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  1. Update for those who have not received hydriod prime, but did get the pistol. My hydroid prime was in my arsenol when i checked just now (8:38PM est). If you have gotten your pistol but not hydroid yet, it will come, just have some patience.
  2. BTW, How were we supposed to answer the questions, when Slow mode kept blocking me?
  3. I got the pistol, so know my account is linked properly, waiting on the warframe to drop. The reveal was amazing, How you pulled the reveal (In the tennocon relay) off without us having the code, was an incredible accomplishment
  4. I agree to a point, but i was over 250+ defection missions and no part for harrow. i finally bit the bullet and bought it when i got my tennocon digital pack. It took wellover 200 spy missions to get the final piece of ivara but i finally got it. When you can get Gauss with 33%(All parts BTW) chance on certain disruptions spots, harrow at somewhere arouns 3-12% (depending on level of defection) seems a little BS-y. So my experiences with getting Ivara and harrow, were not good and despite buying harrow eventually, i will keep fighting to raise the chances of getting it. I have a friend, that n
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