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  1. Stop. Go do some fissure missions. Open as many relics as you can. Take the best parts you can get (gold>silver>bronze) but your objective "any parts at all". Then go to trade chat and message "WTS prime junk 6 for 8 plat" let them invite you to their dojo, unless you have a trading post, if you do, you can invite them. Try to trade only the 15 ducat pieces for that price. The higher value ones might be something you can sell for significantly more. Trade as many sets of 6 as you can, as often as you can. If you can do 4 sets a day you would have close to 100 plat in 3 days. Use warframe.market to sell th and gold parts you get for reasonable prices. Tah dah, you can now buy a crapload of slots. You'll also probably start getting more forma blueprints, and building those up, which is going to be a major benefit to you when you start building your own Prime weapons and warframes. Work smarter, not harder.
  2. For me it's always been about pushing Baro's nose in it. He sneers too much when I don't buy anything. Spent weeks trading for prime junk just to show his npc butt who he's dealing with. Since then he's been a bit more mindful and I take that as a sign that he's gotten the message....or it could be that he's intimidated by my Rhino Prime's fashion. But even my enjoyment of doing that, didn't encourage me to buy this mod. So to see people acting like we should have had to pay massive sums of plat to earn the "privilege" of joining the club.... LOL I wasn't interested even for 200 plat worth of prime junk. *shrug*
  3. Oh, I don't doubt that they would do it. Some people seem to get very excited about the idea having stuff that nobod else is allowed to have. Most of the rest of us just seem to want to have stuff, and it looks like, in general, we don't care about what anyone else has. I'm thinking that's because what you have doesn't affect me in any way. I don't lose anything if you have the same mods as I do. Some people just don't seem to see it that way, for some reason.
  4. They must really have liked having copies of the mod. I'm sure they are having a ball collecting more now that the price has dropped so much. I bet they cracked extra relics all weekend long, to try and get a bunch of copies from Baro.
  5. "Create an island of content just for me because I can't/don't want to use what's already available" is a far worse solution. Saying "this is imbalanced and can only be done with one piece of equipment, can we please get someone to look at rebalancing it" is one thing. Demanding "give me a new piece of gear so I can cheese it" is a totally unreasonable stance. And for future reference, if something is already a part of the game and has been for years, it's a bit disingenuous to call it a stopgap.
  6. You can clip into the landers sometimes. They're literally built around the cylinder you step into at the end of each mission., which rotates to conceal us within the body of the landing craft. That's it. Nothing more. Are you sure you know what you are talking about, Tenno?
  7. Sharp eyed Tenno, have pointed out the Liset landing craft outlined in blue energy on the bow. I'd say that it's going to be difficult to confuse one for the other.
  8. You're more than welcome. I had a lot of fun classes so I'm quite happy to have been able to share.
  9. How much do you know about iguanas? I ask because the phrase "salt lord" triggered a memory from my university days with animal physiology. Marine iguanas in the Galapagos need to purge excess salt from their bodies, and the organ that does this for them is located on their head. They sometimes appear to sport crowns of salt. Without further ado, I present to you, Amblyrhynchus cristatus.
  10. Doesn't usually ban for that. And people don't need to answer in the trade chat they can message you directly. Also try using a positive filter for your item in trade chat. Only shows lines with that word.
  11. Right so with a couple of primed mods (primed point blank, and Primes charged shell) I'm looking at a base of 21k radiation damage in one config, and 17k in the other. I tend to use the 17k damage one more because I get better crits status and falloff. Your fire rate is higher, and I don't have the ammo mutation (which isn't an issue for me because what I shoot tends to die easily enough). My build isn't anything close to optimised, and adding primed ravage would be a major improvement but I haven't needed it so... meh. Even at 17k damage I'm looking at twice stopping power you have. And anything that doesn't go down in one shot tends to be immediately targeted by their erstwhile friends, because of the radiation status, which takes some of the heat off of me. For farming credits you can kick back in the index, with a rhino, and a weapon that vaporises the enemies you are able to boost your team's damage with your roar, ignore the health loss due to iron skin and go for multiple waves. A credit booster from login rewards helps you to collect substantial rewards quickly. Endo is a pain but melting all the crap mods you are collecting, helps there. It takes a bit of effort, Tenno, but the power gains are worth it. Good luck, mate!
  12. Open relics, convert the crap you don't need into ducats. Trade ducats to Baro every other week for the primed mods he brings. Selection is random but over time you get all of them without spending a single plat. On PC you can easily ask for 2plat per item, and people will buy all you can trade to turn it into ducats for Baro. And if Baro's got a something worth buying, odds are that people will be a bit desperate to buy and you'll need to turn down people. That's 12 plat per trade, so 9 trades will easily cross 100 plat. If you do that 3 times a week, that's 1200 plat per month.
  13. Sounds unusually low, I'll check my arca plasmor when I get home. I'm thinking that it should probably be in the high teens or closer to 20k. Glancing at the picture shows that there aren't any primed mods on it so I am pretty sure that you're dealing way less damage than you are capable of. I suspect that may be the problem, especially if it's common to all of the things that you're using. Forma and the right mods drastically increases our ability to deal damage to our enemies.
  14. Doesnt make any sense. The complaint that weak archwings are weak, or that some enemy attacks do a lot of damage in a short space of time, doesn't mean that giving us a "tanky/powerful" fighter plane is a solution. Enemies are supposed to be tough to take on. This is not beginner level content. Giving massive doses of powercreep is a pretty good way to imbalance the game in short order. Want to be in a ship that does not die as quickly as your archwing? Stay in the railjack there are a lot of useful roles to perform as support crew. Want to not die as soon as you pop outside? Use a defensive archwing to increase survivability, that comes from being in a clan and having the research done, there are a lot of really good things locked away in those panels and newbs can benefit enormously from joining a clan. Want an archgun that does a bit more damage than your no-forma starter archgun? Try building, modding and adding forma, if you can't fast level it by deploying your weapon during regular combat that's a good hint that you have a long way to go to be ready for the Railjack content.
  15. Not an argument, an observation. An argument is if I try to prove it, which is unnecessary as you have proved it several times over by this point. I don't remember calling you elitist. Spending massive amounts of plat doesn't make you elite. Gullible possibly, but not elite. I've contributed by pointing out the flaws in the claims that you made that it's an exclusive mod. It never was. Oh because you've tried to claim that people should be respected for having bought the mod for large amounts of plat. That's a ridiculous claim you made which people are ridiculing. And if it was bought for collection purposes, congrats you collected it and now everyone else is able to as well. The end.
  16. You sir are a very silly person. I am not making any claim to have that mod. I am not even bothering to buy it from Baro. If you think that the way to impress people is to spend more than anyone else, I'd say that you have been taught a very valuable life lesson. Nobody here needs to care about what you paid.
  17. Why should anyone need to take your poor and careless decision to spend way too much on a non-exclusive virtual item into consideration when they decide to make it more available? Your position is ridiculous, and from what I can see, many people are ridiculing it.
  18. Ahh but it's hilarious to watch people trying to show off with imitations, that are not actually exclusive, just unreasonably expensive. If you want a real world example of people being confused about what they were buying and incorrectly thinking that big buck would bring big bragging rights, you can find one here. This mod was never exclusive DE said repeatedly that it was going to be back. They gave a few away from time to time. People seem to have convinced themselves that because they paid tens of thousands of plat, that what they bought was exclusive. Some seem to have thought that it made others look up to them. Both of those beliefs seem to have been wrong.
  19. At that time it was over 40k standing per week, as I recall. That's 4 tiers per week. You got to 15 in under 4 weeks. Skipping an elite would have still given you over 3.5 tiers per week. Even skipping one elite every single week, by the start of fifth week you would have needed a minimum 2 out of the remaining 28 remaining challenges to complete tier 15. So yeah, your math sounds great, if you are trying to convince someone who didn't actually do it. As someone who actually participated and remembers doing what you described, well, let's say that your attempt has been found to be wanting. Better luck next time. Good chat. 👍
  20. What? First 30 levels blocked? What nonsense. Yes many of us already had the cosmetic rewards. But the few rewards that most of us who already hit max rank in the first 2 seasons coveted were still there. Feel free to dispute that all you want after you've dumped the free slots, potatoes, kuva, exilus adapter, forma, arcane, aura forma and especially that Umbra forma. As to the "almost nooooo tokens for a level" you need to recognize that you generally got around 50 cred for every 5 tiers beyond the first one which is heavily weighted to benefit the newbs. That's roughly 10/tier for most of the ranks. In prestige you get 15/tier. That's 75/5 tiers. Do you even math, bro? Do you even math? Also my stockpile of potatoes laughs at your claim that we didn't get rewarded. Check the market and tell us what a potato generally costs us. Reactors generally came from the Gift alerts which haven't changed at all, and occasionally from invasions which again haven't changed at all. Do you recall clearly how many of those actually came from the regular alerts? You mean the one with half the number of tiers, with half the number of weeks to complete them? How's that work out to "high participation required"?
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