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  1. Kinda, yeah. I mean I am all for people getting things, and I still think the Universal Medallions should have remained truly universal. But this is a little odd. It's not like the Nightwave related sculptures that some people may have missed out on for good. I wonder why exactly this feels wrong to me. Huh. Hard to pin down at the moment. Maybe because there is more a sense of having earned them by doing the tasks? Hm.
  2. Except it makes complete sense to get several of these. A way to put up more art, huh? And you may even prefer duplicates so you can arrange them in a specific way.
  3. Yeah? Was that changed, then? It definitely used to count. But that's good to know, thank you!
  4. It is great fun and if I do it right I can usually max out my standing in a single run (after doing the daily) even at MR30. I use Loki with speed enhancements and zip through! The only thing is that it's a good idea to kill those you scanned, otherwise new spawns will appear as already scanned. (Guess non-killed enemies are really just teleported ahead when they despawn due to distance.) However, since it is Exterminate, you want to kill them anyway. <3
  5. Indeed. At MR30 you can max out your daily standing at 31k - and we had standing changes this past year to increase the limit for lower ranks as well. So even at MR5 you should now have a cap of 12250. My favourite place for scanning is Kuva Fortress Exterminate with a stealth frame. And if you do your daily Simaris mission first, but only hand it in after maxing your daily standing, it will stretch your daily gain even more. Really, this is pretty balanced now. <3
  6. Those are exactly my thoughts. :D Had to quote you for emphasis. It's just a few weeks of freebies, anyway. If you had to blame someone, blame DE and not the players who have no say in it. But you should not blame DE either: they did point out that the drops were never meant to be the reason to watch the streams. *shrugs* I think they're handling it as well as can be hoped for. Surely we'll manage for a while. <3
  7. I'd guess it means that on Wednesday's stream we will be given a date for the next devstream? That's my interpretation, anyway. :)
  8. Yeah, but getting them back will only lead to more complaining about the drops. It's a vicious cycle. At least the streams have been really fun this week, with chat actually somewhat viable without the spammy people in it. (After the initial "no drops? ok bye" comments that pretty much showed nothing of value was lost. ^^) I am determined to enjoy whatever I can, be it drops or a nice stream chat environment. <3 'S all good.
  9. Quoting myself here to follow up on what actually happened. XD A lovely quiet weekend, indeed! Monday's stream had people asking about drops, of course. Some complained but not too many. It ended up being a fun stream with the amazing Megan. Most people who stuck around were there just because they wanted to and that made it so much better. <3 And I am not only saying it was great because I won 400 platinum. X3 But OMG, I won 400 plats! First time to win a thing from the stream. Such a special feeling. :D
  10. D...dragon? OMG, what else did I miss out there? :O 🐉
  11. It's just RNG. I had no trouble at all with the Epitaph. Sevagoth took many, many times longer for me. Just to be on the safe side: You made sure you were in the right missions, yes? :) That's void storms in Earth Proxima, Venus Proxima or Saturn Proxima.
  12. Uh, wasn't there another hotfix just a few minutes ago or did I dream that? :o
  13. Rebecca said in yesterday's stream that this is something they are looking at and that perhaps the drop tables of those missions might be adjusted once the rush for the Sevagoth parts has slowed down. Or something like that. :)
  14. The pure beauty of this is that there won't be complaints/discussions about the (Twitch) drops this week. X3
  15. Honestly, if the Grineer had a song, it'd be for Steel Meridian anyway, so we could empathize with the defectors and the people trying to be free of oppression and the tragedy of their creation. That's a hymn right there. Something harsh and full of battle but also about helping other Grineer to break free.
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