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  1. While i know that's not you favourite tune, i really wish, DE, You'd build in a music player with different radiostations, EASILY accessable from everywhere, especially from the helm... maybe some small additional buttons to the UI. Where you can integrate and play your own tunes... THAT would be SOME AWESOME MF* KILLER FEATURE! )I personally vote for something like foobar2000,) Or at least some (changeable) tunes like in some other games with simulated radio stations. Gee, That A hard task this is. When i hear Nora Night babbling, i expect her announcing something like this: Glen Miller Orchestra - In the Mood Ella Fitzgerald - BO Some more old Jazz Chubby Checker - The Twist BO Soul of 70s At least Glen Millers © expired^^... Give us some awesome sound, give us some music! (DE, by far too often you neglect sound in Warframe, but that is the biggest thing i miss in this game. Of course it needs to be smoothly integrated. Which, sometimes, you don't get right at the first time.)
  2. ... i hate them. ( ---f*---) I did not encounter one with - x4+ though. Yet...
  3. Why did you redo the caches in the first place...
  4. FAQ: What do the Tenno get in return as a reward? ik call me lazy, but some incentive 'd be nice, wouldn't it be? (And that's how you use would and wouldn't. Take that tinyhands.)
  5. Update 23.5.1 more likely I ll take it back. You did something new.
  6. Really wished you wouldn't call those packs updates. Really, really wished it. Or at least a different numbering...
  7. Seriously DE, i don't understand you. Why not finish one part and then announce you'll launch it next week. Just do not tell us... Would do good on both of us. You'll be not under so much strain and we wouldn't be disappointed. Best of all luck to you.
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