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  1. It would be cool if that ability acted as Revenant's ultimate from Apex. Because if it's just a ability that makes you not die and that's it, it would just be Wukong's defy ability again
  2. I would want this frame to have abilities based on "multiplying" and glitching, I think that would be cool because it would go with the broken theme in the frame being a virus like in a computer. He should have abilities that allow him to have an army of clones and bend reality. A couple abilities themes I can think of is phasing, clone summoning, going through objects, manipulation, and teleportation. A ability he can have is being able to make enemies lag in a certain area
  3. I feel like it should have been decided by the one with most likes. If that was the case, ghost in the machine would have won. Plus that would involve the whole community because it's by the actual player's votes
  4. I've imagined his abilities being something like logic defying and manipulation, or I was thinking maybe it would be cool to have this frame focus on copies of yourself or decoys, so we can have another trickster frame. Some abilities I can think of is being able to make 3 copies of himself that act as spectors, also if you press the ability again you can switch to one of your copies, and switch back and forth with all your copies. An ability that can compliment that is you put a virus onto an enemy and now they have static on them and take damage over time, on death they turn into one of your decoys and when they die they infect others near them with the malware. Another can be similar to Revenant's ultimate from Apex where you can put something down or open a glitched breach and when you activate it, on death you don't get downed but just go back to where you activated it, but when it's active you have no shields. Or I saw a concept called Syntax and one of the abilities was to switch appearances with an enemy, which gives you that enemie's appearance and gives the enemy your appearance, I thought this was pretty cool. These are just some things I could think of off the top of my head and I'm more than sure someone can think of something better, but I think he should be mostly about using clones and controlling your clones. Basically like if he was a virus spreading malware through the battle field
  5. Great to see streams will still be happening!
  6. Honestly, I don't know why people are complaining about the "bug" theme. Personally I think it's cool, I actually made a concept a while ago. If they go with the glitch side of things it would be a great frame
  7. Lore wise if Octavia didn't exist I would say the new frame could have been a syndicate frame for Cephalon Suda, since that syndicate is all about digital and curiosity. Or the lore behind it can be a simulacrum frame, you can get a mission that you have to go scan broken or severed warframe parts and then take it to Cephalon Simaris. Then he manages to make a digital copy of a warframe, but since how complex a warframe is there was complications and now the frame is glitched and data leaks are coming off of it. But you can now have some abilities to bring the simulacrum into battle like in the ending of the Octavia quest.
  8. Not yet, but I would prefer a male frame since the last community made frame was female. Then if they do this contest again it should be female, just to keep things fair
  9. I KNOW RIGHT!? I extremely wanted the ghost in the machine to win, I even got excited because it had the most likes out of all the themes. They could have done SOOO much like adding drones or adding abilities utilizing the new assassin creed hacking blade. But whatever I guess, what I want to see then is them taking a hacker, glitch, and data leak theme take on the broken frame
  10. Looks wise, what would make me the happiest and what would look coolest is a combination of these two images Also would be cool to have animation similar to the nurses from Silent Hill
  11. I had a feeling they would pick the meme frame, I'm just hoping they don't be goofy with it and add abilities that are glitches and common game exploits like aim bot and making the enemies lag
  12. Honestly I just really hope we get Ghost in the Machine, it sounds the most unique out of all of them. You can do soooo much with that theme, you can add the ability to summon drones and robotics, maybe add some surveillance mechanics similar to the hacker in Battlefield, apply some illusions with decoys, give him some Watch Dogs like hacking, locking doors or access for the enemies, or hell, even give him the ability to make the enemies lag. And there are soooo many more possibilities. Calligraphy - sounds like going to be a Harrow just with drawing Hive - Nidus wannabe Broken - actually really interesting and unique, he can be based off glitches and "game exploits" Morpheus - not that bad of a theme, this can have lots of mind control abilities Falconer - just another Khora, should be a beast master instead to give more options with animals Ballerina - basically Octavia Arawn - not too bad, could be another hunter frame and can introduce an exalted crossbow Kamaitachi - don't even understand this one Gargoyle - umm..... Atlas Actually good concepts, slime, alchemist, post apocalypse (rewards players for taking damage), explosives, paramedic, and so many others. The most unique one I thought was the slime one I wouldn't say these are horrible themes, just very lackluster, boring, and ones we basically already have in game.
  13. We need a doctor themed warframe, I had made a concept a while back. The only fully healing/support frame we have right now is Trinity, Harrow, and Oberon, it would be nice to get a frame not focusing on damage for once. It would be cool to have a surgeon themed look and have abilities surrounding healing, health steal from enemies to transfer to allies, and revival abilities. Basically just surrounded around keeping players alive and using the enemies to keep yourself alive. It would be cool to see the use of syringes in his kit and being able to buff himself. He would have tons of buffs to give himself and his allies. He could be a crowd control and healer, when used properly he can keep his team alive at high tier missions. Looks wise he can have a surgical mask or gas mask and maybe a lab coat or apron. It would also be cool to introduce a syringe gun that can damage enemies and heal teammates. Link to my concept: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1079277-frame-concept-lifeline-combat-medic/
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