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  1. Well, there is the Day of the Dead skin for it in Daughter's special store. That's not for pay, just for a little effort. :3 Besides, lots of "rare" event-type stuff has been popping up in the drops lately. It's nice that more people get their chances now to complete collections or just enjoy the goodies, no matter additional possible motivations. (And honestly, encouraging people who have the spare money to voluntarily pay for non-essential items is a great way to finance the game for everyone.)
  2. Monday's stream gave me the Dax Portrait (not bad, I did not have that), a Forma Blueprint (always nice), and a Kuva Globule (awesome, this was on my wishlist). There are still two more things I fancy, but I am pretty sure my luck has run out (on account of being frontloaded) and it will be fireworks the rest of the week. Or Basmu Blueprints, which I certainly have no need for, but which apparently now have slightly higher odds than the rest. :P It's best not to be greedy, though, so let me just thank you guys for a chance at this eclectic selection of goodies. <3 I am already wel
  3. I wish someone could have mentioned that on the first page or even the OP. As of yesterday, most of Europe is one hour later than usually, so people who aren't aware that this has not happened yet for Canada will most definitely miss the streams this week. Or at least Monday's. Eh, I guess this is Halloween trickery.
  4. Watch every day for maximum chances: You get your trick/treat/reward on the Warframe account you have linked with your Twitch account. Doesn't matter which console/PC the stream is featuring, the goodies are universal usually. :) Basically, if you have both a PC and one or more console accounts to play the game, you can only link one with your Twitch account and will only receive any stream rewards on that one Warframe profile.
  5. Huh. I misread "Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console" as "Tenno who want to watch from their portable casserole". I love my life. Also, yay for Vor and Tyl Regor. They are on my list. <3
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