it works. I'm able to override Radiation procs and force enemies to gimme dat slap so I can have some energy back, which is enabling more casts of my 2 & 4. 

  3. 20 hours ago, Birdframe_Prime said:

    I don't think you understand the point I was making.

    I'm not saying the augment needs to be changed either, I'm saying that DE deliberately made this reliant on two abilities because it's a limitation.

    You're not going to get what you want, because this whole weird setup? It's completely deliberate to functionally nerf what would be an over-powered augment.

    I think you're also not understanding the point I'm making. I'm not saying the augment shouldn't be reliant on more than one ability. I'm saying functionally, the way the augment already works, is augmenting Haven. Relegating it to Haven would open up opportunities for a less-powerful Pillage augment that might have utility on other frames.


    On just Pillage you would have a massive range CC, easily-stacked Damage, personal restore, armour/shield strip, and Status shedding.

    On just Haven you would have an auto-targeting, damage ramping over-time, ally restore with literally infinite targets in range, that is also a personal restore.

    I'm not talking about changing its activation requirements to work on only a single ability. I'm literally just saying change the name to Blazing Haven to open up a slot for a new Pillage aug.

    If your argument is that "both abilities should have to share one augment forever" I think that's a poor stance to take.

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  4. Sapping energy equal to 25% of the attack's damage seems fine on paper. However, most of the time in Steel Path missions we're packing some kind of damage reduction. And Disruptors don't give a damn about damage reduction when calculating how much energy to drain.

    In testing, they can hit me for a couple hundred damage. Not even enough to break through 300 shields but can drain over 600 energy. This can make them the most dangerous unit in the game for certain builds. Don't even think about Quick Thinking around these guys. And mind you, this is conferred to all other infested units in their aura range in addition to their crowd control reduction.

    I think they should be a very dangerous, high-priority target; they're one of the few infested units that are. But I think their ability to unexpectedly yank out your entire energy pool might be a little overpowered.

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  5. I've subsumed Decoy onto Oberon in order to use Deceptive Bond to activate Hunter Adrenaline/Rage for energy gain.

    Sometimes the decoy fails to "link" properly and just gets annihilated even though it SHOULD only be taking 1% of the damage at 199% power strength.

    am aware that Deceptive Bond has a hidden 15m range value that you have to be within in order to receive damage (Sidenote: this is nowhere on the mod in question and wasn't even on the wiki). However even being within its range it still sometimes fails to link.

  6. On 2021-03-07 at 8:00 AM, Birdframe_Prime said:

    I would say it's deliberately a Pillage Augment because it limits the functionality of it. If it were just a Haven augment, then an auto-linking, Heat-proc'ing, shield-restoring function on an ability that's got a Drain cost would be a little flawed.

    I'm not suggesting the functionality of the augment be changed in any way whatsoever. I'm just suggesting that it be tied to Haven instead of Pillage so that Pillage can get a different augment.

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  7. 13 hours ago, akots said:

    You can more or less use Gokstad officers to approximate, although not very accurately.

    Thanks, I'mma start using them. Not sure if I've got em scanned or not I'm lazy af on codex.

  8. Tried to run sortie today and had game-breaking bugs on all 3 bounty stages, causing me to fail the mission multiple times.

    Should this be a bug thread? Maybe. Do bug reports get read? Possibly. Do I have too much free time? Probably.


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  9. 3 minutes ago, crimsonspartan1 said:

    It’s a good augment for Hildryn at least. Lets you inflict heat procs on entire crowds, reduce their armour as a base effect and also restores your shields, meaning you can never run out of shields unless haven ends up draining your shields (but then just use Arcane Barrier and Aegis for the shield regeneration). But it’s only good on Hildryn because it requires another one of Hildryn’s abilities to even be able to function. Let it work against enemies unaffected by haven but weakened and it’ll still work, and it’d still be pretty decent because you can still cc enemies, reduce their armour and restore a small portion of shields per enemy. 

    It's an excellent augment on Hildryn. Reduced effect on enemies not affected by Haven isn't a bad idea.

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  10. Let's take a quick peek at Blazing Pillage, shall we?

    Adds 200 Heat damage to Haven, and grants an additional 50 shields when Pillage is cast on enemies targeted by Haven.

    You may be thinking, "this is pedantic, there's no point in which ability this augment is for, it affects both." Okay sure. But what about Pillage as a subsumed ability? Blazing Pillage has no effect on any warframe besides Hildryn; moving Blazing Pillage to Haven would open up space for an augment that may be more viable on other warframes.

    Maybe an augment that grants armor instead of shield. Or procs electric on enemies. Endless possibilities with genuine function on other frames. Thanks for reading.

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  11. 1 hour ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

    Instead of standing being the payment, it instead is (relics, vandal parts, captura scenes, Khora parts)

    The relics are good. However, the Khora farm is one of the most annoying in the game. Furthermore, it takes an estimated 74-75 runs to Zone 8 to get the Braton Vandal BP/Stock. That is twenty-five hours of ESO for pure mastery. Lastly, Captura scenes are NOT a reward worth discussing and frankly I feel insulted that they were even brought up. 😐

    1 hour ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

    Sounds more like the others just want to double dip for standing. There thought is "more rewards for less work".

    I mean... yeah, kinda. Farming Simaris rep is literally a chore. It's painfully un-fun and sprinkling in a bit of standing on a game mode with a dubious reward structure might help round it out. Growth + Profit = Grofit.

    And if your rep gains were somehow tied to your actual score it'd incentivize players to actually perform. Which would be fun, since most game modes right now don't do that, and essentially encourage people to be as lazy as they want as long as they meet the bare minimum of the mission's parameters.

  12. On 2021-02-28 at 4:17 PM, (PSN)haphazardlynamed said:

    why would he pay you again for visiting Sanctuary? Each and every enemy you kill in there was Previously captured in the 'real world'

    it'd be nonsense for him to pay you multiple times over for the same job

    He pays me to scan the same Ballista every other day, so why not? Besides, partaking in Onslaught is a form of research for him.

    As an aside, lore should NEVER be taken as a consideration above gameplay.

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  13. 8 hours ago, bad4youLT said:

    That would make simari's target capture irrelevant , a whole system much like amp's if Xaku's void damage could damage eidolon shields.

    Good. Like I said:

    10 hours ago, (PSN)RookTheKnight said:

    ... to be honest I'm tired of taking creepy photographs for the crazy old cephalon.

    I also disagree with the argument as a whole, as it just gives more avenues for standing gain. In addition, the completion reward bypasses your standing cap so it would still technically be worth doing.

    7 hours ago, XAN3MK said:

    Do you have access to Steel Path? If so, Simaris standing is non-issue. A single run of Kappa (Sedna) with Ivara (or any stealth frame, really), will cover your daily cap (at least it does that for me at MR27). Just scan every single enemy you come across, each gives ~400 standing. (Standing from scans is based on the target's level. Even doing Simaris' daily on SP is far more beneficial)

    I know. But it's boring and I hate doing it.

    7 hours ago, (PSN)Deeceem said:

    The whole vet argument is weird to me. I as a "vet" (who actually plays and doesn't just has the game installed for five years) still go to ESO to level and forma every now and then and I had the duplicate frames almost all farmed and built before Helminth was even out - the Simaris ones via scans and dailies. So, I don't get that "for vets" argument. Changing it wouldn't affect me or my choice to go to ESO at all really.

    Great, so now you'd be rewarded for your choice to go there, it's win/win. But I'm MR30 with 3500+ hours and all focus schools maxed. Personally, I have no reason to go there other than for relics and weapon parts to sell. While I COULD forma weapons there, I generally prefer not to. I don't think "levelling things" is enough justification for a game mode.

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  14. Look, I know somebody's gonna say "Rook, you can't customize Resonator on another warframe because only Octavia has a MAANDACHOORD!!"

    Well listen here. My helminth ate Octavia AND her mandachord, and I don't wanna listen to the terrible honking noise of the default Adau Instruments Pack song. I wanna make phat bass lines specifically for the solo resonator. 

    Please and thank you.

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  15. With the Helminth system, many of us need Simaris standing more than we ever have on account of the many warframes in his inventory, and to be honest I'm tired of taking creepy photographs for the crazy old cephalon. Additionally, adding standing rewards would both help the Khora farm feel a bit less painful, and give vets who have completed all their focus schools a reason to return to ESO.

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  16. 6 hours ago, JaycemeSwain said:

    This honestly makes the least bit of sense to lock behind PA. Like I kinda get the shawzin but not the music pack. Octavia has been without a new instrument pack in about 3 years, when her deluxe came out. This really seems like a dumb idea

    And if you want the Shawzin, too, you have to buy BOTH.

    You get Bombast Instruments when you build her. Wrong info here, my bad.

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  17. 16 hours ago, Dauggie said:

    use use your operator to do most stuff, only thing it can't do is perform parizon finishers on thralls

    You know I could swear I tried using operator during Razorwing and it didn't work, but I stand corrected. I'm pretty speedy with my voidboi but I still wouldn't wanna lug a datamass with my operator. Hacking works great tho, ty.

    2 hours ago, OmegaVoid said:

    It would just mean she gets the buff back if she re-casts Razorwing before the buff expires, which seems a reasonable thing to ask for.

    ^ This

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