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  1. Now we get to see how massive the ST vs AoE disparity is.
  2. Scarlet Spear offered you a choice in how to do it, the Mesa/Limbo meta was not strictly mandatory. Forcing Necramechs is super lame.
  3. Farming for a specific Axi relic is absolutely horrible. It's faster to farm plat and trade for the part you want.
  4. Redeemer is fine. Buff primary shotguns and their terrible mods.
  5. Leave rivens alone. Release better primes. Buff shotgun mods.
  6. Yea my bad for taking breaks to do other stuff. I'd still give the mod to both of you if I could.
  7. It took me 6+ years to get to 900 days for PSF. Waiting isn't "earning" and I'd personally give everyone that mod day 1 if I could.
  8. If you stack speed and range, and prime enemies with status effects before swinging at them, the difference is negligible, but I guess YMMV. Definitely meant the prime versions too.
  9. DE has repeatedly stated that coding a toggle would be very difficult. I'd like a better visible timer for the instance of Splinter Storm applied to Gara herself.
  10. I don't understand the Volnus hate, it does exactly the same thing as the Gram, Kronen, Reaper, or any other melee with at least mediocre crit stats.
  11. Everything devastates low level enemies, that's never an excuse. At high levels, a good roll cc riven plus HM makes the Boar... okay-ish. Hopefully the gun melee rebalance helps out weapons like this, I wouldn't hold my breath though because shotgun mods are terrible and in serious need of numerous buffs.
  12. Is there any reason Primes can't be in lore exactly what they are in game - deluxe gilded versions of a mass produced base model?
  13. The level where normal Sortie is trivial and its rewards are 90% useless, so probably pretty average for someone who's played regularly for a few years? I edited my post to say "late game" so no one else gets offended that people play this game past MR12.
  14. Yes SP can be cheesed, but the third Sortie mission is a sad joke compared to the easiest SP mission. All I'm asking for is some mild engagement with a chance for loot that's actually relevant late game, like the feeling when Sorties first came out, not spending a half hour drooling on my keyboard for a pittance of endo.
  15. This isn't hard to solve. SP Sortie gets endgame evergreen rewards like SE and Umbra Forma, normal Sortie gets midgame stuff like endo and potatoes.
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