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  1. just add 1-3 months to every release date DE gives you and you'll have the actual release date for mainline updates. It's been like this since the war within and every time they give us an ETA it's going to be delayed and the forums are going to be lit up by people crying about the delay. By not trusting DE and calculating this delay in, you don't get upset and can laugh at all the people crying about the delay, while you're crying on the inside because you too have nothing to do. Welcome to being a veteran of warframe, it's a fun experience trust me. Also on topic, railjack looks like AW did when they teased it. It looks like a promising, fun and dope game mode with space battles. Hopefully it won't repeat the mistakes AW did with not enough mission and tile diversity, junky controls, new ressources that needed to be grinded in the new gamemode exclussively (Tellurium at launch of AW) and very slow gameplay.
  2. Using your operator would still be way faster. Also real endgame is primed retribution.
  3. Never seen anyone getting triggered by this. I'd personally love buying tennoskins on consoles with my pc plat instead of buying it for 5 bucks each from steam.
  4. Hope you didnt stop reading after i gave you those 2 inputs. Instead of getting mad at me would you mind giving me more information then? 🙂 What did you waste your credits on? What's your average time playing during a week? Do you complete everything of Nightwave? Have you actually played before Nightwave and can compare before and after? Are you able to read this fully without going apeS#&$? Love Rad
  5. pls no more spam. I'd disable ghouls, plague star and baro if I could. I'm all All for an easily visible timer on top of the Nightwave rank
  6. I"ve got around 150 Nitain from Nightwave 1 and the Intermission. I bought at least 4 Alternative Helmets and some potatoes (as I stockpiled 65 each over the last 6 years and don't really need many extra ones). Now, in my mind, there's two options on what youre doing wrong. If you haven't spent anything on fashion, but got all the credits, you probably must have wasted most of your credits on shiny potatoes and forgot about Nitain. A simple mistake that can be averted in Nightwave 2. The other one would be that you haven't done enough of Nightwave and couldn't afford to buy Nitain. Looking at this one, people might think it's your fault for not actually completing all of Nightwave. The problem here is that you get most of the Nightwave credits from prestiging, something a casual player would never do. Even with the catch up mechanic now added, I doubt any casual will ever go abovce rank 30 (I myself stopped after realising it's a waste of my time) and thus will keep complaining about not getting enough credits. I personally believe there to be an easy fix for this, make it so the special enemies in Nightwave drop 2-5 credits for each capture (not affected by boosters). Now, I hope one of these 2 hypothesis fits you, as I don't know how much Nightwave you did, what you've spent your credits on, etc. But maybe I hit the bullseye and gave you some input that might be helpful. Also add forma to the ever green reward table, tyvm DE.
  7. hope they'll give us back prestige for nightwave2 and every intermission after. Not like I really need additional potatoes or nitain, but at least it feels like I'm getting something from doing these "challenges". Also add forma to evergreen rewards tyvm DE.
  8. i really hope you didnt know about the catch up mechanic they added in the intermission. Because it should not be possible (unless u play for less than 4 hours in a month) to miss out on anything with how it is set up now. Anywho, not giving us prestige meant I didn't have to do any tasks after week 3 and just went back to the real endgame of warframe, log in, do sortie, log out.
  9. Even w/o maiming strike or rivens with +cc on slide you oneshot the whole content in the game with any decent zaw. Removing the effect would not fix anything. Melee3.0 might change something but i'm highly critical of that as well, since they can't just nerf melee without making everyone complain (as seen in the damage3.0 show case). Power creep has been growing for 6 years, enemy scaling hasn't, this lead to the current game being hardly challenging. Hopefully a difficulty option, as mentioned in one of the latest dev streams, will help fight this problem. As I personally don't see them having enough ressources to rework the scaling, armor and damage of the whole game at all. In conclusion, Maiming strike is just part of a way broader problem that isn't fixable by just removing a mod, that hardly matters.
  10. The 50% mark seems reasonable, depending how they balance the event. In the last case it was around 15-30minutes of playtime and seemed more than fine for an active clan. However, the ressource cost to place that damn statue is aweful.This is probably due to hexa being a new ressource we don't yet have stockpiled, but seeing as the game mode is lackluster and there's no reason to play it I don't see myself ever stockpiling a decent amount of it.
  11. This, people have been saying it since the implementation of survival back in 2014. DE doesn't want to give us the scaling of 4 players if we're alone in the missions.
  12. i prefer it to anything but rivens and ressource boosters.
  13. dont forget to shoot the animal when they're hunting. I literally had someone go on a swear tirade for like 5 minutes once, which I then reported through support. Was fun #*!%ing that leech over.
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