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  1. shadow0727

    Riven Bug

    I have a pistol riven "kill x darygn pilots before they hit the ground" and no matter how many times i kill darygns/pilots before the pilot hits the ground in the plains of eidolon it doesnt count toward the riven challenge. Ive tried while in archwing as well as on the ground and nothing seems to work
  2. Nova antimatter drop explodes after shot distance, even if it doesnt collide with anything. Tested on a speed nova, shooting into the open sky to be sure
  3. WO00T! 6years rewards for my bday! Ty to all the devs for 6 years and counting!!
  4. Something tells me this is another surprise to some of the devs lol
  5. With all the QOL changes with fishing and echo lures lately, would it be possible to add a description to the gear wheel for bait, rods, lures, etc. When your in a mission? With all the new types of baits in the game, knowing what a multi purpose bait is useful for (as it shows in the inventory screen) would be a great QOL change, especially now that usimg bait is directly tied to standing. Avoiding wasting bait would be helpful
  6. There was an arbitration that came up with a weapon boon for MK-1 Braton. Will this change now change instances of MK-1 weapons to the standard weapon (and all all variants, including MK1 variants) or will the MK-1 variants still be considered its own weapon?
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