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  1. said augment will just rip off every reason of existence from djinn and in higher lvl missions will make the sentinels live for exactly 1.3s (Shieldgating) (after any phase of invulnerability has ended) every 60s. and it will consume a mod slot in the frame.
  2. i just quote this because people tend to oversee it
  3. Better to gib link mods and make the revives from regen endless, inreasing rank of regen should just shorten the duration of the revive or something like that.
  4. (as of Devstream 154 on April 30 2021: Giving Protea Dispensary an augment that will revive a dead Sentinel every 60s is more of a joke than actually useful. Yeah it is the Subsume Ability, but no it will not be useful (mod-slot), and no it will not make Sentinels more suitable for higher levels, but yes it will make Djinn obsolete. @ [DE] That is not the right direction.)
  5. Why aren't we allowed to place Decorations "behind" the starchart (and other certain areas)? Things just getting plain red when coming near that area. I 'member times when I could place Deco there, and i want to finish this area / remove the Nihil Oubliette to be able to redo the bossfight, but when I remove it from there... I cannot place it again in this specific location.
  6. I would ask more like: Could Sentinels get Pet-like Mods? Things like Pack Leader, all the Link-X Mods and stuff. Even better would be a complete Companion rework IMHO. Currently Sentinels feel like complete garbage (and [Spare Parts] is more of a joke than a mod). In comparison to Pets which can be revived all the time, Sentinels got aforementioned Spare Parts mod.. Got to admit, Djinn may revive itself every 90s and live for exactly 1.3 sec... But beyond that... Sentinels are just underwhelming. @ Dev-Team: Is there a way to revisit Companions? With all the Dojo QoL ongoing.
  7. Hi All, as the Title suggests, sometimes when I'm in Titania 4 Razorwing (with Blitz Augment equipped) as I fly through the Mission, the Frame will move upwards without any key input. The Frame just moves upwards as if there was some kind of negative gravity, while keeping the idle animation. When I press Space or Ctrl I get the proper animation for moving up/down. I have not seen any clear evidence on how to cause this bug but it happened most of the time somewhen after blinking. I hope there is a solution to this. (OT: While I'm at key inputs.. sometimes RMB seems to clamp software
  8. wtb orbiter capacity for more decoration
  9. i guess you meant mastery points by player level. anyway, you dont get mastery points for applying a forma, only initial rank up to lv 30 provides mastery points.
  10. oof i thought it was actually a feature i'd like to see this staying in the game and wtb orbiter capacity
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