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  1. Don't look at me, I'm silent because I decided to skip it altogether and straight up buy Hyldrin. As a working man I have more money than time and my time should not be spent in unpleasant repetitive task - I already do that 8 hours each day.
  2. Kill mother orb repeatedly. With an average group it takes 6 minutes, it gives a lot of toroids and a lot of money (125k, doubled due to the thermia event... in the W.E. they were doubled once more + I activated the credit booster. It was better than the Index). Also during the Thermia event the drops are doubled so you'd get 4xCrisma Toroids easily.
  3. Nice job not explaining a single muck about the Orb. Finding the cave is not easy. Then inside there is no guidance, no glowing stuff, no spoken works on what to do. I couldn't even begin the mission. Having it placed inside the Vallis without a bounty means that I enter always when people are farming Thermia - the matchmaking is shaky by the way, I get 2-4 host migrations each time I enter in the Vallis. During the fight, which I was able to start watching at the wikia, solo beacuse matchmaking tricked me there was little to no guidance while that ovewrly powerful cannon shredded mostly my innocent Sentinel and forced me to cycle through a lot of wardin halos, all without a single objective written on the screen. In my trials I wassted quite the number of Energy restores, which means more grinding and more waiting... Well, I'm losing again the will to play Warframe.
  4. Complaining that Hyldrin is time-limites means having forgot about Eidolon Hunting. THAT is a freaking limitation, with the odd schedule that shifts and the time limits so work/family will definitely get in the way. I can't wait to use Hyldrin, she has some perks I'd like to use and I want to check some mod/companion interactions.
  5. Gas procs Toxin, maybe it was the Toxin damage that got them? Also be wary of exploding barrels and the Combustion Beam (the mod that makes enemies explode after death) bc they can skew the results.
  6. FINALLY! I might start playing again!
  7. Did you use KeDelayExecutionThread or some busy wait with QueryPerformanceCounter?
  8. I think Nezha improved quite a bit after this update. It is now a reasonable main, capable of tanking a decent amount of damage and still requiring player attention. Two points don't convince me though: 1) Other frames have a 95% reduction with their tanking abilities. That would be quite nice on Nezha; 2) Is the Chakram reliable? I use it when health gets low but I'm not really sure it hits all the enemies it can - sometimes it appers it hits nothing at all - and if the health orb drop chance is working or not.
  9. Between the lack of drops for many players and the absymal quality of drops for the others I'd say this campaign has been a great damage for the company - next time how many players will even bother with the streams? I don't agree with many self-entitled players that stomp feet because they didn't receive what they wanted, but the hard data show that really much of the promised drops are so low in chance that they can be safely discarded as "not existing". That is bound to hurt company reputation and the success of subsequent campaigns in the long run.
  10. Cool. I will go to the Casinò, bet all my paycheckin a day then complain to the management telling me they baited me with high jackpots and I've lost everything. I'm sure it will work. Definitely.
  11. After 5 hours of streaming I got exactly 0 drops, and my account is linked - as my Ash Prime and Trinity Prime can testify.
  12. den2k

    Update Failures

    They already sent all their 40 thousand employees to fix all the CDN in the world. The uncooperative CDN are currently being assaulted by specialized breaching units. Expect news in 5 hours, otherwise assume they were defeated and disavowed. Yep, a mucking game that costs a Fortune just to be bought and is less than half teh content, including the expensive DLC is a serious competitor for Warframe. Not a rival, not the most dangerous one: the rival.
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