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  1. Considering the Tenno are literally children, the garish adornments make perfect sense. I'd like an option to tone down the visual clutter too though.
  2. Kuva Nukor is one of the few guns that competes with melee. Why waste time nerfing Nukor when a better solution would be BUFF STUG.
  3. Another non-ideal workaround is to infuse Titania's Spellbind via Helminth on your frame of choice. I do wish they would at least allow us to exchange other login mods, I've played since 2015 but I'm still about 6mo away from getting PSF at day 900, and would gladly dump the Primed Fury that they gave me before you could even choose, or the Primed Vigor that I grabbed before you could infuse overshield abilities, etc... also why 900 not 800, that one is a kick in the teeth...
  4. Ores should be tradeable and available for plat the same as gems. Having to grind yet more Pyrol or Thaumica makes me log out.
  5. Some of us have higher standards for our gaming time. Mining is garbage busywork.
  6. You could also try the Deimos Obelisks, which will give you other obnoxious resources like Thaumica in the process. Tangentially related, Ores should be really tradeable and available for plat purchase, currently only Gems are. If there's anything worth skipping in this game, it's mining.
  7. I didn't ask for that. Nobody asked for that. Nothing is stopping you from enjoying recent content, nor should it. If you want DE to continue adding new features and modes, then why not simply express that? We obviously want different things from the game, that's fine, no need to be so adversarial.
  8. Your posts indicate a pattern of bitterness towards longtime dedicated players. Why? This isn't even about casuals versus tryhards, this is about DE releasing low quality content. Who is being satiated by forced minigame grinds? Who is being satiated by having 99% of their arsenal disabled?
  9. I don't like them, but before I consider quitting, it's worth saying that I wouldn't quit if DE would just get back to WF basics. Frames, guns, blades, huge hordes of baddies to tear through, and a deep mod system that allows for creativity and optimization to coexist. Instead, we get more and more horizontal bloat full of shallow minigames and parasitic grinds. It's like going to Burger King and finding out they don't sell burgers anymore, but hey you can buy hamburger flavored soda.
  10. No. We need more core Warframe, not more Wharf Farm Manual Labor Simulator 2021: Operation Household Chores.
  11. Bramma is still an effective room cleaner through Steel Path, it just requires a minimum threshold of thought and effort now. There's no defending the infinite braindead win button that was the pre nerf Bramma, but I'll admit that many recent weapons (and frames) have felt deliberately gimped out of the box.
  12. IIRC you need to grind Entrati rep, but you can thankfully buy the conservation tags and fish parts for plat.
  13. I ordered a slice of pizza and DE gave me a bowl of pizza-flavored ice cream.
  14. No, you're correct, status rifles do nothing that crit rifles don't do better with their extra multiplier, given how easy it is to hit the 10 proc cap without even bothering to improve your 10-20% base sc. If you really love your Supra Vandal or Braton Prime, I'd suggest Arcane Avenger and/or Adarza to close the gap.
  15. Anything that dumps a bunch of status effects on the acolyte will do, then you hack it to death with your melee in a couple seconds.
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