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  1. they drop in open world bounties and in the drop tables of all relic places as i found so far.
  2. by permanent, i think they meant 24/7 unvaluting. like after each unvaulting the next set of warframes happen right after. but i think they can add all vaulted items into the "drop pool" but in certain areas or hey they can always added them into elite gamemodes. so elite alerts and ESO so it makes them little bit more rare. each time you enter the match it chooses random pick of unvaulted relics, then you earn like frost relics then the next one you get the chance of ember? it just makes them more RNG based as you just from two game modes.
  3. loving the way the warframes are changing and getting better. synergies, support, speed of cast and able to air cast, good CC and rewarding players to use all the powers with synergies. damage output is not what makes frames balance, the synergies of the kit to make you even more powerful is balance in the works. makes the people that loves the frame powerful, but the ones that want to abuse them for that power not as much unless they learn the sync of all the kit, which most don't.
  4. everything was peaceful when atlas become primed. until the fire frames attacked. ember prime and chorma wanting his prime slot back.
  5. by the pictures. it seems to be "hidden" and its all "RNG" of which one you choose. please make it so we can "choose" by seeing which one then claim which one we want. you don't know how many tableflips and broken keyboard going to happen when they pick a mod they already have or not wanted yet. So non-coverd able to see which one to claim will be nice. also think of adding 30 day reward, mini one. like chances of riven(for ones that have it unlocked)/Primed mod (baro prime mods, with non-tradeable mark or not. that is all up to you D.E)/ most common in my mind for 30 day reward will be 4 Relic packs. 1 of each tier. so only lith in pack one, meso in pack 2, pack 3 neo only, pack 4 is only axi relics.
  6. OHHH look guys LIMBO all vote to kick, *limbo gets kicked* oh look banshee ! *all three in group votes to kick, banshee gets kicked* a kick system would be so so easily abuse and just fuel the fire of hated frames.
  7. please make frame fighter part of the conclave. it will bring life to the conclave.
  8. i had faith, untill i read plat was reward. now..its at 50/50 any showing of glue and such should get you disqualified in my eyes.
  9. awww, no snek and lizard :( come on chorma is dragon slayer for sure he will have reptile as pet :P
  10. Thanks alot for fixing vauban augment. now he is back where he is in CC.
  11. please tell us our vauban is getting more buff. this rework. was not very well with nerf to 3rd. can we maybe have his 3rd shock foes within it. held and shocked with 250 damage over each sec? passive is nice. also need a littie armor buff as i see the armor was meant to work with his old passive. in my eyes anyways
  12. bad bug, but also fun. I hope to see 8 team sqauds once again. 4 is ok but 8 is fun. RIP RAIDS ;_;
  13. D.E his passive didn't change on prime. i don't see on his passive that it does extra 25% damage to CC targets? doesn't say it in the passive.
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