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  1. I was able to get fairly close using the following: Base Color: Sandstorm Brown Secondary & Tertiary Colors: Derelict Black Accents: Cargo Yellow Energy: Lynx Blue The hue of the energy color I used is slightly more aqua than in the image of the default skin color, but Lynx Blue seemed to be the best match in terms of vibrance (at least from the skins i have available - missing colors from Kavasa and Atrox sets). The Accent color was also difficult to find a good match for - while i feel Cargo Yellow is a little too yellow, the other gold-ish colors appeared either too dark or too red to me. Not sure if its a lighting/rendering thing or if there was some photo editing done or something - there are distinct light-colored details on the legs that don't show nearly as much in the default skin image, not to mention the lack of mucous hanging from its mouth/ribs.
  2. Just experienced this for the first time. In phase 2, I was unable to put coolant canisters into fissures to get thermia. The issue seemed to be specifically with the warframe - i could pick up the coolant, but the prompt to put it in a fissure wouldnt show up. I tried dropping the canister and picking it back up, grabbing a different canister, swapping weapons, entering and exiting operator mode - and tried these in various orders. The only work around I was able to find was to use my operator to put the coolant into the fissures. Not sure if jumping in a lake or dying wouldve fixed it - exploiter orb couldnt kill my frame, and i dont think there were any lakes nearby for me to try throwing myself into.
  3. Experiencing the same thing. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  4. Earlier today after an Exploiter Orb fight with some friends an item dropped called <nil>. I have no idea what this thing is supposed to be since it didn't show up in my mission rewards and unfortunately the loot popups at the bottom of the screen disappeared too quickly for me to grab a screenshot of it.
  5. So I decided to finally try my hand with some tennogen stuff - an infested syandana to start off with. I have my mesh ready to start being textured in substance painter, which is a program that I do not have any experience in presently. What is the general process one would go through for prepping (done in 3ds Max) and importing models into substance painter, working with the appropriate masks, baking, and eventually exporting? How would the materials need to be set up? I took a look through the Tennogen guide, but it doesn't seem to be very clear in terms of step-by-step instructions and just seems more like a collection of screenshots showing recommended settings in its substance painter section. Any tips would be very much appreciated.
  6. I have thought of this being a possibility - with wondering if its an intentional mechanic or not. If this is indeed the case, I hope they do something to prevent canisters that are being used to seal fissures from being easily destroyed with a simple misclick
  7. So i just discovered that if you hit alt-fire while using a secondary while also carrying a coolant canister, you just.... throw the canister away and it explodes.... You even get a little guiding-arc to aim it. I'm unsure how this works if you use a secondary that has an alt-fire mode, though I found it also works in archwing mode. I wonder if this is an intentional thing (seeing as we need one to survive 4 fissures to get diluted thermia, i hope not..), and if this might be part of the reason why people are experiencing the issue of their canister "disappearing", since throwing the canister permanently destroys it. Edit: it seems that you can throw it regardless if its a fresh canister, or if its been used to seal a fissure already (was still able to throw it after sealing 1 fissure)
  8. Uhhhhhhhhhh..... Are we supposed to be able to throw the coolant canisters like a grenade, which makes them explode???? Because right now, hitting Alt-Fire with your secondary weapon equipped makes you do just that. Atleast, assuming your secondary doesnt have an alt-fire.. i dunno how it would work if it does. Either way, I really hope this isn't intended, especially since we need to seal 4 fissures with a single canister to get Diluted Thermia...
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