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  1. Surprised I got a response, and such a thorough one, at that. I didn't have too much to say in reply, but I did have this: It seems that you are looking at the game much more like, well, a GAME. And everything you say is incredibly true and reasonable, given that framework. Games generally need to have a Skeleton, a frame onto which both player expectations, and the rest of the game, can be built. And Warframe hasn't ever had a solid one; Sometimes, not at all. But I suppose my view is more along the lines of a "Live Service", as the game industry likes to call it. I play with the expectation that Warframe will update, sometime in the future, and it will have something that "mixes things up". A new strong weapon released, so everyone races for it. A Nerf to a meta, so everyone readjusts. A new mechanic, so everyone experiments. etc. I treat the game like an ongoing Carnival/Fair-grounds, with different Featured events and Stars-of-the-show in each given segment. (I've largely taken up this view as a means of coping with the fact that the version I fell in love with being LONG gone, and no hope of reverting 13 mainline updates to get it back) But still, it is the view I hold, and thus I am perfectly fine with the game not having anything firm to rely upon, or any significant structure in how it's built or meant to be played. So I then turn around and use that to justify that the people who are getting mad at their favorite thing being nerfed, that they obviously just didn't come with the right expectations. "Obviously we shouldn't force the fire-breathing-man attraction to stick around performing the same act for the ENTIRE TIME. That would get OLD and Boring! We need the razzle-dazzle, the fresh, the exciting. Bring out something new; I don't care what condition it's in!" But yes, if Warframe wants to be a complete product, or Heck, just a Carnival/Fairgrounds with a less-controversially-mercurial event lineup, then the solution is, and has always been, to lay down some rigid groundwork, and start shifting everything to fit onto that. Because even Carnivals/TheFair have organized walkways through the event, as well as some staple attractions that are always there, year after year. I don't expect it to happen, but I agree that it really should.
  2. Mildly depressing to see The Mobtm act like this. Warframe is one of those "'Endless' Beta" type games. Everything is subject to change, and that's part of what makes it awesome. Meta's exist, and are allowed to exist, because it's player-discovery. Meta's are squashed and nerfed, because the challenge of figuring out something new must continue. But then DE got bogged down. They decided they wanted to have a part that was comparable to the Cinematic, dramatic cutscene-shooters like destiny. So they worked their asses off on the Second-dream, War-Within, Sacrifice, POE, etc. And in doing so, left a lot of metas untouched for a long while. Not just the usual ones, like slash being "best" damage type. Things that could be invested in. They left rivens as a largely unmoderated gambling ring, where players dropped hundreds of dollars on the market. They left Chroma (for a while) to have a buggy damage-buff, making him super meta. They left Melee mods in a stagnation, so builds "finalized" and the "best" mods became pricey. And so, DE unintentionally made themselves WAY more like destiny than they ever could have wanted. They had broken stats, heavily entrenched metas, and items that couldn't be touched lest it damage the player's real-world-money investment. And now, DE has tried to get back to it's usual mojo. Put out a big update, with things to experiment on, rewards to race for, and a meta-shake-up. But all of the players they gained recently, don't want that. They came in on a game with a concrete meta and promises of not-DLC like The War Within. So, to my mind, this is good. It'll be a turning point: either DE will succumb to greed, and desperately clamor to claw back the ever-fickle Mob. Or they will get back to their patchwork-game antics, and the Explorer demographic that's been waning will start to regrow.
  3. More specific instances where I'd like to voice my opinion: The "Have-it-both-ways" re-implementation of Equipped-Melee-Mode was brilliant, thank you 🙂 . Auto-block resulting in forced aim-glides when mid-air is extremely frustrating to have happen. I'd appreciate a fix on that greatly. If auto-blocking is found to force any other interactions, such as block-combos or just not being able to perform certain actions, I'd also like those looked into. Overall, still glad Auto-Blocking was added. I only have issues with it's implementation, not it's concept. Very glad to have "Interact-triggered-Finishers", and the parazon system as a whole. I just have some minor issues with it's visibility: The previous "Press [meleekey] to Stealth Kill" prompt was near the center of the body (Where the player is looking), and was Opaque. The parazon-symbol is significantly above the enemy's head, and semi-trasparent. In addition, it does not seem to appear for ALL finishers, just Parazon Finishers; leaving melee-finishers without a prompt. More broad feedback I'd like to bring up: Mid-air melee is usable now, even fun! I love it 😄 . Melee hover combo was very much "Something I didn't know I needed until now", though it's muscle memory is taking quite a bit of learning. Holding backwards/S-key is something I'd probably personally re-bind, if I had the option. (Then again, I'm lucky enough to have a multi-button mouse, so I've got places to bind it TO). The inability to use a normal Heavy-attack, instead of a Heavy-slam, while mid-air is mildly annoying. Nothing I can't live with, but I'd certainly like it if it could be changed. This becomes especially apparent with Glaives. If nothing else, I'd like to be able to throw glaives while midair without having to dual-wield. Melee combo distribution is great...most of the time. Stances like Shimmering Blight give me all the mobility I've always wanted, and the travel-combo gets to the traveling part very quickly. The stance feels simple, but simple in a way that I like 🙂 . Stances like Crimson Dervish feel very restricted, though, and the Travel-combo doesn't actually move the player much. On one hand, I can appreciate some Stances being desinged "Heavier Feeling" than others, but I personally am not going to use them. No amount of Damage multiplier is going to make me walk back into the dark-ages. Just wanted to say that I'd be asking of Jumping to also animation-cancel....if [Amalgam Barrel Diffusion] didn't exist. It helps enough that I am satisfied. Having the option to enable Fire-button to swing melee for Equipped-Melee-Mode would also be something I would like, but do not necessarily need.
  4. Forgive me if I'm reading this wrong, but it seems like your entire argument hinges on the current mods for Combo Counters stay the same, which they don't. "People like building the combo and using Crits" because it's one of the most effective ways for playing melee, given the current modding system. But if BloodRush changes to be Not-so-the-only-way (and it IS being changed), then suddenly the combo counter isn't something in every build. If you're referring to the Gameplay style, of having a constantly ticking down resource that you have to keep up to maintain damage.... Ask for THAT. And maybe also just play Valkyr or Nidus, who have those mechanics in their kits. But the Combo counter is just a means to that end. Now DE is retooling it to be a means to a different end. So maybe instead of saying "Don't change it", say "I liked this gameplay style, and I see it's niche being removed. Please find a way to preserve it?"
  5. YES! I can breathe easier now. Was worried this wasn't part of the update when it wasn't showcased or spoken of in the Devstream. But here it is, and I can be happier about my tendency to Jump. Wasn't sure if it was addressed fully, will taking damage while midair w/ melee still force an Aimglide, because autoblocking? Also really glad Range and Base-stats are being looked at. Really wanted to use the Furax for a long time now, but they had so little range they sometimes couldn't even hit enemies I was bumping into, and didn't do enough damage to compensate. It'd be awesome to see a bit of a dynamic emerge there, with Range and Damage being somewhat inversely Proportional. "I can either hit 5 enemies for 50 damage, or 1 enemy for 250 damage" Liking what I'm seeing with how the Mods are being updated, True Punishment stands out as something that'll probably be a great way to dictate playstyle. Could do to see a Taunt mechanic re-introduced, if Guardian Derision isn't keeping the one it has. But I don't even care if it's in the form of a mod or not. Glad to see the Rage+life-strike feedback loop not being a cheap way to increase survivability on any frame. So overall, seems like just what Warframe needed. Thank you!
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