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  1. Something tells me this is another surprise to some of the devs lol
  2. With all the QOL changes with fishing and echo lures lately, would it be possible to add a description to the gear wheel for bait, rods, lures, etc. When your in a mission? With all the new types of baits in the game, knowing what a multi purpose bait is useful for (as it shows in the inventory screen) would be a great QOL change, especially now that usimg bait is directly tied to standing. Avoiding wasting bait would be helpful
  3. There was an arbitration that came up with a weapon boon for MK-1 Braton. Will this change now change instances of MK-1 weapons to the standard weapon (and all all variants, including MK1 variants) or will the MK-1 variants still be considered its own weapon?
  4. By cant sell, do you mean for plat? You CAN sell the build frame for credits and just keep the extra warframe slot, thats what ive done with a couple of the Prime with Prime deals because i already have the frames. Got rid of Ash as quickly as i could because...well.... its ash...
  5. LOL until the other 3 people in the pug squad are running it and you inadvertently get an additional 90% power strength also
  6. i was hoping it was this week... im getting married on the 14th so im pretty sure my future wife would lose it if i was late because of watching the devstream...as tempting as it is
  7. Is it a known bug to get transference static every time you go in and out of your frame when using umbra?
  8. @[DE]Danielle is there a very rough estimate timewise? Like are we looking for sething around 6 or 7 or is it looking like something later like 8 or 9?
  9. I think this would be a good idea. My main issue with the way 2fa currently is is that if the email you have used is compromised, the 2fa code is sent to that same email basically invalidating the use of 2fa
  10. This is basically going to be the only way to consistantly do it now. Go to the Plains, turn on turbulence, go with a max duration build, and float as long as you can. hope your aim is good with a sniper lol
  11. While this is a good idea on one side, if you could banish enemies while in the rift, it would facilitate an invincible limbo. Basically, dash into rift, turn of stasis, banish, kill before stasis expires, banish enemies still in rift that arnt dead just before stasis expires, pop stasis again, rinse and repeat
  12. Just to confirm, this means that we will be able to SHOOT WHILE STASIS IS ACTIVE??????? EDIT: I agree with others that stasis should still affect Limbo's weapons
  13. Update broke sortie 2 rescue. Timer automatically starts at 0 when you open the door to rush to save the operator
  14. sometimes is the simple things that can be appreciated most. ive been wanting to change my email for a while now and this will allow it to happen without the hassle of going through a support ticket.
  15. you are aware of the consistancy/bugs with her spores damage arnt you? whether they do this or whether they change how her abilities function, it needs to happen to make her abilities function as intended. Its easy to claim nerf, but how about actually play testing it first? All we know is what we saw early on, and what we have read. that doesnt mean her gameplay will be crap
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