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  1. Honestly haven't had that heppen in a while, game has worked fine, save for a few GP bugs, for months. been a while since a restart has been needed to fix any issue
  2. Might have been me after all, restarted my desktop and it works now. not had that issue for a while, or would have been the first thing i tried
  3. Not on my end, now the launcher (not in FS mode) won't even load. just a white square there now
  4. have tried 4 times, now a 5th at this moment and game will not load, even the start screen ( the loader) loads extremely slow. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, or just me, Just giving a heads up to DE and players, Worked fine this morning, when i did the first part of the new quest. Now trying to do the sortie and can't even load game, hope this sorted itself out soon
  5. Xata is the one that's rare for me, pretty sure it's different t everyone
  6. Hey DE is there a fix coming for Kuva floods not giving a requin relic? i've had three in a row TODAY, not give a relic. At this point, i'm at a wall and i can't advance, due to no relics because kuva floods not giving the required relics.
  7. Baro's coming this week, so that was what i figured was coming
  8. Why did you move the stealth kill to X? With no option to change it? it worked perfectly fine on E
  9. Ok figured out the roll sprint, but why did you put the srealth kill on X? It was perfectly fin on E with the distence being the factor it a standard and stealth kill
  10. I just checked mine, appears to be working, thank you
  11. same here, DNS server thing, did not try to play got the window, just turned off
  12. same here thank you, hope you fix it soon
  13. nice to see the changes, yay for neck prime, But wish you guys could up the chances for harrow in defections, been trying for 3 months and can't get the RGN Gods to notice me
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