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  1. My comment was meant as a joke, i certainly hope not
  2. Yup got the red letters (network not responding) at the bottom, with a no go on log in myself. Maybe Anthem is trying to get us, to jump the fence😜.
  3. Or an option, to pick the mission for pubs, almost like they intended to force clan, friend or solo mission without even a pub option huh? They could easily put an option in Ruud Zuud's options, like the Profittakers back room thing
  4. That has been my problem, with the exploiter fight. Even if i do find a group to go with (pub group) we get separated upon loading. currently the only way to do the exploiter orb is go in as a group or do it solo. Thank you @FlyingDice for pointing this out
  5. They changed the alert now it's the nightwave, you basically just do any mission and collect standing (yup more standing) for the prizes you need. there is also a new currency specific to this aspect (not buyable, only grindable) to get things like orokin cells/reactors, nitain or even some cool fashion. Open your alerts, or just tap the esc key lower right is the nightwave mission goals
  6. I wish there was a choose option, for the exploiter orb. as it sits, you either go in with friends (i have few and play odd hours to my clanmates) or Pray to RNG, for a team that wants to. The Profittaker Orb has a place you can choose to play it's mission, why doesn't the Exploiter Orb have the same option? I can't do the fight solo and hate feeling like a beggar, just to get players to do it
  7. Ok so the hotfix, to fix the already present bugs, created another bug? Ok, good to know thanks. Since i can't solo the exploiter, i guess i'm stuck till they fix it. All i need is the neuroptics for the set. then need to get vox solaris up to get the actual BP. So pretty much nothing to do, till sortie or it gets fixed. If it's kicking me on the orb fight, it'll kick me on every other fight, so why bother
  8. I have noticed a problem, with the Exploiter orb fight. Unless you are very, very lucky, you can't even get a Pub fight. There is no option to choose the fight, so all you can do is go in and hope, you get teamed up with willing participants. I have few friends and i play on off hours to my clan mates, so pubs is where i get most of my work in game done. without a specific option, like the profit taker orb, i'm pretty much at the mercy of RNG. this is no way to treat a major fight with a warframe BB at stake. it's already RNG, if you get the right BP. Now it's RNG, if you even get to fight the thing. BTW i keep getting kicked, during the loading screen. All i have done, is ask if anyone's doing the exploiter fight. Instant kick, even when the team is willing. I don't know what's going on, i got good ping, so this shouldn't be happening
  9. Thank you, in 10 attempts, i had three where i could not leave the cave peroid, much less the times where no orb spider was outside Thank you very much
  10. Seen that twice, once with me myself, one with another player on our team, one time i left (had to sign out of windows, due to no abort), the second time we waited and i assumed got timed out and kicked
  11. First time, infinite loading with the game still running, hope i did not screw up the players playing with me. Second time i got a light blue scree with WF UI still up assumed crash Third time, another player got the infinite loading. i guess it times us out and kicked us, because we waited. BTW, no abort option, I had to restart windows to shut the game down. At this point i'm pissed as heII, and not going to play the new mission till you hotfix this hot mess
  12. I'll stand corrected, did not know it was 50 creds, sorry. The way this feels, i expected it to be like 5 creds. never thought to read it. I figured it was as rigged a grind, as the umbral forma
  13. Of which the first Wcreds come at level 3 or 30K standing, i only got 24 k this round, so can't even get the first Wcreds. If they don't adjust some things, nobody will care
  14. MR 19 here I just did the math, If i'm lucky i'll get 240K standing within 10 weeks. I play mornings and nights, I live with my sister, so can't play too much during the day, due to the noise my keyboard makes. Not mechanical but a little noisy, especially the space bar. In the 4 days, i could only muster 24 K since nobody in my clan wanted to do sortie at noon and 200 kills with heat damage is just outright stupid. Also i only got 1 ayatan, 1 AYATAN this week, in all my missions (that was a sortie reward today). Saving it for 5 to eventually get that achievement, if it hits again. I have not tried the tridolons yet and feel i'm not ready, tried to get a partner for sortie couldn't, so F it i did it in pubs, where i always do. I've already realized the futility of trying for the umbral forma (level 29) no way i'll make it. I hit 24K standing times 10 is 240K standing, that is level 24 so i know i can't get them. I'm good with it, this game is like everything else, I'll play till i can't progress, then it'll be put on the list of uninstalled games. Where i hit a wall and can go no further. There needs to be some tuning, Like whether you do it in a friend group, clan group, Pub or solo, you get the credit. They force the clan/friend aspect i know people that will walk away, if they feel they can't progress alone
  15. MR 19 here and lucky if i can get three ayatans a week, including the Maroo weekly one
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