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  1. Hildryn is very good against infested because the biggest problem, energy suck, is voided. Just keep on moving and use mowing weapons (Sobek with acid shells, Supra Vandal or Tenora with punch trhough, Ignis Wraith modded for crit/status viral + heat) and you won't have problems. Use rolling guard to gain respite and Adaptatuion to mitigate, Rapid resilience cuts down the status duration by 75%. And keep on moving. Even Rhino can fall to Infested if you're not careful. They are many, they swarm and they have several funky abilities that really can mess any frame up if you're playing with ha
  2. I've recently swapped set of Syndicates to farm and the current way of selecting syndicates is not transparent nor easily modifiable: * I have no info on what Syndicate I'm about to farm rep with using the selected frame / appearance; * Changing it requires navigating through quite a lot and selecting the Sigil amongst a ton of them. Something along the lines of the Focus school would be a nice addition IMHO.
  3. Heh, I can barely do 120 points half reliably 😄 😄 K-Drives are mostly optional, the MR they give is good but it is thought to be obtained slowly, with leisure.
  4. I'm almost a Zephyr main - I also use Rhino a lot and Nezha for the lulz. I can only quote @Thaylien , he pretty much nailed everything that has to be covered about Zephyr. She's fun, she's fast, she's invulnerable to Corpus and Grineer but she needs a constant attention to your surroundings - something that as a former Rhino main I wasn't used to do at all - and to the duration of the only shield between your frame and the AoE attacks. Once you learn to quickly identify the enemies around you she becomes easy to play but impegnative as she has a low error threshold. Aviator on her m
  5. Excuse me but of all the frames in game Nezha is the one needing a rework the least. He's durable - in facts he takes less damage than Rhino because it's a fast moving frame, plusd his shield damages enemies and shreds the weak ones. Bumping into an enemy and seeing it die is priceless. I admit that Firewalker is a bit too costly and situational but fun, Blazing Chakram is more useful to unstuck than the unstuck command - never tried his healing abilities though since the moment Nezha finishes his warding halo he's living on borrowed time. Divine spears is not a huge damaging AoE attack b
  6. Yeas that's what I assumed too. Still if they tinker who knows what they can come out with. I mean, space hoverboards!
  7. In the last devstream Reb talked about floating prices that depend on supply and demand. Everything is still in developement but... who knows.
  8. And I'm actually using her since a week or so. Just because Titania's backplate is so nice that even Vruush Turrets want to tap that.
  9. Heh, she is not great in plains. She is passable. If we could have a controllable 1st ability then she would be great. Turbulence is perfect, Tornado is wonky but it helps especially in the first seconds of activation since it keeps melee attackers away from the cast point... Airburst sounds cool but it's useless and Tailwind is way too uncontrollable with the tap mechanic and way too slow and limited (no duration scaling... just why?) with the hold mechanic.
  10. Of course not, of course I won't and I bet 100:1 this post will be removed because it's almost spam (you are actually linking a site and stating it sells fraudolent plat [only DE can sell plat]).
  11. CoH was a really nice quest, I haven't been that scared by a videogame since F.E.A.R, Rell and his "rap tap tap" really reminds me of Alma and that's a good thing, F.E.A.R has been one of the few games really capable of scaring players beyon the common surprise jumps. It was also deep, which is no small feat for a short quest. The Sacrifice... I think it is the most well written quest so far, it really plunges the player into the game and it finally gives some depth to the Operator - I really started liking her (I play a female operator, I like the idea of a petite young lady with a soft
  12. Your post isn't moving... I can't see it!
  13. I'd rather have a hot lady speaking to me than Ordis though.
  14. Were you visualizing a bloody forum thread? ME TOO.
  15. Sorry, I meant that it should be like I wrote, I know it's not the case! I explained myself badly.
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