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  1. Feels like the primary fire mode has better AoE than secondary... This whole weapon is just a desastrous disappointment. Except for the looks and sounds and stuff.
  2. this will bring the most of so said arsenal divide after some new meta quickly settled i guess.
  3. Can someone pls explain to me why this is important?
  4. i hope the stats for new mods are not final... or get adjusted. right now, as seen on screenshot, there is no difference between primary and secondary mods, aside being applicable on said weapon type. but compare the existing ones, e.g. multishot mods. primary MS gives 90%, secondary MS gives 120%. secondaries losing this round. and the same goes for dmg and cc alike.
  5. tbh the kuria thingy really might be some side stuff, maybe i was also bit overreacting there as i just woke up few mins before reading and still havent had a coffee yet ':D well about perpicacity.. i use it for sortie/nightmare missions where i have to hack something i.e. rescue spy and maybe sabotage :D oh and the thing you said about some abilities / things in general being redundant.. reminds me about the simpsons film where the guy wants some weak guys placed beneath the strong guys to make the strong guys look even stronger lmao. have a great day
  6. please remove the "on kill" trigger for all new gun mods. as melee bloodrush can reach its full potential even if i dont kill a single enemy. but guns need to kill. i'd suppose something with "on (maybe also consecutive) hit" as this will reward having skill, like this soma mod you introduced with deimos vendor stuff. also i was hoping for some sniper combo interactions, but meh. i member u saing "small nerfs" - CO caps out at 3 status effects. small. srsly....?this is a huuuge nerf which will make melee inefficient af as it was just after the major rework when you killed meme strike meta. melee in its current state feels just awesome, now you take away this awesomeness. i ever liked warframe for being a funny fluid melee focused game with cool movement, and now this.. but im curious how the guns will play then.
  7. guys i appreciate working on the game, but please focus your resources on important stuff. but this random trash is not good. (same goes for parazon finisher gameplay. noone used before, noone will use after (except doing liches).) status immunity hemlinth ability.. yeah spellbind exists. by the time u unlock helminth immunity, u should have tossed a titania in helminth, and spellbind gives cc. no point to use this new stuff. this is a roundhouse kick in the balls for everyone who scanned them by hand. anyway you still have to get the right rooms, and being a helminth ability, it will not work on AW for submerged rooms :)
  8. try to not use magus lockdown void dash near unhacked lures, or unequip lockdown at all
  9. what about the dev workshop? wtb orbiter room capacity wtb link mods & pack leader for sentinels
  10. Well the piloting Artificial Intelligence Incompetence really does weird things. I park the ship directly in front of the weakpoint, tell my pilot to pilot the ship, and he flies like 800m away, like rubbing the railjack on the corpus ship but i just wanted to shoot the weakpoint we were already looking at... not to mention he flies into derpspace when in grineer mission he should stay and make the gunner shoot the objectives radiator thingy (at least thats what I expect from my crew.)
  11. how about making orbiter capacity purchaseable? i'd really like to see this. need moar deco in orbiter. when will sentinel survivability arrive? (no, protea augment does not really contribute, but nullifies the only reason of existence for djinn. also it takes up a warframe slot.) why no acolytes in tamu disruption? any plans on more sekharas? any plans on making old events come back? any plans on making raids/trials come back?
  12. said augment will just rip off every reason of existence from djinn and in higher lvl missions will make the sentinels live for exactly 1.3s (Shieldgating) (after any phase of invulnerability has ended) every 60s. and it will consume a mod slot in the frame.
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