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  1. Issue only present when not the Host of the mission. Any time the mod Rolling Guard is equipped, Knockdown Recovery ceases to function properly. Knockdowns are default length, with default animation. Tested: Handspring, Constitution, and Valkyr's Passive.
  2. Depends on how much the in-game mechanics is tied into the lore. it COULD be that the ability to have "Immune-to-everything-except-Void" shields is merely a game mechanic used to force operator gameplay. OR it could be a real aspect of the fictional universe, and it actually is a super-high-tech shield system immune to every known attack. Personally, I think it makes more sense that the Boss-Sentient shielding is just a matured version of all sentient adaption: When a sentient is young/weak, it can only adapt to a few elements at a time, and only after recently coming under fire. But when a sentient is Older/Stronger, it has effectively memorized how to adapt to each attack type, and learned to how use all of these adaptions simultaneously. Each void-strike....I dunno, "corrupts" the Sentient "memory" a certain amount. Used against a weak sentient, it nullifies everything it's learned, and the sentient hasn't been immune long enough to have a backup of that "memory" prepared. Used against a Strong sentient, it merely chips away at the "memory", until eventually causing a temporary "system restore", rather than an outright "memory failure". Thus, I'd think that if Amalgams are lacking in Sentient adaption, then by extension they are lacking in Sentient-boss invulnera-shields. But again, it depends on whether or not DE wants to make an Amalgam Boss fight that includes Operator gameplay or not. (I mean for pete's sake, we have General Sargus Ruk's immunity to all attacks except when he Chooses to use an attack that opens up a weak-point. Are the Grineer capable of making effectively-indestructible super-soldiers, or is this just a "Shoot the weakpoints when the boss is vulnerable" boss fight?)
  3. Probably for the best. I just have a personal preference for balancing using innate features of it's mechanics. Make a gun "weaker" by making it projectile instead of hitscan, etc. In a sense, I kinda did the same thing you did. The whole concept popped in my head mid-post, and I just really wanted to add it somewhere before I forgot. "It's like the Khora we never had! And it has a semblance of balance! omg and maybe it can even fit in with the theme of slaughterer...hold on lemme write this down..." In having some time to think about it, I think I'm a bit closer to saying "It's fine". I was originally going by a personal connotation of "Slaughter" to mean that it is very distinctly set up and planned. and I just didn't think that the "Plan" of "Enemies are too spread out, time to tie them together with chains" was "Planned" enough. It felt like any other impulse decision. but then it occurred to me that "Slaughter" is also the word I'd use to describe something like a Hulk Rampage. That is VERY obviously un-planned. got to thinking, and now I'm thinking the major parts are just that the victim was helpless for a longer period of time than they actually spent in the process of dying. They are given time to attempt to save their lives, but it ultimately ends up being futile, as they are instantly squished the moment their turn has come. With that feature being the new core of my connotation, The chains can end up being an effective representation of the concept of "Slaughter". But probably MORE fitting is the 4's heavy debuff to enemy accuracy. "The enemy is given a chance to kill the frame: Just shoot them dead before they get too close. they empty their magazine, but it all missed. It all failed. And now they watch helplessly as the Slaughterer raises their Spear, and impales them to a wall...." I still have conflicting feelings on how "Slaughter-y" CC effects like Chains are, seeing as how Every combat situation is just seeking to CC the enemy harder that they CC you (With Death being the Ultimate CC). But I'll resolve that with myself somewhere else. In the meantime, don't worry too much about it, if you like it. I'm certainly no expert on terminology. Much less on other people's ideas of Fun.
  4. The 4th ability, [Throne world], worries me that it could possibly suffer the same issue Exalted Blade did when it came out: giving a energy-free-cast of one of your other powers, just because you happen to be using your 4, leads to people just using their 4 mostly as just a cheaper way of casting the other ability. It might've been a non-issue if the only ability that was free-cast was not so strong that it was worth going through the trouble to get free casts of it, but you made her WHOLE KIT as an aspect of it's 4, so this issue is guaranteed: if one of her abilities is good, people will use her 4 to free-cast it. If none of them are worth the trouble, then her only worthwhile power is her 4, and therefore people will always be using it anyways. You could just do what DE did to exalted blade, and add a discounted-but-not-free cost to the ability, but I personally don't think it's a very fun way of solving it, even if it is at least somewhat effective. I'm just spit-balling an idea, but maybe the 4th could simply act as a power-boost? But maybe the goal is to cast powers on weapon-usage (Henceforth referred to as "Armory-cast"), as a means of keeping it interesting? In that case, maybe change it so that since powers 1-3 all have a 2 stage activation, make it so that while the 4 is up, you can hold-cast any of the previous powers to activate Armory-cast mode. or even better (maybe), take advantage of the fact that her tying her powers to her armory means she can't use all her powers at once (can't shoot and melee simultaneously). Make the process of unsheathing melee force a transformation animation, making her stand still as she is now locked into a super-powered version of her 2 [Chains of Woe]. She can still pull out her guns, but that locks her into animating their respective powers before she can use them. heck, you might be able to tie that to the lore: " Aurix loves her tools of war so much, that she refuses to ruin them by just casting them aside. When she puts away her chains, she is careful to tuck them into nice coils. Her spears get cleaned before they go back in her quiver. Her spike-cannons get dusted off before they get shut off. Because she is NOT a barbarian. She is a Slaughter-er. And a Lady in that line of work takes care of her tools." Aside from that tangent, the only overall criticism I have is that it's mostly ability-based damage and CC, which means it'll have to compete with the likes of Equinox, Garuda, and Ember for dealing with non-ability-immune enemies, as she doesn't have too much to against an ability immune boss. Not bad on it's own, but it puts this concept in a rough spot for getting implemented. I was going to go on a rant about how chains, spike-barrages, and spears doesn't make a frame a "Slaughterer", as "Slaughter" implies that the victims were manipulated into a situation where they are utterly helpless, and killed with much effort or care. But now it almost kind of fits: Her kit would largely focus on just making the process of killing non-power-immune grunts that much easier and gratuitous, while not actually being all that effective in an "Equal" fight.
  5. On one hand, I'm sad that What was once Raptor Ambush, now called Motus Setup, is NOT for melee. Was hoping for an alternative to bloodrush. But on the other hand, I got: So I've still got a neat new way to experiment with aerial melee attacks. Really hoping that Gale-Kick's 100% conversion to impact doesn't ruin it as much as I think it might.
  6. If this is just thoughts(Thotz?), mind if I add a little arm-chair analysist thought of my own? You mention Infiltrate-Ivara as the best spy frame, because while she lacks the efficiency/speed of other stealth frames, she is capable of essentially guaranteed success. or to summarize, you placed consistency/reliability above speed/effectiveness. And yet, for Defense, you list Frost/Gara. But if you were continuing the train of thought that Spy followed, the more logical choices would be Limbo and/or Mending-Dash spoiler-mode, which can render the objective entirely invulnerable, indefinitely, thus guaranteeing reliable success. Not to say that you were wrong in your evaluation. The reasons we do defense and spy missions, as well as their allowances for player-mistakes, are vastly different; leading to different thought processes when it comes to choosing a frame. and Heck, you even mention that Limbo can make most things a cakewalk in your note about him. But I just figured it was something neat to think about, how easily we switch between priorities, just because of a different mission type.
  7. Hoping this becomes a feature in the future. or at least for airborne attacks.
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