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  1. It gives me a headache with it on, and I thought the game was just bugged before I figured out it was that. It makes the color look either way off, to dark, or does delayed contrasting that gives a feeling of delayed reaction causing a migraine.
  2. Most people I have meet in warframe in voice are in the 20's to 30's in age, but who has gone well past that? In a previous MMO the oldest people I meet where in their 70's, though generally the median age for "old" was around the late 50's and are usually in tight nit guilds. Its not really surprising since many media franchises that came from say the 60s to the 80's often have very old fans, and more often then not are tech savy in their old age or during retirement, with more then enough time and money to spend on these things. I havent seen many of the older generation in "fast paced" shooters, however shower and more paced and methodical games like tap target mmo's seem to have them more easily. It doesnt necessarily have to be in game Voice, it can be discord or any other VOIP platform.
  3. I dont know if its a bug or not but regardless its amusing. Was almost expecting ordis to start trolling up the place since he technically runs the makeshift lotus.
  4. I admit this would be an interesting feature, though a bug obviously in the warframe display.
  5. In archwing keybinds, I like to use Q as shaft left, and E as shaft right, however Q is also the same button for my gear wheel outside of archwing, which is unusable outside of archwing. I cannot bind both as Q, so Bug? I would like multi use keys as with with melee channel button E, which isnt effected in this case, and that obviously cant be used in archwing. I would also like to unbind sprint/roll to just sprint as I have no use for sprint/roll as I use just roll, and only ever toogle sprint on or off with another key.
  6. Im reverting back to 436.15 in hopes that it will be more normal like before where places like POE usually can sustain a solid 144hz with all max settings on a 1070. Under higher utilization, I noticed with the newer drivers it struggled to sustain higher clock frequencies such as 1650mhz. It could also be that I did a DDU on 436.15 for 436.30, though I dont see how that would effect it.
  7. Its my favorite conclave weapon. Next to opticor vandal 🙂
  8. Its a Museum of lost earth history in virtual reality featuring Gauss as the main exhibit. Dreamy like something you dream't of a long time ago.
  9. Earth relay works fine, though you cannot change instruments.
  10. The Shawzin randomly stops playing. No particular pattern other then after its been used some. Plays again after exiting and going back in.
  11. I am having the same issue as well. I look forward to using this very much in game.
  12. Since your rather knowledgeable about this, can you tell me what tweaks i can use to make myself a decent server if I do this?
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