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  1. I think that this level of thinking things through is lacking in the general population of players. I'm in the same boat as you, and a lot of the time I realise that the people who demand these systems are looking at it only from a "will I benefit" point of view, not a "will the game benefit overall" point of view. Like you, I recognise that I'll benefit enormously in the short term, but not in the long run.
  2. Agreed. Come to think of it, I would be ok with this proposal if the auction let me bid up several thousand plats in order for the seller to take an interest in my offer, and then when we go to trade, I am allowed to put below the original asking price that the seller had listed. Because let's face it. If it is fair play to offer something for one price, and then expect to get significantly more, then it must be fair play to offer the highest price and expect the seller to take significantly less.
  3. Then you trade with the first one to respond that was willing to meet your asking price. If you wanted to invite a bidding war, you should have said pmo. What you're describing is shady AF and I can already see people offering high value items for a tiny fraction of their worth, getting lots of hits, and then inviting dozens of people back to the dojo in what is nothing short of a bait and switch scam.
  4. Dude, please understand, many of the people who responded to you don't care about the objective facts. A casual glance at the names of the people who are trashing DE will show that they're the same vocal minority who do it on all of the threads, no matter how false their claims end up being. If there isn't a wailing and a gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness, if they don't have something to complain about, they're not going to be happy.
  5. Yes, it could, if I was restricted from playing the game in the mean time. I wasn't. It said that I needed to wait 24 hours before taking the next test, so I just went ahead and did other things: learned to handle my frame; learned to kill Grineer; learned how the nodes work; learned to use my weapons; learned to manage my ammo; learned to use my abilities. Your friend seems to have run up against one minor thing that said "you can't do this right now", got upset, freaked out about being told "no", and quit. That tells me quite a bit about your friend, I figure.
  6. Yeah, if delayed gratification had that sort of effect on your friend, odds are that he probably wouldn't have been around much longer anyway.
  7. The way to fix it, is to let them fix it right, get the system working so that it can be put on a regular schedule the way they seem to have intended in the first place. OP is mixing the worst parts of both systems and offering it as a recurring thing. Limited time alerts = excluding most players from any given alert. Large nitain drops = rapidly negating nitain as a reason to play more often.
  8. Here's the part that contains that bit: "Will the stalker and lotus join forces?" is a question that we can discuss, the answer seems to be "for now". "Will the stalker and lotus keep fighting?" is another, the answer maybe "yeah probably, our syndicate budfies keep trying to kill us, so why not". But whatever the heck that block of text that took a detour into "this makes him our space father" and, Ballas and whatever else is just a block of distilled delusional rambling.
  9. Because that's the in thing to believe according to youtube.
  10. Honestly, I figure that Nightwave shouldn't have awarded potatoes in the first place. I was happy to see them there because it meant easier potatoes for newbs and that's one of huge leaps in power. But I see now that it set up false expectations of ease, and they took up creds that would have been better spent elsewhere for the newbs. They should have been kept for GOTL rewards. It would suck for older players to have next to nothing to spend their creds on, but I understand now that when given free reins, people are prone to making bad decisions, and blaming others for the consequences of their poor choices.
  11. I've always suspected the Orokin times decorations, and the sentient cores decorations. We don't know how either really works, and each could be a Trojan Horse, just waiting for the chance to corrupt our orbiters and dojos.
  12. Q: Does the ffxi economy feature consumable items, made by one player and used by another? Do items need to be repaired or replaced? If the answer to either of these questions is "yes" then the system that works for them will not work well in warframe.
  13. Sounds like they replace all the sigils on all of the frames they have, for some reason.
  14. That "only a letter grade isn't proper feedback" falls apart when the letter grade is an A+ or A* or whatever your local grading system uses to denote a perfect grade. At that point the only feedback that applies is praise as there's no significant way to improve upon it. Based on the original post here it looks like they're assigning such a grade based on the enjoyment they have received. Personally I agree with most people that there are things that suck and I wish that they could fix those, but since it's a purely subjective issue, I can't tell the OP that they're wrong. All we can do is try to ask why they feel that way.
  15. *Looks at what got them banned* *Looks the name of the OP* Yeah, somehow I'm not really buying that this really came as a surprise.
  16. Vaykor Sydon. Players gain bonus 50% chance to resist Knockdown or knockback when wielding the Vaykor Sydon. While everyone else is complaining about the knockdown mechanic being out of control you'll be wondering what all of the fuss was about.
  17. Emphasis added. The items cost more in trade, because they're less common. The system you propose would make them far more common. This would lower the price that people sell them for. This means less platinum for you as a seller. This means that sellers will not get as much for their trades. This means that when they are trying to buy stuff they have less platinum to do so, and that's not a good thing. Overall the economy suffers.
  18. How are they not aware of being host? It literally shows you the pecking order by telling you who's 1, 2, 3 and 4. 1 leaves and the rest of you stay = host migration, and 2 will probably be the next host. Anyone else leaves and you stay = no host migration for you. 1 leaves and you leave with them = no host migration for you. Occasionally host will migrate at random and you get booted to orbiter = catastrophic failure. Casual observation of these things will make the system obvious in very short order. Apart from that: Emphasis added. WiFi is prone to interference from external sources. Running cable or even using Ethernet over powerline is a much better idea. Really?
  19. Uhhhhhhhhhh, and if you missed that one as well? I remember playing with a guy who was around longer than I, and had higher MR, he saw a Vauban alert and got worked on up about it, and said we should do it right away. Turned out he'd been trying to get that part for months and just kept missing it. He seemed a bit heart broken when I pointed out that I had all of the parts already. As @M3tallius said, it really was an unfair system. With NW, we had a window of at least a week, and I don't know if any given reward didn't show up at least twice, but I'd be a bit surprised if they hadn't. This was countered by the fact that there was so much standing that had you indeed done all of the challenges you'd have been done with tier 30 in well under 7 weeks, and left to twiddle your thumbs for over a month. Or you could have played at a much more sedate rate and gone well past tier 30 by week 11. In reality there were just over 11 weeks. 28k per week would have safely carried past the 300k mark. Off the top of my head I think that the total challenge standing worked out to be closer to 513k than the estimated 430k. (The first part-week was worth something like 40k because it didn't have all of the dailies and then I think that there were 11 Sundays not including the 19th. I could be wrong and you can double check me on it.) I think that meant something like a possible 333k standing, exclusive of the elite weeklies. Playing 2 days a week excluded you from something like 11 or 12k of that total. So you would probably only get to rank 32 if you were unable to collect any standing from the fugitives. If you counted just the 10 weeks plus one partial, you would fall squarely between the 60-65 % of total standing value that was originally floated. With the full 11+part it dropped to below 60%, which probably explains how it was possible to make it to tier 60. So in practice, yes, you definitely could. That was also true the last time. Part of it seems to be getting the code optimised for each which delayed Fortuna quite a bit for us, and getting it through cert adds another delay. That's probably a big part of why they did that huge code overhaul that was supposedly to get us on the universal code, and why we have to deal with the horrible cursors that would work better for a mouse input on the consoles. But in fairness that was before Switch came along, so who knows.
  20. I'm curious to know why you think this. We don't need to be on the same page as PC, just a similar build, like last time. You got your thermia fractures event (and all associated content) before we did which meant that there were differences between our experiences but it worked out just fine. Yes.
  21. No mate. I read just fine. You see demanding that they "make a full comeback, but only part of the time", isn't really any better. In fact it's probably going to be even more annoying to have to code, which means that it'll take more time, that could be spent getting the nightwave system into a workable state. Take a moment to think about it.
  22. Probably this part that he quoted? ☝️ The relevant part remains relevant. My reason for speaking up remains the same. I believe that the demands that people are making here would be a retrograde step, waste of resources and time could be better spent getting the nightwave system working. I'm arguing that the people who make the game be allowed to do what they do, because they are the only ones who actually know what's going on behind the curtain. I believe that the demands are based largely on irrational responses to the current situation, and blatantly dishonest claims made in the title and repeatedly throughout the thread wherein people have claimed that we cannot farm nitain, and that there have been no alerts giving us nitain. Have fun playing your game, Tenno. But remember that playing is totally different to designing and coding.
  23. Dude, why are you sitting here making sense? Can't you see that the point is to just bash the delays, that may or may not have been actual delays? There's absolutely no reason making well reasoned posts about easily confirmed facts! /s But seriously... 👍
  24. No, it's aka, "wtf are you on about? The sky isn't falling, you were standing under an oak tree and an acorn hit you on the head. Stop trying to make it out to be the end of the world." I don't have to try to disprove suggestion that "billions" and "around 200" are equivalent, nor that "10 might as well be 1000". And just because the gap hasn't been handled the way you want, doesn't mean that they've left us out to rot. They used the current alert system to supply a very generous amount of nitain in the meantime while working on getting NW 2 up and running. If you aren't looking forward to the forum rage in the future, then why are you actively making demonstrably false, inflammatory statements to try and promote such behaviour? I clearly do, I can probably even pronounce it correctly. And you just got a major update, and the associated content is still being farmed. Also we always had to wait for nitain. We still have quite a bit of "extra randomised content" as you'd know if you had been the sort of person who does those, so that's not so much hyperbole as flat out dishonesty. And last but not least, let me ask you what percentage of the alerts you figure you would do on a regular basis. I'm going to go ahead and guess single digits until you get back to me with your guestimate. Well seeing as how the claim has been repeatedly made that there were no alerts at all, and no way to earn nitain, admitting that was untrue is a huge step in the right direction, Tenno. Soon you might even be able to admit that alt helmets aren't really a pivotal piece of equipment for progression in the game, and that if they're also not available, you can scratch off quite a bit of the "nitain needed to craft items list" until Nightwave2 gets off the ground. Weird. There's at least one dude who made it to tier 60. I was at prestige 10 because I just didn't bother with most of the challenges for the last month or so because I had other stuff on my plate. Really should have been quite a bit higher than that if I'd stuck with it. I am glad that you admit that you didn't pay plat for the ones that you got. Because most folks would probably agree that "opportunity cost" isn't something that you actually pay and really doesn't count towards "not free". Was it nitain? Please tell me it was nitain that you spent it on. I mean sure some folks did buy up extra aura mods to share out to the newbs, I know did, but made sure that I found room for potatoes and a hefty chunk of nitain. One way or the other, what that tells me is that you seldom did alerts leading up to nightwave1.
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