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  1. den2k

    A message to the people that kept me sane

    You have my respect and my sympathy!
  2. den2k

    Max Framerate

    Did you use KeDelayExecutionThread or some busy wait with QueryPerformanceCounter?
  3. den2k

    Blazing Chakram Bugged VS. Robotic/Machinery Enemies

    Man you nailed it! I had this problem for a while and I thought it was either Nezha bugged or just the ability worthless. Thanks a lot for your effort!
  4. den2k

    Teeny tiny Zephyr changes

    I used it 4 times in all the time I used Zephyr, it's really not that useful. That's why I'd move back hover on the 2nd or increase the utilty of Airburst. Hover and a controllable 1st would make close range flight doable without necessarily using Titania - who is still targeted by AA turrets, stifling her best uses. She would shine on PoE and Orb Vallis.
  5. den2k

    Teeny tiny Zephyr changes

    Tail wind should in my opinion either ditch Hover completely and make it a "press to accelerate / depress to stop" ability or, as you said, make it scalable on duration so it becomes easier to provide air support with an air themed frame. Her 2 is usable, it arches over obstacles and can help in a pinch while reloading... though I would put hover at the 2nd as it was in the old days and ditch airburst. Unless Airburst could be used to renew active tornadoes or to provide some buff to allies.
  6. This post smells like bait. Answering anyway: my Pink Rhino with the Sari Syandana and Titania Noble animation set thinks not.
  7. I think Nezha improved quite a bit after this update. It is now a reasonable main, capable of tanking a decent amount of damage and still requiring player attention. Two points don't convince me though: 1) Other frames have a 95% reduction with their tanking abilities. That would be quite nice on Nezha; 2) Is the Chakram reliable? I use it when health gets low but I'm not really sure it hits all the enemies it can - sometimes it appers it hits nothing at all - and if the health orb drop chance is working or not.
  8. den2k

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    Between the lack of drops for many players and the absymal quality of drops for the others I'd say this campaign has been a great damage for the company - next time how many players will even bother with the streams? I don't agree with many self-entitled players that stomp feet because they didn't receive what they wanted, but the hard data show that really much of the promised drops are so low in chance that they can be safely discarded as "not existing". That is bound to hurt company reputation and the success of subsequent campaigns in the long run.
  9. den2k

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    After 5 hours of streaming I got exactly 0 drops, and my account is linked - as my Ash Prime and Trinity Prime can testify.
  10. den2k

    Update Failures

    They already sent all their 40 thousand employees to fix all the CDN in the world. The uncooperative CDN are currently being assaulted by specialized breaching units. Expect news in 5 hours, otherwise assume they were defeated and disavowed. Yep, a mucking game that costs a Fortune just to be bought and is less than half teh content, including the expensive DLC is a serious competitor for Warframe. Not a rival, not the most dangerous one: the rival.
  11. Ignis does direct damage on the flame and AoE only on the final mushroom. That wouldn't mitigate the overuse of Ignis but it would make things unnecessarily difficult when the screen is full of flashing enemies and the drone is "hidden" behind some stuff of mob. At least a Rhino Stomp can damage it and maybe destroy it... Seriously though, Ignis is equipped everywhere because it's the easiest weapon to use. Just hose them down, never take your finger off the fire button and aim in the general area of the enemy. Crits and Procs do the rest. It also makes Arcane Acceleration useful. A Carrier and some large pizza now and then and it's also low maintenance. It's also an effective "defensive" weapon because it creates a wall of fire that usually burns through enemies before they can enter melee/AoE range. I have stronger weapons but the actual TTK with Ignis Wraith is usually lower than with the other solutions, and the ETK (Effort To Kill) is basically null - all the attention can go to movement and powers.
  12. First of all: thank you! Arbitrations are really entertaining and can be quite difficult even for the veterans as a single error will result in a permadeath. I love them. Just one thing though: can you make the Defense NPC objective a little less suicidal? 1) He jumps around like a bouncing ball, making the protection job hellish (really he's too fast, now he's here a spilt second later I lost him and he's 15 meters away) so enveloping him with Turbulence is really hard; 2) He won't get away from poison clouds or burning goo and will happily throw himself in the middle of groups of MOAs or infested. Ok he's confident because we have his back but that seem a bit TOO confident. Defenses righ now are the most hectic Arbitrations precisely because he jumps around too much. Also when he's low on shield he should search for the nearest Warframe and stop chasing enemies - that way protective/restorative frames can help him out. I and anybody would do the same in his situation!
  13. den2k

    what would you name your moa pet

    Moaner or Moana :D
  14. den2k

    what would you name your moa pet

    Octavia, Mr. Roboto and the moa. Invite me when you'll do it!
  15. den2k

    what would you name your moa pet

    Either Moaner or Moana Pozzi.