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  1. wirecard IGN: wirecard Mastery Rank: 29 Country: Germany Language: German, English Current Clan: Legal Assassins Started playing: June 2018 Playtime: ~3400h ingame Discord: altf4shiftdelete#7356 About me: I like to do Endurance Runs, especially Disruption, as well as Eidolons and Profit-Taker, with Focus on Eidolons at the Moment. In general I like those epic Boss Fights (except Exploiter, no one does :D), therefore I'm looking forward to potential expansions for Heat of Deimos, and the process of testing in order to find the most valuable team comp
  2. Hi All, It bugged me for a long time now. In the Arcane Screen in the Foundry or when installing on a Frame, i don't see on duplicates, which arcane is already equipped. E.g. i want to sell a max Rank Arcane Fury. I already got one for my personal use. I max out the one i want to sell. Then, for whatever reason, it doesn't come to the Trade. To prevent myself from having both Arcanes equipped in different Frames/Configs, i want to break down the one which wasn't sold. And at this Point, i cannot see, which is the one i already equipped on my Frames, and which was the one to sell, unl
  3. Anyway, this Token - lets just be diplomatic and call it a - Thing confuses those new Players who are used to do Cetus/Fortuna Bounties. Oh and don't forget about the intense Affinity-Buff luck, which can skip a lot, since the Tokens are bound to Resources.
  4. this token bulls**t made me alt+f4. im not gonna play this. maybe not even the whole game itself. standing cap: 30250 on mr29. r u serious? nice to give low mr a small boost, but at least increase high mr standing to an even xx000 number from mr26 upwards. or just rewind.
  5. thanks what about shadow? seems to work :) pls revert mission success screen
  6. Congrats for completely twisting the original sense to the 180° opposite. Here is, what [DE]Saske literally said: The issue here is: Void Dash cant trigger the Virtuos Arcanes. And this aforementioned issue will get fixed. I hope, you'll get that now.
  7. Thanks for the hint, anyway, after it lifts in the air i get grey 0 dmg ciphers and the health bar stays as is.
  8. Hi @all, Dear [DE], in the Jupiter Capture Mission, the Capture Target gets invulnerable after lifting in the air, and then veeery slowly flying through the whole room. This process takes up to 1min+, depending on the room. Since you can do nothing in that time, it is very frustrating and just time-wasting. I remember that it was possible to deal damage to the Target in the past. This needs to come back.
  9. Hi @all, dear DE, i just wanted to give a small feedback on some new Lotus transmission lines, which has changed with U28. Personnally, i do really not enjoy the unaltered/very slightly altered Voice of Reb which plays after an Assassination ("Target down. Assassination contract [...]"). The Voice doesn't fit the previous Soundpatterns of the Lotus Voice. This makes the Game resemble more like a patchwork, but not like a game with 7+ years developing process. On top, on a way i yet fail to explain, it makes me aggressive, everytime when hearing the new Voice Package. I really want to
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