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  1. Pago, Fortress won't start. Not exactly crashing, but i have to choose over the navigation bar another mission. Nothing else 'd get rid of the otherwise black screen.
  2. It's a start. Nothing more. It is still an insane level of farming amount. And it still wouldn't got me my personal outcome of 8 Liches and 4 weapons. I played this game a looong time, but this is a total lackluster and discouraging. What seems to be the problem? Imo You get a double you do not want is a disappointment. So far, so bad. To make it worse,, you need to farm hours to get rid of the Lich. You get a disappointing reward upfront, and then you need hours to get rid of it. That's different with the hunt for relics or their parts in two ways: first you get the outcome of your reward afterwards, not upfront. Second is, it is way shorter, plus you can trade it.
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