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  1. Thanks for talking about archguns Fortuna amps it is see you guys in 2020
  2. FoxyKabam

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions!

    Stop it you're not supposed to watch rug sweeping, you just look at how nice that rug is
  3. FoxyKabam

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions!

    See that was my biggest, worst, keeps me up at night concern through out this whole years long chat mod situation that keeps getting swept under the rug The “satirically” toxic names thank you bear, I feel so much better now
  4. So god mode, get carried, both, or beat it legitimately which will it be
  5. FoxyKabam

    If Warframe become an animated movie,

    The grind to get to the after credits scene would be insane
  6. FoxyKabam

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions!

    This is an excellent way to get a post deleted or if you try hard enough a warning point for the collection.
  7. FoxyKabam

    Chat Banned

    From what I’ve seen until 2035
  8. FoxyKabam

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5

    Oh neat I can reload twice before I have to wait 5 minutes FUN
  9. FoxyKabam

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    Will archguns ever be implimented on the ground in a meaningful way or are they just stuck as fortuna’s amp
  10. FoxyKabam

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    A 5 minute cooldown from a 10 is a very large improvement Removing the cooldown all together and getting the archguns out of a gear slot would be an even bigger one I can understand this is a quick fix to try and put out some of the fires fortuna part 2 caused, right next to a major holiday too, but this can not be it. don’t let archguns rot away in the gear menu as a gimmick “ultimate”, recycled as fortuna’s amps they can add alot more to the game by bringing in more weapon varity if properly balanced out it really feels like you guys are rushing, or getting beaten down by crunch times
  11. FoxyKabam

    Fortuna Part 2: Appreciacion Thread

    I like the new titania helmet, thats about all I liked though art team fixed up tennogen issues with mesa prime too
  12. Still hate it now we can use them once, maybe twice, if we call it again at the very end of a standard mission and instead of 2 seconds of fun, we’ll get a nice 4, 4s a good number, people tell me 4s a great number! But, if we save our ammo instead of shooting all over the place, like you would expect a minigun to do, we can play with it again a little sooner!/s theres still the issue of tons of modded out guns doing what archguns do, better, and without any annoying cool downs lemme know when a better looking supra type comes out so I can pretend hopfully all the other issues with fortuna part 2 are being looked at, but archguns were the only reason I logged back in
  13. Archguns even after the buffs/new mods come no where close to modded guns they run out of ammo fast, conserving ammo punishes using a minigun like a minigun because otherwise you're hit with- A ten minute cool down for running out of ammo that only drops in orb fights this cooldown effectively makes them a one time use item they are not fun to use with the threat of a cooldown if left the way they are archguns will go right back to the forgotten content corner, but at least those promo pictures looked cool
  14. FoxyKabam

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions!

    forums don't count