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  1. Personal opinions on the changes: Forewarning: I personally had built up quite a bit of muscle memory using slide + heavy attack to throw glaives while midair and/or sliding. Now I am having to rapidly re-learn a new control layout, and the learning process is frustrating. I hope to not taint my feedback with these frustrations. The Glaive + Gun mode changes have made the difference in features between the two modes less apparent, so I am glad the changes were made. But I continue to not use the mode, as it is simply not a feature I get much use out of: when I use melee, I use
  2. I appreciate the input. I mostly agree. I treat Haven as something similar to Inaros's Sarcophagus passive: something that adds flavor and personality to a frame, even while not being all that terribly useful. It paints her as a frame that sacrifices herself for the good of those around her, and applies constant pressure to those who oppose her. So even though the sacrifice (constant shield degeneration) heavily outweighs the good (mild buff to allies, mild damage to enemies), I still like it, and didn't want to dedicate my suggestion to changing it. I would also be a
  3. As a Warframe player, I trend toward consistency and reliability. Frames, weapons, and mods that can be relied upon. Recently, I've come to find that Hildryn has quite a few features that align very well with my preferences. -Being able to cast Abilities does not rely on Energy, but rather the reliably regenerative shields. -Being able to survive damage does not rely on nullifiable Abilities, but rather the reliable** raw shield values. -Passive provides a reliable backup plan to most situations. So, I've forma'd her, had fun tinkering with builds, strategies, and play
  4. I find this bug hilarious. Here I was thinking it was odd of DE to change Hildryn's passive to no longer provide Full invincibility, and instead only guard her health (Technically in line with all other frame's shield-gating, but c'mon, it's her passive.) And instead I find that they've accidentally made her bugged out to be endlessly invulnerable. Traded "Skillful" invincibility, that you had to keep on your toes to constantly refill your shields in the 3-second window between shield breaks, using the tiny bit of regenerated shields to try and cast [Balefire Surge] or [P
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