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  1. Quite literally the nvlddmkm driver stops responding. It may recover usually, or occasionally crash the whole system. Same goes for the key commands, while more simple actions like bullet jumping still working, but rolling and using power or transference key commands do not work. They may come back after sometime, but that varies. I dont know what to show for this, other then a list of eventviewer ID 4101 actions.
  2. Damage +149.3% Slash +102.2% Electricity +82.2% Fire Rate -46.9% *********MYstery multicume shot***********
  3. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/244298588325150721/576476553253486619/unknown.png
  4. Buy the cheapest one and do kuva fortresses with double resource drop.
  5. With spring loaded magazine mod in rifle, there is a bug where if you switch to secondary fire when reloading, then it totally cancels out the effect of accelerated firerate, even after a successful reload. It resets to normal after you let the timer of the mod run out, which is annoying for obvious reason of you missing the effect. I dont know if this is a bug either, but switching to the secondary fire mode while reloading does cancel having reloaded in its entirety, or is that intended? In the latest patch? I do recall being able to switch modes in secondary fire while reloading. This was all tested with the stradavar none primed version.
  6. I usually like rolling to do normal dodges in any particular direction, while bullet jumping only works in the direct your aiming at. Whats particularly annoying is if your reloading, but have to dodge something midway, and you couldnt finish reloading in time and have to start all over again. This is in particularly annoying with conclave, which explains why most people just bullet jump everywhere to get that time to reload.
  7. warframe does so much of this I have lost track and dont even bother to point out much of it. The infestation is aliens all over again obviously with the orokin being an overly mutated Weyland-Yutani with a heaven aesthetic. The grineer are attack of the clones with there former jedi like masters(who runs conclave) being also a knight to the queens if that says something, which isnt too far off from the marines. The Tenno? God I dont even know where to start with that...men who stare at goats?
  8. I still think the gun along with the none prime version is too nerfed. Despite all that its still my favorite weapon.
  9. Just a thought, I usually always blow them up by default, but a more interesting use would be welcomed. As it stands you can jump out of a dargyn in mid flight, but there should be a sort of cruise to leave it on the path and maybe overload to give more explosion impact.
  10. Ah you got to it before I could. How about larp persona? "My furries can remake you too! Accept their, touch:"
  11. I average between 90 and 144, but what is annoying is that when the fps drops, the whole game essentially stutters but without tear like most micro stutter.
  12. Set Time to Live to a value of 128. Enable ECN. Disable scaling heustics. Set Host priority to max recommend resolution. Set MTU to 1500. Go to speedguide dot net for an all in one program that does this.
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