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  1. Well. When I posted a "yay, thanks for the change" on something a few updates ago, I got so much hate from unhappy people that I am seriously put off from doing that again. (I actually prefer the current Archwing, by the way. Speaking as a person with both poor coordination and a tendency towards motion sickness, I was always hoping for this. However! I can understand that to some others this change will be aggravating. Ideal would be a toggle in the options. <3)
  2. Oh so that's what happened! I thought it was odd that I had fewer free loadout slots... Well, damn. I really do hope we get those back. 😞
  3. Usually the eye colour is determined by the beast's energy colour - which cannot be changed. Editing your kavat's looks in the Arsenal just makes you think it's possible, but the real energy colour will always come through. (That's basically the colour you see when your animal turns invisible.)
  4. Could we maybe get the floor scratches/dirt toned down a lot? I appreciate that they're there, but if you want the shiny pats of the metal to be silverish (as some metal is wont to be when you scratch it), then the floor has these really intense whitish splotches, like someone spilled paint on the floor. (Using a colour instead of light grey has the same effect.) It looks pretty bad on a darker floor. Plus the texture right next to its is mostly pristine, making for awkward transitions. Simply disabling all wear and tear would be a pity because I adore the way it looked at launch. Maybe the floor wear and tear could be much more transparent to adopt more of the floor colour? Or simply take its colour from what is set for the floor? That might fix this. ❤️ This is an example with the slider at 50% and the colour a mid-light grey: Edit: Actually, setting the slider to zero STILL has big white paint splatters in front of the devices. I feel something went wrong here... Edit2: The best compromise I can come up with for now is to set the wear&tear colour to true black and the slider to zero. *sad to miss out on the lovely metal bits where the lacquer had chipped away*
  5. Quality-of-life feature request: Could we please get a dedicated map icon for liches? Or give the thrall icons another tint at least? (Maybe something purplish to go with their blue shimmer?) It's just that when a lich spawns he often comes with any number of thralls and all of those red icons may be spread across the entire map, plus there might be a red objective marker as well, obfuscating things further. It'd be simply amazing to know where to run first. ^^ Especially now that squad mates might get rid of your lich if you are not fast enough. (Or so I assume; has not happened to me yet.) Converted liches appearing to help are confusing enough, although at least they get a blue icon. ❤️ A special icon for liches (or a change to thralls) would be so very much appreciated!
  6. Why insult me? I assure you there's thought process behind both sides of this argument. The fact is that I cannot rely on others to help with my lich (or all the thralls I need to kill to get the murmurs completed) if no one else joins my missions. My first lich ended up too strong way too fast and I was stuck with the gruelling mission levels until the very end. And yeah, I never would have been able to defeat him in the end by myself. I know this because I tried for a few hours since in most missions I ended up by myself. During peak times you can get a lot of support, sure, but that's a big gamble. The bottom line is that not everyone is an amazing pro gamer and some would rather do a few more missions that are dealt with faster than having to suffer through difficulty levels above their paygrade, as it were. If your only incentive was to get the extra fast track on murmurs, sure. But public matches also spawn more thralls to kill, so progress is, in fact, faster than solo. And we still get murmurs from everyone's thrall kills. Something else I question is why everyone needs added incentive to attack an enemy and help another player. Why is this needed? Isn't it normal to help each other out in public matches? I see this with riven challenges all the time, with revives, etc. If you really need to be bribed to damage an opponent in a game all about damaging opponents, well... That's kind of sad. Rank of the lich does matter, honestly. I can take a lich down by myself if I need to if it isn't maxed. And I can't always find a group, so there is that as well. (In fact, only half the time at most.)
  7. It's still beneficial to do missions together since there are more thralls spawning. I do agree that maybe everyone getting a boost from a successful kill would be ideal. So people would be encouraged to help others (if they truly need that incentive), yet stop harassing weak players to upgrade their lich too early (because fails no longer help others).
  8. God, am I glad. It was supremely annoying to be getting grief from half the players in public runs for trying to actually solve the murmurs first instead of attacking the lich at every opportunity (and raising its level to uncomfortable amounts). Sure, some people can afford to brute-force their way through the system like that, but weaker players (like me) have to actually rely on a tactical approach to the lich situation. (As I feel was your intention by making the murmurs into a puzzle to solve.) I guess I can go back to public matches now. ❤️
  9. It was a struggle to get the ephemera, however I feel that's mostly due to bad luck with squads... and generally bad luck. (It's been one of those days.) I failed several times, starting with the 3rd mission, and of course the 4th. A few times, someone was holding on to the lantern and kept running all over the place - or simply went after some Ayatan Stars instead of feeding it properly. One time the lantern dropped into that well under the big tree in the Prelate room and, since we could not get to it, fail was inevitable when the enemy spawn point moved. (There are not enough Pherliac Pods in the world to make up for that, alas.) Twice we lost the lantern just a few seconds away from the 15 minute mark and it was depressing as hell. I wouldn't say the event is difficult - but towards the end things do get tougher and, if you play in a squad, reasonable squad mates are a necessity. It also helps if the person holding the lantern when the light gets low has some one-button-kill-all-nearby ability to refill it fast. As for the cache rewards: nothing special, with a Forma blueprint possibly the most valuable outcome. One time we were all stunned at getting two Argon Crystals and one (large) Norg. I mean... What a bizarre place to find a fish. 😮 (And if it had been in that cache any amount of time it probably smelled really bad, too.)
  10. The link's right there in the first post where it says, "See you here tonight." (Or you can click the link here, of course.)
  11. I am really glad my Twitch account is still working, because Mixer has locked me out for mysterious reasons (even though I was not around at all). Way to run a business, I guess. ^^ Looking forward to the stream! I hope I won't fall asleep again before it starts. 😮
  12. Huh. After reading through this and giving it some thought, here's what I came up with. But please correct me if I misunderstood. The aim and/or result of this re-balancing of every single melee weapon in the game is to go from: Current: really bad weapons, bad weapons, mediocre weapons, good weapons, really good weapons (all with "optimal setups") to Upcoming: a wide range of mediocre weapons with a variety in how they handle and "feel" and, of course, new optimal setups for each And I get that "mediocre" tends to be used as a negative term, but what I refer to is a levelled playing field: every weapon more close to a common average than they have been. So would that mean a... Riven disposition reset across the board too for melee weapons? Or will the re-balancing take current Riven disposition into account? Because the latter would mean we still get to have bad, mediocre and good melee weapons in their riven-ess (i.e. default) state. So, while typing this up, I realized that the real question here is how these planned changes interact with Riven disposition. If disposition is not taken into account, balance across the board would result in all the (formerly) really "bad" melee weapons (that received compensation by high disposition) to suddenly be the most amazing things. XD Which seems rather amusing. Someone smarter than me, please tell me if I got any of this right. ^^ Thanks!
  13. Oh wow. XD I had no idea the light was supposed to be this bright. (I.e. as bright as when he starts healing himself.) To think I did the fight all those many, many times in the (mostly) dark... Hah. It's kind of disorienting now since I am used to something else. But easier to see the lantern's range. *still amused*
  14. It took me 20 runs to get the first two Pathocyst blades. But later on I would sometimes get several in a row. I've done this fight maybe 70 times by now. Overall I did collect fewer blades and the most of the subcortex. However, at these higher numbers of runs the differences are not THAT significant, so I feel it's still just RNG. With the blades it just feels especially awkward since we need two of them. I really do feel your pain. Sometimes it seems the one thing you need just never drops. But it really is a game of pure chance. I do hope your luck improves. 🙂 (Never got a Legendary Core either, but I am not holding my breath for it.)
  15. Well, I saw one dropship in a Capture mission. One. Took a lot of tries (Capture, Exterminate and Ropapolyst) and then it was gone before I could scan it. (Helios did not get a chance either.) But still. Progress! XD I must try to be faster.
  16. That would be amazing, huh? I shall go there right away and look. Still need those scans. >:D
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