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  1. it isn't, I'm not sure how it got misquoted
  2. Imagine typing this out and hitting submit you missed the parts where mega clans would work together to lock down a node, then all of the nodes, eventually making it impossible for any other clans to even get their feet in the door, on top of how unbalanced the actual combat was when fighting. I remember reading console players had a better experience with this vs. what occurred on PC. Overall the system was open to a lot of abuse and toxicity, the fighting was excessively unbalanced (ash pushes 4) and was rightfully scrapped for it.
  3. Melee 3.0 warframes lack of enjoyable difficulty sentient arm cannons why the focus system is such a ball buster Dravo being better than lotus, everyone knows, but no one talks about it killing ordis and nora more customization for UI, let me turn off focus pop ups modable deployables (like your own Ramparts)
  4. that's good news, I can't find any part of her rework to *@##$ about
  5. I don't really like the passive, 10m is pretty short range on a frame that will be tossing groups of enemies away from her with her 3. I'm glad world on fire is gone, the new one looks a lot more fun to use.
  6. kill her and ordis give me an option to turn off all "communications" just small mission text from now on, the pop ups are annoying
  7. could be, it would also be a lot of work that could of gone towards more PvE content, same content that's been keeping the game going for years now, if I was DE I wouldn't risk it, too much work for too little gain and the high risk of backlash. I'd argue its a vocal minority and a silent majority against pvp, at least in warframe's case. I remember seeing a dev stream a while back showing player numbers per mission/game mode, conclave had 1% iirc, agree with you on the second part though, done right warframe with proper pvp is fun to imagine. made me spit my tea out, boss thought I was choking thank you for the laugh, my work day has been pretty not good.
  8. Cosmetics not really a lot of them seem overly elaborate and I'd like a more simple look lately if that makes sense; I am excited about harrow's speargun skin though. I don't see how constant delays of other content are related to any cosmetics coming out and while I agree with you that most of the hyped content recently released is average at best that's like, just our opinion. I've never really enjoyed warframe's events just the loot they bring, they feel like a chore and I actually ended up skipping dog days without even trying it once. events are just not what I'm into. I do think that events are a step in combating the content drought even if they don't help me personally, I'd like to see DE recycle more past events for others to play in the meantime. No. I am not at all invested in warframe's story, I do not enjoy any of the characters aside from Tyl Regor or Darvo, its more content that's just not for me, but I see that a good number of people are invested and do enjoy it. As short as they are that is part of a bigger problem imo that could easily span multiple topics. Yes for the most part, I do remember a time when DE was much quieter, while I'd want more information regarding the melee rework. Yes, the forums are cleaner and more organized than I remember. No and that has been the norm, I don't see that ever changing. What I want and what DE does will almost never line up, that's just how it is, DE can't please everyone. I wont then.
  9. glad the guides program is being retired, community does a better job on its own. Not sure I like the sound of an endorsement program, I can see that getting elitist and toxic quick, but its too early to tell.
  10. Thanks for talking about archguns Fortuna amps it is see you guys in 2020
  11. Stop it you're not supposed to watch rug sweeping, you just look at how nice that rug is
  12. See that was my biggest, worst, keeps me up at night concern through out this whole years long chat mod situation that keeps getting swept under the rug The “satirically” toxic names thank you bear, I feel so much better now
  13. So god mode, get carried, both, or beat it legitimately which will it be
  14. This is an excellent way to get a post deleted or if you try hard enough a warning point for the collection.
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