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  1. Ok now I'm even more lost. That...that's what I'm suggesting, adding a quick prompt to give you the choice between A or B, just in case you've stabbed the larvaling on accident. how? what? there would be no tap. you would get a prompt Hold A for lich, Hold B for no lich. Just like how killing a lich works now, only for the larvaling.
  2. it'll be an alert when you look in navigations look for the ! inside a triangle
  3. adding one 4 second prompt before starting a multi hour long grind, that could prevent other players from locking themselves into that grind on accident. I can see your point though, those 4 seconds add up when you're killing so many larvalings in a day. I've never had the misfortune of creating a lich on accident, due to muscle memory. you lost me. so currently: you kill the larvaling, it shows you what weapon it will have and you have a prompt to stab it, stab it and you've created a lich. adding a hold to confirm: you kill the larvaling, it shows what weapon it will have and you have a prompt to stab it, trigger the prompt you get two choices, hold A to stab it and make a lich, hold B to knock them out and leave without a lich. how would such a hold to confirm cause a loss of a lich with the weapon a player wants? yes this, only you can kill the puppet body, the lich with its phylactery (the kuva) will go on to another body or just get back up a put itself back together. I'd like it if when we "kill the lich" it actually plays a death animation, then gets back up, the phylactery wasn't destroyed and we continue towards finding the right word combo. Technically they are liches, just really boring ones.
  4. railjack 2.0! the railjack 1.0 you saw last tennocon!
  5. I guess that's true? buts still pretty lame. So as larvaling they die and become a lich, at that point as a lich, they only die once. I'd expect a lich to die multiple times, rather than getting exactly one extra life. Djinn is more a lich than the liches.
  6. I'm still not seeing the issue with hold to confirm or how the charge attack fiasco applies to this situation. melee you'd get people using charge attacks on accident killing their combos, pressing the melee button too fast would often end up with a charge attack and with many melee builds opting for fast attack speeds it was often very easy to press the button one too many times, its also not at all a hold to confirm. liches once beaten give you two options, you hold the respective button down to make a choice, each side telling you what choice you're making. Kill the larvaling for a lich or knock them out and walk away from the potential headache. never seen it, they glow and warp away. Only see them die once, when they're beaten. Vor is more a lich than the "liches"
  7. could you explain that? for clarity I was thinking of a hold to confirm along the lines of when the player chooses whether or not to kill or convert a lich
  8. DE adds in hold to confirm for killing a larvaling problem solved or redo the whole larvaling thing all together, makes no sense lorewise just like trading liches or the fact they're called liches.
  9. so keeping with this car analogy, what if we gave our car some of that newer tech, automatic emergency breaking or forward collision warning? we've already wrecked and want to try and prevent more wrecks, there will always be bad drivers in one way or another. so, future cars could maybe have a few more safety nets to prevent us from flying off the road. would you be against adding those things into our cars? if you're a good driver and paying attention they wouldn't ever go off, but having them won't hurt you or affect how good of a driver you are. Having a hold to confirm prompt for the larvalings would only bring some good in the long run. that all said, liches are a sloppy addition to the game for more reasons than I could list, I'd be more interested in implementing a better, idiot proof, lore friendly "start", to liches than the current larvaling set up we have. Getting rid of a lich also feels like it goes against the spirit of it if that makes sense? but so does trading them in that convoluted dojo process. thoughts are all over the place now; main point, liches are currently a bad addition, until DE can figure out a way to make them generally enjoyable it looks like they're making an effort to make them less painful in the mean time. Having one more safety net attached to larvalings wouldn't hurt anything and make the arguably worst addition to warframe, a little less painful in the future.
  10. Just my opinion: I really dislike ivara primes look, not alot changed compared to base ivara just gold and jellyfish bits tacked on. I really dislike the skathi skin as well. Skathi is very busy to look at, I'd even say its excessively busy with alot of that almost metal texture gooped over a large portion of it making it difficult to color, its feels very out of place for me. I do appreciate the asymmetry. The shape of skathi's helmet is good aside from the three cloth bits hanging in the back, the energy feathers also tend to get jumpy and move around even when I'm standing still which is another annoying bit. I like to mix most skins around and the lack of usable prime bits as well as a busy deluxe that fits with about nothing doesn't leave me with alot to play with looks wise, just current tennogen and her default. I don't like metal textures taking up a majority of the skin The skin is too busy visually, drawing my eye all over the place cloth bits on the helm look bad and the feathers are always trying to escape my head I can't mix the skin or helm with anything, ivaras prime skin being a bummer for me makes this worse 3/10, regret my purchase.
  11. Happy it worked out for you, even if you didn't get your first choice. Maybe non-unique naming will be a thing in the future and players can avoid this issue. But for now its good you're not affected by it anymore.
  12. yeah I'm not being affected by it, but my tune would change real quick if I couldn't be FoxyKabam or at least one of many FoxyKabam's. can't hurt to ask, worst thing that could happen is support says no.
  13. why, what was I going to do? nowhere in my post am I able to find where I was suggesting any of that. Just pointing out Tsukinoki's example highlighted a separate issue rather than an argument against non-unique naming. Going back to the same Gregory example: If I had to suggest any change towards our current block/ignore, I'd make it more obvious a player is on your list to save yourself some time leaving or give you an opportunity to see if greg stopped being a troll so you can take him off your list. regardless in any situation like this you'd want screen shots and video of the Gregory trolling and being abusive, submit them all to support and move on with your life. current naming or non-unique naming wouldn't change that. reading through the rest of the thread I'm not seeing any good reasons not to implement non-unique naming, so I'll try. I don't see it happening anytime time soon if at all because its more work to fix an issue that currently isn't really an issue. that all said, I wouldn't be opposed to DE implementing non-unique naming, it would fix that frustration some run into when their chosen name is taken, I just don't believe its worth the effort at this point. If the name you want is old and on an inactive account you can ask support for it, I read they'll give it to you sometimes.
  14. I'm going to be very disappointed if this doesn't work on archguns
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