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  1. This is a common thing with me too. It seems to work fine if i'm playing solo however if i'm going into a group it can take several minutes at best for the gate to open by which time the rest of the team is already a fair chunk of the way through the mission if they haven't already finished it. That's assuming I get through the gate at all.
  2. Name: Magus Passive: Use of operator void powers gives small energy boost Abilities: 1. Lightning Flash – Creates a Radial Blind (combining Excalibur’s radial blind and Mirages Disco ball) and electricity-based damage. 2. Marked for Death – Marks enemies. Marked enemies takes increased damage from all sources. Damage taken gets converted into health/energy for Warframe 3. Lunar pull – Casting pulls enemies in a certain radius into each other. Deals (Magnetic or void?) damage over duration. 4. Sacrificial Altar – Cast on enemy drain’s health and shields giving them to squad. Marked enemies on death send out either damage or energy to pull single targets into the Altar.
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