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  1. You sure about that. She mentioned OctaviaP, and that's around the corner. So i am pretty sure it's more like springish. Springy? Springolol? Something like that.
  2. I am not sure why we got the mechs at all. The mechs compete with the frames. Sure, they play a bit different, but not that different to justify their existence. Even in "Orphix Venom" you have to induce their usefulness artificially by forcing us into the mechs. How do i make myself more clear: its not that different like it should feel. Like soldiers to tanks. Submarines to speedboats to battleships. Nor do you need them for specific, decided tactics or strategies. (And don't get me started on how they are "summoned": wherever you are, you just blink, and *poof*, th
  3. I have two questions regarding Bonewidow: 1. Why does she need to equip a shield when she is carring that shield in front of her already. Logically, it would be even better to keep it where it is because there would be no gap and mounting it doesnt make the shield larger (unless, she would knock down enemies with a wiping animation. Then there would be at least a reason why she has to hold that shield, but otherwise -->). That makes no sense. Literally. 2. And speaking of sense, and the absence of it: why does she need the biggest jockstrap in history at all?
  4. With all the hotfixes you do: fix the ESC issue on Deimos. It is about time. Really.
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