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  1. Not that keyboard typing wasnt always finicky, though I have gotten distinct issues with my logitech gaming mouse profiles setup and customized specifically for warframe. Its possible it has also been a windows update, though I cant quite narrow it down enough to be sure. Im just curious if any logitech users have gotten issues as well.
  2. The last few updates did something to screw with optimized flip. It works in the rest of the game just, but it doesnt work anymore on POE. Fast sync works, but its kind of hard to look at in another way. Turn off Optimization flip if you want smoothness with vsync, or turn off vsync if you want fps. I dont spend enough time on the vallis to remember, but from what I have done recently, it all appears the same as with poe.
  3. Not that its new, but P.O.E is doing this but only far worse going from 72 to 144 with a very nauseating stutter in between. the only cure for it is literally turning off vsync.
  4. how are you getting 300+ in missions? I know people with similar specs that you have and can barely hit what your talking about, unless you are soloing a mission. Soloing I will get a consistent 144 on max settings even on POE.
  5. I have gotten this with the past one or two updates myself. I was going to make a post about it, but I see you are also getting it.Its not just orbitor if I recall.
  6. I want more railjack design's!!! Time for FashionJack to make a comeback.
  7. This game is easy to a point where I can get away with any bad build and do the hardest sorties. Combination of skill and leadership, assuming my pug group isnt that bad, which is the real determining factor.
  8. Im not a fan of adaptive as it does a sort of smooth visual stutter that gives me a headache from the inconsistant frame rate. Having set to on makes it much more enjoyable.
  9. I'd say viral works better then either toxin or gas.
  10. Magnetic for me works best against the corpus. Radiation also works, but magnetic is by far the best over all and is what I use in index.
  11. Have you all tried disabling flip optimization? That helped me.
  12. If you want more performance out of that gpu, use asus gpu tweak II. Set voltage to maximum(100mv) and slowly raise the gpu clock. Memory clock isnt worth messing around with unless you want to give more temperature headroom to the gpu die. If you use nvidia inspector, set display mode to single monitor. Is this games power mode on maximum performance? Theres also registry tweaks too, however ask if you want them as they are "dangerous".
  13. I remember this happening when buried debts came out. Apparently shooting the door repeatedly actually works.
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