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  1. You can ask DE Rebb and Megan to marry you, they've done it before.
  2. Can you please lets us shove Ordis into a sentinel or a MOA and having him interacting with us in our missions and other stuff? Lotus left us, we want nothing with that traitor!
  3. Will you ever make Titania walk/run animation float instead of just walking and running like other frames? It just makes sense for her. Can we have more operator talk please? Give them more lines! I'm using falcon and I love her voice.
  4. Makes it easier to solo stuff in Operator Mode, which I love, since Umbra follows you around and uses what you have equipped on it. And you basically have 2 pets when playing Operator, the really powerful Umbra, and a Doge, Cat, Sentinel or MOA.
  5. This is how I react to this post. Seriously, good luck with Anthem, what a huge fail it's going to be, trusting EA is like walking around with a live grenade and believing it won't go off... No company comes close to how much DE interacts with the players and Warframe completely puts to shame all those AAA Companies and other free2play titles. The amount of content DE puts in here in a single year, compared to companies with bigger budgets do with their titles still completely baffles me, expecially how free this game is and how the cash shop is set up. DE even offers thousands of platinum, real money currency, many times per month for christ sake.... Troll OP is troll...
  6. That would be nice and all if they had just told us in the forums, twitter, etc, that it would come this week. But nope, they told on the E3 live for MILLIONS there and MILLIONS worldwide that it was coming this week, if it wasn't ready, they should have never made such statement on the biggest gaming conference..
  7. I can see them saying it's not ready to be released today and then you'll see them having the nerve to be playing it on Prime Time, like they've been doing lately with big content.
  8. Not really a surprise.... Honestly what did you expect? It's always like this with big content updates, everyone expect it on Wednesday but it always gets DElayed to Friday...
  9. 1. Sometime ago you mentioned the possibility of Operator Tennogen suits and I wanted to know, how's that coming? How soon can we expect it? 2. Any chance for animal mounts? Maybe allow our Operators to mount our pets, Kubrows and Kavats and giving us some cool mounted combat mechanics.
  10. This is the major flaw of DE sadly, they are major perfectionists, they release great content, but surely take their time...
  11. I agree, if there aren't slots for these mods, no way I'm touching them... Who would even sacrifice valuable mod slots that increase stats of a frame/weapon for this? I even feel like I need more slots for the real mods...
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