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  1. that's how it works for all immortal skin unfortunately, none of them have the prime toggle
  2. Keep cosmetics and weapons open for everyone who does the event it needs to be soloable so everyone can play, keep the greifing nonexistent give the competitive clans their leader boards and trophies based on clan size ban the glitch/exploit abusers, patch those glitches/exploits out quickly and quietly event and game mode itself needs to be fun (subjective) should keep the complaints down to normal levels
  3. I hate it I'd go back to the old melee just to have a block button again, I can't get my keys rebound to anything that makes the melee changes tolerable.
  4. glad the guides program is being retired, community does a better job on its own. Not sure I like the sound of an endorsement program, I can see that getting elitist and toxic quick, but its too early to tell.
  5. you still can, its just the aim button instead now, which is annoying. I'm still trying to figure what changes I need to make to my key bindings so it feels close normal again
  6. Thanks for talking about archguns Fortuna amps it is see you guys in 2020
  7. Stop it you're not supposed to watch rug sweeping, you just look at how nice that rug is
  8. See that was my biggest, worst, keeps me up at night concern through out this whole years long chat mod situation that keeps getting swept under the rug The “satirically” toxic names thank you bear, I feel so much better now
  9. So god mode, get carried, both, or beat it legitimately which will it be
  10. This is an excellent way to get a post deleted or if you try hard enough a warning point for the collection.
  11. Oh neat I can reload twice before I have to wait 5 minutes FUN
  12. Will archguns ever be implimented on the ground in a meaningful way or are they just stuck as fortuna’s amp
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