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  1. I can not acitivate life support. I can not fight with my melee weapon. I can not cast any skill after i cast once. I do not know if others suffer this bugs, but if they do, this mission is not doable.
  2. I tried. I really did. I have at this point 209 Scint, 273 casings, 95 engines, 99 pods, At least a dozen of each weapon part. But no golden Necramech Trusters, Seismic Wave nor Streamline. Not a single one of them. And some of the time i even had mod drop chance boosters on me. At this point i'll give up on them, And since the vaults is the only mission to obtain them, it killed the mood to go there one more time. You increased that even more for future players by placing the other Necramods at Loid. How so? You get the the mo
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