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  1. While I love the update overall (the visuals and the slam attack update), my 2 biggest issues: 1: The removal of Quick Melee has killed polearm usage for me and other players. The twirling "figure 8" quick melee from Bleeding Willow and Shimmering Blight flowed very nicely in combat and did not slow down your movement speed and was my preferred melee method while using guns. My suggestion is to bring back optional quick melee via a keybind (I would not mind 2 keybinds for melee for using 2 different types of attacks). Full combos can also lock your character into an animation unable to do much else until the animation is over. While I love being able to use full combos on stuff like heavy blades and hammers, the polearm combos are very clunky and feel awful to use, but the old polearm quick melee felt extremely nice to use and made you feel like a true ninja. 2: Autoblocking is absolutely terrible and needs to go. It breaks the flow of things and keeps you from attacking when you need to. Nobody used blocking anyways, it should either be removed entirely or set back to manual. It's heading in the right direction and feels more powerful to use, but those 2 things have really broken the "flow" of combat overall and made it clunkier to use, I'm aware of the intention for the melee to flow better with gunplay, and in a way it does, but those couple of things have made it worse.
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